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Best Games like Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an exceptional game developed by Bethesda and which won the game of the year award, British Academy Games Award, and also the best game award at Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Fallout 4 starts from where Fallout 3 left the world. And the expansion in the new Fallout 4 game is way more than we expected. There are many options to pick, more action, more guns, more depth in personality building and more enemies. If you have not played the Fallout 4 yet and you love RPG gaming, we recommend you to start playing it right now. We assure you that you will spend hundreds of hours into the game but still won’t be able to explore everything in the game.

Fallout 4 starts giving you a look at the world that the gamers left in the last game. The game allows you to select your gender, and make other important decisions so that you can mold your character in any way you want after you wake up in a post-apocalyptic world in the city of Boston.

Literally, the world of Fallout 4 is really very huge. There is a huge wasteland in front of you when you leave the vault. There is a main quest that the players can follow, but in addition to that, there are many side missions as well that you will have to finish as well to increase your skills and develop your character abilities. The best part of the game is that you can take your character and make him or her whatever you want, a loving person, an evil death machine, it’s all your choice.

The game is very long, and you will obviously need some other games as well as you cant keep it playing continuously. And this is the reason why we have listed some of the best games similar to Fallout 4, Have a look at them below:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The best alternative to Fallout 4 is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V is an epic game and a classic RPG game that was released back in the year 2011. It was one of the first game that offered such a huge open fantasy world to the gamers. Elder Scrolls V was developed by Bethesda as well. It is not just any normal game, but the details in the environment are very detailed. The players have an option to chose their character they want to play. You can play as an elf, orc, wood elf, redgaurd etc. Even when you are roaming around the game, you can wind the wild forest around you and could even interact with it.

When you start the game, you are directly taken to a killing block for beheading but it is interrupted by a huge dragon. In the hustle, your character escapes after which you are taught the basics and different features of the game.

After you are done with the tutorial, you are set loose in the huge immersive world to do whatever you want. As you complete different side quests and main story missions, you develop your skills and even attain new abilities for fighting the enemies. The fantasy world also brings dragons and other mystical characters in front of you. And if you are skilled enough, you can even ride a dragon in the game.

There are a lot of similarities between Elder Scroll V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 in the core gameplay. You have a huge world, its just the sword, bows and arrows are replaced with heavy machine guns. If you prefer gameplay over graphics, you should definitely play this classic RPG title.

Far Cry 4

If you like the open world element more than the role-playing, Far Cry 4 is the best game for you. With excellent graphics and super interactive environment, Far Cry 4 is a perfect game to play with nature, wild animals and weapons. However, the plot of Far Cry 4 is not as good as we saw in Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3. However, the huge number of gameplay options cover up for that depression. In the game, you take up the character of a guy named Ajay Ghale who is a Kyrati-American. He was born in Kyrat and he has returned to his birthplace to pay respect to his mother’s ashes and lay them to rest. There is no such place as Kyrat but the fictional place in the game is situated in the Himalayas. The game begins on a bus which is taking you to Kyrat. However, it is overtaken by some loyalist soldiers. There is a person who takes you in out from the chaos, Pagan Min. he is a psychopath who is also the main villain of the game. We don’t see the developers committing the same mistake again that they did in Far Cry 3, i.e. killing the main and interesting character in the middle of the game.

In the game, the player has to hunt different animals, use stealth and different types of weapons for different missions to survive. But you might find the gameplay a bit repetitive after a point of time. We really hope that they come up with a better gameplay formula in their next title to the franchise. It is important because many other similar games are already close to almost non-repetitive gameplay. But the map of the game saves it from being just another annoying open world RPG game. You have a massive huge map in front of you to explore with different kind of animals and creatures living in it. Also, you have some more tasks apart from side quests. You need to get animal skins as well as craft them with other items to upgrade your inventory as well as some of the inventory items.

All in all, the gameplay is much better than the previous version. You will love running around huge terrain and mountains, killing all the enemies that you find in your path, gunning and bombing enemy bases riding on an elephant. You don’t have to care about the character’s personality and skill development in this game, which might be a relief for many of the gamers who just wish to enjoy a huge world open shooting without much character detail.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Paid features excellent game design coming from Hideo Kojima. Phantom Pain starts from where the previous game Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes ended. After surviving a deadly helicopter crash, Big Boss is into a coma. You listen David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World” in the background building up the tension, fear, and frustration in the gamer’s mind. You will start expecting too much after the starting scene, but the game does not build up to that level.

You take up the role of Big Boss who has a huge responsibility of rebuilding a military force to save the world from a no-faced madman. In the game, you are accompanied by a Soviet cowboy, a sniper, a one-legged drill sergeant and a couple of more soldiers whom you recruit to fight beside you. You are in Afghanistan which is occupied by the Soviet Union in the early eighties.

Apart from the main mission, you have various side quests to complete, a huge list of firearms which can be easily modified and a customizable robotic arm as well. There is a huge improvement in the gameplay as well. In previous games, if you are spotted, your game was over for you, at least for the beginners and occasional gamers. However, in the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you have got a lot of options to get rid of such situations. You can easily call for an airstrike, could take out a rocket launcher, as for an attack chopper on the radio and what not. You have a huge number of choices and we would like to recommend this to players who would like a lot of challenging gunfights and stealth action in their game. It is one of the best game you can play if you like Fallout 4.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story of betrayal and intrigue. This role-playing game is deep and dense just like the other two installments of the franchise. It packs in a massive open world environment that offers you a lot to learn and is really fun to explore as well. There are a whole day and night as well as a complete weather system that makes the game environment even more live.
Before we enter any other sections of the game, we would like to praise the huge environment it offers to us. It is big enough to make you lost. The minimap helps you to stay on track, but still, this much huge fantasy open world always invites you to discovering new things. It is so big that you would not get bored of it, even after playing the game for hundreds of hours.

The main story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is strong but not the best part about it. It is the two maps that you have to discover and the things hiding in it. You start the game as the main character Geralt, who is in search of his surrogate daughter Ciri and his lost lover Yennifer. You do not need any info from the previous games to play the latest Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The game gets better when you start exploring things away from the main storyline. There are different Witcher contracts that come from the fortress and muddy hamlets. You can make use of the different Witcher senses to know the whereabouts of different beasts roaming around in the forest and try to learn what you can from there. Small battles and defeating bosses in these small fight gives you experience and attributes to upgrade your skills.

There are dragons, elves, magic and what not, all that set up in the medieval European era. The atmosphere brings different objects like plants and trees to life. The combat mechanism of The Witcher: Wild Hunt is way more streamlined when compared to the previous Witcher games. You have physical swords as well as magic to deal with various kinds of attacks. There are various kinds of enemies, that can kill you or can take a huge portion of your health if you are not careful with them. You also have potions that can help you regain or boost your health and other powers.

All in all, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an amazing game that we would like to recommend to you if you really love RPG and open world game.

Mass Effect 2

If you have played the first Mass Effect game, do not make the mistake to link it to the second Mass Effect game. We have an impressive game from the BioWare developers which features a lot of uncertainty in the game beginning from the first scene of the game.

