Top 10 Best Co-Op Games of 2017

If you look from our point of view, there are two different types of games available in the market. One, which are personal, can be played by one person and depends on the story which has already been programmed in the disk. The other type is a bit more entertaining. There are games which can be played with other players online or via multiplayer. We prefer the later type because while playing with other players, you can never predict the game. Each player plays a different type of game when every time whenever they hold the remote. And one bad thing about such games is that they are really very addictive once you start playing them. And it’s not a joke, and I am not saying it just like that, I’ve actually seen people sacrificing their entire social lives over online multiplayer games such as DOTA.

Sharing gameplay with other players is a completely different feeling, however, these type of games are also not like by everyone, for obvious reasons.

Another plus point of Co-op games is that you do not need your partner around you all the time to play Co-Op games. He can connect with you online and play with you from any part of the world.

Online Co-Op games not include a lot of major titles as well as genres in gaming. There are suer FPS shooters like Call of Duty, where various people can join teams to play against each other online. It is similar to Counter Strike, but this one has thousand times better graphics and gameplay than that. There are racing games and obviously, Sports games. Popular games like EA Sports FIFA 18 allow you to play with other players from various parts of the world and even form your own customized teams to play online. Co-op games like Portal 2 and Overcooked require efforts from both the player to achieve the final goal, which is impossible to finish otherwise.

Well, we are not here to talk about features of Co-Op games but to tell you the best ones we have seen to date. Given below are the top 10 Co-Op games list which, according to us are the best Co-Op games of all time. The games are not specific to any console, and the ranking is purely based on the graphics, gameplay and other similar aspects of the game.

Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer is a strategy game which is turn-based and depends upon real-time tactics. The game has been developed by Creative Assemble, published by Sega and was released on various platforms including Windows, MacOS, Steam and Linux. Warhammer is a fantasy game which portrays Total War series along with the factions coming from Games’s Workshops Fantasy series of the same name. Not only that, it is the 10 installment of the series as well as the first tile to the Total War: Warhammer trilogy.

The game is the battle between two armies. The previous games were based on the real historical environments, but the latest version includes the environment as well as heroes from the Warhammer universe. The heroes include various living forms like mages, warriors, heroes, and monsters. The heroes and monsters can be controlled by the player or by the computer.

The story begins with Karl Franz, who is the new Emperor of the entire Empire. Things turn bad when a civil war breaks out on different parts of the empire. The main task is to retain the rule and suppress the disturbances occurring due to other realms, and finally bring peace in your Old World.

There are various Dwarfs which challenge the already existing peace by challenging the  Greenskins, the Vampires who wish to seize the throne by marching the army of the dead against the emperor.

As a player, you get four option to play as in the beginning of the game. You can either be an Empire (human), Dwarf, a Vampire (undead) or Greenskin (includes Orcs and Goblins).  There is another faction named Chaos, but that is only available to players who have pre-ordered the game or have purchased it in the first week. The Chaos is made up of evil humans as well as monsters.

There is not much difference in the map, and it is same as we saw in Total War: Attila. However, one big difference is the graphical climate and the terrain which changes when the player moves from one point to another point of the map.  If you are starting a campaign, you span from the Chaos waste present in the badlands infested with a lot of Greenskins.


You will also find a lot of difference when compared to the previous Total War games and the player can take part in various battles happening here and there, various players taking part as various individuals etc. The various character which possesses magical powers can change the whole course of the battle as well because of their better and much powerful abilities when compared to mortal humans and other creatures.


Warframe is a third person shooter video game which has been developed by Digital Extremes for Xbox One, Ps4 consoles as well as for Windows operating system. The game is about the Tenno members who have been woken up after centuries from cryosleep. And after they woke up, they find themselves in the middle of a war.

In the game, you take control of one of the members of Tenno group. Following the main missions will bring you in combat with the environment. However, going through “Conclave” you will have to face another player instead. There are missions available all over the planets revolving in the solar system. You will have to travel to Europa, our own moon, Ceres, Pluto etc to complete them.  In order to get Warframes and other important items, you will have to perform various kinds of in-game activities, completing which you will receive quest or mission rewards. A player can have many types of Warframes in his or her inventory, but can only equip on at a time. In addition to that, different Warframes are made available every 4-5 month. Each and every Warframe carries 4 set of abilities which could be used during co-op play to cast damage on the enemies and to protect your allies as well. In case you do not like your Warframe, one can even modify the Warframes to adapt to match the different situations. So, if you wish to play stealth or defensive, you will have to modify few of the abilities to achieve that.

Each and every player have three weapons with him. Here is a primary, one secondary and a weapon to use for melee attacks. All of these weapons can be upgraded with the help of mods that are available. One can even join the Tennos on their mission possessing their powers. Increasing the level of abilities and weapon increase their attributes as well.

For third person experience, the camera has been positioned over the player’s shoulder or head. You also will have to combine the jump, roll, sprint and other techniques to progress through the levels. The parkour techniques make the game even more interesting and fun to play. Each and every level in the game have a different layout and the maps of these levels are generated procedurally. There will be many times when players need to solve puzzles in order to proceed in the game. If even one of the Tenno players’ faints, other Tenno can revive it. But no one revives itself if all are Tennos are already down.

There is also no limit to the modifications you can make to the game equipment since new Warframes, items and other blueprints are available in the market and could easily be purchased using Credits or micro-transactions.

Rainbow Six Siege

We are not much impressed by the gameplay looking from FPS point of view since the multiplayer mode offers the player very limited amount of shooting. However, playing with the guns still is the main attraction of the game but you can’t explore much of it in Rainbow Six Seige. Most of the time the player spends is strategizing the game along with his or her teammates, laying out a lot of different traps for the enemies and with limited chaos fights and battles.

There is no concept of re-spawning, health regeneration or something like that. Also, there are only 5 players per team which make each and every life even more important. You also need to be careful while going in and could use the drivable drone to enter first and scout instead, while you can coordinate with other team members to how to handle the situation.

The game differs from other online multiplayer games, as it encourages each and every player to prefer tactics over just bursting in and starting the combat. With Rainbox Six Siege, the developers have tried to fill in the gap that is present in most of the FPS games that we play today. This is actually a set of never ending puzzles that you need to solve by making strategies with your mates.

As a player, you can jump from a rooftop of a building, crash in from any window, bomb the entire room and what not. If you want to play mind games, you can do it as well. Detonating a false explosive or shooting for cover could distract the enemy team so that you can play along with your strategy. Needless to say, all this gameplay is available in the best graphics so that the players can come up with better strategies also by interacting with the environment.

The only negative point about this game is that there is no Campaign mode available and we would have loved to see that come as a part of the game. However, they have tried to compensate it with the help of PvP mode which offers the players a lot of options to them engaged for a lonf time. The are more than 12 maps that you get along with variable timings of the day, weapons, variable locations creating hundreds of permutations you can get. There are in total 11 situations, all with three difficulty levels to chose from. Another good thing about the game is that the players will find each and every level focusing on various objectives and scenarios. The game is an always –online game, so you need to connected to internet all the time while playing it with other players online. It looks like the gme has not been made to attract new players, but to offer a better gaming experience to their already created player and fan base.

Portal 2

If you have played Portal game in the past, we can bet that you can’t remain away from the next game of the series. Portal 2 is as exciting as Portal one, and also gives you all the answers that you might be asking at the end of the previous game like Hod di all this situation come to pass? Or what is going to happen now?

