Secret of Mana Remake Game for PS4 Review

The new Secret of Mana game is out and it is more of a remake or reconstruction of the old game and nothing else. Along with the updated graphics, the main upgrade is its porting from the SNED platform to PS4. Most of the magic, combat, and movement still remain the same with few essential additions. The man that might feel new to you is actually the original map of each stage which has been imported from the SNES platform as well. Not only that, it looks like the developers have also imported the flaws and loopholes that were present in the original game that was released back in the year 1993. The gameplay obviously improves as well as suffers a lot, at the same time, making visuals better but intensifying the problems when played on the modern console.

The Secret of Mana game is about a boy named Randi who has brown spike hairs and who pulls out a mystical sword which has been stuck in a stone for years. Most of you might think that we are telling you the tale of King Arthur, but unlike that story, Randi does not receive any reward. Instead, he is admonished by his home villagers for taking out that sword and thus throwing the magical forces residing in the forest off balance. The world of magical forces includes evil creatures, dragons, and monsters who wish to ruin their world. In order to save his village as well as the world from destruction, Randi needs to find the mystical seeds of Mana and use it with his mystical sword in order to restore the magical order in their world.

The actions of various characters in the game have also been modified. The story basically revolves around sword fighting as well as sorcery with a lot of new dialogues and scenes adding some new elements in the game. For example, there are scenes in which Randi along with friends, Popoi and Primm, get into a conversation every time you book at night in the inn. The changes might look simple and small, but impart a huge effect on making the gameplay more entertaining in the long run.

We were also not very impressed with the graphics of the game. Obviously, they are better than before, still not great. The soundtracks or background score running in the background does not have a time limit and has been re-created. The camera was too close to the characters at many points which made them look huge on the screen. However, few of the environments like Ice Country and Sprite Forest looked spectacular. The developers also decided to introduce voices in the remake of the game. That is a great addition but with one big problem. The lips of the actors do not move while they are speaking while the dialogues are available in English as well as the Japanese language.

There were a lot of improvements that we thought could have been made while remaking the game for the new platform. We were surprised to see that there were still few old animations included in the new game. If you have played the old game, you will definitely be surprised by finding a lot of similarities between both of them. Most of the monsters, locales, and bosses that we saw in the 1993 version of the game are still there and haven’t changed a bit.

The combat mechanism stays the same in the new Secret of Mana game, they are just transformed into 3D blocks. We did not like the menu makeover of the game which lacks the last selected option memory. This might not seem a big thing but creates a lot of problems while the players it trying to craft an item during an ongoing battle. The hitboxes on the enemies a less precise and the player might it difficult to determine whether the opponent is affected by the magical spell or not. However, this problem was solved by sheen indicators in the old game but is absent in the remake. Having one melee attacker and two magicians in a three-party team still work and you will also see a “critical hit” popup coming on the screen whenever your target is accurate.

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As a player, you have an option to swap the control in between the three characters at any point in time in the game. Each of the three characters can also hold any of the eight weapons that are available in the game. Every time you strike the opponent with the player in a combat, you lose energy and need to wait for it to regenerate before you can land another blow on your opponent. You will have to run around the given area to avoid various attacks initiated by your enemies while you are waiting for your energy bar to regenerate. You can attack magic spells from almost anywhere until and unless the enemies are in range, but you get very limited points with magic attacks and also the meter that refill the energy is very expensive too.

You will find that you crew gets surrounded by the enemies very easily during a combat and then you receive poundings from all directions. There are places where it is better to sneak past the enemies instead of engaging them in a fight. The original Secret of Mana game features a grid system using which the players can adjust the difficulty or the aggressiveness of your AI teammates. But, this option is not available in the PS4 version of the game. However, this problem is solved when you are playing in the co-op mode along with your family or friends.

The players are going to find the same old dungeon designs and that is because the remade game also runs on the same old skeleton. A small retro area map is going to annoy you in the beginning but the players will get used to it very soon because you are going to use it a lot in the game. Not to mention, the map has also received a makeover in the new version where the developers have made it a lot more practical, prettier and pleasing.

There are few things that made the old version very popular, and we are glad to find the same elements in the new version of the game as well. The gameplay where the players used to wander throughout the dungeons to find the fake wall or hidden items and that too without any trail or hint is priceless. The co-op system included in the game allows the players, family, and friends to drop in as well as drop out of the game anytime. We tested it on your PlayStation 4 and it worked flawlessly.

Another thing that we did not like about the new Secret of Mana game was the silent lonely areas which were a hotspot of various beings in the previous game. These places were for teaming up with other characters. The new 3D effects are good but take away that spark that we saw during the entrance of the enemy bosses.

Another problem that most of the new players would face is regarding the information of items available in the game. The old Super Nintendo version had a huge world map as well as a manual that helped the user to understand what different stored items are meant to do and where can the players find huge cities and landmarks. Later in the game, the players were accompanied by a dragon named Flammie, which was capable of taking the player anywhere on the map they want at any time. But all these features are missing in the remastered version of Secret of Mana for PlayStation 4.