You will find a lot of things different in Mass Effect 2 when compared to the original Mass Effect. When you start playing the game, you will find that it is mostly a story driven game that is more or less related to the original title despite some major differences. If you wish to know what happened in the previous, there is a comic book feature in the game which tells you everything that happened in the previous game.

It is very hard to put Mass Effect 2 in one particular genre. We could take it as a combination of many genres. It is basically an RPG game which has a lot of open-world sensibilities, action, shooting, adventure, futurism, sci-fi element and what not. However, a lot of emphases is made on the character building rather than building up other things that were not that much liked by gamers in the previous game.

The game is based on a parallel universe where human beings have found an alien race. You also run in into a bunch of new species but the humans have lost the galactic trust as well as the identity in front of a new upcoming threat, in between which, your character makes an entry.

There are a lot of choices to make in the game, each one of which may lead you to a different and real outcome. However, you cant just make all the harsh decisions to become the villain and destroying everything in the choices you make here are going to reflect in the upcoming Mass Effect 3 game.

During the major portion of the game, you will be spending a lot of time in recruiting different team members coming from far ends of the galaxy. However, each and every member you recruit is important as play an important role in stopping the Collectors. You will have to meet each member personally and grow your relationship with them so that they treat you well in the lime of need. You might have to do various quests for them or listen to their stories. You can also take your relationship with a character to next level and turn them romantic in case you desire more than friendship from a particular character in the game.

Another great thing about this game is that everything is very detailed. Even when you are in combat or in a conversation, or on another planet. Yes, you need to travel from planet to planet in order to mine minerals that will help you upgrade your ship, your armor as well as your weapons. You can do this while you are on a side mission or just roaming about with an aim to upgrade everything you have.

This is a must play for those who love the character development in RPG games. There is a lot of decision making in Mass Effect 2 just like Fallout 4. It is slow but really deep as well as intense. Mass Effect 2 is huge, detailed and fun to play the game with interesting characters, smart decision making and a lot of adventure.

Cyber Monday 2017: Best Video Gaming Deals & Discounts on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC

The Black Friday seal and Cyber Monday deals are here and there are a lot of things that you can get at very cheap cost. However, you can get the deals on the on your local stores, you can also have all that hassle and look into the deals online.

However, there are not many deals available, and most of the pages that you will see on the Cyber Monday pages are still empty. But here we have collected a lot or almost all the gaming deals that you can benefit from in the Black Friday sales.

Have a look below at all the gaming hardware as well as the game deals that you can get right now:

PlayStation 4 pro 1 TB – $50 Off

You can get PlayStation 4 and that too 1 TB model for just $190, $50 off from the market value. There are a lot of retailers that will be offering the PS4 1TB at a discounted price. However, the only benefit from a PS4 pro is the 4K video, and for that, you also need to have a 4K supporting TV or monitor. Get the latest PS4 1TB on Cyber Monday sale below:

Buy PS4 Pro 1TB – $190

Xbox One S Console Bundle – $60 Off

Similar to PS4 1TB, the Xbox One S will be available for $190 through the entire Cyber Monday sale. Until and unless you possess a 4K monitor, there is no use to upgrade Xbox One S over Xbox One X this weekend. In addition to that, Microsoft Store will offer some additionals along with the Black Friday deal. You also get one-month free Game pass as well as free games with it. Buy Xbox One S on Cyber Monday sale below:

Buy Xbox One S Console Bundle – $190

1 Year Xbox Live Gold Membership – $50

If you have Xbox and love to play online multiplayer gaming, you definitely need Live Gold. With Xbox Live Gold membership you get online multiplayer access for all the games. Not only that, you get 4 free games from Microsoft for your console as well. Get the Xbox Live Gold Membership below:

1 Year Xbox Live Gold Membership – $50

1 Year PlayStation Plus – $40 ($20 Off)

If you are going to buy a new PS4 console, you would definitely like to have PlayStation Plus subscription as well since it allows you to connect and play with other online PS4 players. There are few free games that are released for your console as well every month. Get PlayStation Plus for $40 below.

1 Year PlayStation Plus – $40

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset – $80

The Razer Kraken Gaming headset is a popular and among the best headset recommended for gaming. You can get it below:

Razer Mano’war Gaming Headset – $119

Razer Mano’war is a premium gaming headset that is available for PC, PS4, and Mac only. The headset does not support Xbox consoles, so be cautious while getting it.

PS4 and Xbox One Controllers – $40

One of the biggest problems that most of the gamers face is with the controllers. If you lose any controller by chance, you will have to pay around $60 in order to get the new one. However, if you are planning to get a new controller for your Xbox One or PS4, the time could not be better than now. You can get the Sony Dualshock controllers in all color just for $40 this entire week. Microsoft also has a lot of deals on its range of Xbox One controllers. There are some exclusive deals as well that you can get at Walmart outlets.

Nintendo 3DS XL – $179

If you are a fan of small consoles, Nintendo 3DS XL is available on sale on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. We know that Nintendo switch is an amazing console but it is costly as well. However, you can get a new Nintendo 3DS XL $20 off in the sale costing you just $179.

Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers Bundle – $350

Oculus Rift is not for everyone. It is really costly and it currently has very limited gaming applications. However, if money is not your problem and you are going to get a VR for you, why not get it on a sale? You can get Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers Bundle just for $350 on Amazon.

LittleBits Star Ward Droid Creator Kit – $79

For Star Wars fan out there, what could be better than a bot building kit? If you wish to gift it to someone or wish to have it just to fulfill your fantasy, you can get the LittleBits Star Wars Droid Creator Kit just for $79, that is $20 less from the market value.

Blackout Yeti USB Microphone along with Assassins Creed Origins Bundle – $92

If you are looking for both a USB Microphone and Assassins Creed’s latest game, this deal is perfect for you. The Assassin’s Creed Origins comes almost free of cost with the Blackout Yeti Microphone. You are going to save $48 on the total market price of both the items.

PlayStation VR Headset with Gran Turismo Sport – $299

As we have told before, VR headset is not for every gamer out there. Still, if you are planning to get a PlayStation VR, why not get it with a compatible game that you will love to play on it first. The Latest Gran Turismo Sport is available along with PlayStation VR headset as a bundle just for $299. It is almost $100 off and the best time to grab such a deal.

Buy PlayStation VR Headset with Gran Turismo Sport

PlayStation VR with Skyrim VR – $350

You can also choose another game for your PS VR headset too. The other deal comes with the very popular RPB title, Elders Scroll: Skyrim. The whole set contains the game, two set of motion controllers, a camera, and a headset. The whole bundle pack is available just for $350, around $100 less than the overall normal cost of the bundle. Get the PS VR with Skyrim on Amazon below.

Nintendo Switch Travel Case – $8

It is really hard to maintain the Nintendo Switch console. Many times you will find it prone to impacts, damages, and other contacts when you are traveling with it. This is why we recommend you to get a Nintendo Switch Travel case that is available at $22 off deal on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. You can get it just for $8 on Amazon below.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Game Deals

FIFA 18 – $30

It has not been long since FIFA 18 release, and the game is now available for the sale and you can get it at max $30 off. There is a different discount on all the three editions and you can choose the one as per your preference. You can buy FIFA 18 on black Friday deal from below:

Buy FIFA 18 on Amazon

Civilization VI – $30

I was a personal fan of Age of Empires and especially Sid Meier’s Civilization, and it has been a game that turned the face of PC gaming years back. Civilization is a better version of that and this latest installment of the franchise is available for $30 on Cyber Monday sale. Get it on Amazon.