However, we were surprised to see that the developers have not adapted the concept of the previous game. As the player progress through the game, you will find the single player game merging with the co-op campaign. All that happens in the confusing but beautiful Scientific world where AI’s are speaking something and there are dialogues coming from disembodied voices. The world is a perfect combination of scientific mechanics and strategy building environment making it one of the best puzzle solving co-op multiplayer available right now.

The game starts in a single player campaign mode where you are stuck in the same place where you left of in Portal One. While trying to escape, you meet a mechanical AI robot with small hands and camera lens who accompanies you through your journey and is also the only source of entertainment you have along with your. And trust us, the robot is quite funny sometimes. Soon after that, you also get a portal gun which makes you capable of creating Portals on walls as well as ceiling where you can enter in one, and can come out of other. Well, you need not worry about that now since the game will teach you all the basic things you need to know before beginning the original missions.

Talking about the graphics of the game, Aperture Science is way better in this when compared to its predecessor. As the game become more and more challenging, you will see that better graphics has somewhat enhanced the complexity of the puzzles a bit. It is very interesting to explore such areas and find out what’s in there.

Later in the game, you also get to see new characters as well as your AI companion also evolves into a better one. There are a lot of new tools on the way which you need to use in order to solve the puzzles. So, you need to be aware of your surroundings all the time and also a careful study of the environment, using it for your benefit. Some tricky situations might hold you for some time, but that is what is interesting about puzzle games, they play with your mind.

You can play the co-op campaign with your friends by your side or online. However, the online corporative campaign is way shorter than the single player campaign mode. You can easily enjoy the game for 12-16 gameplay hours. After playing the game, you will feel that this new Portal is completely different from the previous one and its predecessor, Portal One was just a build-up for the adventures that were planned for Portal 2.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection in reality is a huge game which packs in a lot of content for the users. In total the players get a couple of RPG shooter titles along with a dozen of 12 character that could be taken up by the players. You also get a hundreds of hours of gameplay with main missions as well as the side missions.

Nothing much to talk about the game graphics, as they are simply awesome. The 1080 resolution output brings up the amazing texture and lighting what are special feature of this game. Another good thing about Borderlands is that if offers a humor element in the modern gaming. Well, its not necessary, but it play along good with the Co-operative mode.

We know that this is a pack which contains both the games i.e. Borderlands: 2 as well as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

If we compare the game with other online Co-op game available out there, Borderlands is a way better shooter game, with a good mixture of skill progression and gear usability. There is a special zany skill tree, that makes the simulation and gameplay of a new player really fund to play even after you have invested hundreds of hours in it. This tress also makes the player play different type of strange playstyle, only if you wish to have a huge ability or power in return.

Talking about the second game, it is way inconsistent when compared to the previous version. However, if you are playing multiplayer, you will have to split your screen in order to play together. There is this drawback, other wise we definitely love the way things have set up which wont let you get bored even after you have played the game over and over for hours.

All in all we would like to say that the package is a complete treat for players wo love Co-op games. In case you are planning to but the the game, we would recommend you to buy the package instead, since, the package downloads the content downloads the DLC from both the games.

Gears of War 4

We really thought that the developers wont be able to continue after the last installment to the Gears of War game Gears of War: Judgement. The game didn’t perform well in the market as well, but as we were about to lose all hopes in the game, Gears of War: 4 changed the way we have been playing it all along. The new version of the game features superb battle sequences, hint of humor and a superb Co-op mode to play with your friends.

One of the best thing about Gear of War games is that one can blast their enemies badly using heavy weapons and machinery.

You might find the new Gears of War 4 a reboot of the previous games. However, there is a very little change in that because this game basically is made one and one purpose only, i.e. kill and kill. The story of the game starts with a character named Marcus Fenix. Marcus is a patrogonist coming from the previous games and who is also held captive by the enemies. It is good to see that the developers have upgraded the monster hunters that include Marcus’s son J.D., Del walker and Kait Diaz.  All the players play the game and enter the combat in full on confidence. This is something you will sense from their talks.

The third person shooter view makes the game familiar if you have played the previous versions of the series as well. The battling sequences are not much exhilarating and you won’t find yourself tired after getting into one or after completing one.

The parkour techniques and the covering have been improved in the latest installment of Gears of War and is way more fluid as well as intuitive than it was in the old game. However, there is time when the players need to come up with a strategy to accomplish a particular mission, as well. The shootouts are really very intense and will give you a high definition experience of the environment leaving you breathless in the end.

We found the game way more interesting and fun in the co-op mode. There are some new multiplayer modes added as well like Arms Race, Escalation and Dodgeball. All these modes offer a different type of gameplay to the online users offering an interesting twist to the PvP co-op action. Gears of War 4 has been the best game of the franchise till now, and if you have already played and loved the previous games, you should definitely give this game a shot.

The Division

The Division is a beautiful game to play. There are endless missions to play along with the side missions and the MMO feature spices up the game even more. However, there is not much difference in the gameplay that we have seen in the previous installments of the game, and the major improvement is basically seen in the graphics and game development. So, if you have already hated the franchise, there is no new reason to play it until and unless you wish to ty the online co-op mode. But for the game lovers, The Divison is a treat.

Some of you might know about this game, and if yes,  you would agree that this game is really crazy.  We are talking about the Overcooked game that was published by Team 17, developed by Ghost Town games and was released in August 2016 for Xbox one PC and PlayStation 4.


Overcooked is a very simple game and that is the thing that most of the players actually like about it.  Possessing very easy controls an excellent approach, the game offers you really amazing experience when played with family or friends.

You play the role of a cook in the game, and along with 3 other cooks, you need to fulfill the orders coming in quickly as well as correctly as possible.  At the same time, you also need to take care to not to get into other cook’s way and also not torching your restaurant on fire. There are times when your restaurant can catch fire, but you get a fire extinguisher to take care of such situations.

The game is not as easy as it might sound.  Let us give you an example.  Let’s say you want to make a hamburger. For that, you will require a patty, a lettuce, a tomato, and a bun. Looks easy but it is not. In order to set up the dish, you will need a clean plate.  To get a clean plate you will have to scrub it and some other cook needs to prepare the meat.  You also need to keep in mind the time for which you should heat the meat, otherwise, it will burn if you leave it on the burner for a long period of time. By the time the meat is getting cooked you also need to cut the vegetables and prepare other things as well.

Completing all the tasks at super speed and that too in a very small space without hindering each other’s work requires really good skill.  Deliver a good burger or other dishes for extra points and then move on to the next order that you will find already in queue and be expiring fast.  The difficulty of the game increases as the player crosses each level.

The game might frustrate you at times but you need to keep your mind calm and work according to a plan. And with cold mind and giving proper directions to your team, you can fulfill each order within time and also in the best way possible.  Each and every level has its own strategy that the player needs to discover and work accordingly.

