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Best Gaming Console to Buy in 2017

If you are a hardcore gamer just like us, definitely now is the right time to get a gaming console for yourself. There has been a tremendous advancement in the gaming consoles in past 3-4 years, and as a result, you can find some really powerful consoles like PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio, Xbox One S etc. in the market right now.

Gone are the days when PC was much more powerful than gaming consoles. However, now the new consoles might seem a bit costly to you, but still, they are more affordable, efficient and preferred for high-end gaming when compared to gaming PCs. In addition to that picking the best console that fulfills all your requirements, is a tough job. And though there are only three manufacturers in the console market – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo – all of them offer various models, some old, some new possessing their own list of pros and cons.

Still, the console that you should get is totally dependent upon your special needs. If you are someone who could spend hours in front of your television playing games, Xbox with the 4K display may be perfect for you, or if you travel a lot but and need something to play on the go, Nintendo Switch is the one you need.

Similarly, there are many console and console models that could go with all kinds of gamers. Also, many consoles offer a lot of other entertainment and connectivity features like Television streaming, Skype, and the internet etc. which are perfect for those who are seeking a complete package for their drawing room. At the same time, it is very hard to get a single console that could take care of all your wishes as each one of them possesses a unique big advantage unavailable in other consoles. This makes the selection process even difficult and this is why here we are with a list of best consoles that you can buy in 2017.

PlayStation 4 Pro

There is no doubt in the fact that PlayStation 4 Pro is the best gaming console that is available to us today. The Sony console comes with HDR 10 as well as 4K display compatibility and possessing some really powerful components to offer high-end gaming experience to the users.

If you are thinking about Xbox One libraries, you will be glad to know that both PS4 as and Xbox One libraries, both are available for both the consoles. However, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro receive only limited access to popular indie games. Also, you get some really popular games that are exclusive to PS4 only.

Most of the gamers planning to buy a console are confused between Xbox One, Wii, and PS4. But, right now PS 4 is the only console that offers PlayStation VR support as well, which makes it the only console supporting VR gaming at present. Various rumors indicate that Xbox One might also receive support for Oculus Rift, but that might or might now come in future, nothing could be said confidently about that. But, if you want to take your gaming experience to VR level, PlayStation 4 is the only way to do it.

Sony updated the PlayStation 4 to introduce new features like HDR support and also to improve the game processing to make them even more impressive than before.

Why Buy it:

• You should buy it to experience 4K HD gaming. • If you wish to experience VR gaming on your Gaming console.


Xbox One S

Xbox One S is not just a console but also takes care of all your other entertainment needs as well. This is one thing we miss in PlayStation 4. Microsoft has aimed its latest console to be a full family entertainer instead of just a gaming console. This refreshed or upgraded the Xbox One features 4K Blu-Ray player as well as support for 4K HDR movies and videos. So, the player has an option to watch a movie or play a game or to toggle between both without any hassle.

The major and the most noticeable change in Xbox One S is the 4K “Media Options”. Note that we are not talking just about gaming options, but other media options too. These additions make the visuals even more impressive when compared when compared to the previous Xbox version.

The console also looks great in terms of design but that is something we are least bothered about in this post. But the best part about Xbox One S console is that it offers you a huge library of games that include almost all the recently released titles as well as the one which will be released in coming years. Some of the popular titles that you can enjoy on this console include Forza, Gears of War, latest Halo releases etc.

However, if you are upgrading your console from Xbox One or Xbox 360 to One S, you can easily run your entire favorite old console games on new Xbox One S as well. This backward compatibility is something that is not available for all consoles in the market.

Why should I buy this:

Xbox One S targets the gamers who are looking for a single machine that could take care of their gaming as well as entertainment requirements. It is also a good pick if you wish to connect to other Xbox One S gamers over Skype or wish to surf the internet directly from the console.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo has been entertaining with its consoles or complementary consoles since past many years. But, as the gaming technology advanced, Nintendo also upgraded its gadgets and as a result, we have Nintendo 3DS XL as the best complimentary console that comes along with a lot of new games.