The Verdict

We loved the old classic game which was simple and the in which all flaws were invisible. However, they come alive in the remake of the game. We hate to say this but the re-master of Secret of Mana does not work. It is an old RPG game which has been converted for latest consoles but with few problems. We found the feel of the old SNES game missing in the new one. Also, the gameplay was intuitive at the time when the game was first released, but there is nothing new in that too. We think there will be very fewer gamers which are actually going to enjoy the old combat heavy gameplay. All in all, you can play it for remembering old days and it is fun in some spots too, but you will find your excitement decreasing lower and lower as you progress in the game.

Analogue Super NT Review: Best Way to Play SNES Games in HD?

In 2017, we got the initial release of the Analogue NT Mini gaming console. We are sure that many of you might not know what a Super NT Mini is and if you don’t, it is a premium gaming console which has been designed for playing the iconic 8-bit NES games but this time with superb graphics as well as accuracy. The NT Mini launched last year was priced $450 and many of the gamers found it too costly for enjoying old childhood games. Also, one could even get heavy gaming consoles like Xbox One or PS4 at the same price, so it was stupid to speed this much amount on a simple console.

So, after a year, the whole new Super NT has been released by the company which is more or less a recreated version of the Super NES, an FPGA-based console which comes with a lot of new features and costs you just $189. Obviously, with cheaper price tag DF Retro wishes to attract most of the NES games lovers. Still, spending $189 will need some really special features to lure the fan base, and that is why we are here with a complete review and to explore the features that you will find in the Super NT video game console.

Till now, Nintendo’s Super NES console has been the one to serve old NES games to the modern players. And it was really hard to beat since it offered the players with a huge selection of old genre-based game with superb video output and quality. Obviously, those were the games that we played during our childhood and there are way better games available out there now on consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One/360. However, the success of the SNES mini showed us that there are people who still love to enjoy those old games. But, it failed to offer the exact experience because there was no way to but cassettes in it. Nintendo Super NT solves this problem and allows the user to plug in the cartridges and enjoy old games on Full HD and Ultra HD monitors.

Analogue Super NT Review – Best Way to Play Classic SNES Games?

More or less, the Super NT console looks like our old cartridge video game. It does not have an Aluminum body as we found in the Analogue NT and possesses the dimensions of 5.2 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches weighing around 17.6 ounces. The size of the console is twice as the SNES Classic but three times in terms of weight. If you have played the Super NES games, it is more like a miniature version of it with simple yet attractive design and color to remind you of your childhood. There are different color choices available for the users to choose from as well.

Just similar to the old video game consoles, the Super NT also features a cartridge slot on the top side. There are a couple of buttons for resetting the console and to toggle the power just below the cartridge slot. We really missed the eject button that use to throw out the cassette with a pop. In order to remove the cartridge from Super NT, you need to just pull it out gently while holding the console at its place.

You will also find a micro USB port at the backhand side of the Super NT for powering it up as well as an HDMI port for TV connection and a wall adapter. You won’t find the old connection ports in it but there is a MicroSD slot that is required for updating the firmware whenever a new release version is out from the company.

The Controllers

There are two ports on the front face of the console that could be used for connecting the controllers to the console. It is something that we really missed in the previous Analogue NT console. Nintendo is offering 8-bit controllers as “8Bitdo SN30 gamepad” as well as “SNES Retro Receiver” along with the Super NT console just for $40 each.

Both the controllers are Bluetooth enabled and could be used with Super NT and SNES Classic as well. They have recreated the unique old controllers with the same old design but a better internal hardware. The controllers are very accurate, work wirelessly and fits perfectly in hand. There is a Retro receiver as well that you get along with the controllers and which should be connected to the front ports of the console. Since the controllers are based on the SNES/SF ports, you can even use them for playing games on other third-party gaming too.

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The Interface

The Interface of the console will remind you of all the old games and music that we were a fan of in our childhood. The system takes few seconds or even a minute sometimes to start up and then takes you to the main menu directly. From the main menu, you can find the list of games that are available from the inserted cartridge and then start any game that you wish to play. In case you do not have a separate game cartridge, you can still play two games which come built-in along with the Super NT console. These two games are “Super Turrican Director’s Cut” and “Super Turrican 2”. Obviously, the startup of console takes few seconds, but the users can also skip it and jump directly into the game by turning on the Automatic boot option which bypasses the animation and takes you directly to the game menu where the cartridge is inserted in the slot.