The players have an option to play the game alone as well as with other friends, but one thing that we didn’t like about Overcooked is that Overcooked does not have any online multiplayer support.  You will have to call over your friends or family to play along with you as second third or fourth player in the game.  The absence of online multiplayer does cause some pain but that does not change the fact that Overcooked is one of the best co-op multiplayer game that we have seen in the recent time. It is simple fun, exciting game that should get your attention if you really love playing co-op multiplayer games.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 dead was a really entertaining game that was released back in 2008. Just a year later the developers of Left 4 Dead came up with the next version of the game, i.e.  Left 4 Dead 2, which resembled its predecessor in terms of concept.  In left for Dead 2 the players need to make the way through the infected dead zombies with the help of other players fighting against the powerful living dead alongside you, and at the sametime executing the intrepid survivors.  One of the biggest problems with Left 4 Dead was that it had very limited content to play.   However, this problem was resolved in the second installment of the series.

Left for Dead 2 features 5 unique campaign maps that the players can play across in 5 different gaming modes.  When compared to the previous version, maps and modes are a lot more diverse, a lot more exciting as well as a lot more detailed than the predecessor game.  The second game was all in all a big improvement on the original game in each and every aspect.  It featured new items, new weapons, new survivors as well as new enemies. One of the best thing that we found in the original Left 4 Dead was the action sequence, which remains unaltered even in Left 4 Dead 2.  It would be wrong to say that the action is an unaltered, instead, it’s an improvement and a lot more impressive when compared to the first part.

The main feature of Left 4 Dead 2 is this set of 5 campaign maps that take the players through different locations based in the Deep South.  The players can play in the flooded suburbs, catastrophic City Streets, the murky swamplands etc., areas which have been developed using clever designs that hint the direction the players need to take in order to progress in the game.

The developers have added four new survivors to the game.  This new group of survivors is a lot more talkative as well as alive when compared to the first ones.  One of them is Keith who is always going to make you chuckle while on the other hand, Ellis’ stories are really crazy to listen.  There’s a whole new lot of guns as well.  Now you can choose between different shotguns pistols, assault Rifles as well as submachine guns.  All these new guns make the gunplay even more interesting and full of action.  There are many weapons like a cricket bat, a frying pan, a fire Axe, and a crowbar that take the one on one fights with the Zombies to a whole new level. However, in order to use his weapons, you need to go closer to the Zombies which increases the risk factor for your health as well.

giving special focus to the melee weapons, they are a lot more fun to use when compared to normal weapons.  also when you’re using a melee weapon, these zombies die in a very entertaining me when you chop off their body parts or blow a hole through them.

The enemy has been enhanced as well in the left 4 Dead 2.  Apart from the normal Zombies,  there are some which possess special powers as well.  For example, there is a jockey that can jump on your head in order to steer you off your course.  After that there is a spitter that sticks out a deadly acid on the ground to block your way.  There is also a charger that directly rams into you in order to take you away from your initial position and throw you on the ground far away.

Left 4 Dead 2 features another special versus mode in which that player can take the role of the survivor as well as the infected.  While you are on the infected side,  you as well as your team of players can plan out an attack to take the survivors out.  So the versus more needs a lot more co-op between the players of the team for carrying out a well-planned attack so that nobody is left alive.

Left 4 Dead 2 is not a new game but still is one of the most popular co-op multiplayer that we have out in the market.  Obviously, it is way better than the initial Left 4 Dead game the new weapons campaign and different moods make it a lot more entertaining as well as engaging for the Gamers.  The best way to enjoy this game is to play it with friends. Players can even integrate it online to play it with other online players.

Borderlands 2


Borderlands 2 is really a superb shooting game.  The game has been highly influenced by Diablo, but it’s a different approach to loots over. The player in the game has almost uncountable number of weapons that could be found in the Pandora region.  Discovering these weapons as well as sharing them with your friends is just the little part that we love about this game.

If you are trying to play Borderlands alone, we would not stop you but would like to inform you that it is really a bit boring.  It is a huge as well as long game in which the plan is to travel around to different areas to fetch the quests dealing with a lot of other useless activities.  However, as soon as you switch to the multiplayer mode, Borderlands 2 is one of the best co-op shooting games that you can play right now.  In the multiplayer co-op mode you along with your friends need to take down the mob, which is a lot more heroic task than strategic gameplay.  Not only that, the player has an option to assign the MMO roles to each and every player on the team for playing a tactical game.  Exploring the entire Pandora is time-consuming and a tiring job but full of adventure.  We would recommend you to play the single-player mode only if you love playing adventure games.  But if you are into shooting an online multiplayer gaming, we are sure that you are going to get addicted to its online play.

Nidhogg 2 for PlyStation 4 Game Review

The best thing about Nidhogg was its simple gameplay and players those who have played the first Nidhogg game would understand what we actually mean. The initial game possessed a minimalistic style as well as only two button gameplay that offered the player a wonderful, focused as well as streamline experience. However, things have been changed in Nidhogg 2, where the Messhof developers have tried to offer a lot more things in the multiplayer mode by adding more maps, a whole new art style and a lot of new weapons in the Nidhogg 2 game. Most of these additions are really good and enhance the overall fun and excitement of this excellent multiplayer party video game.

The second part of the game picks its concept from its predecessor, where being the main character you still need to hack slash and stab your opponent and move past their dead bodies on to the next screen. You will see that within some time, that that enemy will respawn in the new screen fighting again and hindering you from reaching your final goal. By the way, the final boss is nothing but a giant hungry worm in Nidhogg 2. The players can swing the sword in 3 different heights, one towards the head, second towards the torso and third below the torso towards the legs. Now you also have an option to throw the sword towards the enemies killing them instantly for long-range attack. However, you need to be really careful while throwing the sword since you are left vulnerable and any enemy can kill you instantly. The same goes when you attack the enemies at wrong height creating various openings for them to counter-attack and harm you.

The second part of the game picks its concept from its predecessor, where being the main character you still need to hack slash and stab your opponent and move past their dead bodies on to the next screen. You will see that within some time, that that enemy will respawn in the new screen fighting again and hindering you from reaching your final goal. By the way, the final boss is nothing but a giant hungry worm in Nidhogg 2. The players can swing the sword in 3 different heights, one towards the head, second towards the torso and third below the torso towards the legs. Now you also have an option to throw the sword towards the enemies killing them instantly for long-range attack. However, you need to be really careful while throwing the sword since you are left vulnerable and any enemy can kill you instantly. The same goes when you attack the enemies at wrong height creating various openings for them to counter-attack and harm you.

This was the basic gameplay that we saw in Nidhogg. In the new game there are some new elements introducing new possibilities to the puzzle game. There are 3 new weapons that have been introduced in Nidhogg 2. They include arrows which can only be fire at the bottom or at the middle direction. These arrows can also be hit back in the opposite direction. The broadsword is no thicker when compared to the previous game and the player can swing it from top to bottom. You can also throw the sword in the middle direction but that will leave you vulnerable as we told you above. But you can use the arrows for long ranged kills that won’t leave you defenseless unlike killing enemies from long range using the sword. There is also a dagger that you get which is smaller in size when compared to other weapons and also possesses a shorter reach but is perfect for quick stabbing.

The addition of new weapons also adds depth to the game like taking out the Dagger from the shear take some seconds. The Game also does not tell you which weapon you will possess in the next respawn. So it may happen that you are left frustrated trying to swipe of a sword again and again but failing because you actually hold a bow or a dagger instead. However, in the tournament mode, you can customize the sequence of weapons to pick the one you wish to respawn with. However, these weapon customisation options are not available in the quick play online multiplayer or arcade mode.