The biggest drawback that Nintendo’s other consoles like Wii and 3DS faced till now was limited games library and lack of dev support. However, that is not the case with the new Nintendo 3DC Xl which allows you to access a whole new set of games that are unique with respect to 3DS Xl and are not available on any other gaming platform. Some of the games that you get exclusively with Nintendo 3DS XL include Animal Crossing, Mario series, Zelda and the famous Pokemon versions.

In addition to that, the company has also made available the “virtual console” game store from where one can easily get the games foe new Nintendo 3DS Xl as well as for the old-school favorite consoles alike SNES, Game Boy and NES as well. However, Wii U is not bad as well, it is thin and comes at a bit higher price, but lacks some great games popular in 3DS XL like Phoenix Wright, Rune Factory, and Animal Crossing etc. Why should I buy this: This console is especially for Nintendo lovers and for those who like to play small, simple games instead of high-definitions ones. Also, if you travel a lot and like to have a small gaming console to pass your time by your side, Nintendo 3DS XL is the perfect gaming console you should buy for yourself this year.

Best Gaming Console for Small Kids

Nintendo NES Classic

People might not know but introducing young children to video games actually, help in the overall development of their brain. Kids learn to make an immediate decision and acting appropriately to the situation while playing video games. And if you wish to get a new video game console for your kid, NES Classic edition is the best option available right now in the market.

The Nintendo mini-emulator brings the old famous games like Super Mario Bros., Mega Man II, Final Fantasy etc. that we loved to play as kids, for the users.

Since the NES classic edition resembles the old video game devices, it lacks many features that you can find in the advanced gaming consoles like connecting to the internet, storage expansion etc. However, at the same time, you will be glad to know that your kids will be able to play the games without any connectivity issue or exposure to offensive stuff.

The NES Classic console is accompanied by NES controller which is more or less similar to the original NES controller. The player can connect it to the console via the port present at the bottom of the Wii remote. This allows the players to enjoy the NES games on their Wii as well as Wii U virtual console. Also, if you already have Wii Classic Controller or Wii Classic Controller Pro, you can use it with NES Classic as well. The NES Classic console features 2 ports for connecting the controller and around 16 out of 30 games support the multiplayer mode, playing which is really a lot of fun.

We would like to mention again that the games you get in this console are very basic and it is possible that the kids might get bored of them one day and try to move on to better games. But there is nothing cheaper and better than a basic gaming console, with no extra cost for games, to offer to small kids who have never played any game in their life.

Why Should you buy it?

The NES classic console is not a perfect gaming machine for sure. Still, the players get a great gaming experience a really low price of $60. Also, it is the best console for introducing young kids to the gaming world. There are many other ways you can enjoy the old NES games, like on virtual emulator on PC etc., but that won’t be appropriate for small kids.

Best VR Gaming Console

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is the best VR headset available out there for playing virtual reality games. The headset is manufactured by NTC in collaboration with Valve. Valve is the same old PC game manufacturer who has introduced its gaming ecosystem in HTC’s VR headset.

All in all there are 70 sensors that offer the player a full 360-degree head tracking. The 90 Hz refresh rate along with the sensor prevent the user from any kind of head sickness as well.

However, there are not many apps available for the VR headset. There are many with which you can play around and they are not bad at all. But you will have to wait for some more time before someone comes up with a killer app for HTV Vive.

The best part about HTC Vive is the Lighthouse room tracking feature. This feature allows the user to move around the house easily without taking it off. For this, there are some sensors mounted on in your house walls and other areas as well. Finally, the player is able to bring almost all the object in the room to virtual reality. Isn’t it really amazing?

Not only that, the TPCast module makes the Vive wireless. The company has also promised new eye tracking feature along with some other cool stuff soon. If money is not a problem for you and if you are really interested in virtual reality, HTC Vive is the best option you have right now in the market.

What’s the Best Response Time for a Gaming Monitor?