Going into a bit into the technical detail, you have got FPGA at the core of the Super NT console. FPGA stands for “Field-Programming Gate Array” which sits at the heart of the console. Using Analogue reverse engineering, the developers have transplanted all the original console circuit across the latest FPGA chip. Also, the core of the console has been written in digital circuit language called Verilog that is capable of executing different instructions from the user and console in parallel with ease, however, the time taken by it to complete the task is based on the quality of the embedded code. The result that we get from Super NT is really impressive and it can easily bring back the original behavior of old NES consoles with much better accuracy.

There is a big difference in the Super NT console and the previous Analogue NT console in terms of hardware, and that is also one of the main reason why Super NT’s price is way cheaper than its predecessor. The 2017 Analogue NT had an 8-bitdo controller chip, but that has been replaced with the FPGA core and encased in a gorgeous plastic finish and design. It is more or less similar in size to original Nintendo hardware console but feels really sturdy and durable.

Another difference between Analogue NT and Super NT is in the output. In Analogue NT, the company provided both HDMI as well as analog video output ports. But that has been changed to only one HDMI port in Super NT. This could be another measure taken by the company for cutting the cost of the console. It was obvious to try the Analogue video in the NT Mini because it is not supported by NES consoles. No doubt the engineers thought that it would be the main selling point of the NT mini. But that has been removed and taken out of the picture in Super NT.

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Next, we would like to talk about the SNES Software emulation and accuracy which is pretty good in this small console. There are other similar consoles out there which might be cloned and might use an open source emulation code, which is highly unreliable and not at all recommended. The bottom line is the Super NT console will exceed your expectation if you are an old time games lover and do not wish to spend much time playing heavy games on your powerful PC.

The Super NT has a controller driven interface. So, one can make use of the original controllers as well as carts for playing the games. There are no latency issues as well, which add up to your gaming experience. Most of you gamers would agree with me that the old SNES games looked better in old CRT monitors, but the Super NT display output makes sure that you can get better graphics on your HD monitors as well. Similar to Analogue NT, the Super NT brings the support for 1080p, 720p and 480p resolutions and that too at 50Hz and 60Hz refresh rate. For people having a 4KUltra HD monitor, well, there is no support for Ultra HD as of now. For that, you will require extra processing power that cannot be handled by the currently used processing chip. There is another option to boost up the gamma ratio that increases the overall brightness output whenever you are using scan lines as well.

The user gets two aspects ratio to chose from. One is 1:1 and the other one is 8:7. However, we did not find both of them accurate at all. But there is a way out of it. The player can manually enter the resolution in the setting to get the desired screen resolution. The frame buffer makes it possible in the console. There is actually a whole separate scaler chip in the hardware that is customizable. And using it you can turn on the vertical as well as horizontal interpolation that gets rid of the glittering edges whenever the user tries to make use of non-integer figures.

The Verdict – Is it Worth Buying?

The Super NT is recommended for those players who do not mind spending around $190 for enjoying the games you used to play in your childhood every now and then. No doubt it is one of the good Nintendo entertainment Console which comes with top features and is the best way to enjoy old games with new technology. Yes, we really loved that one can pair it with good monitors and resolutions when compared to old CRT monitors. There is one thing to say about it, it is the best retro console out there that you can get to enjoy old classic games.

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Best 1440p 144hz Monitor of February 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons

With the rise in the graphical processing power of GPUs, it makes more sense to get a 1440p 144hz gaming monitor for your gaming needs nowadays. 1440p is the sweet spot since it gives more details on the display and while gaming the graphics look much more clear and crisp.

We will be listing 10 of the best 1440p 144hz monitors that you can buy right now and along with them, we will also list the features of each of these monitors so that you can choose which one you should be going for.

GamingBuff’s Top Picks: Best Gaming Monitor of 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons

Best 1440p 144hz Monitor of February 2018 (Updated Top Ten List)

#1. Acer XB271HU – 27-inch

Acer’s Predator series of monitors are known for their build quality and performance and this new monitor is a new addition to the same lineup. This monitor has a 27-inch IPS panel display of 1440p and it sports a refresh rate of 144hz. With a Red and Black design, the monitor looks absolutely stunning. But looks are not the only impressive thing about this beast. The monitor has a native refresh rate of 144hz which can be overclocked to 165hz if required.

With a configuration of 1440p with 144hz at a 27-inch size, this monitor is guaranteed to give you an immersive experience while you game on. It has a response time of 4ms and comes with Nvidia G-Sync for GPU synchronization.

#2. ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q

The Asus ROG Swift PG278Q is a 27-inch gaming monitor with 1440p resolution and 144hz refresh rate. This is one of the monitors that don’t just offer high refresh rates but also very less response time and the response time on this monitor is 1ms. This was possible on this monitor since it uses a TN Panel display instead of an IPS panel. It also comes loaded with NVIDIA G-Sync which will be helpful if you are getting high frame rates to the upwards of 144fps. G-Sync makes sure you don’t face any screen tearing, ghosting or input lag.

The monitor itself comes with full tilt and swivel capabilities and you can also mount it using a VESA mount.

