Call of Duty: WWII – Things We Know So Far

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Almost every gamer has played one or the other COD or Call of Duty game in his or her lifetime. And if you love first person shooter, then we understand how disappointed you are waiting for the next installment of the franchise to come out. Well, there is a good news for you guys, Call of Duty: WWII was announced some time back and features the loved old World War II environment to the gamers. The game has been developed by Sledgehammer Games and we have seen some amazing games from them in the past. The game takes place in between the war specifically around the last year, replicating a lot of battles that took place in reality and eventually resulted in the downfall of Hitler, Germany as well as the entire Nazi empire. Here in this post, we are going to consolidate everything that we know about the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII from the trailer, announcements, rumors and all other sources.

But before we begin, If you haven’t watched the COD : World War II trailer yet, you can watch it below. The trailer for the upcoming game was live streamed worldwide followed by the teaser announcement by the company. The trailer takes you to in the middle of the war of Normandy, followed by Hurtgen Forest battle and a lot more. You are also introduced to the character of Josh Duhamel and Technical Sergent William Peirson.

COD: WWII Campaign

There are various modes you can play in. The first among those is the campaign mode where the player steps into the shoes of a young boy named Ronald Daniels from Texas. We think that this makes irony with the old saying, “You’re a long way from Texas, farm boy”.  We also got to know from the Polygon’s preview that Daniels will serve under Turner and Pierson, two seniors who have different views and methodologies about war. There are other soldiers too serving along with Daniels under them, one of which is a British officer, a child and female resistance fighters.

As a young fighter you a put into a lot of tough situations. The fans will be happy to see that we have a lot of time with boots-o-ground, that means real combat. You will have to depend upon your fellow soldiers to survive in tough battles, and they rely on you as well.

The story begins from the D-Day itself where the soldiers land on the Omaha Beach and to liberate Paris from the control of Nazis. Yes, this is the same Omaha Beach you might have seen in the famous Tom Hanks movie, Saving Private Ryan. But don’t think it same as the movie, since it is more deadly, horrifying and intense than the movie.

The game features new ways of battle. In the short demo that we saw, we see a squad sniping the German army from far and before the forest comes down. To see bringing down a complete forest using smart tactic and from Red’s point of view is extremely amazing. The Battle of Hurtgen is one of those battles which haven’t been covered in most of the War games, but you see yourself experiencing that battle in COD: WWII.

Not only that, you also get a lot of cool weapons to play around in the game as well. The demo we saw started with the M1 Grand. There were a lot of close encounters in the demo as well which featured a German soldier with a knife whom you kill by smashing his head with your helmet.

Activision says that the historical representation in the game is authentic. But we highly doubt that since they said same about the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and we were surprised to see spaceships in it.

However, there is one big drawback, you as well as other players do not recover the lost health over time. In the previous versions, the player was able to hide and regain their health. If you wish to gain health, you will have to summon your mates which carry health pack, ammo, and other important stuff.

COD: WWII Multiplayer

There were very few details that were made available and which we were able to grab from the event. But the multiplayer mode is there for sure. There is an interesting war mode in which the player takes part in a battle between teams with different objectives. For example, in one mode, the goal of the game will revolve more or less around Normandy invasion incident. We still do not have an official figure of how many players will be able to play together online. But we can expect two modes, one with 32 players and the other with 64 players.



The only info we have about the co-op mode is that is will be a zombie hunting game in which the players are going to fight against the evil experiments as well as the army of the dead.

However, Schofield told Galaxy that they have got something under the blanket for the Co-op mode. Schofield told Glixel that it will be more like old sledgehammer routine with a new more dangerous enemy, new story and a lot of dark element.

The Call of Duty: World War II will hit the market on 3rd of November for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Also, have a look out as Activision might announce pre-order before actual release.


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