The best Desktop Gaming System is the ultimate dream of every gamer out there — both the hardcore and occasional ones. And, it’s the perfect combination of several components, including a power-packed CPU & GPU, enough RAM, preferably a mechanical gaming keyboard, an awesome sound system and a crystal-clear Display.

Gaming Monitor

As far as the gaming experience in concerned, the Visual part is more significant. That’s why people insist on purchasing one of the best Graphics Card from the market, accompanied by the best Monitor. And, here, we are going to talk about Monitors — more specifically, about gaming monitors.

In the past decade, we have had enough Gaming Monitors. These are dedicated display devices made for an intriguing gameplay. At this point, the selection process is so difficult, mostly because of the huge collection you will find. Secondarily, it’s because there are a few things to consider.

And, among all those big and small factors, Response Time is something to ponder over. The last time we checked, most people are somewhat confused when it comes to choosing the best response time. In this article, we are going to break down the important aspects of Response Time in Gaming monitors.

First, we will have an introduction to Response Time and then start the discussion. Shall we?

What Really Is Response Time?

Response Rate of Gaming Monitor

We don’t expect any of you to be playing games in a CRT Monitor. At the least, you would have shifted onto LCD Screens, if not LED.

As you know, there are thousands or even millions of pixels in a LCD Screen. If you’d see a new image on the screen, each pixel will be updated with the corresponding colors, you know.

That is basically how a Monitor works for displaying graphic content. So, the Response Time of a monitor is the time required for changing one pixel from one shade of gray to another or from black to white. As you can guess, it should happen so quickly that you don’t notice it.

Because it’s time, it should be measured in seconds, right? But, there’s a problem. If pixel colors change in a time of seconds, the total viewing experience would be chaos! So, basically, Response Time is measured in Milliseconds. For those who don’t know, 1000 Milliseconds form a second.

You can see monitors labelled as 1ms or 4ms Response Time. It means that a certain color on the pixel would stay on the screen for small fraction of a second. Now, we hope you are clear about the big concept of Response Time. It basically affects how quickly colors and shades are changed in every single pixel of your LCD Screen.

Let’s Talk about Standards

We will have a look at the standard numbers we spot in the world of gaming monitor response time. Before we begin, keep this in mind: the lower response time, the better. That is, if you have two monitors — one of 2ms response time and another with 4ms — the 2ms response-time monitor would perform better as far as gaming is concerned.

Essentially, we can classify Gaming Monitors into two categories. First, there are standard monitors that are optimized for gaming. They will have a better range of specs in refresh rates and response time. On the second position, we have dedicated Gaming monitors.

These monitors are made primarily for extensive gaming needs. They come with the state-of-the-art technology, including a higher resolution, a better panel and even some gaming-optimization from hardware side. In these monitors, you can have the best response time, something around 1ms or 2ms.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptional cases. For instance, we have some gaming monitors that boast a response time of 5ms. Even while such monitors rock other aspects like resolution and panel quality, this is a problem

What’s the Solution?

Better Gaming

If you don’t want to compromise the smooth gameplay, you should choose a monitor with response time of 5ms or less.

It’s going to be awesome if you can have a monitor of 1ms or 2ms of response time, in that case.

We don’t really recommend going for any monitor that has a response time more than 5ms. You don’t want to have any experience of ghosting while gaming, we believe. Let’s put that in terms of two gamers’ terms.

  • Suppose you are an occasional gamer who tries out a bunch of popular games — consisting of different genres. In that case, any gaming monitor with 5ms or less response time is satisfactory. Even the newly-released games would work fine in the scenario.
  • On the other hand, you can be the hardcore gamer who needs the ultimate setup. You might be trying out all the heavy-duty games that come into the market. In this scenario, you must grab one monitor with 1ms or 2ms of response time. If you can afford it, go for the 1ms one, because you are going to have the best experience.

We hope you are clear about the selection. Anything less than 5ms is fine, but 1ms/2ms is the best you would ever get.

Other Factors

As you know, different panels are used for building Gaming monitors — TN, VA and IPS. Each category has a certain range of response time, according to the market standards.