Madden 18 – $30

For the sports lover, the game of Madden is a cherry on the cake in this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. The Madden game for PS4 and Xbox is available at $30 discount and you can get it for $30 on Amazon.

Doom – $15

Doom is a very popular twisted and scary, but a really very funny single player game that also offers you some multiplayer components that are really strong. You get $15 off on the game and you can get it on Amazon on Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale for $15.

Overwatch Game of the Year Edition – $30

Overwatch is an excellent game which also won’t the game of the year award in its release year. It is one of those multiplayer game that is loved by all and is gaining community fan base even now. There are more maps and characters now that keeps it going even until today. You can get the Overwatch Game of the Year Edition for $30 after a $30 discount.

Destiny 2 – $50

There were a lot of issues in the Destiny game, but they have improved a lot of things in the successor of the franchise, i.e. Destiny 2. If you have played the first game, we recommend you not to leave the opportunity to get Destiny 2 for $50 in Cyber Monday sale. There is nothing worry about the fan base since the developers are continuously adding a lot of new content regularly in the game. You can buy Destiny 2 game from Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition – $60

The Legend of Zelda game that was released this year is one of the strongest contenders of the game of the year for 2017. In addition to that, it is a spectacular game to play on Nintendo Switch, and one of the main reason why people are buying Switch as well. The game on sale is the Explorer’s Edition that contains a special two-sided map as well as an Explorer’s Guide with some extra lore content and info of the game. You can get the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildExplorer’s Edition on Amazon for $60 only.

BenQ PD3200U Gaming Monitor Review

4K UHD Screens are very popular among gamers nowadays. They offer a great resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels that serves great images to the eyes while playing heavy games on consoles or PC. However, one big problem with such kind of monitor is regarding the scaling. This this is more visible when you have smaller sized screens in front of you. But the monitor we are going talk about in this review is something that takes care of all these problems. We are talking about the BenQ PD3200U gaming monitor which features a screen size of 32 inches, thus reducing the problem of scaling to a large extent. Despite having the huge display size, the PD3200U BenQ monitor does not fail to offer a high pixel density to you.

There are a lot of positive points that we are going to discuss in this detailed review comparing it to the predecessor BenQ BL3201PT monitor as well. Find more about this new BenQ PD3200U monitor below.

BenQ PD3200U Specifications

The BenQ PD3200U features a 32 inch IPS display panel with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The monitor has a 10-bit color with a special grey to grey response of 4ms.  We are going to discuss more it in later part of this section.

BenQ PD3200U Design

The BenQ PD3200U has a smart as well as sleek design which is very different from the predecessor monitor from BenQ. You will find the bezels a bit slender with the width of just 0.9mm at the top side and just 20mm on the bottom side. There is a sensor suite present on the bottom bezel which also incorporates the “Eye Protect” light sensor that prevents your eyes during long gaming sessions, and an “Eco” proximity sensor as well.

The outer chassis of the monitor is made up of black matte plastic, with satin black finish and powder coated metal finish. There is a stand neck with a blue hole in the middle which helps you to keep the table tidy by managing the different wires connected to it. The best thing in the looks was the 32-inch large screen with matte as well as anti-glare finish.

The gamers can control the OSD or On Screen Display with the help of touch-sensitive controls on the bottom bezel or using the remote that you get along with the monitor. You can see the touch-sensitive are brightening up when you bring your fingers very close to it. On the other hand, you can use the puck in order to connect Mini USB drive.

You get the real technical image of the monitor by looking at it from the right-hand side. You will find a lot of ports on the back right side of the monitor which include 2 x HDMI ports, 1 x mDP 1.2, 1 x DP 1.2, 2 x USB 3.0 port, SD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Having HDMI 2.0 port is a plus point as you can then utilize the high-resolution with 60Hz refresh rate using a DP or HDMI. This also means that if you have a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, you can play 4K games on this monitor up to 60 FPS.

The stand of the monitor is very adjustable as well as robust and you can tilt is 5 degrees forward, 20degreese backward, height adjustment till 5.91 inches, 45 degrees right and left swivel and 90 degrees clockwise rotation as well. The total depth of the monitor with the stand is 8.43 inches so that you can comfortably place it at some distance from your eyes and face for comfortable gaming.

On the back side of the monitor, the stand is attached to the center of the monitor along with a quick release bracket that you can use to de-attack it from the main monitor. All you have to do is press the button that is present under the attachment point, hidden behind the neck of the stand. You will also find two 100mm x 100mm VESA holes on the back side that could be used for mounting the monitor on the wall.

There are also two 5 W speakers on the back end which offer you basic, dynamic as well as bassy sound which is not the best and you will require a good speaker if you wish to get full high definition gaming experience. All the other ports are present on the downside at the back as well which include a Mini USB port, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, AC power input, a zero watt power switch and a 3.5 m audio jack.

As a part of the box, you get an HDMI cable, a MiniDP cable, a power cable and a USB cable too.

BenQ PD3200U Performance


BenQ has applied a very light matte surface on the screen which offers a leas haze value and kind of direct emission of the light coming out of the monitor. However, this results in very vibrant images as they appear very close to the monitor screen and does not look like they are under a matte screen surface. On comparing it with the previous BenQ BL3201PT/PH monitor, the surface texture is a bit grainier which we didn’t like in this new monitor from the company. You might not find the smoothness you are looking for while observing the bright white and the dark spots, like the previous one, had.

BenQ has used the standard Red, Green and Blue stripe subpixel layout in BenQ PD3200U which is something that is expected in default by the modern Windows operating systems. So, in case you are using a Windows OS along with the monitor, you won’t have to run through the ClearType in order to get clear colorful images. However, you can still change it as per your preference. If you use a Mac, you may find some text fringing, but do not worry too much about it since it is a very common complaint coming from the MacOS users which used subpixel layout instead.

The Presets

There are a lot of presets that you get in the BenQ PD3200U monitor. There is a ‘CAD/CAM’ mode, ‘Rec. 709’ mode, ‘sRGB’ mode, ‘Low Blue Light’ mode, ‘Animation’ mode, ‘Standard’ mode, ‘User’ mode and ‘Darkroom’ mode. You can also play around with the setting of the monitor manually by varying the ‘Gamma’ level and other parameters.

On using the monitor, we found it really bright as well as well balanced. We found the gamma tracking as the company has promised and falls close to ‘2.2’. The white point was also close to 6500K or D65 as mentioned by the company. The users do have the option to increase or decrease the gamma setting, but in the default mode, the overall color representation was quite good. BenQ also features a whole huge range of Low Blue Light setting which you can activate or deactivate as per your requirement. You can directly access few of these modes from outside the main menu. The users also have an option to assign a special button to the preset so that you do not have to scroll all the way through the huge list. If you prefer using different game screens throughout the day, this setting will turn out to be very useful to you.


