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The Most Anticipated and Best Upcoming Games of 2018

2018 is here and with the new year, comes a lot of excitement about the new games that will be releasing this year. Last year was definitely great for gaming, we got FIFA 18, some great racing games, some great FPS games like Call of Duty: World War II and how can we forget, the PUBG. There were some new innovative games for the VRs as well, but we are not going to talk about them in this post. Instead, we will be focussing on the best upcoming games of 2018.

There were games which we expected to release in 2017 but they got delayed for some or the other reason. In addition to that, a lot of games were also promised in 2017, that took the hope limit of the gamers to a whole new level. We got to see trailers and gameplays of some amazing games like Anthem, Spider Man, Far Cry 5, God of War 4 etc. that had the release date of 2018 on them. And this is the main motive behind this post. Apart from the main popular titles, about which you surely must be knowing of, we have collected the best game titles which are expecting to release in 2018 for PC, and specifically for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

You will find some of the big games like God of War, Anthem and some most awaited games like Red Dead Redemption 2, and Shadow of Colossus Remastered in the list. There is no specific ranking in the list and the games have been put random order. It is possible that you might have played the prequels of few of these games already, which in turn will make even more exciting to see what the sequel is going to bring to us.

So, let us not waste any more time and have a look at the best upcoming games of 2018 list below.

Best Upcoming Games of 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ

I don’t know if you have played the previous version of the Dragon Ball game or not, but it really had a very good concept. Dragon Ball Xenoverse was a kind of open world with different main as well as side missions to follow where the player had to beat different enemies that have been changing the timeline of the history. However, the Dragon Ball FighterZ will focus mainly on the team fighting gameplay by bringing all the Dragon Ball characters as well as the nostalgia back. The graphics of the upcoming game are really very impressive and looks like the anime characters have been directly pulled out from the cartoon series. Each and every character possess its personal techniques which possess different graphics as well. The players have the option to team up some of the greatest fighters in one team like Goku, Cell, and Vegeta, thus becoming a nightmare for the opposition to defeat. The Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released on January 26, 2018, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 gaming consoles.

Dragon Ball FighterZ PlayStation 4 Review

Shadow of the Colossus

If you have not watched the trailer for the new Shadow of Colossus game, you should definitely watch it right now. We have seen many games remastered and released for PS4 consoles last few years. However, Shadow of Colossus really stands out when we compare it with other remastered PS4 games. Many of the gamers also consider the original Shadow of Colossus as one of the greatest game ever made. In the game, you play the role of a Wander who along with his steed named Agro tries to kill the huge beings made up of stone which roam around on their land. Looking at the trailer for the new game, there is a huge improvement in terms of graphics as well as controls. There is a whole new control schema which makes the player actions even more interactive with the surroundings around him. The textures have been redesigned and the blurred muddy texture that was present in the old PS2 version of the game has been completely removed in the new upcoming Shadow of Colossus game. We really wish it brings back the old magic but with new visuals for the gamers. The Shadow of Colossus game will only be released for PlayStation 4 consoles on February 6, 2018.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You would really like this game if you loved playing Skyrim. To be a bit more precise, we would call it a historical and non-mythological version for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim game. The RPG adventure open world game is based on the real history of the Bohemia region of Czech Republic. Unlike many other RPG games, you do not get the HUD indicators as well as markers on the mini-map in this game, making Kingdom Come: Deliverance even more intense and hard. One of the best things about this game is its never stopping gameplay timeline. That means the quests, as well as the events of the game, will occur with or without you. If you are not able to be at a particular place at the right time, you might miss an epic battle of a lifetime. So, the players can’t just roam around and chit-chat with each and every person in the game world and need to have a bit sense of urgency so that you do not miss the crucial events happening in the game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 13, 2018.


I don’t know about you but I love horror game and we are really very excited about the upcoming first-person horror video game releasing early 2018, with the name Agony. Looking at the trailer we can say that this game is definitely not for weak hearted people. Seriously, for example, can you see small babies getting smashed on to the stumps spilling blood everywhere? If yes, you should prepare yourself for a hell of a ride to hell itself. In Agony, the player takes up the role of a tortured soul who has been praying to the Red Goddess. The Red Goddess is nothing but the ruler of the underworld itself. You pray to her to end the never-ending eternal suffering and set yourself free. You need to sneak past different horrifying monsters but that too in your human form. However, later in the game, you get the power to possess these demons and use their special powers for your benefit. The Agony game has been designed for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 console and will be released on March 30, 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2, as the name says is a sequel to the popular and original Red Dead Redemption game that was released back in the year 2010. No doubt it was one of the best open world game after GTA, but coming from the same developers, i.e. Rockstar Games. The original game was based on the Wild West and how soon we are going to receive its sequel, and we are already expecting a lot from it. The game was originally was planned to release in 2017, but the release date was then later postponed to 2018. There are very fewer details available on the internet about Red Dead Redemption 2, but we can confirm that there will be a new multiplayer mode as well as a single player mode in it. There have been few screenshots roaming here and there giving us a good view of the bushy woodlands, robberies and prairie roads, but there is not much solid information revealed about the game from the developers. We are expecting the new Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One and PS4 consoled in the Spring of 2018.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a futuristic interactive game which has been developed by the same developers that came up with Heavy Rain as well as Beyond: Two Souls games. This time, they are trying out a futuristic Android revolution story that more or less tries to take over the world from humans.

Looking at the initial few trailers of the game, we were only able to see some hostages on the rooftops along with the uprising of the Androids. However, the latest trailer showcased in the Paris Games Week, there were few more aspects that we got to know about the Detroit: Become Human. In the latest trailer, we see domestic violence for the first time as a crucial element of the game. The story of the game is about an Android named Kara, who has been developing emotions and self-determination in herself, something that is forbidden for the Androids. She is playing the role of a servant and nanny in a house but depending upon the input of the user, she can disobey the commands of her owner in order to save the life of a little girl. Similar Androids like Kara are under mass production in order to assist humans in different ways, however, there is something different as well as unique about Kara as she wishes to love, live and hope. These emotions inside her are stirring other similar emotions inside other Androids as well. The writer of the game, David Cage took around 2 years to complete the story of Detroit: Become Human and not only that, there are a lot of actors that have done mo-cap for the game. Detroit: Being Human will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 consoles only and is expected to release in the Spring of 2018.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few is an exclusive entry to the list just because we found the game as well as the gameplay really very interesting. The concept of this game is really very unique with a society, which is a mixture of Bioshock society, filled with drug addicts and strange people. The name of the city in which you live is known as Wellington Wells, and being one of the several residents of the city and playing in first person mode, you need to deal with other creepy residents that are forced to take a daily dose of a pill of Joy, which makes them hallucinate. Since, you refuse to take that medication, shoot at sight order is issued for you and your main aim is to survive by fleeing away from the crazy residents and making use of different products to craft the items necessary for your survival. During the entire time of the game, a TV host named Uncle Jack plays the role of a sinister and taunts you during your entire journey. The game has been developed for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 and will hit the market in the Summer of 2018.

