Best Gaming Mouse of 2018 – Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

Of all the peripherals I think a mouse is the most important one. A mouse is the main control point for your computer, it is how you navigate web pages, control the camera within a a game and most importantly, aim. If you play MOBA’s such as League of Legends then you need the mouse to function as a mini keyboard and to have quick but accurate movements to make sure your character is in the right place at the right time. If you play MMOs like WoW you are going to need your mouse to offer instant access to the bar of abilities at the bottom of your screen while still being stellar at all the other things a mouse is good at. FPS’s need a different mouse style, so do RTS’s, you get the point. A mouse is a subjective peripheral. With monitors it is easier to say which monitor is better due to this feature and that refresh rate. But with a mouse it becomes more subjective, the way you hold your mouse matters, the games you play matters, your play style matters, the size of your hand matters, and the way your hand feels on the mouse matters. None of these can be defined and we can’t tell you exactly what mouse is best for you. That being said, there are things that make a mouse empirically better. Things such as DPI, acceleration, build quality, lift off distance, and most importantly, comfort. While comfort may be a subjective thing there are certain mice that do a better job at it than others. The way a top gaming mouse is designed has a lot to do with its comfort and certain mice are better suited to certain grip styles. And games. So what we are going to do is present you with options, each mouse is best at its category and then you get to choose what is most important to you. Everything mouse in this article is decent at everything but all have things that they specialise in.

Best Gaming Mouse Buying Guide 2018

Before we go further into the actual reviews of the top gaming mouses, here are some key things you should put into consideration when choosing a new gaming mouse:

Best Gaming Mouse Reviews


Sensitivity is a tricky situation that splits a lot of gamers opinions. A high Dots Per Inch (DPI) rating on a mouse means the mouse can be more sensitive or less sensitive depending on what you need it to do, but at the same time some companies have been using software and firmware to stack up fake DPI settings which leads to acceleration and poor performance at higher settings. Luckily most gamers don’t need more than 10,000 DPI so those high values tend to be generally useless as the higher values don’t get reached.

You should still take the DPI into account.

A mouse with a low DPI cannot track across a high resolution screen as well because the mouse will not be able to detect the finer movements as well so the computer overcompensates by making the movements larger then they actually were. Also known as acceleration. This makes your aiming less accurate and the mouse movements jittery. Obviously this is less than ideal.


Acceleration isn’t a good thing whether it is positive or negative acceleration. No acceleration means that the cursor moves the same amount that the mouse moves on the pad. Without mouse acceleration you for every movement on the mouse pad the mouse moves the exact same, 1:1. With mouse acceleration the cursor moves more the faster you move the mouse. So if you move the mouse slowly it might move 1:1.2 and if you move it quickly it would be 1:1.5. Some people like mouse acceleration but nowadays most people don’t.

People don't like mouse acceleration because it is inconsistent. Most people play games based on muscle memory to help them aim faster and consistently, but with mouse acceleration the way the cursor moves depends on how fast you move the mouse which throws aim off.

I have never heard of someone using negative acceleration which does the same things as positive acceleration but the opposite direction. The slower the mouse moves the less the cursor moves on the screen.

Mouse Variants

A long time ago mice were controlled by a ball at the bottom of the mouse that would then transmit how ‘far’ the wheel moved and transmitted that to the computer to determine how far to move the cursor. That style of mouse hasn’t been around for a while. After the wheel most manufacturers switched to optical and laser mice. These mice work a lot different than the ball mice.

They rely on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and imaging photodiodes to determine the distance that the mouse moves on the mouse pad to find out how far the cursor should move. The LED and photodiodes work in tandem. The photodiodes determine how far the LED moves. The LED shines onto the pad and the photodiodes take dozens of pictures a second and calculate how far the mouse moved in each one. A precise science.

Imagine 2 photos, offset from one another by an inch or 2. You can tell what direction the camera moved based on how the picture is offset. Thats what the software does. As computing power increased the camera and multiple pictures calculations were replaced by a low resolution video camera that did the same thing. One of the biggest reasons for people to switch over from the analog mice to the laser mice was the issues with the analog mice. They required regular cleanings, had to be used on a specific mouse pad whereas the laser mice can be used on any surface but a mouse pad is recommended for accurate aiming and to reduce wear and tear on the mouse.

