21 Best Games like Skyrim You Should Play Today

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In 2011, Bethesda Softworks reached the very zenith of RPG genre, by releasing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one among the best handiwork of the company ever. The game has a vast community, and RPG fans have been craving games like Skyrim ever since. The epic universe, action, storyline, quests and the dynamic protagonist: The Dragonborn, shall always remain as indelible memories in our soul.

Nevertheless, there are tons of games similar to Skyrim out there. Most of them may not be as good as Elder Scrolls 5 but could be considered among the games like Elder Scrolls.

Hence, especially for you readers, we have enlisted some of the best games like Skyrim that will console your heart. Maybe a few of them don’t belong to the RPG category, however, they do feature some marvelous historical fiction and mythology. Now let’s get into the games list and their details.

21 Best Games like Skyrim

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Taking over from the original Star Wars MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies in 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic was not free at release at first. But it has since, like so many games of this kind, adopted the free-to-play model. If you want to get Sith kicks, this is the best way to get them for free.
However, subscriptions are still available, giving you more in-game potential. All the story missions are available without a sub they just might take you that bit longer.
It’s worth the download simply to experience the Star Wars universe from different perspectives, like the hyper-professional Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. If you want to go with the dull option and just have a generic Jedi Knight, though, that’s fine too.

Platform: Windows, Xbox 360

2. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

The popular open-world role-playing game by Capcom, Dragon’s Dogma, serves as a possible alternative to Witcher 3 if you don’t favor eye-candy visuals. The critically acclaimed title features one among the best combat systems ever and hence qualifies to be listed as one among the best games similar to Skyrim.

You can climb enemy bosses and attack them, which is rare to be found in most of the games. The title is heavily inspired by the Dark Souls franchise.

The game primarily features a similar concept like ‘Dragonborn’ in Skyrim. The chosen one here is however named as ‘Arisen’. Throughout the game, you shall follow the footsteps of Arisen and save the world by fighting beasts and dragons till you discover the hidden truth.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is rather a polished version of the game, and features some additional content. It’s one among the best games like Skyrim and Witcher 3, you can find, on the basis of an engaging quest line, combat system, dynamic world but at the cost of downgraded graphics.

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

3. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade is not an RPG but rather an action-adventure-hack-and-slash game centralized on the story of Senua, a Celtic female warrior.

To what we consider this as one among the best Skyrim like games, you have to progress through the world, inculcated with your psychotic manifestations.

Hence, this psychological thriller could drool your eyes when you shall be experiencing traumatic visions in the game. Developed and published by Ninja Theory, Hellblade will supposedly feature a strong plotline.

We pass this judgment because the company emphasizes a lot on building strong characters and connecting them to the story, in most of its titles.

Platforms: PS4, PC

4. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

If you like a little bit of  Assassins Creed peanut-butter goodness in your chocolatey Skyrim open world fantasy, you might like Shadow of Mordor. This action adventure title combines the parkour-filled stealth of the former with an RPG-lite experience system and the most iconic setting in Western fantasy.

The real fun lies in the game’s nemesis system. Remember that one bandit who really kicked your ass early on in Skyrim? Everyone had at least one. Well, now you can watch that Bandit rise through the ranks of the enemy as you kill off his superiors one by one until finally when he’s sitting high and mighty at the top of the food chain, you swoop in and cut him down like the dog he is.

The most magical moment… Sometimes that nemesis is named Dush and you giggle like a child as you get your revenge.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

5. Fallout 4

You can’t have a list of Skyrim alternatives without mentioning Bethesda’s other big open world extravaganza, Fallout4. While I might prefer the storyline and world of New Vegas more, it’s hard to deny just how open and awesome the world of Fallout 4 is.

You can build settlements, join factions and generally cause chaos as you roam the wasteland steadfastly ignoring Bethesda’s main plot about your dumb ugly kid.