Monster Hunter: World

Many of you will have played the previous version of this game. I personally loved the Monster Hunt games because there was always something new to find in a new adventure, and that too a dangerous one. This year, Capcom will be back with a new version of Monster Hunt with the title “World”. The best part of the game is going to be its excellent and realistic graphics. We do have a lot of expectations from the game looking at its trailer. The game is third person co-op and the players can expect everything from the game, from dragons to dinosaurs. There are jungles and different terrains to discover. You will need stealth in some of the places too. The game will be more interesting with the new set of complex actions added to it, making it even harder to master. The game is out now and was released on 26 January 2018.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry is just the game we all have been waiting for. It is one of those games which have been getting better and better after every game. The best part about the Far Cry games is their huge gameplay environment and its details. The last game, i.e. Far Cry 4: Primal took us back to the stone age between mammoths. And it was definitely worth a play. The next upcoming Far Cry 5 is not based on a far hilly area like Kyrat, or in some different era like stone age, but in the USA. Montana is a fictional region in the Hope County which has been disturbed by a cult by the name “The Project at Eden’s Gate”. The cult is led by a Father named Joseph who is involved in stockpiles of militia grade powerful firearms and advocating religious fanaticism on the other side. And you are the one who is going to decide the fate of the entire region. There are bombings, aerial fights, animals, huge environment and everything you would want from an action adventure FPS open world game. Far Cry 5 is expected to release on March 27, 2018.

State of Decay 2

If you love Zombie killing apocalypse games, then I am pretty sure that you must be knowing about the State of Decay 2. Not only it is an exciting zombie game, but the fact that it could be played by 4 different players in the Co-op mode, makes the game as well as the survival even more fun. However, you will have to coordinate among yourselves to come up with the tactics to defeat the dead, but you also have a lot of scavenging to do. There are different items and equipment scattered throughout the entire area which you will have to collect and craft to survive. There is a twist in the game as well. If any of the players gets bitten by the dead zombies, he or she will convert into a zombie too. So, the other players in the group will have to make a difficult choice between curing you or saving the limited medicines for themselves and future accidents. State of Decay 2 will be available for PS4, PC and Xbox consoles in the Spring of 2018.


Spider Man is one hero game almost all the PS4 console owners have been waiting for. We have already see the trailer and some other shots of the game on YouTube and there is just one question, when is it going to release? The new Spider Man game, which will also be a PS4 exclusive is an open-world superhero game. It has been developed by Insomniac Games, the same people responsible for Ratchet and Clank game series. The player can get into Spider Man’s shoes by swinging between the building and over the streets of New York, catching thugs and defeating various Enemies. The storyline of the game is not at all related to any of the Spider Man movies we have seen in the last decade. This simply means that the story writers had no boundations while designing it. All we know about the game is that is awesome and a PS4 exclusive. The release date is still not announced by the company but we expect it to hit the market in the first six months of 2018.


It would be wrong if we did not include Anthem on our list. If you have played a game named Destiny and liked it, well, Anthem is a direct answer to that from Electronic Arts Studio. The Sci-fi game takes the player in a future universe where you take up the role of a freelancer taking part in deadly, mass shootouts in a third person mode. But do not worry, the most exciting thing in the game saves you and gives you superhuman powers, and that is your exosuit, the Javelin. The game support co-op plays up to 4 players and that makes exploring the huge dynamic world of Anthem even more fun. The game is developed for PS4, Xbox One and PC the first gameplay we saw was in on Xbox Console. There is no release date for the game, but we can expect in releasing in the Fall of 2018, more towards the end of the year.

Death Stranding

I have been a personal fan of Metal Gear franchise and almost loved each and every game from them. However, the writer of the Metal Gear games, Hideo Kojima is coming up with a new game and this one is not Metal Gear. Death Stranding is a very exciting game which is somehow related to weird caged small babies and features Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo del Toro. The trailer does not tell much about the game but the star cast surely makes it really very interesting as well as a bit creepy. Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive game but we are not yet sure about its release date. It is possible that you might see the game releasing at the end of the year or maybe even next year.

The Last of Us 2

The first part of the game came 5 years back and was the best game of 2013. Yes, we are talking about the Last of Us game and this year we are going to get its sequel. The story of the Last of Us 2 starts 5 years after from where they left. The world is still struggling with the deads and beings infected by the virus but Ellie, the main character of the game is pissed off because of something else. Well, things could be different, but that is what we got from the initial reveal trailer of The Last of Us 2. The game is reportedly in the early development stages and we can expect it in the latter half of the year only for PlayStation 4 consoles.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 Commander Jaxon Yelling

Last but not the least, we have Crackdown 3 game. In this game, the players take up the role of a super-cop in an open world city. You will have to make use of your superpowers in order to defeat crime in various parts of the city. You can also go with the campaign mode or co-op mode for enjoying the game alone or with your family and friends. The game is full of action and you and your friends can destroy from anything to everything. Jump between huge buildings using your jetpacks and kill the enemies with bazooka’s who so ever tries to cross your road. Crackdown game will be available for Xbox One consoles and PC. We can expect it to release somewhere in the Spring of 2018.

God of War 4

Best upcoming Games 2018

You must have played the previous God of War games, especially the God of War 3 in which Kratos defeats all the Titan gods and kills them. The game was originally released for PlayStation 3, but later it was remastered for the PlayStation 4 consoles. However, despite all the efforts, we did not get the modern feeling in the game. This is why we are going to get a new and way improved version of the game this year as God of War 4. There are a lot of new and surprising things that we got to know about the new God of War 4 from its trailer. First of all, the graphics of the new game are very impressive and way better than God of War 3. It looks like Kratos is on the verge of retirement in the new game and that is why he is accompanied by his son Atreus. During his journey in the open world, we see Kratos teaching a lot of things to his son in order to transform him into a great warrior. However, he looks a lot more contained and less angry in the new game in which he has moved to a new country to start a new life with a new long beard. There is a huge change in the fighting style of Kratos. He now uses an axe instead of godly weapons in the previous game, still the style and ways by which he kills the monster and animals look really very exciting. The players can summon the axe to their aid just similar to Thor’s hammers. The developers have also increased the length of the game and it will be for sure longer than its predecessor games. We can expect God of War 4 game in the early months of 2018. The original release date is still not confirmed by the company.