Nowadays most people are using the optical mice or laser mice and those technologies are so efficient and cheap that they are likely to stick around until mice are no longer required. But that doesn't mean that mice aren’t still going to improve. Most of the improvements are in accuracy but there is a company that is trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Currently in development are some mice who will operate much like a joystick, making the mouse function off of the mouse pad as well as on it.

Mouse Pad

While I know that this isn’t about mice, it is integral to the experience of the mouse. Especially for gaming. If you are looking for best mouse for gaming then you should also get yourself a solid mouse pad. It doesn’t have to fancy, just make it big. The bigger the better.

So what kind of gamer mouse should you get? It depends entirely on your preferences, but there are certain things that you need to take into account.

Things such as brand and the games that you play. These all matter to the user of the mouse, how you use it is most affected by the programs you use and what you intend to do with it. Are you going to play World of Warcraft? or you going to play hectic games like Overwatch? Something in between?

Hand Grip

Throughout this guide I will be referring to hand grips, this will be to help you get a feel for the shape of the mouse and the way it was designed to be held. There are 3 main types of grip, one is not better than the other, it all comes down to personal preference. So look at how you are holding your mouse currently and determine what grip it is.

Palm grip has a lot of your hand on the mouse, it basically has your finger tips at the end of the mouse and as much of your hand on the mouse as possible, usually used on large gaming mice and is often the grip that they are designed for. Usually you are using your wrist to control the way the mouse moves and to get those large sweeping motions.

Claw grip is the one that I use. Its just like palm grip but your hand is a little more scrunched up and it puts your fingertips more on the left and right click. Its the middle ground between palm and finger tips grips.

Fingertip grips have your hand nearly off the mouse and you control everything with your finger tips. You don’t control the mouse with your wrist but rather do everything with your finger tips. This tends to be most popular with those who do flicking aim as they need to fast movements and thats easier to do with this particular grip.

Best Gaming Mice / Mouse Reviews 2018

Without further ado, let’s start our countdown of the best gaming mouse reviews

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This is my personal mouse. It is a heavy mouse, one of the heaviest with its minimum weight being slightly over 121 grams but it comes with weights to increase that even more. I love it because it fits my hand perfectly. Large hands are conducive to the palm or claw hand gip and this mouse is perfect for that, it isn’t that wide but is quite long meaning I don’t have to crunch up my fingers the way that I usually do.

Several eSports players would say that you want a light mouse, but because a mouse is so subjective you find a lot of people, myself included, who prefer a heavier mouse largely because they tend to be bigger and easier for me, or anyone my size, to have

those slight movements that make the difference between a headshot and a miss. On top of that has great build quality, a great shape, and perfectly placed buttons that give you access to many features without moving your fingers off of your keyboard.

My favourite feature of the mouse is the build quality. It feels solid, like it could and will last years. My last mouse lasted since computers still had less then 1 GB of RAM and this one could last for even longer; which is impressive because it does not seem likely that this mouse will become obsolete within 5-10 years; but at the rate that technology is advancing, you never know. The mouse wheel is made out of metal and not some plastic that will fall apart, and it feels so nice to scroll making my Facebook time take even longer just because I enjoy scrolling. Using the mouse makes me happy because of the attention to detail that Logitech put into this mouse

Things like how a click feels and sounds can make or break a good gaming mouse, or any mouse for that matter. And on this mouse it feels so good, its a sublime feeling because Logitech realised that the way a click sounds has a huge part to do with how the click feels. Thats why they use a metal bar as opposed to the squishy plastic caps that are under most gaming mice. That metal bar has a couple of other advantages over the plastic cap, beyond simple sound. What it offers is the ability to click anywhere and have the same consistent resistance which is so important to muscle memory and getting your shots off at the right time, or putting your character in the right place at the right time.

One of my favourite things is how the design of the mouse perfectly melds form and function together. The mouse looks like it should be on the deck of an advanced spaceship traveling to places unknown, and it still fits perfectly for those who use the palm or even claw grip.