It’s also been confirmed that Fallout 4 will be coming to VR in the near future, possibly as part of the mysterious Project Scorpio. So if you’re thinking of investing in VR, it might be a good time to do so. The most magical moment is Having a robot companion who’s also a 1930s private eye for some reason.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

From the ghastly lands of Velen to the beautiful isles of Skellige, venture into an epic adventure of mystery and hidden conspiracies with Geralt of Rivia, the Master Witcher, known by the name, Whitewolf.

Winner of many awards from reputed publications and events, Witcher 3, to be very frank has overtaken the likes of Skyrim and is considered as one among the best RPGs like Skyrim ever created, all thanks to its vast open world and lucrative visuals.

Apart from the main quests, you would definitely love to get involved with the side missions that are very engaging. If it gets tiresome for you after completing Witcher contracts and eliminating gigantic beasts, visit any pub located nearby, to relax and play some Gwent. In the elite list of games similar to Skyrim, Witcher 3, has a lot more to offer than you can even imagine.

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One

7. Shadow Of War

Alas, Talion and Celebrimbor are back to action with the upcoming Shadow Of War, one among the best Skyrim like games, one can ask for. Do not be confused. It’s not an RPG but rather an open-world story-driven action adventure game based on the universe of Tolkien’s epic fantasy series, Lord Of The Rings.

The prequel, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor was critically acclaimed for its fluid combat mechanics, gameplay, script writing, inspiring plotline and most noteworthy, its Nemesis system.

Nemesis System enables the NPCs especially the enemies to adapt to the surroundings and dynamically attack the player based on past experiences. While you eliminate, the captain of a squad, someone else will take the dais, and face you later on. The best option would be to brand enemies, to forge your own army, while you prepare for the ultimate battle.

So, how’s the sequel, Shadow Of War gonna be different? Be wary Ranger, as your own allies might betray you. Furthermore, the game’s reportedly gonna feature, a vast open-world, this time though with multiple sprawling cities. Developed by Monolith and published by WB Games, the game will be out by August 22, 2017.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

8. Far Cry 4

If you loved the open world gameplay of Skyrim, but got a bit burned out on all that magic and dragons nonsense, it might be time to give Far Cry 4 a try. The game features a massive open world full of enemy bases to blow up and vehicles to commandeer. There’s also an experience system that lets you unlock new abilities and skills, so you won’t have to give up that sweet, sweet RPG fix.

The world of Far Cry 4 isn’t just filled with generic soldiers, though. Like Skyrim, the countryside of Kyrat is filled with local wildlife, both benign and bloodthirsty. Some will ignore you, some will try to eat you and some can be ridden.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

9. Nioh

It was notably released on February 7, 2017.The protagonist of this RPG title portrays a close resemblance to “Geralt of Rivia” (Protagonist of Witcher series). Hence, he is widely known as “Jeraltu: The Samurai Witcher”. Developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Temco in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Niohis a medieval action RPG.

The game is set in Japan during the early 1600s, a period of conflict between the warring clans. You will play from the perspective of William Adams, an English navigator who eventually gets converted to a “Western Samurai”.

The gameplay elements have been heavily inspired by the Ninja Gaiden, Onimusha, and Dark Souls series respectively. Indubitably, the universally acclaimed title is one among the best games like Skyrim.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

10. Lords Of The Fallen

But Lords Of The Fallen is a game for PC and consoles! Is it possible that they released one especially for Android? Yes, my dear friends, you are very right. However, this version has quite some variations compared to its PC & console counterpart.

The hack and slash mechanic remains the same with a few RPG-like elements. It’s somewhat story driven. You can craft weapons and armor, gain experience points and level up to fight smoothly against gigantic bosses.

Platforms: Android

11. Wildstar

Without seeing more than a few screenshots, you might think Wildstar is a new IP from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games. It’s colorful and cartoony enough to sit alongside the same catalog as Spyro, but this is no casual free-to-play MMO, which may be the reason it didn’t do as well as expected sales-wise.

If you like Blizzard games, such as World of Warcraft, Wildstar will undoubtedly quench your thirst since many of its developers at Carbine Studios came from the beloved Activision Blizzard subsidiary.