Metro Exodus

Metro is one of the most underrated game series if you listen to me. The FPS series has been coming up with really good apocalyptic games and this year they are going to introduce another masterpiece in their lineup. The third installment to the Metro series, i.e. Metro Exodus is going to take the players in the modern Russian land filled with mutated animals and organisms that are horrifying, but still look kind of beautiful in their own kind of way. The players take up the role of a hardened survivor who is making his way across the nuclear winter spread in the region. Making your way through the abandoned tunnels and defeating the monsters you find in there, you need to make your way off these hard and dangerous conditions. There are radioactive bears roaming around the area as well, and make sure you do not come across one while roaming around. Metro Exodus has been developed for PC, Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4 consoles and, will be released in the Fall of 2018.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Most Anticipated Games 2018

Most of us have dreamt about flying a jet at one or the other point in life. Earlier, Namco came up with games that allowed the users to simulate flights and even fighter jets in a video game. However, the game I played from them was not very impressive in terms of graphics and came long back. However, with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Bandai Namco is trying to make a comeback this year bringing all the sky action and thrill back on your screens. The game looked great with superb graphics, controls, first-person cockpit and third person view etc. and promises to offer a dramatic and thrilling war in the skies. Based on Political as well as Top-Gun melodrama. The game is also specially designed for players that own a PlayStation VR. There are some exclusive missions that the players can enjoy on their PS-VR, giving them the feeling like there are actually flying in their personal fighter jet. The Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is an amazing fighter jet game we are going to get for Xbox One console, PC and PlayStation 4. However, the release date of the game is still not revealed but we are eagerly waiting for the release of this game.

So, this was the short list of the games that we are excited to get our hands on this year. These were actually best of the best games and trust me, there are many games out there which offer amazing gameplay and storyline and are just waiting to be discovered. However, leaving them aside, we definitely recommend you to play each and every game from this list this year, only if you are a true gamer. We are also going to update the list from time to time if any other amazing game gets launched in order to keep you updated about all the latest game launches that you should try out as well. Some of these games have already been released, so you can get out there and get one copy for yourself now.

Please tell us your views about the games in the list and if you wish us to review and include any other game on the list as well in the comments section below.

How to Delete Profiles on Xbox One and Xbox 360

One of the biggest problems that most of the gamers purchasing new Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles is deleting the previously created profiles. You might be sharing your console with your friends or siblings, and if you are owning or using it now, there is no need to play with their existing profiles. Instead, you can delete the other profiles that you no longer require.

These profiles if too many in number could eat up a lot of your disk space and deleting them is the best choice you have. To delete profiles on Xbox One and Xbox 360 is not a tough job and anyone can do it easily. However, in case you do not know how to delete old profiles from Xbox consoles, just follow the guide below to do that.

How to Delete Profile on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Delete Profiles on Xbox 360 Console

Step 1: First of all, you need to press the guide button then go to Settings. In the Settings menu, you need to select System Settings.

Step 2: You will find the storage menu there. Opening that you will see the complete list of storage devices that are attached to your console. Choosing, “All Devices” from the list, you will see a new category.

Step 3: You will find the Game profiles on your screen. You will be able to spot it on the top of the list only. Here you will also be able to see all the profiles that have been linked to the existing Xbox console.

Step 4: From the list, Delete all the profiles that you no longer require by clicking on them and then selecting “Delete” option. Deleting profiles only will save the profile’s Items and delete other data. However, in order to delete everything you need to choose “Delete Profile and Items” option.

Delete Profiles on Xbox One Console

Step 1: First of all, press the Xbox button on the controller to open the Guide.

Delete Profiles on Xbox

Step 2: Now flip over till you see the gear icon on your screen. Now click on Select.

Step 3: You will find Accounts option on the screen, click on that and then navigate to Remove accounts.

Step 4: You will again see a list of accounts linked to your Xbox One console, select and click on Remove to delete profiles on Xbox One. Close the window once you are done.

And that is all you need to do to remove unwanted profiles form your Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. You need to be very sure about deleting the profile because deleting a profile will also remove all the sign-in, local and saved data that you failed to sync to the online storage. Any of the data that has already been saved in the cloud remains safe.

FIFA 18 Team of the Year Cards Revealed

The new year is already here and with the new year, comes a lot of surprises for the FIFA players. EA Sports have already revealed the list of the best players of the year and here we are with the complete list as well as details of all the players that have been included in the list.

We have the complete lineup of FIFA 18: Team of the Year players, which was revealed slowly by EA Sports in the last few days. The company already told before that the players can vote for their favorite player to include it in the TOTY 2018. In addition to that they also informed the players that the EA Sports FIFA 18: Team of the Year is going to contain only 3 attackers, three midfielders as well as four defenders along with a single goalkeeper. The Team of the Year 2018 is going to have a 4-3-3 formation by default.

There are separate high rated items for the players in the Team of the Year 18, that the players can find in the FUT packs just for a limited amount of time. So, let us not waste any more time and have a look at the players that have been included as a part of FUT 18: Team of the Year.

FUT 18: Team of the Year

FUT 18 TOTY: Forwards

Cristiano Ronaldo

The face of the FIFA 18 game is the first players to be the part of the Team of the Year. It is almost impossible to say anything about the best player in the world. He won his 5th Ballon’dor this year and is considered as one of the greatest players of all time. The Real Madrid striker has not been very successful in La Liga and other competitions this season, but that does not prevent him from breaking the existing records every now and then. With countless records and trophies already in his pocket, there is no doubt in the fact that we are going to see a lot more from him in the coming future. Cristiano Ronaldo has been rated 99 in the TOTY FUT card.

Lionel Messi

Another great player and the biggest rival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi is the second forward to be included in the FUT 18: Team of the Year. He truly deserves to be in the Team of the Year because of his excellent play, records as well as the current season. Another Legend player in the TOTY with talent and skill hard to match by any footballer in the Football history. He is always there in position to dribble through the defenders easily and score goals along with providing superb assists to the teammates. You can get the Messi card with the rating of 98 in FUT Team of the Year 18.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the Premier League player coming from Tottenham Hotspur and landing as the best right winger in the FUT 18 TOTY. He shined as one of the best strikers in the 2015-16 season for Tottenham, and since then he has been improving his tactics, skills, as well as performance in the Premier League, continues to dominate the Top Scoring charts. He has also won two consecutive Golden Boot award till now and plans to bag more in the future. You can get Harry Kane 96 rated card in FUT 18 Team of the Year.