The balance of the game in also been disrupted by the introduction of different types of weapons. Each and every weapon has its own weakness. When you are using the dagger you will feel somewhat powerless since using it is really very tricky and you must possess the speed to really harm the opponent. Things turn even difficult when your opponent is holding a sword in his hand as well. Bow and arrow are good for long range tickling but the only problem with them is that they take too much time to fire. So, if your opponent is quick he can easily beat you with his quick moves while you are still charging the bow and the arrow. Not only that, sometimes the enemies are able to dodge your attacks very easily frustrating you to the limit if you are not able to take down a particular quick enemy.

There have been changes to the art style of the game as well. it looks like that the developers have followed a similar concept of “ bigger is better” while developing the game. The minimalistic element that was really loved in the first Nidhogg game is lost. The lighting and the background are really amazing with great color range allowing a lot more varied locales when compared to the previous game. However, this much variety of colors on the screen makes it really hard for the player too quickly see and grasp what actually is happening on the screen. The developers have also rebuild the maps and added few more to the game. The new maps have all the new locations and they also contain a lot of environmental hindrances like long grass, pits, sliding ice etc. to add up to the level difficulty.

These new additions might not be liked by everyone but they actually are good and offer some competitiveness in the game. The game is successful in creating an environment full of tension and interest for the players.
Every time you swing your sword or the weapon that you are possessing to move forward, it will seem a huge step towards the victory. The controls of the game remain the same as we saw in the first Nidhogg game. With simple controls, players can actually pull off even the toughest plan or strategy with an ease. Also, once you get the strategy that the opponent is using, you can actually respawn again and again before reaching the finishing line in order to win the tournament.

All in all, we actually like the Nidhogg 2 game which offers a lot of new things without adding too many things in the new game. The new weapons can be frustrating at times, but the amazing gameplay covers it up. Nidhogg 2 is really dramatic, amazing, tragic, gross as well as funny with a simple artistic design that you are definitely going to enjoy with your friends.

You can watch the gameplay of Nidhogg 2 in the below video:


Last Day of June PlayStation 4 Game Review

We all go through a lot of tragedies in our life. Most of us also wish that what if we had the power to change things what had already happened. What if we had some kind of rewind button so that we can go back in time to change all the wrong things that we have done. However, this is not possible in real life and this is not how the reality works. But the game we are going to review here revolves around the similar concept.  Last day of June is a game that deals with the hope frustration, grief and anger of a lonely and desperate old man. The concept of the game is based on the belief that altering one single event in our past can change the entire course of events that followed and could ultimately save a person from an untimely death.

Carl and June are the main characters of “Last day of June” game that are deeply in love and living happily.  They plan to take out one day from the busy life and go out on an outing to one of their favorite places. After having an amazing day and enjoying each other, while they are returning back to the home their car meets an accident in which June is killed and Carl’s body gets paralyzed below the waist.

Now, years after the event, Carl is still sitting in his chair thinking about the tragedy and trying to relive the time just before June’s death over and over again. He relives this time from the perspective of all the characters that used to stay along with them in their small community.  As a player, you have the power to relive and change the outcome of the story by altering the actions of each and every character.  As you slowly alter the outcomes of each story you also modify the events that happened that day ultimately trying to save June from dying somehow.

Last Day of June has been developed beautifully in an art style manner with superb animation and where grief is palpable. However, there are no words or dialogues in the entire game.  Last Day of June feels so real that you can literally feel the desperation that is inside Carl in yourself. It is possible that some of the players might find the starting of the game and follow up a bit confusing since all the characters just mutter and talk in a slow indecipherable tone and manner.  But once you keep playing it, and in the later part of the game when you are really comfortable with these conversations,  you will be able to easily understand what each and every character tries to convey as well as their emotions.

We would really like to commend the gorgeous art that has been put in this game. the entire game looks like a beautiful color painting,  where unimaginable colors poping out blending with superb pastels and brush strokes.

The concept of the game is pretty interesting however reliving the memories again and again might cause frustration as well as irritation to some of the players.  You just move around and try to complete the quick time events which is not an issue. However doing these things again and again is something that can bug you. You will find yourself pressing the same buttons again and again, moving down the road again and again, completing the entire day again and again just to find out is there any change waiting for you at the end of the day or not. There is a huge possibility that you might see the same things again and again without any change in the outcome.

You enter the game with an emotional mind,  but the repetitiveness reduces the emotional impact of the game.  The first time you will feel a lot about June’s death,  but watching it for the 12th or the 15th time is definitely annoying.  We wish there was an option where one could skip this and find out what happens in the end directly. But the player also needs to find out what he needs to do in order to save June,  and figuring that out is really interesting.

Not only this, the repeating element also affects the course of the event itself because the player needs to go back again and again and redo all the character arcs that he or she might have already completed just sometime back.  We just wish that there was some way to skip these cutscenes and reach the end of the day without re-living every moment of the day back to back.

Another problem that we found in last day of June was the long loading time.  the player needs to wait and stare at the loading screen for around 30 seconds every time they load back into the game and when each day concludes.  This problem is even worse in PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4.

But there are some shining moments too.  the side characters are so vignetted that they provide strong richness as well as flavor to the story.  You not only come to know Carl and June, but also the side characters in detail. We really want to give a heads up to the developers for portraying the gravity, unintentional inputs as well as the importance of each and every role so well that they have a direct effect in June’s demise.

Last day of June is a different type of game that might attract a lot of players looking for a different gameplay.  the ability to alter past events in order to change the present condition is something that almost all of us have fantasized but never experienced.  the game somehow gives you a glimpse of the power to reshape the present by changing the past. Also, there are very little games that perfectly portray the struggle between a man’s determinism and free will Very uniquely. If the repetitive thing is something that doesn’t bother you,  the love story of Carl and June Is definitely worth playing.

You can watch the gameplay trailer of Last Day of June below:

Secondary Contain Tips & Tricks in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is amazing and no doubt it is way better than what we have seen from the company till date. There has been a lot of enhancement including graphics, gameplay, skills and especially defending. Defending in FIFA 18 is not an easy task. You will have to learn a lot of new things like containing the ball (something not many players used in the previous versions), which is together going to help you to defend against highly skilled attackers and opponents. Secondary contain is another thing that has received enhancements and you will need the tips and tricks given below to master it and for more efficient defending in FIFA 18.

In FIFA 17, players were able to secondary contain the targeted player at a certain angle only. The player who used to cover would place himself in between the player with the ball and the goal. But this year, we see the defenders placing themselves and covering the passing lanes. Not only that, the AI defenders are more intelligent when compared to FIFA 17 defenders.

Given below are some secondary contains tips and tricks to follow:

  • One of the best way to defend in FIFA 18 is to use the contain button along with jockey. You can simply rely on the AI to defend and stop the ball for you. You need special skill for defending as well so it is important to use the right button at the right time.
  • Try not to control the defender which is near to the opponent player with the ball. Try to predict his direction and them move your defender to block his way while tackling. Do this while holding the secondary control button and you will see yourself successfully blocking most of the forming attacks effectively.
  • Do not hold down the secondary contain button for long while your marker is on the defender which is near to the ball. Doing this will only make that defender chase the ball until and unless he gets it. You should let go the near player if you wind it chasing and chasing, and then secondary contain using another defender to press the ball and get the opposing player off it. You can even press him to make the ball pass and then intercept it in between.