#3. Acer XG270HU

This monitor comes with AMD FreeSync which does the same job as the NVIDIA G-Sync. This monitor has a TN Panel with a resolution of 1440p and comes with a response time of 1ms. Of course, this has a refresh rate of 144hz but there are some tradeoffs that you will be making here. For example, there’s no swivel or tilt functionality or you cannot overclock the refresh rate. All these tradeoffs don’t mean that this monitor isn’t good or doesn’t do its job well. It is, in fact, a great gaming monitor and you can choose to have it if you want to save some bucks.

#4. BenQ ZOWIE XL2730

BenQ is a known name in the gaming monitors scene and this specific monitor is largely used in competitive gaming tournaments of CS:GO, Overwatch and more. The XL2730 comes with a 1440p resolution, 144hz refresh rate, a response time of 1ms and it has a TN panel. It also comes with AMD FreeSync which will reduce the screen tearing, ghosting, and input lag while you’re gaming on the monitor.

Apart from all this, you get features like black eQualizer which is BenQ’s own thing to display deeper blacks. The monitor itself is quite sleek and comes with tilt and swivel features which is always a great thing.

#5. Dell Gaming S2716DGR

Dell has been upping their game with products targeted towards the gaming community. This monitor is a new addition to their gaming series of products and it comes with a 27-inch TN panel which has a resolution of 1440p and a refresh rate of 144hz. It also comes with NVIDIA G-Sync. If you look at the pictures, you will see it has a very simple design and doesn’t really carry the extra bells and whistles that most gaming monitors do. This might be a good thing for many since many people look for functionality in a package that looks simple.

It has all the functions such as tilt, height adjustment, swivel and also comes with support for VESA mount. This is a good release from Dell indeed!


This is a very unusual addition to our list but this thing is a great value for money. If you prefer curved monitors over flat ones, this is the one you are looking forward to buying. It comes with Samsung VA panel of 27-inches and has a resolution of 1440p and refresh rate of 144hz. It comes with AMD FreeSync so you have a great option to go for if you are running on an AMD GPU.

It lacks the functions like swivel, tilt etc. but since it is a curved monitor and is priced so low, we are willing to not look at the tradeoffs. This is a great monitor to go for!


AOC is a well-known name when it comes to monitors and with their AGON series of gaming monitors, they are touching base with the gaming community as well. This specific monitor has a 1440p resolution on a 27-inch TN panel and it has a refresh rate of 144hz. It comes with Adaptive Sync which functions just like NVIDIA G-Sync or the AMD FreeSync. It has a height adjustable stand that also supports tilt so you are good to go.


Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q comes with a native refresh rate of 165hz which, according to me, is definitely impressive. It also has all the other goods such as NVIDIA G-Sync, IPS panel of 27-inches which can display the full sRGB gamut. It also comes with Asus’s own EyeCare which will help in reducing the stress on your eyes due to the prolonged usage of the monitor.

ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Review

Coming to the monitor’s stand, it comes with a stand that can easily tilt, swivel and is also height adjustable. The monitor also supports VESA mount which can be used to mount it on a wall or with a monitor arm.

We recommend this monitorAsus VG248QE (Read our review)

#9. BenQ ZOWIE XL2735

This monitor from BenQ comes with a 27-inch 144op display with a refresh rate of 144hz. The monitor itself comes with tactical shields which are removable and it has everything else that the monitor from BenQ mentioned above, specifically the BenQ ZOWIE XL2730. This monitor comes with all the good BenQ stuff like the Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance, S-Switch and a stand that is height adjustable as well.

#10. ViewSonic XG2703-GS

ViewSonic is definitely a known and reliable brand when it comes to monitors. It comes with a 27-inch 1440p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 165hz. It also comes with NVIDIA G-Sync and also has two speaks included right into the monitor. It comes with all the other goods as well like the VESA mount which can be used to mount the monitor on the wall and a monitor arm. This is certainly a good buy if you are looking for a monitor that isn’t only 1440p but has a refresh rate of 165hz as well.

Sony Might Soon Allow You to Change your PSN ID

There is a good news for all the PSN subscriber out there. It is possible that Sony might allow you to change your PSN names once. This is one thing that most of the PSN users have been thinking since its launch. Many of us just random names while subscribing without realizing that there won’t be any option to change it later. Thanks to that most of us are stuck with really stupid names. But, the latest reports tell us that Sony might finally allow the players to change their PSN account names.

The news comes from a website called PushSquare that got it hands on a survey which was conducted by none other than Sony. The content of the survey suggested that Sony might be collecting opinions for adding a new feature in PSN which allows the users to change their PSN IDs. Not only that, it also suggested that the feature may allow the users to change their IDs not only once but multiple times and that too for free.

But it does not mean that you will be able to change it whenever you want. Instead, we can expect this option to get enabled every 6 months. Also, in case the user does like the new ID and wish to get it reverted, they will have to contact the Sony’s customer support.