And, as you might know, each panel type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, IPS Panels offer the best viewing angles and all. So, you should keep this in your mind while picking the monitor. If you insist on having a particular panel type, you may have to compromise the response time.

Wrapping Up

We believe we had a resourceful discussion about the best response time for a gaming monitor. In the ideal world, when you have everything from the top class, you must get a gaming monitor with 1ms or 2ms time.

Otherwise, you can go with the standard of anything less than 5ms. So, when you’re purchasing the next gaming monitor with your preferred response time, make sure to read our reviews before selecting one. Happy gaming, fellas!

ASUS MX279H Review: 27-inch Full HD IPS Frameless Monitor with Ergonomic Design

Asus MX279H Main

Whoever said that looks don’t lie must have had the Asus MX279H HD IPS Frameless gaming monitor in mind. At a first flip through, you would imagine that this gaming monitor has been taken out from a Sci-Fi playbook.

The overall appearance is proof that Asus is indeed going the extra mile to include the “futuristic look and appeal” for gaming monitors.

When I decided to buy this gaming monitor, I had its aesthetic look and appeal in mind. But besides its elegance charm, a lot of users would agree with me that it has great features that any gaming lover will fancy for improved gaming experiences. These features have created a hot purchase system with a futuristic design that has taken elegance to whole new higher levels.

Let’s have a complete and thorough Asus MX279H review and understand what this contemporary and seemingly game-centric monitor brings to the gaming industry.

But not that first!

First, let us review Asus—the company behind the Asus MX279H HD IPS Frameless gaming monitor.

About Asus


Asus is a renowned Taiwanese company that has been in existence since 1989. The company has been manufacturing hardware such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, wearable devices and other technological gadgets for more than 20 years. The Asus brand is globally well-known and trusted by the majority of consumers and not just in Taiwan.

This company has been known for its computer and electronic equipment that are laced with cutting-edge features capable of competing on a global scale without the over-the-ceiling costs and overrated distinction. In particular, all the Asus devices have minimalistic designs that have been deprived of the loud and showy accents.

Throughout its existence as a global manufacturer of leading computer and mobile devices, Asus has been known to place its bet on premium-quality gadgets. As a testament to its global outreach, Asus has graced numerous magazine covers and awards, including being nominated as one of the top 10 companies in Asia in IT category.

In fact, it is one of the top 10 leading companies that are known to have marketed more than 7% of the total global market shares for quite some time as a computer and mobile device manufacturer.

An Overview of the Asus MX279H Monitor

Asus MX279H Other2

The Asus MX279H is in a sense a one-half of the Asus’ design series. This is a 27-inch gaming monitor while the other half of the series is 4 inches smaller.

Two important things that you can instantly note in the monitor once you plug it in is its frameless edges that are equipped with an excellent backlight.

One striking feature that I have come to like is its slender and sleek appearance. With a minimal thickness of roughly 1.76 centimeters, it is practically difficult to find another model that can be thinner than that. If you have a penchant for design, then you’ll be impressed with its sleek structure, built and the IPS technology that makes it appear thin and compact.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Asus MX279H is developed to provide you with an edgeless—you can also call it borderless—viewing experience. For design-conscious gamers like me, it is apparent that the sundial-inspired stand is a massive advantage. It is no wonder that this model was recognized in the 2012 Good Design Awards. It reminds me of the aluminum iMacs, even though it is clearly not made from metal.

It is obvious that Asus has gone a step further when it comes to integrating technological innovation with their products, and this is particularly the case with the Asus MX279H monitor. This monitor has also been equipped with the Asus Sonic Master technology. I know you’re now thinking, “What the hell is this Sonic Master Technology?”

Well, the Asus Sonic Master technology ensures that the monitor generates top-notch immersive sound. In particular, the crisp audio that this technology produce ensures that distinct vocals that are louder come out of the 3.2-centimeter inbuilt speaker in a seamless manner. This technology also ensures that a maximum resonance chamber (up to 100cc resonance), as well as better bass performance, is achieved.