How to Defend against Dribbling in FIFA 18

Defending has been enhanced to a whole new level in new FIFA 18. It is not easy to dribble past defenders, at the same time, it is also very hard to defend against Dribbling in the new EA Sports football game. Gone are the days when players used to void skill moves, today, almost all the players make use of the right stick and are learning the skill moves creating a lot of problem for players who do not know how to defend against these high-level dribbling and skill set.

Defending in the new FIFA 18 game is pretty hard. In case you are facing difficulty, you can check out our FIFA 18 defending tutorial in order to get a better idea to how to defend against paced players as well as tackles in the new game.

Have a look below to get an idea of the basic tips and tricks that will help you to defend against dribbling in FIFA 18.

Do not simply Dive

We can understand the urge to stop a sprinting opponent attacker by sliding directly into him. The sliding tackles were easy to perform in FIFA 17, however, the case is different in FIFA 18. Do not even think of diving from behind as it will definitely result in a red or yellow card. But if you are sure of the position and direction in which the opponent is moving, you can just directly dive in from the front to disrupt or crunch the skills. If you are not careful, you can end up conceding a foul or a card.

Use Jockey, Contain or Pace Control

The use of pace control or contain was given a lot of importance in FIFA 17. Still, if you do not use contain while playing the match, we would like to recommend you to start using it. When you use pace control while receiving or even while you are moving forward with the ball, your player will have more control over it, turning it in any direction within no time. Containing the ball also gives you some time to see which of your players are free or is taking a run. Not only that, if you use Jockey, all your defenders will place themselves in such position which is perfect for getting the ball back from the attackers. Now the players can even sprint while they are in the jockey position.

Force the Opponent to Pass

If you know that the person playing against to you is good in skilling and dribbling, you do not want him to hold the ball for long. The get ball off the star player, you will have to push him so that he passes the ball to some other teammate, giving you chance to intercept. The might be really good at dribbling, but passing is something that could take them out.

So, these were the basic tips that you can use to defend against skill moves and dribbling in FIFA 18. In case you have other tips and tricks in mind, you can share them with us in the comments below.

Sony will fix the PlayStation 4 5.0 Error E-801809A8 Soon

Sony recently released the new PS4 5.0 firmware which contained most of the features, that fans from all over the world requested, but at the same time, it also brought an Error E-801809A8. This error prevents the users from downloading the latest available update putting all the blame on some faulty blue ray disc drive. The problem has been there since for more than a week now and there is no effort from the company till now.

However, reports from different sources tell us that Sony is actually aware of this error and the developers are still working on this issue. They are looking for a fix to release soon as they wrote in their PlayStation Forum:

Herbert (Sony Customer Support): Thank you so much, let me explain to you what’s going on. We’re currently experiencing a glitch with this error code, our engineers are working on getting fixed as fast as possible, we’re going to launch a patch to fix this issue, you will receive a notification on your console once this happens.

Since the patch is still not ready, the gamers need to wait for a few days more to get rid of this annoying error. But, for gamers who were successfully able to get the update, they can stream their games at full HD quality and at 60 FPS on Twitch. There has been other upgraded to accounts and family accounts details about which can be read here.

Some other changes include modification of the notification interface, which you can turn off while you are busy watching a movie. In addition to that, you also have an option to change the color or the notification you see on the screen.

In case you are facing the same error and have got some fix or workaround, please share with us in comments below. Otherwise, all we can do is wait for Sony to come up with a patch as soon as possible. Whatever be the case, we will keep you update on the news proactively.

How to Farm FUT Coins Easily in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

The FUT coins have a very important role in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and in this article, we are going to help you with different tips and tricks so that you can earn it quickly by completing various challenges in FIFA 18 as well as by making use of Market Trading in the game. The FUT coins are one of those things that ensures the betterment and progress of your team.

One of the most common mistake that most of the FIFA players make just after starting FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is that they directly jump into playing against other players after they have opened their starter pack. This is not a good practice because in case you are planning to sustain your team for a longer period of time, you need to go slow and complete various challenges so that you can get FUT coins, and you can start with a comparatively better sand strong team against online opponents.

So, just follow our FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Coin Farming Guide below that tell you all the possible ways of earning FUT coins easily and without spending real money personally from your pocket.

Completing Team of the Week Challenge

You can earn a lot of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team coins by completing the team of the week challenge that is a match between your personal squad the team that has been formed consisting of the best players in the European Leagues. The total number of coins that you can earn by playing against the team of the week depends upon the difficulty that you set in the game. We would recommend you not to be too greedy here and select the difficulty that you can play against in reality because difficulty that you cannot handle won’t award you any coins and you will simply waste your time and chance as well.

Buy Market Trading

Market trading is a lot more typical when compared to the previous year’s version of FIFA. First of all, you should have a star player or a good player that other teams, as well as players, want in your squad. You also have to do a bit of research to find out the average price of the player that you wish to sell. In case you do not know how to do that, all you have to do is go to the buy now option and check the price of the player that you wish to sell. Then again try to sell it in the market by adding 100 or 200 coins to its price.

It is almost impossible to fool the game and earn thousand of FUT coins profit in a single auction. So you cannot target massive profits in a single deal. We recommend you to keep your profits in between 100 to 200 points per item that you are selling. While doing so the player needs to keep in mind the taxes as well.

Obviously, a profit of 100 or 200 per item is not going to attract a lot of people but this is how things are in FIFA 18. However, try bidding on a lot of cards, let’s say 50, and out of these 50 even if you are able to sell 10 to 20, you can receive a good profit of FUT coins. Also, you will have to repeat the process in again if you want to earn some serious FUT coins without playing many games or without spending real money on the game. The market fluctuations in the game, as well as the player popularity changes from time to time and you, should keep it in mind and should also keep a track of it every time you enter the trading market in FIFA 18.

Completing Other Challenges

Apart from the Team of the Week challenge, there are other challenges as well that reward you with FUT coins once you complete them. These challenges possess some special conditions that are special as well as tricky and not so easy to complete in most of the cases. However, they are temporary and you should act quickly on them. The coins you are by completing them are not much, but completing quite a few will result in decent FUT coins.

Completing the Journey

We all loved the new whole new Journey mode that was introduced in last year’s FIFA 17. This year they are back again with a new season for Alex Hunter with some special hidden features as well. Playing the Journey mode on FIFA 18 and completing is will give you few FUT rewards and coins including few Players as well as Packs too. So, even if you are not interested in playing the complete Journey, you can do it for progressing quickly in the Ultimate Team mode.

Buy the Coins

Last but not the least, the easiest way of getting FUT coins and ultimately forming an unbeatable squad is by buying the coins from real money. The main menu offers you options to buy cards and other stuff for different FIFA 18 game modes. However, you need to log in from the same account that you have been using in the previous FIFA games to buy Celebrations, FIFA Ultimate Team coins, and footballs etc.

Fastest Players in FIFA 18 – Top 10 Players with Most Pace!

The pace is an important attribute in FIFA 18 that could lead you to glory if used properly and at the right moment. It is something that has always been troubling the defenders and could create an unexpected and sudden opening for a clear one on one with the goalkeeper. Also, since log through is back once again in FIFA 18, the defender with high pace attribute can easily beat the slow defenders and beat their chase for a perfect finish.
We already told you about the top 100 players in FIFA 18 in a post a few weeks back and now we have consolidated a list of top 10 fastest players on the pitch with highest pace attribute in FIFA 18.