The left click has a a slight indent in it where you can nestle your finger for hours, like a favorite chair. Placed next to the left click are 2 buttons that aren’t place well for mid game clicks but great for clicks in moments of calm, during the eye of the storm. For example things like changing the song or pausing the song, perhaps even volume changes. Right below that and above the left thumb rest are 2 other buttons that are great for in game changes. The only issue is that they are about half an inch too high to be overly convenient, unlike the Razer DeathAdder Elite where your thumb rests directly on the buttons. They still are great for things like Push to Talk or other in game features. It works very decently without any troubleshooting issues. You need a very subtle mouse for playing RTS and this is one of the best rts mouse which is highly recommended. At the end of the thumb rest is a ‘sniper’ button that is the most accessible button on the mouse (besides the left and right click).

Nowadays not everything that makes a mouse good has to do with the hardware itself. Almost every single gaming mouse comes with its own software to set up profiles and determine things like what you want each key to be mapped to or what DPI to set it to. The Logitech Gaming Mouse software is one of the best softwares I have had the pleasure to interact with. The software has a great feature where the mouse scans the surface that you are using for your mouse and fine tunes the mouse sensor to that surface. When I first got my mouse I was travelling with my laptop and needed a mouse so I bought this one, based on research, but the feature works wonders. Whether it was my kitchen table, my mouse pad, or my leg on an airplane. None of it mattered, the mouse performed.

The software has the ability to control what colours get emanated from the logo and the profile numbers and how often they change which works great in tandem with a Logitech RGB keyboard to light up your set up. On top of that you can set up multiple profiles, each with different DPI levels so you can get the exact set up you need for every situation. The software allows a maximum of 3, and I use all 3. I use one for web browsing, one for FPS games, and one for sniper mode. The buttons are perfect for switching profiles the moment I scope in for the lower DPI and increased accuracy.

This is the best logitech gaming mouse you can buy. Period. It is big and heavy and works so well, Logitech has consistently produced good gaming tech and the Logitech gaming mice are no different.

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite

The argument for best mouse in the world always includes this mouse, always.This is due to many factors including CPI, shape, sensor, buttons and build quality.

Starting with the most defining feature of the Razer DeathAdder Elite, the shape. It is sleek and lacking features compared to the Logitech Proteus, but players praise the shape and lightweight of this mouse. It is so well formed to peoples hand that throughout every iteration of this mouse they have never changed the shape despite all the other changes that they make. While it may be a light mouse that doesn’t mean hat it is small, it is in fact quite large but light which makes it great for all styles of grips.

On top of that it has a huge DPI. While most manufacturers like to tote their high DPI numbers more and more are coming saying that they don’t actually mean much. And with the death adder mouse that is even more true than usual. Most gaming mice love high DPI numbers but occasionally to get such high numbers they introduce smoothing and other artificial methods to boost the number past what anyone would use, or even what it can be used at. And with the DeathAdder it feels most effective under 1800 DPI. Under that setting there is no smoothing. But at settings above that 1800 I felt that there was some smoothing, but I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t looking for it. That being said, if you feel everything with a sensor then you should keep your DPI below 1800.

This sounds like I am saying that the sensor isn’t good which isn’t true. It is in fact one of the best mouse sensors in the world. It was designed by Pixart who worked closely with Logitech and Logitech has developed some of the best gaming mice ever made, or put their sensors in other gaming mice. Logitech does a lot of in house development so when you take 2 companies that do a lot of in house R&D you are guaranteed to get an accurate sensor.

There is beauty in simplicity. Razer understood this and used it to great effect when creating the Razer DeathAdder Elite, most i
mportantly they understood that gamers don’t need things on their mouse that they don’t use. Thats why Razer only put 2 extra buttons on the mouse, right on the side where your thumb (right handed) naturally settles. These buttons are nestled under your thumb in perfect position to get pushed during intense gameplay and with no movement from your thumb. My concern when I saw those buttons was that in intense gameplay I would accidentally press them, but they are strong enough that you have to purposely press in order to get the actual click.

