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FIFA 18 TOTW 22 Confirmed Line-Ups – 96 Ronaldo, 93 Aguero, 87 Firmino & More

The new FIFA 18 Team of the Week 22 is finally out and we are not surprised to see some of the expected names on the list. However, it is very exciting though to see some big names on the player list and having them this week is going to be even more exciting.

The list of the Team of The Week was announced today at 6 PM BST that you can get by competing against the opponents as well as on the FUT Player packs.

This time the new Team of the Week contains five players from the Premier League which include Roberto Firmino from Liverpool, Lejeune from Newcastle United, Sergio Aguero from Manchester City, Vertonghen from Spurs and Victor Moses from Chelsea.

Given below is the complete list of Starting 11 squad as well as reserves that are revealed as a part of this Team of the Week 22.

FIFA 18 Team of the Week


  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 96
  • Sergio Aguero – 93
  • Roberto Firmino – 87


  • Bernardeschi – 84
  • Parejo – 86
  • Willian Carvalho – 85
  • Piotr Zielinski – 83


  • Tagliafico – 92
  • Vertonghen – 86
  • Lejeune – 82


  • Sergio Rico – 84 – Goal Keeper
  • Raul – 82 – Defender
  • Jovetic – 84 – Striker
  • Puch – 81 – Midfielder
  • Victor Moses – 82 – Defender
  • Kramaric – 84 – Striker
  • Khazri – 82 – Midfielder


  • Cengiz Under – 80 – Midfielder
  • Mohamed Elisa – 65 – Striker
  • Teddy Chevalier – 78 – Midfielder
  • Andres Jacobsen – 75 – Striker
  • Matthias Morys – 78 – Striker

Composure in FIFA 18 / FUT – What Does it Mean?

There are thousands of player in FIFA 18 and the only thing that makes each and every one of them different from each other is their attributes. Yes, each and every player has a different set of attribute that imparts them special movement, passing, shooting and other abilities. More is the rating of the attribute, the better the player is in passing or shooting. These attributes play an important role while you are buying a player from the transfer market. If you want your player to sprint, buy a player with high Pace attribute rating. If you want a pass master, get a player with high Passing attribute and so on.

One such important attribute from all of them is Composure. No doubt most of the players most look at the main six attributes which are Shooting, Passing, Pace, Physical, Defending, and Dribbling. However, that is not all and there are many attributes that you usually can’t see easily. There are more than 30 attributes associated with a player and Composure is one important one of them.

The complete list of attributes are:


  • Finishing
  • Penalties
  • Long Shots
  • Shot Power
  • Volleys
  • Positioning


  • Sprint Speed
  • Acceleration


  • Reaction
  • Composure
  • Agility
  • Ball Control
  • Balance
  • Dribbling


  • Curve
  • Crossing
  • Long Passing
  • Vision
  • Free Kick
  • Short Passing


  • Standing Tackle
  • Heading
  • Marking
  • Sliding Tackle
  • Interceptions


  • Strength
  • Aggression
  • Stamina
  • Jumping


  • Kicking
  • Handling
  • Diving
  • Speed
  • Reflexes
  • Positioning


Composure is a typical attribute. To put it in a simple manner, it is the attribute that determines that at what distance the player with the ball is going to start feeling the pressure from the opponent player. If the composure is not strong, the opponent player can throw you off balance while you are shooting, making you miss the target. Not only that, you passing, through passes and crosses are also affected by it as well. More is the composure rating of the player, the better he performs, passes and shoots under direct pressure from an opponent. It is not something new that we are seeing in FIFA 18 and it has been there in previous editions of the game as well. It was removed games before FIFA 17 but re-introduced from last year’s game.

So, next time you are buying a new attacker or a midfielder, make sure you check his composure so that he can withstand even the toughest of oppression.

FIFA 18 Team of the Year Cards Revealed

The new year is already here and with the new year, comes a lot of surprises for the FIFA players. EA Sports have already revealed the list of the best players of the year and here we are with the complete list as well as details of all the players that have been included in the list.

We have the complete lineup of FIFA 18: Team of the Year players, which was revealed slowly by EA Sports in the last few days. The company already told before that the players can vote for their favorite player to include it in the TOTY 2018. In addition to that they also informed the players that the EA Sports FIFA 18: Team of the Year is going to contain only 3 attackers, three midfielders as well as four defenders along with a single goalkeeper. The Team of the Year 2018 is going to have a 4-3-3 formation by default.

There are separate high rated items for the players in the Team of the Year 18, that the players can find in the FUT packs just for a limited amount of time. So, let us not waste any more time and have a look at the players that have been included as a part of FUT 18: Team of the Year.

