ASUS Unveils Two New Gaming Monitors, PG27VQ and XG27VQ

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GPUs are constantly evolving and manufacturers are churning out more and more powerful GPUs every year. The more powerful and demanding these GPUs become, the more powerful monitors are required by gamers to display all the latest titles at the highest resolutions at the highest settings. Lately, monitor manufacturers have upped their game and started manufacturing high-end monitors that actually do justice to the latest GPUs and highly demanding games in terms of graphics and resolutions.

ASUS has been recently releasing a decent stream of gaming monitors for the masses. However, the company has taken a step further and announced two new gaming monitors aimed at the hardcore gaming market. These new monitors are the ROG Swift PG27VQ and ROG Strix XG27VQ which will be hitting the shelves soon. Both these gaming monitors bring new features to the gaming market that can help enhance the gameplay experience of hardcore gamers.

ASUS still hasn’t revealed complete details regarding the pair of monitors. However, the company has given out enough details to figure out that these monitors are definitely going to revolutionize the gaming display market.

First up is ROG Swift PG27VQ – a curved monitor that offer a high refresh rate of 165 Hz for maximum gaming performance and offers high brightness while also adding support for HDR. The PG27VQ offers a QHD+ display panel that supports 2K (2560 x 1440) resolutions. It also adds support for Nvidia’s G-Sync to ensure buttery-smooth gameplay experience.

Next up is the ROG Strix XG27VQ – another curved monitor with a slightly less refresh rate (144Hz) than the PG27VQ monitor. XG27VQ supports Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and also supports Nvidia’s G-Sync for mitigating any in-game tearing and stuttering. The monitor offers a bold aesthetically attractive build that retains the spirit of ASUS’ ROG series in terms of style.

Finally, ASUS did shed some light on the ROG Swift PG27UQ that was announced at CES 2017. This high-end monitor boasts a 4K UHD (3840 x 1920) resolution panel while also supporting HDR. It offers life-like colors and superior contrast for super-fine detail during gameplay. The incorporated quantum dot technology ensures realistic images and stutter-free smooth gameplay experience.

Asus New Gaming Monitors 2017

ASUS is still tight-lipped regarding the pricing and availability of these high-end gaming monitors. There are no solid details about the pricing model of these monitors, however, ASUS keeps stating that these will be on the more affordable side of the budget for gamers. Looks like ASUS is keen on delivering the best gaming products including best gaming monitors and enhancing the overall experience of gamers. Let’s wait and see what other gaming products the company is going to release in the near future.

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