In other words, the sonic master technology provides the clarity of sound is excellent to allow you have an enhanced gaming experience. But this gaming monitor isn’t only for games. If you fancy watching movies and editing videos or even images on your computer, you will find the Asus MX279H appropriate for visual purposes because of its powerful high-contrast ratio.

The different pre-set modes that are offered through its hotkey system makes optical adjustments a lot easier and faster to access on any flat and thin-screen computer. If you want to combine design, quality, and performance in one monitor, then I am sure you’ll bet with the MX279H monitor. As a matter of fact, the MX279H monitor provides a competitive edge without the expensive tag compared to other brands.

Coming from Asus—a brand that most people trust—this gaming monitor leaves a striking impact in the field of standalone computers that can rival other high-end brands at a fraction of a cost. Whether you are a gamer, a graphic designer or even an image enthusiast who wants an appropriate and elegant monitor without going overboard with your expenses, then Asus MX279H will be fit the bill.

Technical Specifications of Asus MX279H

Asus MX279H others3

Here are technical specifications of Asus MX279H monitor:

#1: Panel size

The Asus MX279H monitor is 27” with a wide screen. It is based on AH-IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. The IPS technology provides the best color accuracy and has the best viewing angles. It also offers a strong gray-scale performance when compared to other related technologies such as TN and VA panels.

While the Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are the widespread panels among the majority of gamers because they provide high refresh rates and response times, they have inferior color representations and poor viewing angles. Therefore, when the Asus MX279H monitor is compared to the other monitor, it offers a rich set of colors with increased accuracy and better viewing angles.

On the other hand, the Vertical Alignment (VA) panels can provide high contrast ratios laced with a fair color representation and capabilities. However, these panels can also generate ghosting effects which may impact the gaming experience. It is against this backdrop that Asus decided to use IPS as an approach for improving the gaming experience amongst gamers.

#2: Resolution

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Being 27 with a wide screen means that the Asus MX279H monitor is large enough to accommodate Wide Quad High-Definition (WQHD) resolutions that always work well with the majority of the graphics card to produce an excellent gaming experience. When your PC has a powerful graphics card, then any reasonable FPS will be generated with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 to improve your gaming experience.

You can even downscale your games’ resolution if you feel that FPS is becoming an issue during gaming. Obviously, higher resolutions that are outside games will allow you to browse and work better on your computer because you’ll now have more pixels available to use. On the other hand, lower resolutions can restrict the tasks that you are undertaking on your PC.

Similarly, you may not just want to use a 1080pixels on a 27-inch monitor, as it will make look silly with such a pixel density. If your computer can only accommodate one 27-inch monitor, then you’ll be required to tweak the refresh rates and response time to improve the performance. You can also tweak the viewing angles to increase the gaming performance.

#3: Viewing Angles

It can be viewed from 178 degrees for both horizontal and vertical directions. In my opinion, 178 degrees is enough to view graphics from any angle—something that any gaming monitor should provide. Because the Asus MX279H monitor is utilizing the IPS technology, it means that you can flip your monitor to any angle—so long as it is within the ranges of 178 degrees—to play games.

And because of its 178-degree viewing angle for both the vertical and horizontal orientations, you can always view graphics in top quality format from any direction. The 178-degree viewing angles are vital to point for gamers who want to maximize the ergonomic efficiency of their gaming space.

#4: Pixel Pitch

The monitor has a 0.311-millimeter pixel pitch. With such a pixel pitch, cases of fast moving images appearing blurry will be a thing of the past. Also, the 0.311-millimeter pixel pitch will ensure cases of screen tearing—that can make your gaming experience dull and uninspiring—don’t occur.

#5: Response Time

It has a response time of 5ms (Gray to Gray). With a response time of 5 milliseconds, it means that you can enjoy watching fast-moving pictures, especially on active 3D systems without hitches. Although ghosting and screen tearing are artifacts that normal eyes can’t spot, having a gaming monitor with a high response time such as Asus MX279H can take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

#6: Is it a Full HD 1080P

Yes. The Asus MX279H monitor is a full HD 1080P gaming monitor. One of the key features that majority of gamers often look out for on any monitor is whether it supports full HD or not. By full HD, I mean that the monitor can display most graphics—especially in 3D—without problems of screen tearing, ghosting and efficiently using the PC resources.