FUT 18: Team of the Year

FUT 18 TOTY: Forwards

Cristiano Ronaldo

The face of the FIFA 18 game is the first players to be the part of the Team of the Year. It is almost impossible to say anything about the best player in the world. He won his 5th Ballon’dor this year and is considered as one of the greatest players of all time. The Real Madrid striker has not been very successful in La Liga and other competitions this season, but that does not prevent him from breaking the existing records every now and then. With countless records and trophies already in his pocket, there is no doubt in the fact that we are going to see a lot more from him in the coming future. Cristiano Ronaldo has been rated 99 in the TOTY FUT card.

Lionel Messi

Another great player and the biggest rival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi is the second forward to be included in the FUT 18: Team of the Year. He truly deserves to be in the Team of the Year because of his excellent play, records as well as the current season. Another Legend player in the TOTY with talent and skill hard to match by any footballer in the Football history. He is always there in position to dribble through the defenders easily and score goals along with providing superb assists to the teammates. You can get the Messi card with the rating of 98 in FUT Team of the Year 18.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the Premier League player coming from Tottenham Hotspur and landing as the best right winger in the FUT 18 TOTY. He shined as one of the best strikers in the 2015-16 season for Tottenham, and since then he has been improving his tactics, skills, as well as performance in the Premier League, continues to dominate the Top Scoring charts. He has also won two consecutive Golden Boot award till now and plans to bag more in the future. You can get Harry Kane 96 rated card in FUT 18 Team of the Year.

FUT 18 TOTY: Midfielders

Kevin De Bruyne

We cannot image the midfield of the Team of the Year without the Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne. He is one of the great talents coming initially from Chelsea and turning out to be very crucial in the current performance of Manchester City in Premier League. He is complete in all terms, great in terms of scoring, great in providing accurate passes and assists, he even saved a lot of attacks from other teams this year as well. It literally looks like he is capable of doing everything you want from him on the pitch. You can get 96 rated Kevin De Bruyne card for a limited time under FUT 18 Team of the Year.

N’Golo Kante

Next on our Team of the Year Midfielder list is Chelsea player N’Golo Kante. Kante has been really crucial for the Chelsea midfield this season. It won’t be wrong to say that Kante can do almost anything on the field. It doesn’t matter if the opposition is on to a deadly attack or trying to pass the ball that could result into a goal, Kante is there to stop the crosses as well as the attacks in between with exceptional tackles on the edge of the box and strength. The passing accuracy of the players is also superb, a lot of which has been converted into goals. Kante is a player who almost everyone would want on his or her team. You can get the 95 rated N’Golo Kante Card for a limited time under FUT 18 Team of the Year.

Luka Modric

Luka Modric is the best midfielder in the world as well as super crucial for Real Madrid. He has not been in its greatest form this season, but that does not make him less of what he is capable of. He is the best Croatian player in the entire country history and is super talented when it comes to long shots as well as ground and lob assists. He can easily control the game by attacking from the behind as well as while controlling the football game from the deep positions. Luka Modric is the small marvel in the football history and you can receive 96 rated Luka Modric card this FUT 18 Team of the Year.

FUT 18 TOTY: Defenders

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos does not require any kind of introduction. A legend in football defending, Sergio Ramos is also one of the most decorated players in the Real Madrid history. You simply cannot question his captaincy, heading as well as defending skills. Not only he is one of the most active players, but also one of the most intelligent players on the pitch. Ramos is one of the crucial players who took the current Real Madrid team to glory as well as Champions Cup winning. Also, if you need a last minute goal to win, Sergio Ramos is really going to work wonders for you. You can get the 97 rated Sergio Ramos card this season under FUT 18 Team of the Year.


Marcelo is another great defender from Real Madrid. Marcelo, originally from Brazil has been the backbone of the Real Madrid team for more than a decade. He has been an exceptional fully balanced defender but you can also find him defeating all the opposition players on the left wing and assisting crosses from the left that has a very high probability of finding a player and ending behind the opposite team’s net. He is an incredible defender when it comes to one-on-one tackling, skill sets, technical ability and speed, a complete nightmare for opposing defenders as well. You can find 94 rated Marcelo FUT card under Team of the Year for a limited time only. Leonardo Bonucci

It has been a good season for the Italian Defender Leonardo Bonucci. He left Juventus last year after completing seven successful and amazing seasons in the best team of the Italian league. He returned back to its original team I Rossoneri where he protects the attackers from scoring goals leading the defense line of the team. You can find a 96 rated Bonucci card in FUT 18 team of the Year.

Dani Alves

Dani Alves is undoubtedly a legend player coming from Brazil and playing the Football Club Barcelona. Not only he intercepts and stops the attackers coming from the right-back, he has also been involved in the mid-field in creating ways, advancing and creating a lot of occasions for goals. He himself has some spectacular goals under his name from short as well as long ranges. Truly, he is a crucial player supporting the FC Barcelona in their wins against almost every team. You can get 93 rated Dani Alves card under FUT 18 Team of the Year for some time.