Despite not landing as “the next evolution of the modern MMORPG,” according to its IGN review, Wildstar holds its own as a traditional MMO that, before going free-to-play, had a unique subscription method based on actual player progress along with some colorfully stylized graphics.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

12. Eve Online

In 2003, Icelandic developer CCP Games unleashed unto the world Eve Online, an immersive and in-depth “sci-fi experience” that would eventually garner the attention of well over 500,000 players. Eve Online is unlike any game in its category, thanks to the vast range of activities to take part in as well as its (appropriately) out of this world in-game economy.

Unfortunately, the Eve Online player base has been on the decline since 2013. It should come as no shock that as time goes on, fewer and fewer gamers are interested in paying a subscription fee for a glorified space sim with a steep learning curve. As of the Ascension update, which released in November 2016, Eve Online has gone free-to-play – at least to an extent.

The new ‘alpha clones’ system featured in Eve Online is similar to the “unlimited free trial” featured in World of Warcraft. You can still engage with other players in mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploring and combat, but certain skills will be off-limits. As long as you don’t mind finite access to some of the game’s most lumbering ships, Eve Online won’t cost a cent.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

13. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The game will release sometime in 2017.Voila! You have yet another RPG that doesn’t feature any magic or spells. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord serves as the prequel to its predecessor, Warband, and is set 200 years before the events of the game. If you are on the lookout for RPGs like Skyrim, then this is a title worth to look at.

An indie title, the events of Bannerlord’s plotline occur during the fall of the Calradian Empire. This sequel to Warband features eight different factions with each exhibiting their own respective lore, classes, and characteristics.

You will get to see sprawling cities with diversified landscapes. NPCs will reportedly play a huge role in determining your fate. The AI has been heavily tweaked, and you won’t be given any hint about your quests at all. You are on your own as you play this game.

Developed and published by TaleWorlds Entertainment, Mount & Blade II very well deserves to be in this list of games like Skyrim.

Platforms: Windows

14. Conan Exiles

Yup, it’s an indie title, and certainly, we aren’t joking around, including it in the list of best games like Skyrim. Conan Exiles developed and published by Funcom Games, is an open world survival game, that demands your instincts and analytical abilities, in a huge barren wasteland.

You will be exiled and must cater to your own survival, thus challenged by blazing heat, hunger, and unpredictable enemies. Hence, players have to start everything from scratch. Harvest crops, build settlements, craft weapons and build your tribe to forge an empire in the wasteland.

Alongside solo mode, the game also gives you the privilege of competing online in the multiplayer mode. Maybe not exactly an RPG but because of its well-designed eye-candy gameplay mechanics, Conan Exiles is one among the best games similar to Skyrim out there.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

15. Marvel Heroes Omega

After DC Universe Online was released back in 2011, Marvel had no choice but to compete with its own MMORPG. It took two years, but the end result was a fun but shallow action RPG featuring a wide variety of play styles for over 21 playable (and, hopefully, familiar) characters. Six years later, the game has been rebooted twice and subsequently ported to consoles, jam-packed with content to make up for its previously limited gameplay.

You can now, for instance, level up any character in story mode – of which there are over 100 to choose from – and timed drops mean that you don’t have to spend real, hard-earned currency to unlock additional characters. As of 2015, raids were introduced as well, so as to draw more traditional MMO players, and somehow, somehow the X-Men are still there despite Marvel’s differences with 20th Century Fox… even if the Fantastic Four haven’t seen the same luxury.

Platforms: PC

16. Paladins

It’s not hard to see why Paladins catches a lot of flack for its resemblance to Overwatch. At the same time, the team-based shooter bears many distinctions from that of Blizzards. Abilities are upgraded based on a collectible card system, which can completely change the way each character plays.

What’s more, unlike Overwatch, Paladins is completely free-to-play. While cosmetic items are available to buy using real-world currency, everything else can be unlocked simply by playing the game. For instance, you’ll start Paladins with a single deck of basic cards, and from there, more dramatically impactful decks can be unlocked.