The Asus MX279H monitor is a full HD 1080P monitor. Alongside its IPS technology, this full HD ensures that you’ll view the best color accuracy at the best viewing angles. It also provides you with a strong gray-scale performance that takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

#7: Stereo Speakers

It has 3w x 2 Stereo RMS-equipped that are equipped with ASUS Sonic Master technology. This technology ensures a booming and high-quality sound system from your monitor. In fact, the quality of the audio that will come from your monitor will be crisp and audible to ear. This monitor a great system for gamers that fancy listening to music while playing.

#8: Does it support the Tracer Free Technology?

Yes. The Tracer Free Technology boosts both the refresh and responses time making it reactive enough to adjust accordingly and enhance your gaming experience. In fact, the tracer free technology will ensure that you have better motion replays and faster playbacks when watching fast-moving videos on the screen, therefore minimizing ghosting and screen tearing effects.

First Impressions with the Asus MX279H Monitor

Asus MX279H Other views

Asus is known for utilizing unique and cutting-edge technological features to their products. The Asus MX279H is no exception. When I first came across this monitor, one of the first finest features that actually fascinated me was the Trace Free Technology.

The Trace Free Technology is Asus approach to providing improved gaming experience by minimizing the impacts of tracing and ghosting during video playback.

And truly enough upon testing the monitor, I found the monitor very useful in eliminating elements tracing and ghosting during video playback. Furthermore, the Tracer Free Technology also boosts its response time. In fact, the technology boosts the response time by controlling its voltage levels so that it remains at 5 ms.

If you’re looking for a gaming monitor with minimal response time, then I am certain you’ll bet for Asus MX279H. If you are a passionate gamer, you can expect a silky-smooth flow of motion pictures and a fluid-flow of video playback while gaming. Suppose you spot a hint of red or even green color the screen, you can immediately opt to turn off the feature, and these spots will instantly disappear.

Not only is the MX279H an excellent option for gamers, but it is also an appropriate component for photographers. It has a feature that is called the QuickFit Virtual Scale. If you’re a passionate photographer, the QuickFit Virtual Scale will let you get an accurate preview of your photos or any on-screen documents before printing them.

This is an excellent tool especially if your job demands graphic designing or brochure designing. There will be no problem working on documents of the A4 length or photos of standard sizes such as the 3 x 5, the 2 x 2, and bigger ones such as 5 x 7 and 4 x 6.

The monitor can only be adjusted to up to a certain level. For instance, it can only be tilted up and down. Moving it around on the left and the right direction isn’t possible unless you want to change the orientation of its round metallic stand completely. Also, the height of the monitor can’t be easily manipulated.

Critics of Asus MX279H monitor have rightly pointed out 1920 x 1080 is not the best resolution because it is a wide-screen size monitor. While I agree with them, you should also realize that this monitor compensates for the low resolution through its crisp and clear graphics that pop out from the screen creating a visual experience that leaves impressions on gamers.

If you love gaming experience that has striking coloring effects, then I am sure you’ll trade off the resolution with the truly mind-blowing coloring features that makes the graphics clear and crisp during gaming. What also makes this unique monitor different is its ability to produce fast video playbacks without the risk of ghosting through its free tracer technology.

Display Quality

Asus MX279H Main

The Asus MX279H allow you to enjoy a 27” Full HD AH-IPS (1920 x 1080) gaming experience. The resources used for this model are more robust, especially the housing. You can clearly spot the touch-sensitive buttons that are placed right at the button where you can configure the settings and operate your screen. Since the bezel has been reduced to less than a centimeter wide, the display appears virtually frameless.