FUT 18 TOTY: Midfielders

Kevin De Bruyne

We cannot image the midfield of the Team of the Year without the Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne. He is one of the great talents coming initially from Chelsea and turning out to be very crucial in the current performance of Manchester City in Premier League. He is complete in all terms, great in terms of scoring, great in providing accurate passes and assists, he even saved a lot of attacks from other teams this year as well. It literally looks like he is capable of doing everything you want from him on the pitch. You can get 96 rated Kevin De Bruyne card for a limited time under FUT 18 Team of the Year.

N’Golo Kante

Next on our Team of the Year Midfielder list is Chelsea player N’Golo Kante. Kante has been really crucial for the Chelsea midfield this season. It won’t be wrong to say that Kante can do almost anything on the field. It doesn’t matter if the opposition is on to a deadly attack or trying to pass the ball that could result into a goal, Kante is there to stop the crosses as well as the attacks in between with exceptional tackles on the edge of the box and strength. The passing accuracy of the players is also superb, a lot of which has been converted into goals. Kante is a player who almost everyone would want on his or her team. You can get the 95 rated N’Golo Kante Card for a limited time under FUT 18 Team of the Year.

Luka Modric

Luka Modric is the best midfielder in the world as well as super crucial for Real Madrid. He has not been in its greatest form this season, but that does not make him less of what he is capable of. He is the best Croatian player in the entire country history and is super talented when it comes to long shots as well as ground and lob assists. He can easily control the game by attacking from the behind as well as while controlling the football game from the deep positions. Luka Modric is the small marvel in the football history and you can receive 96 rated Luka Modric card this FUT 18 Team of the Year.

FUT 18 TOTY: Defenders

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos does not require any kind of introduction. A legend in football defending, Sergio Ramos is also one of the most decorated players in the Real Madrid history. You simply cannot question his captaincy, heading as well as defending skills. Not only he is one of the most active players, but also one of the most intelligent players on the pitch. Ramos is one of the crucial players who took the current Real Madrid team to glory as well as Champions Cup winning. Also, if you need a last minute goal to win, Sergio Ramos is really going to work wonders for you. You can get the 97 rated Sergio Ramos card this season under FUT 18 Team of the Year.


Marcelo is another great defender from Real Madrid. Marcelo, originally from Brazil has been the backbone of the Real Madrid team for more than a decade. He has been an exceptional fully balanced defender but you can also find him defeating all the opposition players on the left wing and assisting crosses from the left that has a very high probability of finding a player and ending behind the opposite team’s net. He is an incredible defender when it comes to one-on-one tackling, skill sets, technical ability and speed, a complete nightmare for opposing defenders as well. You can find 94 rated Marcelo FUT card under Team of the Year for a limited time only. Leonardo Bonucci

It has been a good season for the Italian Defender Leonardo Bonucci. He left Juventus last year after completing seven successful and amazing seasons in the best team of the Italian league. He returned back to its original team I Rossoneri where he protects the attackers from scoring goals leading the defense line of the team. You can find a 96 rated Bonucci card in FUT 18 team of the Year.

Dani Alves

Dani Alves is undoubtedly a legend player coming from Brazil and playing the Football Club Barcelona. Not only he intercepts and stops the attackers coming from the right-back, he has also been involved in the mid-field in creating ways, advancing and creating a lot of occasions for goals. He himself has some spectacular goals under his name from short as well as long ranges. Truly, he is a crucial player supporting the FC Barcelona in their wins against almost every team. You can get 93 rated Dani Alves card under FUT 18 Team of the Year for some time.

FUT 18 TOTY: Goalkeeper

De Gea

The Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the current football world. Really, we have seen some amazing as well as impossible saves from the goalkeeper this season. He is also playing an important role in the Manchester United success in the current season. You will find the De Gea 97 rated card as the goalkeeper of the FUT 18 Team of the Year.

So what are you all waiting for? Go to your FIFA 18 FUT now to try your luck and get all these cards. But you should definitely hurry, as all these cards are available only for a short duration.

The Dangerous Meltdown and Spectre CPU Bugs Explained

With the advancement in technology the risk of your personal information getting into wrong hands increases as well. We have already seen some latest risks in the last few years from which big companies like Apple even were not even able to escape. In case you think you are safe, the problem is as deep as the processor in your CPU. Right now the Silicon Valley is suffering from two such vulnerabilities named, ”Spectre” and “Meltdown”.

This time the hackers are trying to get access to your private information via different processors coming from the ARM, Intel as well as AMD. Google discovered these vulnerabilities last years, but it was revealed and pushed by them publicly recently. The Spectre and the Meltdown take advantage of the same vulnerabilities to grab the personal information from your system’s memory directly. The secure information that they can get is your password, the application information as well as the encryption keys.

The biggest thing here is that almost every laptop, smartphone, PC, and tablets are under the range, doesn’t matter your device is running on-chip made from manufactured by any company. Even the operating systems cannot save you this time, as the vulnerability is not at all dependent on it. However, in order exploit the vulnerability, the hacker needs a specific set of pre-requisite which includes a malware running on your device as well. If you have got a good antivirus software installed, it can catch any malware and delete it before it does it work. Still, the danger is not just theoretical, a hacker could achieve it.

The problem does end here as well. We said, the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are related to the processor chip, that means it can even affect a lot of other gadgets as well apart from our personal devices. We could face serious problems if hackers find their way into processors used in running data centers and cloud servers. Some big names like Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure could also get affected by the vulnerabilities. If the condition as optimum, the users can even steal data and information from other cloud users.

The good news here is that companies have already been working on the updates and patches to fix these vulnerabilities. Let us talk a bit in more detail about Meltdown and Spectre in the further section.


Meltdown is the vulnerability that badly affects the Intel-manufactured chips. This is because the processor makes use of speculative execution tactics that works fairly aggressively. Also, the speculative execution allows the CPU access to kernel memory as well.

“On affected systems, Meltdown enables an adversary to read the memory of other processes or virtual machines in the cloud without any permissions or privileges, affecting millions of customers and virtually every user of a personal computer.”