Moving on to the build quality which is something that Razer has a mixed track record with. From my use of the DeathAdder Elite it seems solid, but some people have had issues. The mouse that I used felt great and solid and seems like it could last years as long as you don’t abuse it. The plastic that the mouse is made out of feels good in the hand, not long it is cheap and about to fall apart; but it is annoying when my hand gets sweaty. But for the most part the feel of the mouse is superb.

This mouse is a great choice for any gamer, no mater what game you play. In fact it is a great mouse for any use due to its simplicity. You could give your grandmother this gaming mouse with side buttons and she wouldn’t be intimidated by it, and you can give an eSports player this mouse and he will be happy to use it during a tournament.

3. Corsair Vengeance M65

This has been lauded by many as the best FPS mouse out there. But I disagree, it is one of the best all-round gaming mice out there. Not just for the FPS genre, where it undoubtedly shines, but also for every other genre out there; except for maybe MMO games. So what makes the mouse  one of the top 10 gaming mice?

Largely the fact that Corsair designed to do one thing and do that thing well. There are few buttons that users may want to reprogram and by that I mean there are 2. But near your thumb there are 3 buttons, a sniper button by your thumb and 2 little buttons that rest above your thumb. those are great to reprogram to things such as crouching, push to talk, or even macro commands. When testing this mouse I programmed them to type out !medic in chat for me. Worked like a charm.

Those buttons are easily programmed through the in depth software that Corsair paired with this mouse. However, do not expect that software to be quick and easy, because it isn’t It gave ma couple headache

s and takes some to figure it out. But when you do figure it out it is worth it as there is nothing that the software is lacking. Nothing. Most software are easy to use and work great but have one or two features that are missing that I would like to add. Not with Corsair. Everything was there, profiles, setting macro commands, DPI profiles, lift off profiles, and most interestingly, X Y Axis DPI settings.

Corsair lets you put different DPI’s onto your mouse for the X axis and then another different DPI for your Y axis. Genius. I don’t know why more manufacturers don’t do that. I would love to be able to have those 2 be different as I use each one for very different things. Usually I need to do 360s on my X axis that I have a fighting chance if someone gets behind me, but my Y axis can be a lot less sensitive to give me more precision and headshotting ability. Simply because I don’t need to cover such large distances.

This mouse has managed to marry form and function, it looks great and feels even better in your hand. This mouse was clearly designed for large hands and the palm grip because it is both long and wide allowing you to rest nearly your entire hand on the mouse to provide maximum precision and comfort. There are some nice rests for the other fingers as well so you never feel uncomfortable while using the mouse. Each click feels great, Corsair realised that players care about how each click feels and put some effort into making theirs feel good every time you shoot or instruct your character do something. It even feels good when you are just browsing the web. Made me pay attention to my mouse when I clicked, which is saying something.

Corsair put a lot of effort into this mouse and wanted to make sure that it not only felt good, worked good, but would also last and thats why they used great materials and rated their buttons for lots of click, millions of clicks.

While the mouse may not have RGB lighting that doesn’t matter, it looks so good on its own and put that R&D money into making sure every other aspect of the mouse was as good as it possibly could be.

Top Recommended Gaming Mouses of 2018 Comparison Table

TypeBest Gaming MouseSpec/FeaturePrice

Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
1. Professional-grade Logitech G gaming mouse with ultra-fast lag-free wired or wireless connection trusted by professional eSports gamers
2. Wireless rechargeable mouse with reliable battery life up to 30 hours on a single charge and exclusive battery-saving 3. Clock Tuning Technology for the longest-lasting wireless gaming mouse under 110 grams
4. PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor delivers exceptional tracking accuracy, widely accepted by pro gamers as the best gaming mouse sensor
5. Adjustable 200-12,000 DPI range with zero smoothing or filtering for consistent responsiveness and control at any speed