Fastest Players in FIFA 18

10. Kekuta Manneh

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 73
Shooting – 66
Defense – 38
Passing – 60
Physical – 54

Kekuta Manneh from the Columbus Crew has his pace rating set at 94 in the previous game. He retains his pace rating in the new edition as well on is the 10th fastest speedster in the game. The winger from Gambia has an overall rating of 70 in the game with an impressive dribbling rating of 73 and 4-star skill moves.

9. David Accam

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 74
Shooting – 69
Defense – 44
Passing – 65
Physical – 62

The ninth spot on our list is occupied by David Accam from Chicago Fire. Playing in the MLS, the African winder has a pace attribute of 94 making is an explosive runner on the pitch. This is the first time we are seeing him on the list as his pace attribute got updated from 93 in FIFA 17 to 94 in FIFA 18.

8. Leroy Sane

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 85
Shooting – 77
Defense – 34
Passing – 72
Physical – 70

On number eight is the Manchester City’s golden boy, Leroy Sane with a pace rating of 94. He has been having a superb season till now and is spectacular to play with, in FIFA 18. With dribbling set to 85, he can easily cut through the defenders and sprint unexpectedly to reach the oppositions end in no time. He is a left-footed player, but with 3-star weak foot ability, you can easily score with a perfect finish wrecking even the strongest of defenses.

7. Gareth Bale

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 86
Shooting – 87
Defense – 57
Passing – 84
Physical – 76

At number 7 is none other than the Real Madrid sprinting machine Gareth Bale. Bale’s overall rating has been dropped by one point in the new FIFA 18, but his pace attribute remains same with 94 rating.

6. Jurgen Damm

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 77
Shooting – 65
Defense – 42
Passing – 67
Physical – 69

Jurgen Damm has seen a major rise in his rating in FIFA 18. In FIFA he had an overall rating of 73, which has been jumped by 3 points to 76 in FIFA 18. Not only that, his card has also been upgraded from a silver to gold. However, his pace rating has not been changed and sticks at whopping 95 making him one of the fastest footballer in the world.

5. Ernest Asante

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 71
Shooting – 61
Defense – 47
Passing – 61
Physical – 57

On number 5 stands the Ghanaian player who became very popular last season because of his speed on the pitch. We are talking about Ernest Asante who plays for Nordsjaelland in the Danish Superliga and possesses the pace rating of 95. His overall rating which used to be 69 previous game has been increased to 71 in FIFA 18 as well.

4. Mathis Bolly

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 67
Shooting – 61
Defense – 24
Passing – 53
Physical – 55

Mathis Bolly the Ivory player is the fourth fastest player in FIFA 18 with the pace rating set to 95. He is the first player on the list who still retains his position in the list even after his pace rating has been decreased from 96 to 95 in FIFA 18.

3. Hector Bellerin

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 78
Shooting – 51
Defense – 75
Passing – 69
Physical – 70

If you are a true football fan, you must have expected this name on our list. The Arsenal defender is third on our list and why not? He is the fastest player in the English Premier League and is an exceptional winger when it comes to running with the ball. It is almost impossible to catch him once he starts sprinting in the game. Not only that, his overall rating has been increased by 2 points, i.e. from 79 to 81, but his pace attributes do not receive any alteration and stay at 95.

2. Jonathan Biabiany

Pace – 96
Dribbling – 77
Shooting – 65
Defense – 28
Passing – 66
Physical – 66

The old Inter Milan and Parma player might be reaching his thirties, but there is no defender who can catch him when it comes to pace. Now playing in Sparta Prague, Biabiany is the second fastest player in FIFA 18 with the pace attribute of 96. This pace rating has actually been upgraded from 95 to 96 when compared to last year’s FIFA 17. However, the opposite is the case with his overall which saw a dip of one point, i.e. from 76 to 75, in the new game.

1. Pierre-Emrick Aubameyang

Pace – 96
Dribbling – 81
Shooting – 84
Defense – 37
Passing – 75
Physical – 71

On the top of the list sits the Dortmund striker, Pierre-Emrick Aubameyang who was also the top pacer in the previous game. His overall has been improved a lot when compared to FIFA 17, with his overall rating increased by two points from 86 to 88. His pace rating remains the same, i.e. 96 making him the fastest player you can play in FIFA 18.

So these were the top 10 pacers you can play with, in FIFA 18. There are many other players too that you can pick to beat the opponents. If you are not sure of what players we are talking about, have a look at the top 100 players in FIFA 18 and find the one the interests you the most.


First FIFA 18 Patch Released – All New Updates

It has not been a month since the launch of FIFA 18 and there is no doubt that it is way better than any of the FIFA games that we have seen before. However, even after the official game is out, the EA Sports developers are never at rest. If you are a developer, you will know the fact that the main bugs are actually found by the users and not the testers. Same happened with the new FIFA 18 and with the help of user feedbacks, FIFA 18 developers are not working out to get the minor leftover and reported bugs out of the game as soon as they can. As a result, we have got the first patch of the new EA Sports football game this week, which eradicated few bugs and adds few improvements to the already existing gameplay.

Looking on the other side, we see mixed reactions from the fans. On one hand, we see people pretty happy with the removal of bugs, while on the other the hardcore players are not at all happy with the new additions.

One thing that we really disliked about the FIFA 18 graphics was the underwhelming goal-net animation. It has been changed and people also complained that the game automatically crashed while launching different game modes. It might be happening because of low PC specs of the gamers, but the developers have made tweaks in that too. But these were just the small changes, given below are the main problems that have been addressed in this new FIFA 18 patch. Also, these are the official changes that EA has listed, are implemented to the game with this first patch:

  • The difficulty level of both Armature, as well as Semi-Pro difficulties, have been tuned down a bit.
  • The goalkeeper reactions have been tuned in specific situations.
  • The shot accuracy has been reduced and the goalkeeper reaction timing has been enhanced for few in-game situations.

However, people who have already installed the new patch are reporting something else as well. The players are claiming that EA Sports have also made changes to the AI defending too, making it easier. Also, the difference in the various skill level of different players is not less visible, thus resulting in better and random results.

Goalkeepers are now even harder to pass on one-on-one situations. It is hard to score from the position from where you might have scored a lot before. This could be due to the reduced accuracy or improved goalkeeper reaction time.

Overall we can say that the FIFA 18 AI defends the goals and attacks by itself, weakening the challenging defense that we used to have in the previous versions. This is the main concern that is bugging a lot of players all over the world. This update also takes care of the one-sided unrealistic high scoring games that got circulated recently, all thanks to the goalscoring difficulty enhancement in the patch.

Top 10 Gaming Headset of 2017

If you are a gaming freak and want to have your gaming experience hassle-free, exciting, more comfortable, and also realistic, then this is very important to find the right gaming headsets while you are immersed in intense gaming. Music and sound play a very crucial role in today’s game. You can not get the real feel of the game until and unless you can perceive even the minute sound details from the game.

This is the reason why it is very important to have a good gaming headphones or headsets so that you can enjoy the surround sound as well as communicate with other players clearly while playing the games with your friends or even online. Here in this post, we here have tried to bring you and sort the top ten gaming headsets from around all brands and varieties ranging from different experiences and budgets that suits each one better according to their requirements and preferences.