If you do not know much about speculative execution, it makes the chip to predict the future move of the process so that it can work faster than normal. If it has the hint about the algorithm of a particular program, it will start working out its own equation to get early results even before the program asks it to actually work on it. Let us give you an example. Let’s say you have a function that does computation A if the condition is true else it computes the code B. Now, the chip does both the computations in parallel even before it knows whether the condition is true or false. Once the condition is determined, the CPU has already done some of the computation and thus takes less time in producing the result. In another case, let’s say that the CPU knows that the user uses a particular function frequently, it might pick up solving the function in its idle time so that it knows the outcome and next time the user runs the same function, it could give out the result immediately. You don’t even ask the CPU to solve the function still it does to make the processing faster.

The processor does check for the invalid memory access, but that occurs after speculative execution. So, all the invalid branches it gets do not get executed, but there is a possibility that the hacker can try to extract data from these blocked branches as well as the affected cached blocks.

The company is trying to fix it via various OS patches in Linux, Windows, and MacOS. The official PDF on the Meltdown vulnerability says that the patches are working fine on various operating systems for a start. However, the problem cannot be fully fixed from the software patches.


Meltdown is not that scary as Spectre is. The Meltdown vulnerability can be avoided in one or the other way using the software patches. But Spectre is way more serious than that. It is a name that is given to the attacks that “involve inducing a victim to speculatively perform the victim’s confidential information via a side channel to the adversary.”

Unlike Meltdown, Spectre has a completely different method of attacking the information. Using the Spectre vulnerability the hacker can make any program running on your PC export some of the running data that could be even confidential. However, pulling it out takes a lot more information on the inner workings of the program on which user is working on. But the hackers can inflict any processor out there running on any device.

Why are Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities so Dangerous?

Both the vulnerabilities are really very dangerous from the privacy point of view. A person can just write a piece of code on a website and then use the Spectre vulnerability to trick the internet browser and transfer your username and password to the hacker. The Meltdown, on the other hand, can be used by the hackers to view you’re as well as other user’s data even on the virtual servers that are hosted on the hardware running on the same processor. If this is made possible, it would be disastrous for the cloud company and the users.

The Spectre and Meltdown Software Patches

It would be right to say that the main vulnerabilities lie in the fundamental hardware level and is very hard to fix using different software patches. Still, most of the wonders have released different software security updates that could handle the problems in the better way to make them secure and non-vulnerable to the hackers. There was a KAISER patch that was developed by the Linux security last year which had a side effect, which turns out to be the solution to Meltdown problem as well. Looking at it, a lot of cloud vendors have already patched their servers with similar updates. The companies that are constantly making advancement on it include Apple, Google, Intel, and Microsoft. In addition to that, we also recommend you to keep your security system updated as well as the internet browsers.

In case you are using old systems like Windows XP or old smartphones running on old Android version, your device might not be patched. Obviously, it is impossible to patch each and every smartphone in the world.

Patch Update

The first patch was released by Microsoft on January 11, 2018, where they patched most of the systems running Windows 7 as well as the Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

Next was Apple to come up with a patch for Macs. It was released for the MacOS, tvOS as well as iOS operating system and Safari browser on January 3rd, 2018.

Google also released a list of Chromebooks which have been patched with the new update and that which will be patched soon. They also released another list containing models that won’t be receiving the patch.

The Firefox developers have released a patch for their browser on January 23, but it is still in the beta phase.

As for the Android users, if you are using a phone from Samsung or Google, your devices are mostly patched or soon with be patched. We can’t say much about the other manufacturers. It is possible that most of the Android devices might remain unpatched.

Does the new Patch Update affect the Performance?

The patches that the machines have been receiving an alert of mitigating the vulnerabilities by altering the way your system uses speculative execution or disabling its use. It also affects the way your system has been using the caching feature by the hardware. Well, the speculative execution was one of the features that make your system work fast. And without it and altering its normal working reduces the performance of your system by 10 to 30 percent.

The Best Gaming Monitors at CES 2018

CES 18 has been really interesting this year. We saw a lot of innovative startups, machines, concepts, and hardware, that are truly going to change our future for sure. However, focusing more on the gaming vertical, we saw a lot of futuristic gaming gadgets as well. But we were really amazed by seeing all the new huge gaming monitors that we might get our hands on this year.

Since most of the monitors were really impressive in terms of image reproduction and design, it was really hard to pick the best out of them. Still, keeping different standards in mind, we have brought to you few of the best gaming monitors that we saw in the CES 2018 and we hope to see them out there in the market really soon.

Best Gaming Monitors at CES 18

LG 32UK950 Monitor

The LG 32UK950 UHD 4K monitor is the new monitor that LG showcased at CES 18. The special thing about this monitor is that it uses the LG’s advanced Nano IPS technology and is the first monitor to use that. If you do not know about the Nano IPS Technology, it makes use of nanometer-sized small particles in the screen that are responsible for absorbing unwanted lightwaves of different wavelength coming from the screen. Thus, the color coming out of the monitor is even more pure, dense, rich and accurate like you are watching them live. According to LG, the 32UK950 monitor can reproduce 98 percent of DCI-P3.

In addition to that, it is also the first LG monitor to feature Thunderbolt 3 display. This has been added to support the 4K UHD resolution and also so that the users can go for a wide dual UHD 4K display setup. In case you have a MacBook Pro or any other Thunderbolt 3 notebooks, you can connect them to the monitor just via Thunderbolt 3 cable and nothing else is required. The Thunderbolt 3 cable is more than enough to transmit all the 4K UHD content as well as the power to charge a 60W laptop.

Nvidia BFGD Monitors

We already discussed the BFGD monitor in a post over Nvidia new introductions at CES 18 in the last post. If you have missed that, Nvidia announced a whole new line of gaming monitors which are everything that you expect from a gaming monitor. They possess all the feature you will generally find on a gaming monitor like 120Hz, super smooth gameplay output, G-Sync, 4K resolution and an absolute support for the HDR. That is not all, if we go into a bit of more detail, you get quantum dot technology that offers super sharp colors to your eyes from a 65-inch wide gaming monitor.

There is no doubt in the fact that this is the only monitor you will ever need for a high-end gaming experience. If you are wondering about the BFGD, it refers to Big Format Gaming Displays and the monitors that we saw in the CES 18 exactly match this description. However, these monitors won’t be sold by Nvidia themselves but will hit the market under different brands like Acer, Asus, and HP, which will also add few customizations before they release it for the users. The release date, as well as the price of these monitors, is still not announced by the company but they are expected to hit the market in the latter half of the year.