There was no official disclosure from PushSquare whether this change will be free or the player will have to pay some amount to get it done. If we look at the competitor, Xbox One, the company allows the players to change their ID for free just once after which the players need to pay some amount for the change.

However, Sony has still not commented on the information by PushSquare and we should still be not so sure about it. This is because the Survey also said that, “We can’t be sure whether this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard. “

We can expect Sony to add this feature soon because Xbox already has it. However, we can expect them to charge a fee for that. Many players have already been requesting the company for that and when asked to Shawn Layden, a PS executive, last year, he said that won’t be able to answer any question the PSN name change topic.

What do you think about the PSN name change? Should it be allowed and if it comes, should Soncy charge the player for that? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

Eco Game Review: Sandbox Gameplay with a Mission

There are few games that allow the player to create anything they want in an open world. Yes, you know where we are pointing towards. We are talking about Minecraft. It is simple, super imaginative and creative as well as one of the popular games from Sandbox that gives the player whole control of the world and what he or she could create in it. You get all kinds of options from the game itself that helps you build rooms, buildings, furniture, nature and what not. You can move around the world and have unlimited supplies to build things from scratch.

If you love Minecraft as much as we do, there is a good news for you. Strange LoopGames have released a new game called “Eco” that gives you everything you want from a survival and create game and even a bit more than that. Eco is a game which has an end and objective to accomplish. Adding objective to open world creative gameplay is something that we never saw before and which is why Eco is way different when compared to other titles of the Indie genre.

So, here we are with a brief review of the game that will give you a deep insight of what happens in the game and why we liked it.

Story and Gameplay

The game starts with few tutorials which we recommend you to go through. These tutorials will teach you various survival techniques which are essential for progress in the game. Also, the tutorial will help you get some tools using which you can start mining, collecting stones, cutting trees, just like starting a whole new civilization from scratch.

Now after you are done getting used to the environment, the first problem is thrown at you. This new problem is a meteor which is circling the planet and you have just 30 days before it hits your planet and ends everything. So, you now have 30 real days to build your civilization expand it to such a level that they are capable of handling the circling doom.

You also have stats that grow as you build more and more things and progress on. These stats are going to help you to build better things taking you closer to getting rid of the meteor. Once you have a good skill set, you will be able to build a whole city with some dedicated efforts.

Till now, the game looks really exciting, but things become even more fun if you have a group of friends with you as well. Eco allows you and your friends to play together, work together, and work wonders combining your imagination and creativity together. Another great thing about the game is that it allows the player to enforce kind of law in the community, and each and every player in the community gets to vote whether they wish to enforce the law or not. This feature gives the control of the game to every player equally and makes sure they feel their importance, giving Eco a whole new feel.

The list of surprises does not end here. There is another additional touch that is really amazing in the game. Whatever you and your friends do in the game, affects the environment as well as the ecosystem around you. It’s totally upon your whether you wish to destroy the nature to save yourself from the danger or maintain balance with it. This element could be found in very little things. For example, if you are taking too much food from a plant, ultimately it will die. Things become even more unstable once you have installed various factories around that continuously pump out smoke degrading the environment. One thing to notice is that the more you degrade the environment, more it becomes harder to maintain. The challenge is really very tough, which is to maintain a fully flourishing civilization with nature and at the same time, avoiding its extinction as well.

Game Visuals

The game visuals are a bit better than the Minecraft game but they are not as realistic as you see in the latest heavy game titles. Eco has a cartoon type design with perfect polishing imparting natural look to the things around you. The meteor itself is very dreadful and threatening from the first sight. It reminds you if the danger as it closes day by day.

Sound plays an important role in the game. The background music is very soothing and offers you a perfect surrounding to focus on building your civilization. Different actions that you do make sound as well, but is matches and fades into the music running in the background. The perfect blend of visuals and music makes you believe that you are actually building your personal new world.

Online Play

The players have a lot of option to join various servers that are hosted online. Obviously, you can continue building your own world alone but you also have the option to include other online players as well. With so many options, laws, building, you get too many possibilities you can create, and that is something that makes the game replayable over time again and again.

Eco – The Verdict

Well, we really liked the game but there could have been few improvements to that. The start of the game might seem a bit slow for to some of the players as you will have to discover few basic things like wheel barrels so that they can help you out to move things a bit faster. Also, you cant farm from the start and will have to forage food from the surroundings. Well, the developers could have made the beginning a bit easier and pacer for us, but that does not take away the charm of the game.

All in all, Eco is a very interesting game that takes the sandbox gameplay style and adds a lot of creative possibilities in it by adding few concepts and elements in it. We really liked it and played it few more times to discover what all we can do in it, and the list is really huge. Once you are done with the initial setup requirements, things will get pretty easier for you. It is a good competitor to Minecraft while taking its capabilities to a whole new level. This game is made for all the Minecraft and adventure lovers out there and definitely needs a shot.