The preferences and requirements vary from gamer to gamer. Here, we look at budget gaming headsets, wireless or USB ones. There is something in the basket for everyone here. A good gaming headset is expected to give you good audio, comfortable design, and a dependable mike and all the products mentioned here score well in all these areas.

To go through this year’s top gaming headsets have a look at the best headsets that have been mentioned below:

Top 10 Gaming Headsets 2017

SteelSeries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 is the mostly proffered or liked one around these days because of the things it has to offer you with. Everything about this headset is just good and comfortable and makes to want to have one for yourself too. More than everything the ease and comfort of using them is one of the important factors. They can be comfortably worn for a longer period of time. They got their self-adjusting band inspired from the ski goggles- the headset can be accessorized by swapping headbands, and unlike any of their competitors don’t come along with their side effects as a result. The model presents you a sleek design and high-quality audio drivers. Moreover, it is the only wireless headset from the series trio. Also, it is the sole one with steel alloy elements in the build of it.

Arctis uses the USB transmitter and has excellent battery life. Unlike the other competitors for this in the market, their retractable microphones give across clear vocals. Audio quality is remarkable regardless of the application used. The headset is friendly with music library as it is with the Battlefield 1. This provides an extra sense of space through virtual surround sound. This headset has its built-in digital audio control, Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. It has a high range of compatibility with other devices ranging from PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, smartphones, tablets, and VR. Its feature of customising the lighting gives you room for plenty of changes, in case the monochrome bores you much.

Some of the positive sides of this headset include the Sterling bass and the treble quality. Its professional design will amaze you moreover. To the negatives is an ugly suspension headband it carries. But if you are a passionate gamer, more into the technicalities of it rather than going by the look of it, you already know what you got in your basket for you.

If you are a gamer on the PS4 or are a PC player, and are ready to spend on your gaming headsets, then there should be no looking forward.

Key features of the SteelSeries Arctis 7 are:

  • 12m wireless range
  • 24-hour battery life
  • DTS Headphone:X 7.1
  • 5mm jack
  • Supports PC and PS4

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud II looks preferably the most sensible choice for those who are looking for a new headset. You are offered a lightweight luxurious design that portrays its quality and incredible versatility. The quality of sound output is excellent for the price they are offering.

The microphone’s large pop fitter acts as a filter for clean pick up. The optional USB connection provides recordings free of static interference. And most of all this headset is designed to fit anyone’s gaming needs, no matter their system or play style.

This comes with a virtual 7.1 surround sound for your system, that’s cloud for you. This provides you with award-winning comfort through signature hyperX memory foam. 53mm driver which delivers crystal-clear, precise sound, closed ear cups blocking outside noise which might disturb you while you are busy gaming. This lets you fully immerse in your game.

HyperX Cloud II headphones possess durable aluminum frames to go through rigors of daily gaming. The detachable noise-canceling mic ensures you that you hear the sound and music loud and clear.

One another feature is the In-Line Audio Control. This in-line Audio control saves you from digging through console menus to mute your microphone or adjust volume. Also, comes with interchangeable ear pads. You have the option to choose between the varieties as leatherette and velour ear cushions for the sound profile and style that suits you.

Advanced Audio Control Box, this is an advanced USB audio control box. And this comes with built-in digital signal processing sound card, that amplifies your audio and voice.

Above all, this headset is also Xbox Licenced. That means, designed for Xbox and has been tested and approved by Microsoft.

Key features of HyperX Cloud II Headphones:

  • Universal device support
  • 1 virtual surround sound
  • USB connection
  • Premium build quality
  • Supports PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Not everyone is willing to spend or invest so much in a gaming headset. For people like those, we have this special headset to the rescue.

The build is some what like plastic, but is strong and also lightweight. These are really comfortable to wear as they come with Stinger’s faux-leather and memory foam earcups.

Has a lovely audio performance enough to win a gamer’s heart. Gives rich sound that isn’t cut back or otherwise compromised. The microphone also is surprisingly promising too. This mutes itself then retracted. The headset’s 50mm directional drivers grace it with superb stereo sound. The mic alohas the noise cancellation feature for a disturbance-free gaming experience.

The price at which this headset is offered is arguably one of the most affordable prices for a gaming headset available today.

Some positives about the headset are the lightweight body of the headset ad the excellent ergonomics.

And to the negative are the irremovable microphones which are a pain at sometimes. Another minus point of this headset is that it is light on bass. Which makes it not worthy when listening to a good song or watching a good movie.

Key features of HyperX Cloud Stinger:

  • Analogue 3.5mm connection
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Universal 3.5mm jack support

Astro A50 Gaming Headset

Astro A50 gaming headset comes with a futuristic, fresh and exciting design which looks perfect for passionate gamers. The headphone is specially designed to work with all the gaming consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation as well as Mac and PC. If you are one of those gamers who also like to have looks along with superb sound output, Astro A50 could be the perfect choice for you.

It features a different Mix Amp Tx controller which could be used to control the volume as well as playback options of the headset. For connectivity, the company has provided a 0.5 mm micro-USB cable along with a 1-meter long chat cable for Xbox One. In addition to that, you also get a Micro USB cable and a 1.0 M TO Sink cable that assists the Mix Amp Tx. All in all, you do not have to worry about the connectivity at all.

It is very important to have a good noise cancellation in gaming headsets and Astro has taken good care of that in A50 gaming headphones. They have also taken care of the upcoming technological advancements that we might see in near future, and that is why you should not worry about the updates as you will be able to use them with upcoming new consoles as well.

Astro A50 Gaming Headset Features:

  • Astro A50 offers great connectivity options for Xbox, PS as well as PCs.
  • The headset is modern and features superb design and comfort.
  • The noise reduction technology works well and you won’t be able to hear any outside world noise while gaming.
  • The headset also has an amplifier for better output, however, can take a bit of extra space.

Corsair Gaming Void USB RGB Headphones

Corsair gaming void headphones offer a lot of features to the users apart from a great sound output. After few use only, you will find yourself hooked to its superb performance as well as super comfortable design. People who especially want a color customizable gaming headset that offers multi-lighting options, Corsair gaming Void is the one you should go for. In case you also own a Corsair RGB keyboard as well, you can combine it with the keyboard to bring up your personal color combinations as well.

Corsair gaming void offers the users a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound coming from 50 mm sound drivers. However, the quality of the sound is also dependent upon the sound driver that you have installed on your machine.

Another thing that we liked about the Void RGB headphones is that they are really very comfortable even when you wear them from hours.  It is because they are so lightweight that you will not even notice that you actually have them on. Users get 3 equalizer settings in the headphones that the gamers can adjust as per their desire. There is a microphone too with noise cancellation so that you can converse with other fellow gamers without any kind of disturbance. There are certain LED in the headphone as well that tell you the status of different settings of the headphones like EQ setting, the battery life of the headphone or whether the headphone is in mute status or not.

Corsair Gaming Void RGB Headphones Features:

  • Corsair gaming headphones possess pro features and you can get all these at a very decent price.
  • The users can personalize the RGB lighting.
  • The notifications on the headphones make them really easy to use.
  • The noise cancellation technology on the mic works really well.
  • The headphone is very lightweight and the foam coating is comfortable enough to wear it for hours.
  • The Dolby 7.1 sound output is really great in the Corsair headphones.