Dell Ultrathin Gaming Monitors

Dell brought two ultrathin monitors to showcase at CES 18, the Dell S2419HM and Dell S2719DM. The size of these monitors is 23.8 inch and 27 inches, and both of them feature a very slim and sleek design from each and every angle. The screen thickness is just 5.5 mm and both the screens feature IPS display as well. The color reproduction is more than 99 percent all thanks to the IPS panel. The borderless design also brings forward the InfinityEdge that is really amazing while you play different games stretching to the border.

You will find a clean curvature surface on the back with a stand fixing point and few connection ports. You can connect AC Power, HDM, audio input, and output. You can tilt the monitor up to 5 degrees upwards as well as 21 degrees backward so that you can adjust it to your comfortable viewing angle.

The users can get the monitors in two different resolutions in the monitors, the 1920 x 1080 Full HD and 2560 x 1440 QHD. Both of the Dell monitors are going to support the HDR videos with the brightness peak touching 600 nits. Dell has also infused their very own Comfortableview technology that makes the screen flicker-free and tear-free for the players by reducing the blue light emissions coming out of the screen.

Lenovo ThinkVision P32U

Lenovo brought a new P32U professional monitor on display at CES 2018. The new ThinkVision P32U monitor features Ultra HD resolution along with the Thunderbolt 3 technology allowing the players to connect TB3 devices to it. Tike all the other professional gaming monitors out there, Lenovo ThinkVision P32U has the IPS display panel measuring 32 inches in size and covered with an anti-glare coating. The screen resolution is 4K UHD with the maximum brightness of 300 nits and contrast ratio of 1000:1. The Grey to Grey response time is 6ms, refresh rate of 60Hz and viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Lenovo also mentioned something about “multi-color space capability”, that means that the P32U will be able to display the images in various color spaces. It might also mean something else but its something which has not be clarified by the company till now.

There is nothing very special about the monitor but still is not that bad. The ThinkVision P32U offers 4K Ultra HD resolution like many monitors already out there. Also, the brightness, as well as the contrast of the screen, might not impress everyone and turn out to be less for many gamers. However, unlike many monitors, the best thing about this monitor is its connectivity options. You get an HDMI 2.0 input with DisplayPort 1.2. Lenovo has also included Thunderbolt 3 technology in it using which people can connect and even charge other Thunderbolt devices with the professional monitor. The Thunderbolt technology is not new and has been there for more than two years in the market, still there are very less gaming monitors that support is on the market. There are USB Type A ports as well and a quad-port for USB 3.0.

LG 34WK95U Ultrawide Monitor

LG 34WK95U is another great monitor that we got to see in CES 2018. This is a professional monitor which is designed especially for editors, designers, and gamers. You can comfortably edit Ultra high-resolution images still having a lot of room for the editing panel, without making you feel short of space.

The users get 21:9 aspect ratio from the 34-inch screen with screen resolution of 5120 x 2160. So, if you are a person who is planning for a dual monitor setup, you might find the solution to all your problems from this single monitor only. You don’t even need to worry about the images you see on the screen as the monitor has already awarded DisplayHDR 600 designation by VESA. The great image quality is all because of the Nano IPS screen technology which LG has used in the LG 34WK95U monitor.

Talking more of the nano-technology used in the display, it is capable of achieving 98 percent of the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color space. LG believes that the same technology will be able to produce similar results with the 5K resolution. You get different types of connectivity options in the monitor, especially Thunderbolt 3 port. LG said that theThunderbolt 3 “enables the transmission of 5K resolution images at 60Hz with a single cable.”

Nvidia Brings Some Big Surprises for PC Gamers at CES 18

Where people are having a lot of expectations from the big tech gaming giants like Nintendo, Sony etc., Nvidia, on the other hand, had other things in mind. They are expected to make it big at the ongoing CES 2018 with their cloud streaming, a self-driving car technology, and artificial intelligence. However, we are not going into all those futuristic technologies but into what they have planned for the game lovers in 2018.

Their recent success has given a huge boost in trying out their hands in other futuristic technologies without leaving their roots, their graphics cards business, behind. Instead, they are already ready to bring out new products like huge PC monitors, cloud gaming, and super gaming laptops later this year. Now, without wasting any more time, let us look into what we are expecting from Nvidia in the near future.

Huge Gaming Screens

It is almost impossible to have great gaming experience in small screens. Huge gaming screens are very important and that is understood by most of the players out there. And that has also been something Nvidia has been focusing on. We got to see three huge gaming monitors with big BFG-D screens. In case you don’t know what BFG-D stand for, it is “Big Format Gaming Display” which are specially manufactured keeping all the high-end gaming need s and requirements in mind. The CEO of the company, Jensen Huang focused on these initials during the announcement especially because the initials according to game “Doom” stands for “Big Fu**ing Gun”.

AS we said before, the screens are huge and could not be called Televisions because you will not find the normal TV functionalities in it. With the refresh rate of 120Hz, they offer Ultra HD 4 K resolution along with 100 nits of brightness and HDR color reproduction. There was a huge difference in the image when Nvidia showcased a non-HDR image and then an HDR version of the same image in the monitors.

Almost every gaming monitor coming out without G-sync technology embedded in it is waste. Well, that is not the case with the new Nvidia monitors as all of them feature G-Sync so that anything you play on the monitor has an optimum constant refresh rate. The 4K resolution along with amazing refresh rate makes sure that the players do not encounter any tearing or lag whole playing heaviest games on it.

However, there are other competitors out there as well and it is not going to be easy for them to penetrate the current market. But they are not going to sell these monitor under their branding, instead, these monitor will be sold by HP, Acer, and Asus. The basic configuration of these monitors will remain the same but the sellers can definitely add their brandings, speakers and other design customizations as per their wish. The company has not revealed the base price of the monitors but you can expect them in the latter half of the year.

Cloud Streaming

We have been hearing about Nvidia working on some kind of Cloud gaming technology, but till now we didn’t know what it was. They actually want to bring the ability to stream as well as play high definition games through their highly backed and powered servers from any kind of new and powerful to old and slow laptops. They already have a cloud game streaming service available but it is only for the Mac users. It is known as GeForce Now and is available for free in its Beta version. Now Nvidia plans to bring a similar but better version of it for all the PC gamers.

There is no doubt in the fact that Nvidia will require a lot of resources for it since they are going to allow hundreds of thousands of players to play different game titles on the server, and all that at the same time. They will have to do a lot in order to achieve that. Not only they will have to construct a lot of data centers that could handle that amount of load, but also they will have to geo-locate these data centers at different parts of the world so that the players do not face lags, latency or any other problems while playing the games.