The average contrast ration of BenQ PD3200U, with only brightness adjustment, comes close to 972:1 which is not bad and way above the expectations if you look just at the specifications of this monitor. However, there is some drop in contrast when you switch to the ‘Low Blue Light’ screen modes but that is something that is bound to happen.  The maximum luminance of the monitor is 299 cs/m2 and the minimum goes to 54 cd/m2. With this huge range of luminance value, you can easily adjust it to any point you find comfortable to your eyes.

You may also find some graininess in the areas of lighter shades. But that is not a big thing to worry. All in all, BenQ PD3200U offers a good performance to you.

You also have the option to activate the “Dynamic Contrast” setting from the Standard preset and could set its value to anything between 1 and 5. More will be the number you set, higher will be the screen response to change in the brightness. The Dynamic Contrast setting gives the control of the brightness to the monitor itself that increases or decreases it based on the overall darkness of the image which is being displayed on the monitor screen. The change is not very drastic but offers comfort to your eyes when if you plan to stay glued to the monitor for a long period of time.

Pulse Width Modulation

We would like to inform you that this BenQ PD3200U monitor does not make use of the Pulse Width Modulation to adjust at any brightness level. Instead a Direct Current of DC supply is used for altering the brightness. This is the reason why you will find the backlight coming from the screen free from any kind of flicker.

We checked the monitor by playing Battlefield 1 on it. Both the shaded as well as dark areas had good reasonable depth. The details are not bad and are spread equally across the screen. However, due to AHVA glow, the corner on the bottom side lose some amount of details, but that is fine. The white areas or the bright areas contrasted better when compared to the shaded and dark areas.


You get a small tool named SMTT 2.0 along with a sensitive camera which measures the input lag that BenQ PD3200U suffers from. On calculating we found 7.05ms of input lag as a combination of pixel responsiveness and signal delay.

However, we found some blur while playing Battlefield 1 on it. But there were no problems while running Blu-ray HD movies. Even playing movies with over 60 FPS frame rate, there was no noticeable weakness.

4K UHD Experience

BenQ has been boasting the ‘4K UHD experience’ in the monitor, and we checked how this huge 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution works out on a 32-inch screen. You will be easily able to work and watch movies on the monitor without any kind of scaling.  The scaling is more prominent when the screen size is less, especially below 28 inches. On the other hand, the 3-inch screen helps in bringing a good pixel density of 139 ppi, thus offering you great clarity as well as detailed images while you are busy gaming. You won’t need any extra anti-aliasing because the monitor offers you way extra clarity.

The Verdict

The new BenQ PD3200U is no doubt a good upgrade to the BL3201PT/PH. You won’t find much change in the written specifications, but on using the monitor, it tells a whole new different story. It is way better than what it seems on paper. The monitor is very made up of strong plastic offering your superb ergonomic flexibility as well. The screen resolution and size is perfect for watching movies and deep gaming sessions with well-detailed images free of scaling. The introduction of the matte finish on the screen is nice and does not produce any graininess. However, you might experience some when light from any other source is falling on it. But that is something you have to deal with if you want an anti-glare screen for gaming. It is a small change that most of the general users would won’t even mind, but it is something that we found on close inspection.

The BenQ has kept the factory calibration very tight in the new monitor. We would especially like to mention the sRGB mode. Which handles the white point matching as well as the gamma reproduction perfectly. In addition to this shade consistency, the AHVA panel together makes up a great combination. You get good contrast performance from BenQ PD3200U which is a bit better from the predecessor monitor. The static contrast of the new monitor is a bit less from the previous one but matches the specification. Responsiveness of this monitor remains same and we can’t see any improvement in that.

Addition of HDMI 2.0 is a good idea and good addition to the monitor which stays tighter to the factory calibration. We still don’t know why BenQ did not notice the screen graininess, but that is definitely not the show stopper here. The BenQ PD3200U is quite pocket-friendly, but the performance and specifications that this monitor brings along is definitely top notch.

Get Best FUT Team Deals for PS, Xbox and PC on FIFA 18 Black Friday 2017

If you are a FIFA 18 fan, you will be able to get a lot of Ultimate Team deals in the upcoming FIFA 18 Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale for FIFA 18, available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

All the offers for FIFA 18 start from today and include Flash SBCs, round pack offers, and different weekly objectives too. The offer for the hourly packs will start at 2 pm GMT on Black Friday 2017. The offer will end on 25 November 2017 at 2 pm GMT. There is an exclusive Black Friday 17 Kit available as well that you can get as a reward for Weekly Objective in FIFA 18.

Here is everything that you can get in the upcoming FIFA 18 Black Friday Sale:

FIFA 18 Black Friday Pack Offers:

Get the party pack for you. The is a huge variety but you will find the best packs in the Ultimate Team which will be offered to the players on an hourly basis on both Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday sale. However, there will be only certain numbers available.

  • Beginning at 2 pm UK time 24th November to 2 pm GMT 25th November, you get Hourly pack offers.
  • There is hourly pack offers from Monday, 27th November 2 pm GMT to November 28, 2017, 8 am GMT too.

Flash Squad Building Challenges

There will be Squad building challenges available but for a very short period of time only. It will go live the same time as other offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday FUT sale. You should not miss this chance to get a lot extra which can get your chance to win some multiple rare packs as well.

FIFA 18 Black Friday Kit

There is an exclusive Black Friday Kit available if you are able to complete the FIFA 18 Weekly Objective. You can get this kit only by completing the Weekly Challenge and nothing else.

It has not been much time since the launch of FIFA 18, but the game is available on Black Friday sale and you can grab it for even half the price.

If you are looking for PS4 or Xbox One FIFA 18 game, GameStop is offering it just for $27. Other retailers like BestBuy, Toys R Us and Target are selling it around $30. FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch is up for grab for $20 at Toys R Us.

PS store, as well as Xbox game store, are offering discounts on FIFA 18 ahead of Black Friday, with standard edition starting from $36, the Ronaldo Edition for $48, and Icon Edition priced at $60. For the non-gold members, they will have to pay $42, $56 and $70 for the Standard Edition, Ronaldo Edition and Icon Edition of FIFA 18 respectively. PC players can get the FIFA 18 game on sale from Origin where the standard edition is available for $36, Ronaldo Edition for $56 and Icon Edition for $75.

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Asus MG279Q Gaming Monitor Review

The Asus MG279Q is counted among the best gaming monitors that you can have installed on your machine if you are a true gamer. This gaming screen from Taiwan tech giant features 1440p display resolution and a screen size of 27 inches in diagonal. Don’t stop at this, in addition to that you also get AMD FreeSync adapter that makes the game run buttery smooth and different screen modes that take care of different game types that you play on this Asus gaming screen.

The Asus MG279Q will cost you around $550 or which is a huge amount for a gaming monitor. But is it really worth it? Let’s find out in the review below:

Asus MG279Q Design & Specifications

Most of the gaming monitor out there suffer visual tearing and other lags while running heavy games on PC. This is the reason why Asus MG279Q has AMD FreeSync as one of the most important features installed on it. It is manufactured to reduce the stutters and tears when the screen refresh rate of the monitor is not in sync with the refresh rate of the graphics card. The AMD FreeSync does this matching between for the hardware devices so that you get smooth gaming experience no matter what game you are playing on it.