With this 27-inch widescreen, the entire display will appear to be larger making it perfect for the improved gaming experience. The MX279H display is also matte-finished. This eliminates the glares and seamlessly diffuses reflections. Even though you will be working close to a window or under any lighting conditions, the quality of MX279H images will remain the same.

Best of all, it doesn’t add any strain to your eyes. If there is another striking feature of the display, then it is the backlight luminance. The backlight luminance allows the images you see on the screen reach their brightest whites and deepest blacks. This provides you with life-like visuals that make the gaming experience even more exciting. The adjustments have been made possible by another feature that is called the Asus Smart Contrast Ratio of 80000000:1.

This feature also boosts the sharpness and brightness of the screen to provide the best visual and imaging results. As per the color calibrator results, the Asus MX279H monitor has got a respectable score of 97.1% of the sRGB scale when at the default settings. If you are keen on getting a monitor that has an excellent wide-view angle visibility, then Asus MX279H can be an excellent option.

Because it has a 179-degree viewing angle (for both vertical and horizontal directions), you can see that the graphics remain of the top quality from any direction. One of the first tests that I did was to verify whether I can tilt the panel itself. This is a vital point for gamers who want to maximize the ergonomic efficiency of their gaming space.

The good news of this monitor is—yes, you can tilt your panel with much ease. In fact, you can move to up to the 20 degrees. The only downside of tilting the panel is that the monitor doesn’t rotate to a different orientation. It also does not swivel either. For you to tilt to a different orientation, you have to move the entire monitor stand to change its position.

Along with the Tracer Free Technology, gamers can relish quick and fluid responses to the 5-millisecond response making it reactive enough for the improved gaming experience. This means one thing—better motion replays and faster playbacks when watching fast-moving videos on the screen. Ghosting is also eliminated for better gaming experience, especially for newbies.

Its QuickFit Virtual Scale feature also ensures it easy to view various documents without cutting back the image and losing quality in the process. This is a plus for photographers who love to edit pictures and create designs because it provides a quick and actual run-down of the finished product before it can be printed.

One of the drawbacks that come along with the Asus MX279H monitor is its highly strong colors. These colors may seem too striking for some gamer’s tastes. While the Tracer Free Technology can help create an actual representation of the image on the screen, it can sometimes generate too many colors with highly-calibrated hues of RGB colors making your gaming experience rather dull and uninspiring.

If you don’t like strong colors that bleed out a bit, this can be a big letdown along with your computer’s strong whites and blacks. However, if you fancy watching videos and images on full screens, this feature can prove to be a feasible feature that can help you enjoy your immersive gaming experience.

For the 27-inch screen, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 can be a bit low. Some PCs can fair off at a higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 and above. However, if you don’t intend on putting too much gaming activities on your PC for hours to an end, then this feature is somewhat passable. With its ergonomic and the space-saving design, this monitor might have skimped out when it comes to the display.

Sound Quality


The Asus MX279H is equipped with the SonicMaster technology, a cutting-edge technology that has been applied to other notebook computers. This features provides a booming and high-quality surround sound system that comes out from its two speakers and the 3.5-millimeter jack. The quality of sound that comes from the monitor is clear and crisp, with the high-modulation sound quality that generates realistic and booming audio effects that make this monitor a great system for gamers that fancy listening to music while playing.

With a 32-millimeter speaker diameter and having a rich resonance that complements the amplifier, the gaming monitor provides an immersive theater-like experience on the computer screen along with a pounding bass. The sonic master technology has been made possible through the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.

Since Bang & Olufsen ICEpower is one of the established brands when it comes to delivering the best audio technology, it means the MX279H monitor has the edge over its competitors when it comes to sound quality. With or without the use of the additional speakers, the MX279H monitor holds up fairly well in the audio category, and for those gamers who like watching movies on the Internet, this monitor’s sound quality complements entertaining movie marathons without compromising the audio performance.

Other Features

Other features that are worth mentioning in Asus MX279G monitor are:

#1: Vivid visuals

Asus MX279H Main

The Asus MX279H monitor is equipped with the latest IPS technology. Because of the IPS technology, Asus MX279H monitor prides itself on having the best color accuracy.

