A Complete Guide to Fifa 18 Ultimate Team

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If you would have played EA Sports FIFA in the last couple of year, you must be well aware of the Ultimate Team and how to play it. If not, we would like to tell you that, FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is one of the most popular modes that we have seen in FIFA Franchise till date. FIFA 18 Ultimate Team give all the controls of the team from managing to coaching in your hands and the player only needs to build the team, the squad, the formation, player roles, game strategy and what not.

On big concerned by the players after playing the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team was that there were not many cards available and also there were fewer chances to get them. FIFA 18 resolves this problem and the player gets a lot more chances to earn the special cards in order to improve the roster. It is very important that you do it before going online and playing against your friends from all over the world. If you are playing for the first time, you might face a bit of problem in adjusting to this new playstyle, however, the FIFA 18 Ultimate Tam guide will take care of all your questions and will tell you everything you need to know about it in the beginning of the Ultimate Team mode.

Here in this articles, we are going to take you through the complete FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode in details and will also provide some important tips and tricks following which you can progress faster as well as adapt to this new version of Ultimate Team. So, without wasting any more time, let us get into the basics of the Ultimate Team mode first.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – The Basics

Unlike all other modes that you will find in the game, the Ultimate Team is totally based upon the cards. In other modes, you are asked to form or pick a pre-made or existing squad. However, in Ultimate Team, your team is formed with the help of cards that the players can purchase using the in-game currency as well as using the real money.

Initially, you will have less popular players (with few exceptions) and very limited participation to leagues. However, one your club starts gaining popularity, you can even go for a single player league, multiplayer tournaments as well as “squad battles”, or online to enjoy it with other players all over the world. Whatever you do, you will be rewarded with some points in the end of the match which can in return be used in order to improve the team, its players, the gameplay and what not. Not only that, once you feel that you no longer require a particular player in your squad, you can see him to other Ultimate Team players at a lot more currency than at what you bought him.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Starting Up

When you will try to play the Ultimate Team, the game is going to take you through a quick tutorial where the game will teach you the basics about organizing the roaster, dealing with transfer market, importance of completing objectives, as well as you will get a starting squad that you can use to begin your Career or simple games. Ther starting team that you will get will contain mostly the Bronze card player, which have low skill sets and attributes. But using them in a good manner will still help you in scoring goals as well as defending against other strong players.

No matter whatever squad you might have got, you would still want to include few of your favorite stars to your team. It is important as well to have a star player who could easily break through the opponent’s defense, and this is why the FIFA 18 Store comes into the picture. You just have to use the R1 button on PS4 or RB on Xbox consoles to reach the individual Ultimate Team Packs. Here you will be able to get the individual player card that you wish to include in the team. The players can purchase them by using the in-game coins as well as using real cash.

We recommend you to not to spend all your collected points on the Bronze pack cards, even if they are of a special or talented player. Instead, save all your points that you have gained so that at least you can get a silver pack for yourself. Once you get a silver card of a good player, you will see that even one player can make a lot of difference in your team’s playing style as well as gameplay. You can use the card in close matched to attain some extra points and then use the points to get a silver or gold card or a better player from the transfer market. Following the procedure, you will be able to get the gold or even “jumbo” gold packs for yourself at one point in time. These packs have major cards of several stars and talented players along with a lot of items that could be consumed to better performance or attributes on the pitch.

Make your Decisions Wisely

When you start the ultimate team you will be getting both the permanent cards as well as loan cards. The permanent cards will stay in your squad until and unless you sell them to other players or remove them from your team. On the other hand, the cards of the loan players will only be available to you for seven games after which they are lost. The loan cards are basically high rated skillful players, whose overall rating might go even above 90. The loan cards might contain even big players like Ronaldo or Neymar, and you might use them right away in your matches to get your scores higher, but that is not the way we would recommend you to use them. Before you use the cards in any match, have a good look at the other team as well as your opponent.

You won’t wish to use the big cards for a match against a small and easy to defeat the team. Don’t waste the star talents you have for small games, since they will be gone after seven games.