FIFA 18 TOTW 22 Confirmed Line-Ups – 96 Ronaldo, 93 Aguero, 87 Firmino & More

The new FIFA 18 Team of the Week 22 is finally out and we are not surprised to see some of the expected names on the list. However, it is very exciting though to see some big names on the player list and having them this week is going to be even more exciting.

The list of the Team of The Week was announced today at 6 PM BST that you can get by competing against the opponents as well as on the FUT Player packs.

This time the new Team of the Week contains five players from the Premier League which include Roberto Firmino from Liverpool, Lejeune from Newcastle United, Sergio Aguero from Manchester City, Vertonghen from Spurs and Victor Moses from Chelsea.

Given below is the complete list of Starting 11 squad as well as reserves that are revealed as a part of this Team of the Week 22.

FIFA 18 Team of the Week


  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 96
  • Sergio Aguero – 93
  • Roberto Firmino – 87


  • Bernardeschi – 84
  • Parejo – 86
  • Willian Carvalho – 85
  • Piotr Zielinski – 83


  • Tagliafico – 92
  • Vertonghen – 86
  • Lejeune – 82


  • Sergio Rico – 84 – Goal Keeper
  • Raul – 82 – Defender
  • Jovetic – 84 – Striker
  • Puch – 81 – Midfielder
  • Victor Moses – 82 – Defender
  • Kramaric – 84 – Striker
  • Khazri – 82 – Midfielder


  • Cengiz Under – 80 – Midfielder
  • Mohamed Elisa – 65 – Striker
  • Teddy Chevalier – 78 – Midfielder
  • Andres Jacobsen – 75 – Striker
  • Matthias Morys – 78 – Striker

Composure in FIFA 18 / FUT – What Does it Mean?

There are thousands of player in FIFA 18 and the only thing that makes each and every one of them different from each other is their attributes. Yes, each and every player has a different set of attribute that imparts them special movement, passing, shooting and other abilities. More is the rating of the attribute, the better the player is in passing or shooting. These attributes play an important role while you are buying a player from the transfer market. If you want your player to sprint, buy a player with high Pace attribute rating. If you want a pass master, get a player with high Passing attribute and so on.

One such important attribute from all of them is Composure. No doubt most of the players most look at the main six attributes which are Shooting, Passing, Pace, Physical, Defending, and Dribbling. However, that is not all and there are many attributes that you usually can’t see easily. There are more than 30 attributes associated with a player and Composure is one important one of them.

The complete list of attributes are:


  • Finishing
  • Penalties
  • Long Shots
  • Shot Power
  • Volleys
  • Positioning


  • Sprint Speed
  • Acceleration


  • Reaction
  • Composure
  • Agility
  • Ball Control
  • Balance
  • Dribbling


  • Curve
  • Crossing
  • Long Passing
  • Vision
  • Free Kick
  • Short Passing


  • Standing Tackle
  • Heading
  • Marking
  • Sliding Tackle
  • Interceptions


  • Strength
  • Aggression
  • Stamina
  • Jumping


  • Kicking
  • Handling
  • Diving
  • Speed
  • Reflexes
  • Positioning


Composure is a typical attribute. To put it in a simple manner, it is the attribute that determines that at what distance the player with the ball is going to start feeling the pressure from the opponent player. If the composure is not strong, the opponent player can throw you off balance while you are shooting, making you miss the target. Not only that, you passing, through passes and crosses are also affected by it as well. More is the composure rating of the player, the better he performs, passes and shoots under direct pressure from an opponent. It is not something new that we are seeing in FIFA 18 and it has been there in previous editions of the game as well. It was removed games before FIFA 17 but re-introduced from last year’s game.

So, next time you are buying a new attacker or a midfielder, make sure you check his composure so that he can withstand even the toughest of oppression.

Konami Announces a New Metal Gear Solid Beta Release Next Week

If you are also a Metal Gear Solid fan like me and most of the other gamers, there is a good news for you all. Konami has announced a new Metal Gaer Solid Survive Beta Release next week. The beta release will be for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 consoles, and PC. With beta release, they mean that it will be some kind of trial for the PC gamers to have a taste of it for the first time.

We also have the dates of the trial with us. The PC trial is going to begin on 16th of February and will end on 18th of February.

There is still not a lot of information out there about the beta release but we know that it is going to feature three missions for the PC gamers. These three missions are set up on two different maps. For people looking for online play, you can play with up to 4 players in the same maps during the beta period. There are going to be some daily missions offered to the players but that will be optional to play. However, if you take part in the mission are going to receive a nameplate with “FOXHOUND” written on it, a bandana and a Metal Gear Rex Head accessory. All these rewards can be equipped by the player instantly in the game.

Konami has already released a beta version of the game last month in January. However, that beta was totally exclusive for PS4 and Xbox One users. There is no detail about the maps and the missions that the company is going to offer in the Beta release, whether they re going to be the same one we saw in the last beta, or not.

