Asus Set to Launch a New Range of Gaming Monitors, Strix XG27VQ

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Asus has been really active in the gaming vertical this year. They have already introduced a whole range of really impressive gaming monitors. The range featured 4K resolution which was a treat for all gamers. But it seems, they are not done yet. Asus has recently announced a new EOG Strix XG series. The new series features a whole new Strix XG27VQ display. The company is planning to bring them to the market next month in September.

Asus has designed the new ROG Strix XG with professional and mad gamers in mind. One of the spokespeople from the company said that the “silky-smooth graphics and gorgeous aesthetics to deliver incredible gaming experience”.

Asus has been popular for introducing as many features possible as they can in their products. And this time as well, the case is not different. The series has the new latest Low Motion Blur technology along with the Adaptive Sync which makes even high detailed textures appear very smooth on the screen. There are two more things special for you, the Display Widget and Asus GamePlus. With the help of the Display Widget software, gamers can play around with the monitor settings as well as different applications. There are many presets to try, you can change the Blue Light Filter setting, App Sync and a lot more. With GamePlus, players can set their hotkeys and can also set a timer to keep track of time elapsed while playing.

Talking about the display, Strix XG27VQ has a curved display measuring 27 inches with an amazing refresh rate of 144Hz. Asus has incorporated AMD graphics card in the machine for Adaptive Sync, which reduces screen tearing and stuttering o a large extent.

However, there is not much change in the design and you see the same black color on the monitors. The stand on which the monitor stands is really impressive. The light coming out of the screen does not hits your eyes directly but are directed downwards. Asus has provided gamers an option to customize the light coming out of the stand. You can play with the light with the help of Asus RGB software.

There are other common things included in the series as well. For example, there is one HDMI port as well as one DisplayPort, both of them featuring Adaptive Sync compatibility. Talking about the price of Strix XG27VQ, you can get it for yourself on 4th of September for £409.99.


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