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Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Turtle Beach Grip 300
1. Top Quality Components - Avago 3050 optical sensors and Omron switches provide instant response and precise tracking
2. Hardware Adjustment Switches - On-mouse switches adjust mouse speed from 500 to 1750 DPI and polling rate from 125 to 1000Hz
3. Light Them Up - The Grip 300 sports an illuminated scroll wheel and logo
4. Plug and Play - Works flawlessly right out of the box on both PCs and Macs; No drivers or other software needed
5. Get a Grip - Non-slip, soft-touch coating enhances grip control and increases gamer endurance

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Best MMO Mouse

Razer Naga Hex V2
1. Created specifically for MOBA gamers, the Razer Naga Hex Chroma comes with a 7 button thumb grid outfitted with mechanical buttons, positioned in a way that ensures you never misclick.
2. Each of these buttons is programmable, giving you easy and quick access to skills, no matter how intense the fight gets.
3. Redesigned with comfort in mind, the Razer Naga Hex Chroma now features a new ergonomic form factor that will fit the most popular playstyles.
4. Regardless of your grip-style, hand shape and size, this impressive mouse will enable you to continue dominating without any strain on your hand, even during the most taxing of gaming marathons.

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Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Reviews 2018

We in the gaming community don’t like to discriminate and thats why there is a large pool of left handed gaming mice. It was hard to find the best one, especially since I'm not left handed myself. But I have tests to do that don’t require my co-ordination to be all that great; and luckily I have a left handed brother who could test for the more subjective things such as feel and comfort. There are things that I could test myself but much of the more subjective information on these 2 gaming mice will come from a left handed gamer.

1. Razer DeathAdder (Ambidextrous Version)

First up is the left handed version of the Razer DeathAdder.

This is the exact same mouse as the DeathA

dder Elite above, but left handed which makes it great for that left handed gamer friend. The mouse has all of the same features as the DeathAdder Elite but everything is swapped to be on the left side of the mouse. The sensor is the same, the buttons are the same, the build is the same. Everything is the same.

There are other options though.

2. SteelSeries Sensei RAW

This mouse is a different version of a not so great mouse, but this version is a surprisingly good mouse. It drops the sensor that made its predecessor, the SteelSeries Sensei, so expensive and keeps a decent sensor while dropping the price. Don’t take this as me saying that the sensor isn’t good, because it is. It isn’t as good as the Proteus Spectrum, or the Razer DeathAdder. But those are so good that small discrepancies don’t really matter at that level of accuracy and speed.

The Sensei is a good mouse, but not worth its price and thats why I would recommend the RAW as it is stripped down and does away with some of the unnecessary aspects that the Sensei had. If you are going to spend Sensei level dollars on a mouse then you are better off getting a better quality one. But if you like simplicity, or are left handed, then this mouse is the mouse for you.

It has programmable buttons on either side of the mouse, obviously, but you can use both of them at the same time. You don’t have to choose which side you want to us. But having buttons on both sides of the mouse does present some problems. One of them is the fact that those buttons can be too easy to press sometimes resulting in poor reloads or skipping a song at its best moment. Either way, you don’t want it to happen.

Beyond that there are few complaints about this mouse. The shape is great, but it will never fit a hand as well as a dedicated left handed or right handed mouse. Thats because in order to make a mouse suit all hand types, no matter where people are clicking you need to be able

to put a button there and the shape can’t be contoured too much because you don’t know whether a thumb or finger is going to rest there.

The RAW comes with different potential materials which will affect your overall experience with the mouse. Metallic or Rubber. Most often you want to choose metallic, but in this case you should get the rubber version as it is less likely for your sweat to cause you to lose your grip on the mouse at key moments. The rubber version doesn’t have those issues and make the mouse that much more effective.

SteelSeries sponsors a lot of eSports events so you often see this mouse being used by pros when everything is on the line, but more and more I have seen pros bring their own mouse when travelling a s it is such a big deal. But nevertheless, if its good enough for the pros. its good enough for you. But why is it good enough for the pros?

SteelSeries sponsors a lot of tournaments, but most importantly, its a great mouse and caters to both left and right handed professionals. There is quite a bit more to this mouse than just its ambidextrous design. It has a stellar sensor, rare minimalism, and highly functional software.