If they make it possible, it is going make a huge impact on the gaming world. But there is still no word from Nvidia about the availability of this service and how much is it going to cost. All the gamers can do now is wait for it to get ready.

Nvidia Max-Q Laptops

Nvidia showcased a new design for laptops with the name Max-Q. The new design concept is what many other brands have been trying to achieve since years. Nvidia is putting a lot of focus on bringing out notebooks that could that could take advantage of high-end graphics cards and excellent gaming performance while maintaining very thin and sleek body.

The whole idea is to bring the power of a big huge laptop into thinner machines. The motive behind this is very simple and that is an advancement. Till when are we going to buy heavy thick laptops to fulfill our gaming needs. After trying few of them, we very able to play some of the latest games in their full graphics settings without any kind of overheating and problems. Most of the gaming laptops that we see now days are mostly like VCR and not at all portable. So, if you want to game from your laptop, you have no other choice. With sleek designed gaming laptops, Nvidia wishes to bring those users on board who have been avoiding gaming laptops because of their size.

GeForce Experience

For those who have not used Nvidia graphics card before might not know what GeForce Experience suite is. GeForce Experience is a set of different programs that allow the gamers to manage all the gaming drivers for your card and to take screenshots in 3D of your favorite games. The players can also share these screenshots and recordings with your family and friends on social media.

In the latest CES 18, Nvidia introduced another feature in their software, the Freestyle feature. The Freestyle feature brings a lot of filters that the gamers can use while playing the game to change the visuals a bit. Different filters play with the color, brightness and sharpness settings to offer the best image to your eyes.

FIFA 18 Complete FUT Carryover Guide

The all-new FIFA 18 is out and we all are already a fan of it. However, the new version of FIFA brings a problem along with it, how to transfer all your data to the newer version without losing all your FIFA profile data. Yes, there are many players out there who do not care about their old game data and get the new copy as soon as it gets out there. But there are many who just do not want to lose their entire year’s hard work and start all over again. If you are the second time, you might be a bit disappointed with what we are going to share here. But there are many tricks by which you can get some of your existing data and progress back in the new FIFA 18 FUT. But here we are going to give you all we can which will help you to get your Ultimate Team saved trophies, coins and cards back.

Since most of the players already know about how to carry FIFA 17 FUT to FIFA 18, but there are many who are actually unaware of this fact. Also, there are many gamers who do a lot of mistakes while carrying over their profile data and thus are not able to take everything they have achieved in the new FIFA game.

Given below are the things that the players can carry to the next FIFA 18 game from FIFA 17.

You Club Establishment Date

The first thing that you are going to bring along with your profile in the new FIFA 18 is the established date of your club. Yes, it is obvious, the date when you started playing the FIFA Ultimate Team will remain the same. However, there were few complaints about the established dates shown wrong in FIFA 17. But the dates you had in FIFA 17 will remain same as in FIFA 18 too. It is one of those things that are never going to change.

Your XP

Your XP also remains the same. The XP system keeps on measuring how much experienced you are in the FIFA universe. Every time you play the game doesn’t matter you win or lose, you will gain some XP and it increases all the time until the bar is filled and you reach the next level. Your XP is not dependent upon the platform, mode or something, but only your profile. You will retain all your XP all the time and you can see it in the top right corner just below your ID. Obviously, retaining you XP in the new game is going to help you a lot by giving access to few of the EASFC Catalogues items that won’t be available to the fresh players.

FUT Club Name

You will also have your Club Name. When you first started playing FIFA Ultimate Team you will be asked to name your Club, that name remains there and the players also get an option to change the name or to keep it same when you start FUT in FIFA 18. In case you wish to change the name of your club at later point in time, you will have to complete various Manager tasks or get EASFC Catalogue item to edit it. In case you chose to change your Club’s name, your old name will be then available for other to pick while your team with get the new name.
FIFA FC Credits

FIFA FC Credits are nothing but FIFA Coins. Similar to the XP, the FIFA Coins are directly linked to your Origin account and remain the same when you change your gaming platform and even when you upgrade to the newer version of FIFA. In case you are moving to FIFA 18 from FIFA 17, we would recommend you to save few coins so that you can purchase few EASFC Catalogue Items and boost items to get a head start in FUT 18.

FIFA Points

In case you do not have many FIFA coins, FIFA points can act as an alternative using which you can buy various FUT items and packs from the store. If you already having points in FIFA 17 game, do not spend them on any FUT 17 items, instead, save them and use them in FUT 18. While transferring all this data, you need to be very careful to ear as much as you can in FIFA 17 and carry over to FIFA 18, because you will just have a single shot at it.

The only problem with transferring the coins to the new game is that you cannot transfer them if you changing the console. So, if you are earning the points in Xbox console and you are planning the play the new FIFA 18 game on PS4, then you are not going to get all your points and data back. Also, if you’re playing the previous game on PS3 and getting new PS4 for FIFA 18, the points are not going to transfer in this case as well. So, you need to be on the same console in case you wish to transfer your FIFA points from old game to new.

The Non-Transferable Items

So, above were the things that the gamers can transfer from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, but there are many other things as well that we cannot transfer into the new game.

FIFA Coins

The first thing every player wishes to carry forward to the new game is FIFA Coins. But the disappointing thing about it that you can not transfer them in the new FUT game. We have checked all we can and there is nothing anyone could do about it. You might think of converting them to cards and then carry forward, but we would like to tell you that it is not possible as well. Since you will have to start freshly in FIFA 18, you can transfer your old coins to your family and friends.

FUT Cards

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your hard earned cards. You might have some of the legendary players like Ronaldo or Messi, but you will have to leave them and move on as you can not transfer your cards from FIFA FUT17 to FIFA FUT 18. Not only that, the players also cannot transfer the staff, the club items or the consumables to FIFA 18.

The Current Division

The Divisions are reset once you start playing FIFA 18. Yes, it does not matter whether you were the best player sitting in Division 2 or the best who struggled a lot to reach Division 1. As you start playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, all the players start from the basic, i.e. Division 10. No matter what position you held in the previous game, you will have to start all over again.

Your Trophies and Achievements

It is pretty obvious that you won’t be able to take forward all your achievements and trophies on to the next game. The new game FIFA 18 comes with a lot of changes in many aspects of the game, including the gameplay. There is no doubt FIFA 18 possesses better gameplay, a different mechanics and more and better challenges for the players, and it is fun to learn them and get all those trophies once again.