And because it also features the 16:9 aspect ratio LED-backlit screen, the technology it ensures that minimal color shift has been achieved when on the vertical and horizontal planes are viewed from a wide-view angle.

The edge-to-edge borderless panel, as well as the incredibly vivid graphics, also help increase gamers viewing experience. Even though you will be working close to a window or under any type of lighting conditions, the quality of MX279H images will remain the same.

#2: Stylish overall design

Asus MX279H Stylish

As I had mentioned earlier, the Asus MX279H monitor is truly outstanding. In fact, any Asus MX279H review can’t be complete without mentioning its sophisticated design.

Both monitors from the ASUS Designo MX series have extreme-slim profiles that make them stand out from a horde of fierce competitors when it comes to design.

The tiniest point of the display only measures 17. 5 millimeters while the bezel has a minimal breadth of only 0.8 millimeters. For the design-conscious gamers, you will instantly love the design of the sundial-enthused, ergonomic design stand and the sturdiness of the Asus monitor.

The monitor can easily be mounted as a standalone system with no intricate installations required. With its impressive 178-degree wide view angle, you can view images both horizontally and vertically without losing the quality and the visibility of the pictures on display.

#3: Connectivity

ASUS Connectivity

Any excellent gaming monitor should have essential input options. When it comes to connectivity, it is apparent that Asus Company prefers to keep it simple yet very efficient. This Asus Designo MX279H has a D-sub (VGA) and the dual HDMI input. It comes with a single VGA input and the two 1.4 HDMI ports that are found on the back of the display to connect with various consoles. It also has a headphone and microphone for connecting to external speakers.

It also supports Full High Definition resolution (of 1920 x 1080). With the goal of enriching the entertainment experience of its users, the monitor’s ports that are included are guaranteed compatible with different groups of multimedia devices such as game consoles, the digital cameras, and even the Blu-ray disc players.

I tested these ports on X-Box 360 gaming console, and I found that there was no problem connecting to it. Furthermore, the surround sound is certainly a plus when you connect to these devices. The downside which you can get with the connectivity is that you’ll have to invest in an adapter to make the monitor connect with wireless connection enabled gadgets. While the absence of the USB slots can be an issue for some gamers, there’s nothing a good adapter can’t practically fix.

The other downside is that the DVI port is missing at the back of the monitor which is a bit of a disadvantage especially if you wish to use different devices for the connection. A USB slot is also lacking in place, which is another minor flaw to this elegantly-designed futuristic gaming monitor considering the fact that you may want to connect numerous devices.

Is This Gaming Monitor Right for You?

The Asus MX279H can leave any gamer who has a penchant for design enthralled with its sleek structure that has been built in the form that makes it a futuristic gaming monitor. A thin and compact display that is placed on the top of a metallic circular base will surely leave you with a certain air of robotic facade that any gamer can’t afford to miss out.

Apart from its slim and ultra-sleek design that makes it really stand from other IPS displays in the market, its integrated and impressive built-in Bang and Olufsen ICEpower-designed speakers and the 32mm diameter inbuilt speakers provides superb resonance and a smoother sound system. The internal amplifiers is also a big plus.

But that is not all.

Strictly speaking, this monitor isn’t just about the look. To match its highly elegant exterior, it also comes with great power-packed features that provide fast video playbacks, high-contrast graphics, and videos that will enhance gaming experiences. Cutting-edge technologies such as IPS, tracer free and sonic master have all been incorporated in the monitor to ensure that your gaming experience is truly entertaining makes it not just perfect for gaming but ideal for watching videos and general computing purposes.

Overall, the Asus MX279H monitor is a handy device which leaves a passable rate particularly if you want a decent-looking gaming monitor that exceeds expectations on the design and quality. Its features aren’t entirely complete considering that it can only connect to a limited number of devices due to the absence of some USB ports.

However, if you want a gaming monitor that is worth the size of your pocket and is built above the standard range, then the Asus MX279H fits the bill.