In case you have been waiting for Metal Gear Solid for your PC and are definitely going to take the beta trial, we want to recommend you few things so that you are totally prepared for the beta and don’t face any issue while trying it. First of all, you are going to require a strong internet connection on your PC. You should know that the final game that you are going to get will include micro-transactions. It is a paid game, still, you might have to pay for some items which are available as in-app purchases. You will also require a good mouse and headphones to play in co-op mode.

This is the first game which has been released for PS4, Xbox One and now PC, after we saw the amazing Metal Gear game from Hideo Kojima. Also, the game should have got released in 2017, but the company decided to delay the release because of E3. We will be back with more details on Metal Gear Solid Survive and the beta release later. Stay tuned with us for more information on the latest game and other gaming updates.

Dragon Ball FighterZ PlayStation 4 Review

We recently unveiled a list of the most anticipated and awaited games of 2018. One of the games on the list was Dragon Ball FighterZ, which has been recently launched in the market. There have been very few games related to Dragon Ball Z anime series before, but not all of them were so impressive as Dragon Ball FighterZ. One of the biggest problems has always been related to the Dragon Ball game visuals. It is very hard to imitate and get the exact features, styles, moves as in cartoon as in the game. But things are a lot different in the new Dragon Ball fighting game which has been developed by none other than Arc System. In case you don’t know about them, Arc Systems is really very popular for developing stylish and detailed fighting game titles, and their involvement in the development of the new DBZ fighting game made us even more eager to try it out.

So, let us not wait any more time and begin the review of this exciting fighting game. For those who have been waiting for the game since long, we would like to tell you that it is really worth it. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game that should have a lot of action, and it does not fail to impress you in that. It was very important for the developers to bring out the action as well as the intensity of the fights of Dragon Ball Z, and Arc System Works has done an incredible for here. For the fans of the original series, the characters and cartoons look like they have directly pulled out of the comics and TV screen and put in the game. Almost every move you make in the game fills the entire screen with spectacular destructive graphics, no matter it is a single button attack or the Ult to end the battle dramatically and in style.

The visuals you see on the screen are not repetitive or similar and have some high as well as low points, but that is an important part of the game’s gameplay to make sure that it is equally hard for both beginners as well as pros.


I personally loved the 3 vs 3 mode in the game which reminded me of the original street fighter video game that we used to play as a child. However, this time this was handled in a much better way than before. But the concept remains the same, both the trios need to fight against each other until and unless one of them is completely defeated. When the player is defeated, you see an animation before the new player is replaced with the defeated player, giving the players time to adjust for the new fight. Obviously, we know how intense a battle could get when players are really pumped up, the small break in between helps in player calm down mentally to get ready for the next battle.

There is a unique feature in the game for all the newcomer that will help them to get aboard and get accustomed to the moves. This feature is a “Shared command list”. Shared command list makes sure that every fighter you play with has the same move set as the previous one. So, you won’t have to learn the unique mechanics of the game before you can actually progress in it. Just learn the movement and actions of one single character and all those skills set as well as skills are copied to the rest of the cast as well.

This gives the benefit of not memorizing every move in the game for different characters. You don’t need to learn any new command for every new character that you play with. All the players need to do it, explore a little about the moves of the player, assign them to the pre-defined move set and you are good to go. For an instance, you can use the Ki attack from Goku by pressing a button. The same button could be used for Vegeta to use his fire ball or Captain Ginyu to summon allies in the fight. So, all you need to memorize is which attack to use at what point, making the gameplay a lot simpler and competitive for newbies and experts. This was a big problem in all the other fighting games where the player had to pause and look at the command list to know what all powers he or she can use. And it was of no use a well, as we only used the move that are easy to perform and remember. That extra effort is no longer required in Dragon Ball FighterZ. In addition to that, you won’t have to remember all the new moves while switching the players during a battle. All you need to know is what powers the new player possesses.

Since the Dragon Ball FighterZ game is a 3 vs 3 game, the players have to pick 3 characters in order to form a team and fight the battle against the other team, which too contains three members. You can easily switch between different characters in between the fight, and even if you do not use it, you control will automatically switch to the next character once you exiting fighter is defeated by the opponent.

Story Mode

There is a story mode in the game as well which helps you to explore various characters in the game as well as the game mechanics in a whole different environment. The entire story mode is divided into three different parts in which you get the chance to play as various characters of the Dragon Ball world. But we found a huge non-linear storyline which was full of action and adventure, but not very impressive. In the starting of the Story mode, we see Goku as well as his friends being knocked out at once. You are a character somehow related to Goku as well. After that, you need to travel the entire universe reviving all your knocked out friends and then assisting them to fight the evil. As a surprise, you have evil clones of yourselves in the game too. In the story mode, the players get chance to get into the shoes of different characters and explore their limits.