You should be very careful while using the cards. First of all, you should look into your team only for any kind of holes. If you already have a star player in one position, do not waste your coins on buying another player who plays the same role. Instead, you can for filling other positions with a better player, which will turn out to be more beneficial for your team.

Make use of the Story Mode

FIFA 18 marks the return of the famous Journey mode that we saw last year in FIFA 17 with the return of Alex Hunter. Obviously, it is way better than what we saw in the previous version of the game, but this time it is also linked to the Ultimate Team as well. There are different chapters in the Journey mode, and as you finish each chapter, you get a lot of new cards which could be used in the Ultimate Team mode. Since there are many football stars in the Journey mode, and you get their cards to use in your squad.

Not only that, you also get the card of Alex Hunter which is a high rated player when compared to other players on the squad and is a part of your Ultimate Squad as well. When we started our Ultimate Team after the Journey, Alex Hunter started as a 78 rated player with a lot of potentials to grow.

If you plan to start the Ultimate Mode just after you are done with the Journey Mode we would recommend you t play the Journey mode as the team and not as the player. Playing just as Alex Hunter is amazing but won’t give you a good idea to how to use various players of your team in rotation.

Squad Battles

Squad Battles are the new introduction to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team where the single players can challenge other players, winning which will give you a lot of coins depending on how you perform against other squads. Even if you are not able to reach the top of the table, you can still get some good cards as well as currency before you begin the single player season in Ultimate Team.
After you start the single-player mode, there will be different teams to play against. We recommend you to start playing against the team with an overall rating between 50-70. Don’t think that winning against big teams will give you good cards and point. It is true but scoring and winning against them at an early stage is really difficult. However, playing against a simple team, and scoring few goals against them will help you increasing your team’s rating and making it ready to fight against relatively better teams. The teams for the Squad Battle changes regularly. So, in case you do not find a good option for Squad Battle, leave and come back the next day to find another set of teams to play against.

Complete the Objectives

There are weekly as well as daily objectives that are available for the players playing the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode. Completing these objectives will give you coins and sometimes cards as well. These objectives are not much hard and one can easily complete them within seconds. The bonuses that you receive might seem little and petty, however, they are going to help you in building up the team at the future stage. Some of them might also help you to get other useful cards like fitness cards or even a contract. All these will help you to keep that start player or the players you want for a longer time on the pitch. Without these cards, you might be forced to get some of them off the pitch even before the match ends.

Make use of the Consumables

You will get a lot of packs while playing the Fifa 18 Ultimate Team mode. However, you should know how to use different items and cards you get inside them efficiently in order to progress quicker. For example, most of the permanent players you see on the pitch won’t be available for further matches after their 25th game. However, if the player has a bit of strength left in him after that, using contract will make him play for several more games. However, you cannot use the cards on the loaned players and also you can’t use it on star players to hold them in your squad for an indefinite amount of time.

Along with the contract, you should also pay special attention to the fitness card. You might require a start player to play for your team in back to back games. However, the only thing that might be hindering his for is fitness or stamina. The fitness cards help to boost up a particular player’s stamina so that he can play the upcoming games without any difficulty. Since there is a difference in the gameplay of the game as well when compared to the previous version, we recommend you not to use the sprint button for too long, as it will only leave you players gassed as well as out of stamina after every game. Also, try to use the fitness card on the player which you can not replace.

Overusing the consumable could also turn out to be a problem for you. In order to use the consumables for a player, select the player, click the action button and then in the section of consumables, pick the one which you wish to use on him. You can either go with the game recommendations or can even choose the card you personally wish to use on that particular player. We also don’t recommend you to be very aggressive while defending as unnecessary tackles, especially the ones from behind will directly lead to a red card. Not only that, the player will be suspended for some other games as well. That s something that you should not let happen to your team. The worst is conceding a penalty and for that, you need to keep yourself away from slide tackle button as much as you can.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team FAQs

How do I start with FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

Well, that is a very genuine and obvious question, how to start with the Ultimate Team. We are sure that you do not wish to do something wrong or pick some wrong setting while starting it up for the first time. However, first of all, you need to launch the FIFA 18 game and then set up your EA account. It is important to do it because signing in to a personal EA account will give you edit the lineups as well as the Ultimate squad in the revamped mobile as well as the web application which is a lot more convenient when compared to the previous version of Ultimate Team.