Nvidia has already tried a similar thing with their Nvidia G-Sync, but that is different from FreeSync because it is just an addition to the display port of the monitor, making it a lot more commonplace than Nvidia. However, you need to have an AMD graphics card installed on your machine as well for it to work.

As we told you before, Asus MG279Q has a 27-inch 1440p display panel, the best among the mid ranged gaming monitors and a perfect competitor to the popular BenQ XL2730Z gaming monitor. You also get IPS screen in this monitor, ensuring accurate bright colors as well as excellent viewing angles to the gamers. However, you might see some disturbances in the response time of the monitor, but that does not happen too often. Asus MG279Q features excellent 144Hz refresh rate. In simple words, it has the capability to offer twice the refresh speed. Having a good refresh rate is very important since different games have different graphics refresh rate, and if your monitor is not able to handle them, it might show some tearing of screens, that degrades your gaming experience.

However, the company has included a lot of other features as well that will make your gaming experience less strainful and enjoyable. There is a GamePlus option that actually lays a crosshair on your screen, there is a timer on the top of the screen panel, and also there is a blue low-light mode and flicker free feature that in combination reduce the strain your eyes face when gaming for a long period of time.

Asus has provided height adjustment until 150mm which is pretty great. You can adjust it as per your choice. Not only that, you can use the monitor in the portrait mode as well. All you need to do is, pull up the stand, swivel the screen in portrait mode and that is it. Gamers can tilt is left or right or forward as per their need. The monitor has an HDMI port, mini DisplayPort, and 3 USB ports. The only problem is that they are located in the downward facing panel that makes them hard to reach. Asus has provided a carry handle that players can use to take the monitor anywhere with them.

Asus MG279Q: The Display Performance

The image quality of Asus MG279Q is really very great. The 330 nits brightness level is enough to illuminate any type of game with any kind of scenario. The black level is 0.27 nits making the darker areas darker. This results in 1222:1 contrast ratio, which is excellent.
The average Delta E level of the monitor is 1.65 and the gamma level is 2.1. Anything under 2.0 for Delta-E level is a good score. Many of the gamers might not like the 7767K color temperature of the screen which makes the images look chilly but not too much.

However, the Delta E and color temperature is better in the BenQ XL2730Z, but at the same time, the RGB gamut coverage and the black level and contrast are better in the Asus monitor. Asus has used IPS panels in their new Asus MG279Q monitor which gives it great viewing angles. But you can also see some darkness covering the screed on viewing it at odd angles. You get this in both vertical as well as the horizontal pane. But on comparing it with the rival BenQ model since it possesses this problem for the vertical viewing angles as well. So, in case you have a multi-monitor setup or are planning for a multi-monitor set up, you should definitely go for the Asus gaming monitor.

Asus MG279Q – Different Screen Modes

The Asus MG279Q brings a lot of gaming screen modes that actually help in improving the types of games you play by making fine adjustments to screen settings. For example, if you play an FPS game on the Asus monitor, you will get high brightness as well as a contrast so that you can differentiate the darker and lighter object on the screen efficiently. The brightness gets set to 329 nits and the black point of the monitor goes up to 0.47 nits. The resulting contrast ration turns up to 700:1. The main aim of the monitor is to brighten up the dark areas and that makes the game look deeper. There is a cinema mode that is obviously for when you are watching movies. According to the company, these gaming modes help in bringing out the best environment for better gaming experience. In addition to that, their primary function is to reduce the input lag.

There is a scenery mode that is perfect if you are watching photos on the Asus monitor. In this mode, major change comes in Delta E which gets set to 3.27, while the contrast, as well as the color temperature, remains consistent. The color temperature jumps up to 10,304K, so you might feel a bluish tint on your screen.


The Asus MG279Q features some really great features like AMD FreeSync and refresh rate of 144Hz, because of which it is able to offer high contrast sharp images in almost all kinds of Game types. You can also have a look at the rival BenQ XL2730Z monitor, but if you are looking better viewing angles for multi-monitor setup, Asus MG279Q could be a perfect pick for you.

7 Best Games like Unravel

I know puzzle games might boggle your mind, but there is a different kind of fun in playing them and then getting that feeling of victory when you actually solve a tough puzzle all on your own. And there is also no end to the type of puzzles people come up with, this makes them even more distinct and unique from each other and you will always find a new puzzle in-front of you with each new title.

One such game that we are going to talk about is Unravel. It is a unique platform puzzle game with superb heart touching story of a character made up of Yarn called Yarny. There are no words in the game but you are set on a beautiful adventure who is struggling to connect all the memories that he had.

Talking about the gameplay of this game, it is mostly a physics-based puzzler in which the players need to interact with the surroundings around him using a single thread. By the way, the environment of the game is really very beautiful and actually inspired by the forests of the Northern part of Scandinavia. The important part of the game is that you need to use different things present in the environment and try to solve the puzzles in the huge forest.

Not only the game is a bit emotional and dramatic, it takes you on a journey into nature and its mysteries with a cute and adorable character to play with. If you are a real fan of puzzle games, you should definitely play this one.

However, we are not here to talk about Unravel but similar best games that you can play. So, we bring you here 7 similar games like Unravel that you can enjoy if you liked this game.

  1. Rayman Legends

    Rayman Legends comes from Ubisoft as well and is one of the best action adventure platform game of all time. It was their fifth game and probably the best game from them. In the game Globox, Rayman, and Teensies are roaming around in the mysterious enchanted forest when they come across a tent full of captivating paintings. On looking closely they look like telling the story of their old world in which their entire land get sucked inside the painting. They enter a new world full of new adventures. You need to jump, fight and run to get out of the new world. At the same time, you also need to discover the secrets that lie behind the legendary painting. If you love simple platformer adventure games, there is nothing more entertaining than Rayman Legends.

  2. Ori and the Blind Forest

    Ori and the Blind Forest is a unique action platform video game with spectacular and mesmerizing graphics. The game has hand-painted art style which makes it even more interesting.
    Ori and the blind forest starts with a very sad sequence. you play the role of a character named Ori, who is a cat-like creature living alone in the cold and decaying forest Which was once full of animals, nurturing and warm. Ori is also accompanied by a small spirit with the name of Sein. Their Main aim is to bring the forest back to its original life and form.  in order to do that they need to defeat the darkness that has been Growing in the forest. The world here is a two-dimensional maze of different Chambers that are full of barriers and you will need specific necessary skills in order to get past them. As you progress through the game, you unlock more and more map, getting more energy, treasures, and power-ups. One thing that we liked about the game is that the players can save at any point in time. It was a good idea to add that features since it is a difficult puzzle game that is hard to solve.