The sensor runs up to 11,000 CPI but, as with other CPI figures, it doesn't mean much as these numbers can be inflated and no one actually uses their mouse at those insane figures. What matters is the accuracy, and the accuracy is quite good. It uses a laser to calculate how far the mouse has moved, so a laser working in tandem with a video camera produces high accuracy, and most importantly they haven’t put any acceleration or anything like that in the mouse. The best part of this mouse design though is its weight. 90 grams. There are couple things wrong with the weight, but as most gamers will attest to. The lighter the better. Yet, for some people (read: me) it is too light. This is more due to my personal preference than anything since I have always used behemoth mice so when I put something this light in my hand it is easy to over aim and to feel out of control. It took some getting used to, but by far the most frustrating thing about this mouse is the fact that when I wasn’t using it the cord could still pull the mouse out of place. This, even though the cord travels pretty far off the back of my desk. This won’t affect you during a game or anything, its just annoying when you are watching a movie or something to see the cursor move without you touching the mouse.

If you like light mice, then this is the one for you.

One of the biggest problems with the other version (the Sensei) was the software. It was cumbersome, annoying and prone to crashing. The RAW software is stripped down and you don’t need to ever open the software to use the mouse. But with the software you can set up profiles and switch the CPI on the fly, all useful things, but pretty standard in gaming mice.

So what about longevity?

This mouse works fine so long as you don’t abuse it. Thats basically saying that you will likely keep this mouse for a long time so long as you don’t click too hard or throw it, basically use it in a normal manner and you will keep this mouse for a long time. There are a couple of stories of people breaking the left click button but I think that comes less from a manufacturing defect and more from people clicking too hard.

3. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

This mouse isn’t placed as our best ambidextrous mouse for one and one reason only. Price. It is over $100 and the only mouse which might actually be worth that exorbitant price for such a small portion of your computer set up. This is in fact the best mouse I have ever laid my hands on and it isn’t at the top of this list because it is over $100 but it may be worth every cent due to its design, sensor, buttons, software, the whole package. Nothing is better.

The sensor is the same sensor that is in the G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse which is to say, it is incredible. The accuracy is unparalleled, no acceleration, no lag (important for a wireless mouse), stunning design, and great battery life. Most gamers have reservations about wireless gaming mice, and for good reason. Some, such as the Razer Mamba, have occasional connection and tracking issues which to a gamer is unacceptable. If that happens when you are scrolling Facebook its all fine, but if it happens in the middle of a game then you are screwed which could cost you the game. Unacceptable.

With the G900 Chaos Spectrum you don't have that. Of all the wireless gaming mice I have used, this is the best hands down. It may be the best gaming computer mouse I have ever used. There is less than 1 ms lag which is so fast it doesn’t matter and the only way that this wireless mouse could be slower than a wired mouse would be if you put a microwave on your desk to increase the connection interference to an absurd degree. For everyone, from the professional player to the weekend warrior this mouse will accomplish everything you need it to, accuracy, mobility and great software.

The Logitech Gaming Software isn’t the best piece of software every made but it is functional and works. it just works. I have never had an issue with the software. It lets you set up a bunch of profiles, change the RGB colors, set your DPI, set up macro keys for your buttons and several other things. The beauty is that you can save profiles onto your computer AND your mouse.

The best feature of this mouse is its ability to operate as both a wireless and wired mouse. While most wireless gaming mice have this ability nowadays it still is such a good idea to me. It doesn’t matter that its been done before because it works so well. The moment the charge runs out you just plug it in and keep using it, as it charges. Perfect. So if you travel a lot and feel the desire to game when on the road this mouse is perfect for you. Not only will you be able to store your profiles for wherever you go you will also be able to charge it on the go without having to stop gaming. There is no difference between gaming without the cord, or with the cord, which is a true engineering marvel and proves that within 5 years we will all be able to use wireless gaming mice for a sub $100 price.

So what about the design?


I could leave it at that, but then what kind of reviewer would I be? This is the best designed mouse I have ever seen, ever. Most ambidextrous mice suffer from the same issue and that issue is the fact that they either have no buttons or you accidentally press the buttons on the wrong side. Even if they are not mapped to anything they are still annoying to press. So Logitech fixed it. They made all the buttons removable so that if you don’t use the buttons on the other side of the mouse (who does) you can get rid of them.