Regardless of how you choose to play Paladins, you’ll get XP as you play. As long as you’re completing the daily quests and achievements featured in the game, you’ll be rewarded with Radiant Chests and Gold. These can be used to purchase more cards, costumes and weapon skins to make your characters more unique and skillful on the battlefield.

Platforms: PC

17. Bloodborne

“The blood makes us human….makes us more than human…makes us human no more!”

Alas, this is the tagline of the survival horror RPG title which happens to be one among the best games like Skyrim. The sheer work of the Dark Souls developer, Bloodborne takes you into the ghastly city of Yarhnam hit by a plague.

You play from the third-person perspective of a Hunter with the motive to search for the ‘Paleblood’ with reasons unknown. The protagonist unravels various mysteries and facts as he/she progresses in the game.

Developed by FromSoftware, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, if you happen to be a fan of horror games, this is a game to look out for.

Platforms: PS4

18. Fallout: New Vegas

A.k.a the best modern Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas is a spinoff sequel to Bethesda’s Fallout 3, set in and around Sin City. You take the role of the Courier, a hapless messenger who got shot in the head for the platinum poker chip they were carrying. Thanks to a kindly old doctor and your own gumption, you get patched up and set off on a quest for revenge. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you just feel like wandering around for a while, or slaughtering every single member of Caesar’s Legion in the Vegas area, or chilling out with your drunk cowboy friend Cass. It’s pretty much up to you.

There’s a lot of choice in Fallout: New Vegas, and a whole lot of factions that want you on their side. It’s up to you who you side with, or whether you choose to side with anyone at all.

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows

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19. Paragon

For years now, developers have tried and failed to adapt multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games for the TV. Now, however, if you’re one of many with a computer tucked under your living room entertainment setup, Paragon may be the MOBA you’ve been searching for.

Also available on the PlayStation 4, Paragon takes what League of Legends and Dota players have enjoyed for years and optimizes it for consoles and entertainment rigs by rotating the camera behind your character. By inciting the illusion of a traditional third-person competitive shooter, Paragon aims to broaden the appeal of not only MOBAs but eSports as a whole.

The asymmetrical maps, team-based base destruction and “hero” system are all intact. Paragon is an MOBA for newcomers.

Platforms: PC

20. ELEX

ELEX is an upcoming medieval sci-fi RPG, published by Piranha Bytes and developed by Nordic Games. It could be one of the best Skyrim like games, who knows?

The events of the game are based on a planet named Megalan. As a matter of fact, the planet gets affected by a giant meteorite strike right at its center. Later, it’s discovered to have brought a mysterious yet powerful and rare element with it. People hence, name it as ELEX.

Subsequently, it turns out to be of great use to power machines, reanimate the dead and procure artifacts. Hence, this develops a thirst amongst the mankind for possessing the very rare element ELEX.

Soon, it leads to an all-out war, as mankind gets divided into various factions. Each faction has distinct motives about possessing ELEX. Hence, you play as the protagonist belonging to a faction of your choice. Hence, in the end, it’s entirely up to you to decide the fate of mankind. Amp yourselves up to play one among the best Skyrim like games that’s yet to be released.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

21. WILD

WiLD is an upcoming open-world survival adventure, which we think well deserves to be in the list of Skyrim like games. It will take you back to the neolithic era (6000-500 BC). Most noteworthy, you shall be playing as a Shaman, in a third-person perspective.

It mainly borrows the concept of Far Cry Primal. However, the game lives up to its own expectations, you would be able to tame beasts and alongside control them, i.e. the POV transfers to those creatures when you possess them. Notably, each and every animal has its distinct set of abilities.

The game gives you the privilege to upgrade and customize those very abilities to help you in stealthily invading enemy camps and frequent combat situations. Developed by Wild Sheep Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, WiLD is definitely a game to look out for if you are much into the pre-historic era.

Platforms: PS4


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