Acer’s G-Sync HDR 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor Is a Beast

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Acer is already known for making some of the best gaming monitors in the market and now the company is trying to push its technology even further and cater to the hardcore gamers in 2017.

Acer's G-Sync HDR 4K 144Hz gaming monitor means 2017 is the year to upgrade - VentureBeat - PC Gaming - by Jeff Grubb

4K Monitors Are The Trend Now

The company has revealed an all new gaming monitor known as the Predet X27 with a 27” 4K display that features G-sync HDR and a refresh rate of 144Hz. Acer has joined the race along with Asus’s ROG Swift PG27UQ in making 2017 a 4K display year for all the gamers. If you are on the fence about upgrading your monitor then this is the perfect year for an upgrade.

New Features in 2017

Even though Asus and Acer did release 4K monitors in the previous year as well, but these monitors did lack some key features which include HDR and 144Hz refresh rate. The newly revealed monitors sport both these features. Even though 4K display is a great thing but a wider color gamut and a quicker refresh rate is more important than just 4K display. By adding all these features together in one monitor, Acer is definitely going to justify a higher price tag of the Predator X27.

Acer Reveals Their High-end Monitor

This year in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Acer revealed it had plans for an all new 4K gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate and G-Sync along with HDR. The Predator X27 brings all these features together in a single package. This means that the X27 will be capable of rendering a very high resolution while also refreshing 144 times per second. G-Sync, on the other hand, ensures that there’s very minimum screen tearing even if your processor is struggling to render 4K at 144 frames per second. Also, the HDR will ensure high dynamic range colors on the panel.

A Premium Price?

Both Asus and Acer have stated that their high-end monitors will be out later this year, however, neither company has confirmed a price tag so far. Well, just in case you’re wondering, you should start saving your money from now if you want to be able to afford these high-end monitors with all the advanced features. They will definitely sport a premium price tag.

Even though high-end gaming monitors were already available last year and they cost around $1000, even without features like HDR or G-Sync. Looks like the monitors in 2017 are going to keep the same price tag as previous iterations, however, as a consumer you’re going to get a better worth of your investment this year with all the new features and killer new designs. So, if you’ve been saving up your money for a monitor upgrade then looks like this is the perfect year for you to finally get the shiny new monitor for all your gaming needs.

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