Most ambidextrous designs suffer from the fact that it compromises and does everything good but nothing great, most of them don’t fit the hand great, they just do an OK job. I say that as a right handed person but from the left handed people that I have lent this mouse to I have heard that this mouse fits them just as well as it fits me. Somehow, due to the design, it fits every hand and style exceptionally well. There isn’t a single ambidextrous mouse that suits both right handed and left handed people as well as this mouse does, there aren’t a lot of mice that fit hands as well as this one does no matter the hand. Left or right.

On top of the ergonomics of the design you have the buttons themselves. Just like the G502 they use a bar so that no matter where you click on the left or right click buttons it feels solid and makes a gorgeous sound. Much the way that car manufactures design a cars sound, Logitech has started designed the way that their gaming mice sound. Not only do the left and right click sound and feel great but so do the other buttons. When I found out that you could remove the side buttons I was concerned that Logitech may have made some sacrifices to give us the ability to remove them, but in fact they did not. The buttons feel incredible and after countless presses continue to bring smile to my face. Thats how good this mouse is, i want to use it. Even when I don’t have to. I used to avoid using my mouse but not anymore, now I relish every chance.

So how long would this mouse last? Years and years. According to the Logitech website they say that the mouse has

This is a no holds barred mouse .Without question the best pc gaming mouse on the market. The only reason it isn’t the most highly recommended is because of its price. And worth every penny.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Reviews 2018

Turtle Beach Grip 300

Not everyone needs a mouse that has a plethora of features, occasionally you just need something to point and shoot and nothing more. Thats where the Turtle Beach Grip 300 comes in as the best budget gaming mouse on the market. It won’t be as flashy as the other mice on this list but will instead offer a great gaming mouse for those who don’t think that you should spend a lot of money on a mouse, although there are a lot of good reasons to spend money on a mouse, not everyone agrees or has the budget available.

Thats why this mouse offers so much for so little. It isn’t as innovative as the Logitech Chaos Spectrum nor is it as customisable as the Razer DeathAdder Elite, but what it does have is solid design and an understanding of the target audience. The mouse is by no means innovative or great, but not great doesn’t equal bad.

Its sensor suffers from no acceleration and is quite accurate. Accurate enough that is, which is to say by any metric, very accurate. The only reason I put that qualifier in is because the other gaming mice in this guide are so good that its hard to compare them. But no one would actually be able to tell the difference between this gaming mouse accuracy and that of the Proteus Core, except for the die hards and those who rely on the mouse to make money. The sensor is a great sensor that allows for several DPI settings that, sadly can’t be swapped on the fly, but they can be changed on the the bottom of the mouse. Perfect for transferring game genre cause an MMO requires a different DPI than a FPS. That being said, this mouse excels at the FPS genre. It has a clickable scroll wheel and 2 buttons near the thumb (its not ambidextrous) that you can map to certain i

n game actions. Sadly those keys cannot be easily mapped to macro commands because the mouse doesn’t have any software attached to it. But thats fine because the mice itself is a solid entry from Turtle Beach.

The design of this mouse is surprisingly good, it is small, well shaped, black with red backlighting, and ergonomic. All things that are present in many other gaming mice are present here, the most important things. Function and comfort. This mouse doesn’t look as futuristic as the G502 but it sits almost as good in a hand, a smaller hand that is. It is a small mouse which makes it less than ideal for palm grip users but puts it perfectly into claw and tip grip users territory, or just people with small hands. It is also ideal as a travel mouse for if you want a mouse that you can take with you without breaking the bank. If you lose it then it isn’t as big a loss as losing say the Chaos Spectrum.

It is clear that Turtle Beach put some thought into their first foray into gaming mouse territory. I expected a mediocre mouse that couldn’t make its voice heard above the cacophony of the gaming mouse kingdom, but was pleasantly surprised. The best budget gaming mouse.