  3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Brothers: A tale of two sons, as the name says is a mystery puzzle game of two siblings who are on a quest to get the medicine from a magic tree in order to save their father’s life. You see a terrible tragedy in the opening scenes of the game. Both the brother need each other’s help and teamwork to solve the puzzles by climbing ledges, operating machines etc and help other people as well. You might think it to be just another puzzle game, but the twist enters when you have to control both the brothers at the same time. You have to control the left brother from the left thumbstick and younger brother from the right thumbstick. There are many other places where you have to perform actions using both the sticks to solve the problem.
  4. Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series

    Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series was released in the year 2014 and is more like a story telling simulator puzzle game that you would love if you are a Game of Thrones fan too, just like me.
    House Forrester is the main house in the game which is nobility from the Wolfswood present in the North and pledged to House Glover who has in return sworn their sword to the House Stark of Winterfell. The house does not exist in the novel in reality. Various events in the game basically start from the end of Season 3 and somewhat coincides with the Season 4 events. In the game, you get to visit many locations you will be familiar with like Kings Landing, the Wall etc. Also, you play the game with 5 different points of views. Mos of the characters you play from the House Forrester is bent towards saving their House from destruction. However, you need to be careful with the decisions you make in the game as they could have an adverse effect on the story as well as the future of the House Forrester.

  5. World of Goo

    For those who have played this game will agree that World of Goo is a treat to all the puzzle lovers out there. The idea of the game is pretty simple yet interesting. You have some blobs of glue that for very rigid bonds when they come close to each other. This ability of theirs allows you to build huge geometric towers or structures. There are different levels of the game which get harder and harder as you progress. There are many new Goo types that get introduced at the later point of the game and you will have to develop the concept if you wish to pass and solve the puzzle.

  6. The Swapper

    The Swapper is a very popular game and favorite of many puzzle game lovers. You start the game in the Space Station and your character is stranded on it. In order to get some help, he uses a weapon that clones him. The player has an option to make only maximum 5 clones of himself and play from different clone’s perspective at any time. The game is a puzzle platformer and full of many environmental puzzles to solve. The fact that the environment around you is just a Space Station makes it even more interesting to play.

  7. Child of Light

    Child of Light is a puzzle game based in the 19th century where a princess is whisked way in a fantasy land of Lemuria. The new world in which he gets into is two dimensional as well as fully hand painted. It is very mysterious filled will different creatures. Some of the inhabitants of the land are friendly and will join you as well on your journey out of this world. You will also find the dark entities that will attack as soon as they see you. You only have a sword with you to get back to your world fighting all these creatures. In addition to that, you also need to solve puzzles, find treasures and take part in turn-based battles to progress forward in the game. As soon as you will feel that you are almost close to your goal, the game takes an unexpected turn that leaves here even more lost and alone.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the best COD game of All

Before we begin with the post, we would like to tell that there is nothing such as a perfect list. Gamers all over the world have different taste, of course, some might like online gaming, other might like first person etc. However, when we talk specifically about the computer games, there are certain games that got really popular among the gamers and we are here to address them only, or to be more specific, one of them, Call of Duty.

You might like the famous Call of Duty: Black Ops game, but on a universal opinion, it is not that much good game. It’s not bad, but it is not that good either when compared to other games released by the same franchise. You might get a shock to see but the 2010 Call of Duty game is at the third position, among all the Call of Duty games that have been released to date. So, it is the third best game out of all 21 games coming from Call of Duty.

At the top of the throne sits the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game which is followed by COD 4: Modern Warfare at the second spot. This was decided by a voting in which more than 20,000 gamers took part. At the bottom sits the Call of Duty: Modern Ghosts which was released in 2013 and the original first Call of Duty game released in 2003 is at the 9th place.

Call of Duty has been loved by people who love to run around in the environment shooting the enemies and other players online mercilessly. However, the problem with COD Black Ops was that does not has much improvement in graphics from its predecessor and was actually very short. When you expected more out of it, you will get disappointed seeing the cast list on your screen. The AI of the game wasn’t impressive as well, there we glitch and it seemed like they do not wish to get you really killed even in the hardest difficulty.

But that is all the bad part of the game. There are many lovers out there that actually liked the game, gameplay and the story. The glitches were not severe in their case and they preferred being the god level killing machine in the game. But the same glitches pushed others into existential crisis with the never-ending irritating loops they caused in the game.

But, it is what it is, most of the gamers think that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the best game they released and we also agree with it. It marks a huge change in their graphics, gameplay and mostly the story building and storytelling capabilities. But, there is nothing to take seriously, since it was just another list which might be true and many won’t even give it look. Whatever, it is, we love the Call of Duty games and their latest COD: WWII is really great. It takes you back to the World War II real events and gives you a chance to live it as closely as you can. Check out more about the Call of Duty: WWII on our site.

Call of Duty: World War II Update Coming Soon Fixing all the Online Bugs

Call of Duty: World War II is one of the best action first-person shooter released by COD till date which was launched earlier this month. However, unline many of their games, the COD: World War I’s release was not as smooth as we expected. There were a lot of issues that were reported by players from all over the world in the online as well as the multiplayer mode. However, in a recent post coming from the developers from Sledgehammer, they thanked all the fans out there for reporting the issues and supporting them by reporting the bugs in this “whirlwind” launch. The game possessed quite a few bugs but despite that, million of fans accepted and welcomed the game and loved it, said Sledgehammer in their post.

There was an update that was released by Sledgehammer that resolved few of the bugs but at the same time introduced a severe bug affecting their servers and its performance. In order to tackle the bug, they released a dedicated server especially for the online play and at the same time switched to the P2P setup. This release improved the things a bit but if we look at the drawbacks of the P2P server, many players still faced the problems like the host migration and some more problems. However, the Sledgehammer promises to bring these features back in upcoming days and also mentioned it as their highest priority.

In a post, Sledgehammer said that “Our highest priority is to deliver the best online experience possible. We’re not there yet, and we won’t rest until we are. They added, “Our entire team is working around the clock, and we would like to share our current status update.”

It might annoy a lot of COD: WWII lovers out there but these dedicated servers are only limited to certain regions. They said, “This level of data and diagnostics is helping us work toward a permanent solution as quickly as possible.” “We’ve begun to test dedicated servers today in U.S. We’ll watch this test closely, and once we analyze the result we’ll look to expand.”

They also brought up another issue that most of the players have reported in which they got disconnected from the server automatically. The root cause of the problem has been recognized by the developers and they are planning to come up with a patch fix tonight for both the Xbox One as well as PS4 consoles that will fix this problem. While the players got disconnected, they lose all the unsaved stats and achievements and came across other problems as well.

Sledgehammer also accepted that the most exciting and popular Call of Duty: World War II Headquarters mode is not working as they expected it to be. For those who do not know, COD: WWII Headquarters is the place where most of the online players meet. However, they made it a solo experience last week for improving the online experience for the gamers. You still have the option of inviting your friends over manually, but that is going to stay for a while now.

The best part about it is they have ensured all the fans out there that they complain are not going unheard and the studio is working on making the game perfect. The next update that is going to hit the game is almost ready but they are not going to release it until and unless they have fixed the other issues as well.

Finally, they said that “HQ is best enjoyed with a thriving, fully populated social community interacting together” and asked the gamers to hand on to the present game till they rectify the most common and important issues of the game. “This is only the beginning, so thank you for playing.” They ensured the fans that they won’t rest until and unless they have identified and resolved everything for the fan community. You can know more about the Call of Duty: World War II game and editions here.