Match Records and Leaderboards

If you have an excellent match record and you are ranking high on the leaderboard, be ready to get disappointed again. It better to take a picture if you want to prove it to someone because in FUT 18, you start from fresh and all your match win/lose/draw data wipes away as soon as you switch to the next version. Even if you are playing it, your data will be removed after 2 years because EA does not wish to spend money on servers with very fewer players on it.

So that was all you need to know about the transfers that you can make while switching to FIFA 18 FUT from FUT 17. There is a huge loss, but that should not stop you from getting and playing the new FIFA 18 game. We know its kind of hard to start all over again but isn’t that fun too. Competing with other opponents and facing new challenges in a better version of the game than before. In case you have any questions regarding the FIFA FUT Transfer from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, do write to us in comments below.

Alienware AW3418DW Ultrawide Gaming Monitor In Depth Review

Today we bring to you another latest and superb gaming monitor from Alienware. We are talking about the AW3418DW gaming monitor that offers the gamers an ultrawide curved display as well as an outstanding gaming experience. You get super clear and perfect images in the 21:9 aspect ratio covering your entire vision angle. We know that the most common aspect ratio that modern gaming monitors offer is 16:9. But with 21:9 aspect ratio means that the width of the screen is a lot wider than the height of the monitor.

Not only the ultrawide screen benefit gamers, but you can easily scatter all your application while doing some productivity work as well. That is one good benefit of the huge space that you get on the screen. Other positive points include impressive color reproduction, crisp brightness and great gaming performance etc. No doubt it is a premium gaming monitor and faces some tough competition in the sector, but that does not make it a bad monitor. Given below is a detailed review of the monitor, its design and performance, pros and cons, and whether you should consider it which looking for a new gaming monitor or not.


One thing that is common in all the Alienware products is their unique and beautiful design. I am a personal fan of the Alienware Lamborghini Edition laptop, especially the way its exhausts are designed. But, keeping that aside, we get a classy and mature design in the Alienware AW3418DW Gaming monitor. There are small LED’s, not too many, with sharp metallic curves and feel on the outer chassis. We really liked what Alienware has designed that I feel will definitely go with the taste of the gamers.

However, the monitor is not very slim but is huge and bulky. The huge sized monitor comes in a big box, but putting it together is very easy. You won’t need a second person or any tools to set it up. Once all is done, you will see that it is very easily adjustable and the whole hardware, as well as the monitor, look strong and sturdy.

There is a very thin bezel around the screen, thus no wastage of space. The monitor is itself large enough to take the whole space you wish to place it. The stand you place it upon is strong and feels firm made up of metallic finish plastic. You will also find the company’s iconic Alien logo at few places here and there, adding up to its looks and style.

The back side is a bit silvery with another Alienware logo on the top right corner which lights up with the other LEDs. However, if you do not want these LEDs to brighten up space all the time, you can easily shut them off from the onscreen menu too.

You will find the buttons of the screen on the bottom right corner using which you can navigate through the onscreen menu. The users also have the option to change the color of the LED light as per their preference.


Now comes the main part, the performance of the monitor. The gameplay on Alienware AW3418DW is really very smooth. Apart from the amazing screen size and aspect ratio that fills your entire vision, the games run super smooth on this Alienware monitor. The reason behind such good gameplay performance is 100Hz refresh rate and the G-Sync technology embedded in the screen. If you have ever played on a monitor with G-Sync, there is no way you are going to monitors without it.

The 100Hz refresh rate you get here is more than what you get in standard monitors. But at the same time, it is not the highest refresh rate that you can get. However, this 100Hz refresh rate is the current standard that we are seeing in the latest widescreen gaming monitors, so we are pretty good there.

In case you believe in overclocking, the Alienware AW3418DW can be overclocked to 120Hz refresh rate, which in return makes the game performance even smoother. The best part is this change is very much noticeable. You get really good performance at both refresh rates while playing latest heavy games like Call of Duty: WWII or Wolfenstein II.

However, you should be very careful while boosting the refresh rate to 120Hz as you should also have a good powerful hardware to produce great output to the monitor. We would recommend you to pair it up with a good Nvidia or AMD graphics cards unit.

The users also have an option to choose the response rate of the screen. There is an option in the onscreen menu where you can set the response rate of the screen to ‘Normal’, ‘Fast’ or ‘Super Fast’. So, faster is the refresh rate of the screen, the less lag and more smoothness you get I front of your eyes. There is very less response time between your mouse and the reaction you see on the screen.

For most of the normal work, you can keep this setting to Normal, as we found a bit of ghosting effect in the ‘Super Fast’ response mode while gaming as well as during normal browsing and usage.

You get excellent output from the IPS panel used in Alienware AW3418DW. It is perfectly bright and might be too bright for some of the users. However, the brightness setting could be tweaked as well from the on onscreen menu. The color accuracy is on the point which results in good viewing angles. Viewing angles are very crucial when we consider a widescreen gaming monitor, and Alienware AW3418DW does not disappoint us.

We did not come across any kind of screen tearing or frame break while testing. You have got different modes to chose from depending on the environment and background lighting. All in all, Alienware AW3418DW performed really well in our test and is no doubt an excellent gaming monitor with superb image quality making it one of the best ultrawide gaming monitor in the market right now.

Modes and Other Features

The Alienware AW3418DW comes with three different display modes. First is the FPS mode in which the brightness of the screen goes up so that you can notice every dark corner while playing an FPS game. The second mode is the RTS mode in which you get a supersaturated colored screen. The RPG mode brings more of a cinematic view to the screen. You get a warm, a cool and a ComfortView presets as well which reduces the blue light coming out of your screen. As an addition, there is frame-rate counter as well, a timer and a display alignment mode too.


There are very limited ports in the monitor. You will find an HDMI port on the back side along with the DisplayPort using which you can connect your PC to it as well. There are USB 3.0 Type A and Type B port for connecting different devices directly. On the bottom side of the Bezel, you will find a couple of USB 3.0 ports and a headphone jack.

The Verdict

There is no doubt in the fact that Alienware AW3418DW is one of the best premium ultrawide monitor available in the market. The 34-inch screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution will turn your favorite for playing games as well as for watching movies and working (because of large space on the screen). The G-Sync works well in producing great lag-free images while gaming. The design is impressive and classic. The Alienware AW3418DW is available for $1149 and faces tough competition from its rival Acer Predator X34 gaming monitor. Still, if you want some extra premium feel from your monitor, definitely Alienware AW3418DW is the best choice out there for you.