Best MMO Mouse Reviews 2018

If you play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games like World of Warcraft (WoW) or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends (LoL) you need a lot of easily accessible buttons to use your abilities as soon as you need to use them, it is literally a matter of life or death. In game. Thats why people have started creating and designing mice that have many buttons all over the mouse, but most of them congregate under the thumb. So what gaming mice are the best for this genre of game?

I will present several options as there are so many mice that are so very good at this job. These mice, while designed for MMO’s and MOBA’s, also make great mice for FPS’s and any other genre of game. Or even just web browsing.

1. Razer Naga Hex V2

The moment you look at a photo of this mouse you know it was made for MOBA’s and undoubtedly one of the best MOBA mouses. Like most things designed for a specific job, it does that job very very well. Razor thought that MOBA players needed their own mouse and designed them a great mouse.

The DPI tops out at 16,000 which doesn't mean much but what it shows is how good the sensor is. That is to say, great. This is arguably the best gaming mouse sensor on the market, tied for best would be most accurate actually. The sensor has to be this accurate because MOBA players have to get their mouse to traverse huge distances while still being needle point accurate and it needs to do this as quickly as possible to help their reaction times. The high sensitivity will help out gamers in the most frantic moments in games and will help you out in the slower moments to find move the camera across the map.

The biggest MOBA centric part of this mouse are the buttons nestled under your thumb, all 7 of them. These are designed to give you faster access to the abilities

that will save your life. But sacrifices had to be made to give you those easy to access buttons and the biggest sacrifice there is comfort. The buttons are big and thats a good thing, they wouldn’t be as useful if they weren't big, but it does mean that your thumb is a little out stretched which isn’t all that bad but I prefer to have my thumb tucked neatly in a little enclave on my mouse which doesn’t happen with this mouse. Thats personal preference so if you don’t mind having your thumb be flush with the side of the mouse then its a non issue.

The buttons are nice and big which makes them easy to press but the only thing about those buttons is that I wish they would be easier to differentiate would be the ability to differentiate comes with experience and practice. The same way people can type without looking at their keyboard, more time and I would be able to tell what button is what. It is important to hut 7 instead of 6 and it would be nice if Razer could make it a bit easier to get used to.

There is another issue with the comfort of the Razer Naga Hex V2 but it does lie with the left side of the mouse, it is instead about how the pinky rests on the mouse. Thats to say, it doesn't and it is hard to find a comfortable place to put my pinky finger.

One of the beautiful things that Razer does with their mouse design is their software. The software is simple, elegant, and just works which is the most important thing you can get from a software. What this software lets you do is set your DPI profiles, colors, and map buttons with ease. There is something to be said for software that just works, I have never had issues using their software and its easy to understand exactly what every section is and how you can take maximum advantage of your mouse. Visit our homepage for more details.

2. Razer Naga Epic Chroma

The best products are something you didn't know you needed, or are a new product that you didn’t know you needed or even wanted, and Razer managed that with the update to the Razer Naga Epic Chroma, making it one of the best MMO gaming mice on the market now. What did I not think I needed?

Wireless capability in an MMO mouse.

Razer updated their Naga by addressing several things that I found annoying in the previous iteration and made it all wireless and it feels so good. There reason that this mouse isn’t my suggest is because of price and price alone. It is the best MMO mouse, but you can more bang for your buck with the previous iteration, if however, money is no object then you are better off getting this mouse over the Hex V2.

There are quite a few major differences between this mouse and the Hex V2. For starters the buttons are laid out differently. And you have more buttons. There are now 12 of them and they are laid out in a box formation as opposed to sitting in a circle under your them, I found this to be a major improvement. Yes there may be more keys to get confused by, but they are all easier to tell apart

from one another. After a couple of hours of play I was no longer being frustrated by pressing the wrong key.

While there may be 12 buttons laid out under your thumb, you effectively have 2 dozen because there is another key on the mouse that you can use to switch profiles and effectively give yourself another 12 unique keys. Making this the only mouse on the market that effectively gives you 24 buttons under your thumb.

This mouse is shaped perfectly for the palm grip making it effectively unusable for any other grip, but thats ok because you want a palm grip when you are playing MMO games as it makes large sweeping motions easier and more accurate.