Call of Duty:WWII Single Player Review

Call of Duty: WWII was launched last week, and it’s already Christmas for COD fans who have played Call Of Duty since the beginning. And this time, no more running-on-the-wall it’s only boots-on-the-ground. Soldiers show up more individual and human, instead of looking like a few futuristic, cyber-mutant Marine. And since the soldiers' physical ability is limited, that they cannot sprint ​for a long time before tiring or leap longer than just a couple foot, the plan is presently a priority.

Call of Duty: WWII is about strategy, decision-making and weapon skill. But more or less, the new game goes back to World War 2 era.  Fans are pleased about it, and it seems like the COD franchise is finally back on its track of what the developing team was famous for. Although, Call of Duty: World At War includes a much better campaign along with the zombies have been fresh afterward.  While a return to its origins setting is appreciated, the entire thing still is a well-executed formula.

​The Gameplay

The secret, I think, is Sledgehammer’s commitment to going back to Call of Duty’s core. This doesn’t mean that it strives for realism or that it cuts back on preposterous action sequences, as this remains a Hollywood vision of WWII; there are set pieces which Michael Bay might have considered a bit much. Yet COD World War II puts gritty, fast-paced combat at the heart of everything while trying to give you the most definite feeling yet that you’re part of a platoon being tested to its limits. Sure it can be dumb, gung-ho and prone to uncomfortable shifts of tone, but it can also be powerful, emotive and thrilling.

This isn't about the presentation; it's more incredible because of the way the developing team has executed the entire game. This is easily the best-looking and most visceral Call Of Duty  available, and while you've seen a number of those warfare battlefields earlier, you've never seen them quite like this.

​The Graphics

Ravaged buildings, rain-drenched woods and the shores and trenches of all Normandy have never looked so grim and realistic in any other games. For all of the discussion of 'boots on the floor,' it's more accurate to say 'boots in the sand' or 'tramping through the snow.' Not any o​f the previous Call Of Duty has received environments which feel and look so grounded in real-world locations. The environment in COD: WWII is from the real world which feels and look very realistic in the game.

​Characters and Plots

This time COD went back into the fundamental mechanics.  You have a supporting cast of well-trained soldiers in your squad. Moreover, they directly assist you during combat based on your needs and performance. ​

  • Robert Zussman  ​i​​​s your best friend who fittingly takes care of your health pack supplies
  • Drew Stiles ​ is equally helpful, he ensures you have enough grenades for the fighting sequence​
  • ​William Pierson is a war-hardened, mean, rude and dispassionate officer played efficiently by Josh Duhamel ( reliving his Transformers characte), his eagle-eye skill with binoculars allows you to spot outlines of nearby enemies.

But this isn't about photorealism, but about a confident, dramatic approach. There is a sequence after the Battle of the Bulge in which you have to fight and survive in an icy area which looked more the "Band of Brothers" television series. Playing on PC, I was amazed and thrilled by the noise and atmosphere of the entire experience.And that's not the only factor which produces this kind of warfare vibe.

All these contributions and squad factor are tied to your health and cooldown as you kill enemies. This excellent squad communication and method of supply are gamified. But I think it's a creative and thrilling subject to bond with your squad and kill some enemies on the battlefield.




  • ​Strong Campaign
  • ​Impressive Visuals
  • ​Intense and Thrilling Gunplay
  • Strong Squad Communication
  • ​Enemy Bullet Sponges
  • Few really new situations or ideas

The outcome isn't necessarily a stricter Call of Duty game. But it's the first in years at which I have not felt like an action movie fighter. You are right in the World War II era with merely a little bit extra care and caution which the past handful versions of Call of Duty didn’t have. But it’s certain that few maneuvers will surprise you, however, too the scripting and pacing give you a few tight situations and enough tiny scratches to maintain your heartbeat pace. It's fantastic at making the predictable exciting.

Everything you Need to Know About Star Wars Battlefront II

2 years ago EA released the Star Wars game and now they are back with a brand new Star Wars Battlefront II, which will be releasing in next couple of weeks. The Star Wars 2 Battlefront brings a lot of characters, vehicles as well as locations from the Star Wars franchise. There are a lot of changes that have been made to this new game when compared to the original Star Wars game that was released in the year 2015.  Star Wars Battlefront II will feature a whole new single-player campaign mode, bringing a new Canon storyline from the Empire point of view.  The storyline of the game might bridge the gap that we have seen between the Force Awakens and the Return of the Jedi.

One big problem that most of the gamers faced in the previous game was the paid season pass. You won’t be saying that in the new game as Battlefront 2 will offer All The Gamers free downloadable content so that the player community does not get fragmented. However, you will need a free EA account in order to download all the additions that will be released at the later point of time.

The game is really very exciting when we see the trailer and obviously, we as well as other Star Wars fans are eagerly waiting for it. so let’s not waste any more time And look at what the Star Wars Battlefront II will be offering to all the Gamers out there. Here we’re going to brief you about everything we know about the game from its release date,  game modes to various features that you will be seeing in it.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Release Date

There is not much time left as the game will be launching on 17th of November 2017. That means it is just a week away.  A similar release schedule was noticed by us while EA released the first Star Wars Battlefront game. The force awakens followed later with movie tie-in downloadable content. We can expect a similar release pattern from the company this year as well. If you are definitely sure that you are going to buy this game, we would recommend you to pre-order it as you will get Kylo Ren and Rey skins from the previous game as an add-on content.

In addition to that, if you are having an origin access, you will be able to get your hands on the game a week early when compared to others. That means you can play the game right now on origin. Also, if you want to play the game before the global release but do not want to subscribe to any of the EA services,  pre-ordering the Elite Trooper deluxe edition will give you the access to the game 3 days before the actual launch, i.e.  from 14th of November.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Campaign Mode

First, let us talk about the single-player campaign mode that will be seen in the upcoming game. Unlike the predecessor, EA has decided to include it in the new game in which the player will be playing from the Imperial point of view and will experience everything from their eyes. The whole story spans in around 30 years in timeline taking you to different places as the commander of the Imperial Black team and the Inferno squad, Iden Version.

The story continues from where it ended in the previous Star Wars Battlefront game, the return of the Jedi.  Being the bridge in between the original trilogy of the films,  we will see the main character Versio as well as his team taking the revenge of the death of the Emperor from the other side.  You might also see many similar and familiar characters in the singer player Journey mode as found in the original film.

Talking about the writers,  the story of the campaign has been written by Walt Williams, who is also popular for writing the story of Special Ops: The Line, video game. We personally think that he is the perfect writer for jotting down the story of the bad side like he did in the other games. Not only that, LucasFilms also claims that the story of the Inferno Squad is going to play a key part in the upcoming Star Wars Cannon game that we are going to see in the future.

Star Wars Battlefront II – Game Modes

The new Battlefront 2 is going to feature 5 multiplayer modes that will include Starfighter Assault, Blast, Strike, Galactic Assault and Heroes vs Villains mode.