After the introductory video, the player will be asked to pick one of the available ‘Starter packs’ as well as the country. Choose your country wisely since most of the players that will be the part of your squad will come from the country you pick in this step.
The player will also get an option to pick up a loan card but that player will be available to you only for few matches. Once you pick the position of the loan player, the game will present you with five best players to pick from. We got Lewandowski as well as Suarez cards as an option.

After you are done picking the player, you will have to pick a home as well as the away kit for your team along with the club logo or badge.


After you have completed all the steps, you will be taken to the Club summary page after which you will enter the FUT window. However, before that you will have to complete few starter tasks, completing which will provide you reward points. We recommend you to complete these tasks before beginning the game because one of the rewards will contain a pack with a set of players as well as consumables.

How to Start a Match in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

If you are playing the FIFA18Ultimate Team for the first time, you will have to set up the game as mentioned above. However, if you have already completed all the steps that have been mentioned above, you can start the match against other players. There are a lot of game modes available in FIFA 18. For Fifa 18 Ultimate Team, we recommend you to start with the Single Player Season against the CPU. Do not start directly against the online players, as you still don’t have the cards and points, and losing the game online in the initial stage is very common, which in turn will only discourage you. Earn coins and rewards by playing against CPU first, so that you can make your team strong by transferring players and building a better squad before you go on the online pitch.

How to use the Transfer Market?

Using transfer market in FUT is tricky but easy. Once you get hold of the things you need to set for getting the desired player, it could really help in taking your club to the top. When you enter the transfer tab on the screen, you will be able to see thousands of Live Transfers happening online. Entering the market, the player has an option to find a particular player by name, by budget or by entering other filters like quality, nationality, max price, min price etc. Hitting enter will bring a list of players that fall under your specifications and you can proceed forwards to buy them. Obviously, you should have enough currency or money to afford him. After the purchase is successful, you can bring the player to your ‘Single – Player Season’ mode. It is one of the 17 tasks you need to complete to finish the starter objectives of the game.

Just after that, you will be asked to name the new club you have made and tweak the formation and positions of the player if you want. By default, your squad will be playing in the 4-4-2 formation. 4-3-3 is a good formation we would recommend the beginners to start with as this formation is also going to help you in building the team chemistry as well.

How to Build the Team Chemistry?

Team Chemistry has been given a lot of importance in the new Fifa 18 Ultimate Team. You can actually increase your teams’ performance by enhancing the chemistry between different players in the team. The players can establish chemistry between two players of the team. In order to do that, move the players coming from similar clubs, team or nationality next to each other.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Some important Tips and Tricks

  • You should understand that FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is not as simple as other game modes in the game. You should definitely play all the challenges that are built in the game for the users. These challenges are one of the best ways to earn the rewards as well as FIFA coins if you do not wish to spend real money in the game and these could be used in order to buy a lot of packs and consumables etc. in the game.
  • If money is not a problem for you and if you find buying packs via earning coins somewhat slow and boring, purchasing packs from real money is a good way to escalate things up.
  • Rotating the squad is very crucial for your club. Using special and star players for every single game is not a good idea. Use good players for big games and also use the consumables like “contracts” to make them stay a bit longer.
  • Take care of the team chemistry from the start. The moment you get your first squad, shuffle them up as much as you can to get the players with good chemistry next to each other. This is something that is ignored by most of the players and chemistry becomes more complicated and difficult to build at the later stage of the game.
  • The player can also change the position of the players without changing the team chemistry since the chemistry is only calculated when you submit your team in order to play a match. Try switching the striker with winger or CAM with RCM for better team chemistry.

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