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Cougar Immersa Gaming Headset

The Cougar Immersa Gaming headphones are specifically made for initiate gamers who not only are looking for gaming looks in the headphones, but also want the gaming feel from them. This ultra-lightweight gaming headphone offers you everything you might be looking for in a gaming headphone. The leather tops provide stability without adding too much of weight to your head.

For connectivity, there is a 2-meter cable allowing you to connect to devices a bit far from you with ease. The sound coming out of the Cougar Immersa gaming headset is undoubtedly spectacular and the user can also tweak it using different the sound driver installed in your PC.

Talking about the ear shells, they are comfortable, adaptive as well as omnidirectional. It means that they are going to fit perfectly over your earlobes and will adapt to the shape of your head very easily. The microphone in this gaming headset is decent and feels really strong and durable.

The users also get volume controls as well as the microphone controls on the headphones which are present on the long cord so that you can access them easily. We would recommend these headphones to entry-level gamers as it is an affordable headphone with above average sound and decent voice output.

Cougar Immersa Gaming Headset Features:

  • The Cougar Immersa gaming headphones possess ear pads 10 cm in diameter.
  • The ear shells are omnidirectional and adaptive.
  • The microphone in the headset is retractable.
  • The volume and microphone controls are easily accessible and strategically placed on the connecting wire.
  • The headphones have a very lightweight design.
  • The headphones are affordable and target entry-level gamers.

Sennheiser GSP 350 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Sennheiser GSP 350 is a gaming headphone which falls in the premium range of headphones. These headphones are for serious gamers and they offer you 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound experience which is customizable with the help of the software that comes along with the headphones.

Talking about the design, Sennheiser GSP 350 headphones are designed keeping all the passionate gamers in mind. One special feature that we would like to mention about these headphones is the “lift-to-mute” technology. Whenever you wish to end or mute the communication with another player, you do not need to reach out for controls, instead, all you need to do is to lift the mic and the communication will pause itself. It might not seem very important as of now, but the technology is really helpful when you are playing games with your friends over LAN or online. In addition to that, the mic also possesses the noise cancellation technology which is effective enough to block out all the noises coming from the outside world to reach the other end.

Sennheiser GSP 350 is comfortable enough to be used for long period of time, all thanks to the soft foam cushions that fit comfortable all around your ears. Same reflect from thousand of high rating s and review from other users. The headphone is for gamers who demand high-quality sound experience to the ears. Sennheiser also offers 2-years of full international warranty on the GSP 350 headphones, you can get them easily replaces in case you are having any issues with it for a couple of years.

Sennheiser GSP 350 Surround Sound Headset Features:

  • Sennheiser GSP 350 offers 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound to your ears.
  • The sound coming from the headphones can be tweaked using the dedicated software coming along with the headphones.
  • The foam is really comfortable and does not cause irritation while using them for long.
  • The “lift-to-mute” technology is really useful while playing games with friends or online.
  • 2-year international warranty keeps you tension free about any kind of damage that might occur, as you can get them replaced easily in an initial couple of years.

HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headphones

HyperX Cloud revolver is another premium gaming headset that has been designed keeping serious gamers in mind. However, the headphones are only compatible with PCs, Xbox, and PS4 consoles, and are sleek in design when compared to other hefty headphones. The HyperX headphones offer really great sound output that can give competition to studio-grade headphones, but it is not the main feature that it boasts. The center of attraction in these headphones is the HyperX memory foam that is composed of premium quality leather for providing extra comfort to the gamers. You won’t even feel their weight while you are busy in intense gaming for hours.

The outer chassis of the headphone is a steel frame that sits perfectly over your head and is strong and durable as well. The directional sound comes from 50 mm drivers and the headphones could also be used with the smartphones as well. However, in order to use the headphones with smartphones, you will need a device that supports CTIA connector.

One best thing about the HyperX Cloud Headphones is that you can get rid of the microphone if you do not plan to use it and only wish to listen to music via headphones. It is a good idea since not all of us use the microphone all the time. So it is a better option to get rid f it whenever you do not wish to use it.

HyperX Cloud Revolver Headphones Features:

  • The headphone has a durable as well as a strong steel frame.
  • You can detach the mic from the main headset whenever you do not require it.
  • The HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headphones are TeamSpark certified.
  • The headphones fall in the professional range and offer you studio quality sound output from50mm directional sound drivers.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headphones

In between all the professional headphones, the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum finds its way as a mid-entry level wireless gaming headset that offers 7.1 surround sound to the gamers. This gaming headphone looks really classy in its black color and different design and might look bulky to many at first, but the case is not what it seems. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is really very comfortable to wear and walk around, and that too with superb build quality and being lightweight. Artemis Spectrum is customizable and the user has 16.8 million color combinations to try and find the one which suits them the best.

Talking more about the design, the ear cups have a huge area to cover your ears completely and comfortably surrounded by breathable cushion type material which prevents irritation.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum offers 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound experience and sound at full Pro-G. The users have an option to fold the microphone that comes attached to it whenever they are not using it. The noise cancellation prevents the noise from your surrounding to reach the ears of the person at the other end. Logitech has made these headphones both wireless as well as wired. That means you can connect it to the devices using cable whenever you are just sitting and playing. However, if you wish to use them for far, you can easily switch them to a wireless mode with a battery backup of 12 hours. Logitech has also provided 3 G keys in the headphone and which are programmable. This means that the user can assign three tasks to these three buttons like play/pause, skip to next track etc.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Headphones Features:

  • Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum offers 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound.
  • The user has an option to switch to either wired or wireless mode.
  • There is a foldaway noise-cancellation option available to the gamers.
  • The gaming headset is compatible with Windows PC, MacOS, PS4, home theatres, Xbox consoles and a lot more devices.
  • The users have an option to personalize their RGB lighting with 16.4 million color options and combinations.
  • There are 3 G-keys available that the gamers can program as per his or her requirement.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headsets are for those gamers who do not want to spend much on the headsets but are still looking for above average performance. These headsets offer the gamers 7.1 Surround sound and are also compatible with various consoles like PS4 and Xbox in the market along with PCs, iOS, Android operating system and even Nintendo Switch. That means this is the single headphone you will need for all your devices.

The cups that find in these headsets are known as AirWeave and are soft and comfortable to wear.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 headphones boast superb sound output and are perfect for not only gamers but also for movie watchers, music lovers etc. However, there is one problem, the stereo sound is not available for PC but you get it while using them on any other platform. The company has provided their very own software along with the headphones which allow the user to choose from the pre-existing profiles and tweak the audio settings as per the gamer’s desire and requirement. The company has placed the volume controls on the earcups for easy access.

SteelSeies Arctic 3 Gaming Headset Features:

  • SteelSeries Arctis 3 gaming headsets are one of the most versatile headsets available in the market.
  • They offer 7.1 surrounds sound audio to your ears.
  • The feature S1 speaker sound drivers for clear as well as crisp audio output.
  • The earcups in the SteelSeries Arctis 3 are really very comfortable and there is also a ski goggle headband that offers pressure relief to the gamers.
  • Taking into consideration the audio output as well as its capabilities, SteelSeries Arctis 3 headphones are available at a very decent price in the market.
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