Call Of Duty: WW2 Patch Brings Lot of Improvements to HQ & Online Play

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There is a new update out for the latest Call of Duty: World War II.  One of the best parts of the new COD is that it makes the Headquarter’s social space work as it used to be and was not working as expected till now.

Till now we were only able to experience the Headquarters in the solo experience since you were not able to compete for one on one and earn rewards just similar to other players out there. There were no loot boxes available to open till now in the one on one HQ experience. Before this update, you had to invite each and every player manually to join your HQ session in order to do such things, but it was not at all ideal situation for FPS lovers.

However, they have now released a new patch for the game which brings various fixes for the crashes of the server as well as other connectivity problems. The BAR weapon was very powerful before the update patch but now it has been nerfed and now you will face some more recoil while using it. There was another problem that the players faced where the screen would turn black if the host left in between the game.

The new patch for Call of Duty: WWII is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. More details on the patch update for PC will be revealed later. Get the full details of the update patch below:

Most of the new features are focused on improving the Multiplayer mode:

  • The crashes occurring in Xbox One and PlayStation4 are fixed
  • The connectivity issues with the server are resolved in new Call of Duty patch.
  • The issue where the users were prevented from entering the local play match when trying to connect the game without having an internet connection.
  • The glitch where the players were kicked out after the Public match to the lobby with the message “Lost connection to host” has been fixed.
  • The black screen issue has been fixed.
  • Some improvements have been made to the Leaderboard.
  • Sometimes the players were not granted 2XP even when notified, and sometimes they got 3XP, this issue has been fixed too.
  • HQ progression exploit fixes
  • In Scorestreak Training, the issue where the HQ accepts the invite of a backing out player is fixed.
  • Fixed map exploits on Pointe du Hoc, USS Texas, London Docks, and Flak Tower
  • Fixed an issue preventing Scorestreak Training from functioning due to Custom Match settings applied prior.
  • The allowing “snaking” exploits have been fixed
  • One way smokey screen issue is fixed
  • Now the second flamethrower with partial fuel issue is fixed. Now you get full fueld even when you have already equipped a flamethrower.
  • Some of the players reported that they are thrown into a ghost lobby when the host tried to change the game mode. The issue is fixed.
  • The issue where the leader was still showing online even when he left in the middle of the match, is fixed.
  • The issue where there was continuous emoting in the firing range is fixed.
  • The issue where the player was not rewarded after completing the Mastery Challenge is fixed.
  • The issue where the Weekly order does not register the Hill Taker win is fixed.
  • The daily order breathing Fire not tracking issue is fixed.
  • Sometimes the zombies in the game prevented the players from earning the supplies that are dropped is fixed.
  • Zombies and MP split screen issues are fixed.
  • Resolution and enhanced console fixes
  • The issue where the stats are updated even before the AAR is displayed is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue when sometimes the leaderboard showed wrong data.
  • Fixed an issue where changing character’s face and equipping Division uniform displays previous character face and kicks the player out of the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the headquarters death, division and weapon stats were not logged in the Combat Record.
  • Some UI improvements.

Weapon Updates

  • As we told above, there is now more recoil to BAR weapon
  • Some reticle improvements and fixes for Lee Enfield and Kar98K scopes
  • STG-44 Reticle unlock fix for the reflex sight issue

Campaign Updates

  • There was a issue where the user lose all his progression and the unlocked missions while selecting New Game in the main menu.

Training Updates

  • The updates nerfs the Basic Training

Gamebattle Updates

  • There was an issue where the Call of Duty: WWII gamebattles took too long to start.
  • The Hardpoint GameBalttle time limit has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Some other GameBattles improvement.

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