Among all these the Galactic assault mode in Star Wars 2 battlefront will be divided into two phases. In the first phase, the team who is attacking should escort the vehicle to the end, protecting it from various attacks. Once you succeed, in the second phase you will find the defenders repelling away various kinds of assault in the whole new section of the map which gets unlocked.  This Mode was showcase at the E3, 2017.  In case you want to see how actually this game mode look like, you can see it in the game video given below.


However, there are many players who would like to play the Battles like we have seen in the previous games of the franchise.  If that is the case, then you should directly head over to the starfighter assault mode. This is the objective-based mode which is split into 3 different parts. In a  gameplay that we saw at the Gamescom, the main aim of the player was to attack the Imperial Fondor shipyards from the Rebel x wing cockpit.  Just similar to other game modes, the player needs to take care of the enemy defenses before you can reach and strike the main objective. In between the game, the players will have lots of chances where they could play as other characters as well like Kylo Ren or the Luke Skywalker.

There is also a multiplayer mode in the game which allows more than 40 players to play simultaneously, all thanks to the  Galactic Assault battles. Similar to the Starfighter Assault which allows 12 vs 12 battles, the wars take place in the space as well as on the land and sky. The Blast mode is more like a 10 vs 10 deathmatches where the last man standing wins. On the other hand, Heroes vs Villians mode just allows 4 vs 4 duels which will have the characters from all the three eras.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Classes

The Star wars battlefront 1 featured a simple card loadout system in which the player had multiple roles to play and made the combat a bit easy. However, things are different with the new Battlefront II game. EA has used the class-based soldier system in this new Star Wars game where new abilities, weapons, and upgrades could be unlocked by playing as a specific class. Not only that, as the player gains experience with a class, there will be a lot more mods as well as improvements available to them.

There are four main classes in the Star Wars Battlefront 2.  The first one among them is the Assaults, which are the all-rounders or the Classic Rebel soldiers and stormtroopers.  They have different weapons like rapid fire laser as well as combat shield to protect them on the battlefield. Then there are Specialists which are basically Hunters possessing the Sniper rifles and deploying traps everywhere so that you can spot the Enemies on the map. Finally comes the officers which have the power to heal the allies and build automated Sentry turrets in the battle.

You can also find a second set of special classes which are advanced but need to be unlocked by using the battle points. These battle points can be earned by killing the enemies fulfilling objectives and by assisting other players in the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II – Characters

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to launch with 14 playable heroes coming from all the three eras. These will include the Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Darth Maul, Yoda, Kylo Ren, Rey, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Iden Versio, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, and Bossk. However, you will only be able to find the Versio, Ren, and Skywalker in the story mode.

EA has also said that each of these characters is going to possess unique upgrade abilities varying from each other that will help the players to include certain unique abilities, power as well as personality to the battle.

There are many more characters which will be coming later as a part of free DLC content. The first character from DLC will appear in the month of December around the release of The Last Jedi that is going to bring Captain Phasma and Finn to the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II – The Location

There are different and exciting locations that you get to battle in and roam about in this new Star Wars game.  They are different planets and you fight on their surface as well as the skies. These planets come from all the three eras as well. The planets include Death Star II, Tatooine, Fondor, Endoer, Hoth and Yavin 4. All these planets come from the original Trilogy. apart from that Kamino, Naboo Ryloth and Kashyyyk come from the prequels and Starkiller Base, Jakku and Takodana are from the sequels. We can expect much more locations to be included in the game in future DLC. The next DLC to be released in December will add Crait location from the Last Jedi.

Star Wars Battlefront II – The Vehicles

You might be thinking that why we are including a special section for vehicles in here.  But vehicles are going to play a key role in this new game which will help you to write from one place to another on the huge map. There is a huge fleet of vehicles from all the three eras being introduced in the Battlefront 2. They might also be a special emphasis on the starfighters all because of the space battles that are new to the game. You will also find a lot of ground vehicles in the game as well.
In the trailer that was shown in the E3,  display the hovering tank along with an AT-RT that convert the clone troopers into Mini mech warriors. If you look Up in the sky you will find the V-wings and the N-1 Starfighters flying all over and fighting against the Vulture droids.

The vehicle pick up tokens that we found in the first game are replaced with the new better battle point system as we have told above. The vehicles will be unlocked by using the battle points so that it is fair for everyone playing the game. The new system introduced in the game contains both the spawn-in vehicles as well as battle climb in ones similar to previous Battlefront titles.

Star Wars Battlefront II – The Loot Boxes

EA is not going to make the DLC paid, so the only way by which they will be making money from the game is the loot boxes. You can also call them the supply creates that can be either purchased or earned by playing the in-game matches. These loot boxes are going to contain different kinds of cosmetic cards which could be used to add different kinds of new abilities to your Main character or to your classes.

Similar to other games coming from the EA developers, different cards are ranked as common cards, uncommon cards, and rare cards. Along with them, there will be a different kind of crafting components in the loot boxes that you could use to upgrade your star cards to the new epic level. You cannot get these loot boxes at any point and will have to reach a certain level before you can use its contents to upgrade the star cards. However, they might be certain changes that might surprise us as EA have rectified a lot of things based on the feedback coming from various players from all around the world.

Star Wars Battlefront II – DLC

Similar to many other multiplayer shooting games, Battlefront II is going to expand its map, modes, and characters as the time goes by. The best part of the game is that all these DLC coming in the future will be definitely free of cost. The players will not have to pay even a dime for these expansion packs. There will be nothing like the season pass for which player did pay in the past in Star Wars Battlefront II.

However, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC release schedule is still not known, but the first DLC coming out in the month of December will include new weapons, heroes (Finn and Captain Phasma), maps and vehicles.

Star Wars Battlefront II – Price

There are two different variants of the game available for the gamers. The first one is the Star Wars Standard Edition which will cost you $60. However, if you plan to pre-order the game, you will receive different kinds of bonuses as well which will include:

1. An Exclusive The Last Jedi outfits for Ray and Kylo Ren
2. Power Reach and Solid Freeze ability for Kylo Ren.
3. Far Sight and Deep mind powers for Rey.
4. You get instant access to starfighter epic Star Cards as well as six heroes.
5. First order ship upgrade and Enhanced Auxiliary power for the Starfighters.
6. You also get an instant access to the Last Jedi Millennium Falcon coming along with new appearances and sounds.

There is another a Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition that will cost you around $80. If you pre-order the Elite Trooper edition of the game, you get all the bonus content mentioned above and:

1. Access to the original game 3 days before the original release. So you can start playing the game right from November 14, 2017.
2. You get 4 epic abilities, each one of them specific to each trooper class.
3. You get an upgraded version of all the 4 trooper classes, i.e. for the Assault, Officer, Specialist and Heavy.

Star Wars Battlefront II – System Requirements

Given below are the system requirements for Star Wars Battlefront II if you wish to play it on a PC.

Minimum System Requirement

OS: 64 bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX: Direct X 11 Compatible video card

Recommended System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 / AMD FX 8350
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB
DirectX: Video card compatible with DirectX 11.1
Apart from that, all the players need to have a 512 KBps internet connection or faster if you wish to play multiplayer online. Apart from that, you will also need 60GB hard disk space to install the game.