You will also find a map in the Story mode with different routes on it. Each and every route is going to take you to a different fight which is somehow related to the story. The player also has the ability to choose the number of fights he or she wished to fight. But not all of them are optional, you will have to fight some important fights forcibly which are important to take the plot of the story forward.

You get experience points as well as power-ups as rewards from the story mode. These power-ups could be used in a single player battle outside Story mode too. You can even converse with various characters that are around you while you are traveling in time. This makes the game more fun and interesting to see what you can find out from various beings. This also prevents the game from being just a fighting game in which the Story mode also asks you to fight, something like Injustice – Gods Among Us.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s arcade mode is really impressive. There are three difficulty levels that you need to choose from and in each one of them, you face some of the game’s rosters. The initial phase of Arcade mode is easy but it becomes really challenging and devastating in the latter half. The difficulty increases as you perform. The better you perform, more difficult it will get, simple as that. But, it is a great place where you can practice your moves and skill against the computer who can give you a really good fight.

Online Play

You also have the option to take your special moves online and show it to other players from all over the world. However, unlike all the other games, Dragon Ball FighterZ uses a non-traditional menu system in the game. Once you start online, you start in a lobby along with 63 other players coming from a specific geographical area. But you might face some issues while connecting to the servers some of the time.

One big problem with the game is its slow start-up. By default, the game looks for internet access for online play when you start it. And when it does not receive a response back, it turns really slow. It seems it tries again and again for many times before offering the player option to play the game offline. You also cant pick to boot the game in offline mode by default.

However, once you enter the lobby, you control a small copy of your favorite Dragon Ball character that you are playing the game. Also, you get all the access to various parts of the game as well. There are different modes in the online mode too which help you to get the perfect opponent to fight to. The Casual Play and the Ranked play are the most common and simple way to fight other online players. Other modes also help you to get online opponents in which you need to pick your team which you want to use in the fight while the matchmaking system looks for a competitor.

The Verdict

All in all, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a whole new world of fighting in itself. It will make you feel powerful, pumped and unstoppable, especially if you are a Dragon Ball anime fan. The game is fully about the face to face epic battles and the moves you pull out to defeat even the toughest of opponents. Obviously, it is one of the best online fighting multiplayer game of 2018, but we can see some more of them coming in in a couple of months too. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Dragon Ball FighterZ game and other game updates too.

Sony Releases PS 4 Update 5.5 and Here are the New Features

Sony recently released an update for the PlayStation 4 consoles out there and in this update, they are also asking people to register for a beta test for some kind of “major” update that the console might be getting soon. There were few rumors about some big update in past few days which have been officially confirmed by the PS4 update 5.5. However, the update is not rolled out to everyone but only to selected users of the console.

One thing that you need to know about the PS4 update 5.5 is that it brings a lot of changes to different areas of the PS4 UI. The whole Library looks like redesigned and has been divided into two separate sections. The first section allows the user to see all the items that he or she has purchased from the PS Store using that account. The second section of the Library basically display the games, apps and other things installed on your PS4. Not only that, in case you have a PS Plus subscription, you can also see all the games you own via PlayStation Plus. These games are locked when your subscription ends and you will have to re-subscribe to PS Plus to play them again. Since the purchase list display all the Demos, Beta versions and trials, there is an option that allows you to hide them from the screen and Library.

There was some progress visible to the custom wallpaper in the previous update but with the new PS4 Update 5.5, the users can import any image from a USB Flash Drive and then set it as the PS4 background. You will find a new section named “USB” added in the Themes section under Settings. There are some handy tools for cropping and zooming the images and for making the picture fit perfect in the background.

One new addition to the feature list is “Play Time Management”. This new feature is developed focusing the time your kids spend on PS4. The parents can now set a daily time limit for their children and prevent them from sticking to their TV screens for hours. You can also track the time played using any profile from your PC or even from your Smartphone. In case you wish to warn someone about the approaching limit cutoff, you can send them a notification using your phone or PC and could even decide whether to shut them off right away or not.

The other feature includes a Supersampling feature that might be of some interest to you in case you are not using a 4K display monitor for playing games on your PS4. The Supersampling feature is going to enhance the existing supersampling capabilities and will allow it to be utilized for some more games as well. For those who do not know what SUpersampling is, it is a process in which the game is rendered at a very high resolution but then scaled down to the resolution that your monitor supports, thus offering better and clearer images.

There are few improvements made to the Quick Menu, you get some shortcut buttons that could be used to Play and Pause the music. The users can delete the notifications manually now and there is a new Customization option added to the Tournament team pages.

However, at the starting of the post, we talked about some kind of Registration for the beta PS4 update. Well, in case you have got a choice to register for it and if you do, keep yourself updated with your email inbox regularly as you may get some info on how to access it. There is no official word about the release date of the beta future update, but it might bring a lot of new and cool features to our existing PS4 and PS4 consoles.