FUT 18 TOTY: Goalkeeper

De Gea

The Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the current football world. Really, we have seen some amazing as well as impossible saves from the goalkeeper this season. He is also playing an important role in the Manchester United success in the current season. You will find the De Gea 97 rated card as the goalkeeper of the FUT 18 Team of the Year.

So what are you all waiting for? Go to your FIFA 18 FUT now to try your luck and get all these cards. But you should definitely hurry, as all these cards are available only for a short duration.

FIFA 18 Complete FUT Carryover Guide

The all-new FIFA 18 is out and we all are already a fan of it. However, the new version of FIFA brings a problem along with it, how to transfer all your data to the newer version without losing all your FIFA profile data. Yes, there are many players out there who do not care about their old game data and get the new copy as soon as it gets out there. But there are many who just do not want to lose their entire year’s hard work and start all over again. If you are the second time, you might be a bit disappointed with what we are going to share here. But there are many tricks by which you can get some of your existing data and progress back in the new FIFA 18 FUT. But here we are going to give you all we can which will help you to get your Ultimate Team saved trophies, coins and cards back.

Since most of the players already know about how to carry FIFA 17 FUT to FIFA 18, but there are many who are actually unaware of this fact. Also, there are many gamers who do a lot of mistakes while carrying over their profile data and thus are not able to take everything they have achieved in the new FIFA game.

Given below are the things that the players can carry to the next FIFA 18 game from FIFA 17.

You Club Establishment Date

The first thing that you are going to bring along with your profile in the new FIFA 18 is the established date of your club. Yes, it is obvious, the date when you started playing the FIFA Ultimate Team will remain the same. However, there were few complaints about the established dates shown wrong in FIFA 17. But the dates you had in FIFA 17 will remain same as in FIFA 18 too. It is one of those things that are never going to change.

Your XP

Your XP also remains the same. The XP system keeps on measuring how much experienced you are in the FIFA universe. Every time you play the game doesn’t matter you win or lose, you will gain some XP and it increases all the time until the bar is filled and you reach the next level. Your XP is not dependent upon the platform, mode or something, but only your profile. You will retain all your XP all the time and you can see it in the top right corner just below your ID. Obviously, retaining you XP in the new game is going to help you a lot by giving access to few of the EASFC Catalogues items that won’t be available to the fresh players.

FUT Club Name

You will also have your Club Name. When you first started playing FIFA Ultimate Team you will be asked to name your Club, that name remains there and the players also get an option to change the name or to keep it same when you start FUT in FIFA 18. In case you wish to change the name of your club at later point in time, you will have to complete various Manager tasks or get EASFC Catalogue item to edit it. In case you chose to change your Club’s name, your old name will be then available for other to pick while your team with get the new name.
FIFA FC Credits

FIFA FC Credits are nothing but FIFA Coins. Similar to the XP, the FIFA Coins are directly linked to your Origin account and remain the same when you change your gaming platform and even when you upgrade to the newer version of FIFA. In case you are moving to FIFA 18 from FIFA 17, we would recommend you to save few coins so that you can purchase few EASFC Catalogue Items and boost items to get a head start in FUT 18.

FIFA Points

In case you do not have many FIFA coins, FIFA points can act as an alternative using which you can buy various FUT items and packs from the store. If you already having points in FIFA 17 game, do not spend them on any FUT 17 items, instead, save them and use them in FUT 18. While transferring all this data, you need to be very careful to ear as much as you can in FIFA 17 and carry over to FIFA 18, because you will just have a single shot at it.

The only problem with transferring the coins to the new game is that you cannot transfer them if you changing the console. So, if you are earning the points in Xbox console and you are planning the play the new FIFA 18 game on PS4, then you are not going to get all your points and data back. Also, if you’re playing the previous game on PS3 and getting new PS4 for FIFA 18, the points are not going to transfer in this case as well. So, you need to be on the same console in case you wish to transfer your FIFA points from old game to new.

The Non-Transferable Items

So, above were the things that the gamers can transfer from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, but there are many other things as well that we cannot transfer into the new game.

FIFA Coins

The first thing every player wishes to carry forward to the new game is FIFA Coins. But the disappointing thing about it that you can not transfer them in the new FUT game. We have checked all we can and there is nothing anyone could do about it. You might think of converting them to cards and then carry forward, but we would like to tell you that it is not possible as well. Since you will have to start freshly in FIFA 18, you can transfer your old coins to your family and friends.

FUT Cards

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your hard earned cards. You might have some of the legendary players like Ronaldo or Messi, but you will have to leave them and move on as you can not transfer your cards from FIFA FUT17 to FIFA FUT 18. Not only that, the players also cannot transfer the staff, the club items or the consumables to FIFA 18.

The Current Division

The Divisions are reset once you start playing FIFA 18. Yes, it does not matter whether you were the best player sitting in Division 2 or the best who struggled a lot to reach Division 1. As you start playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, all the players start from the basic, i.e. Division 10. No matter what position you held in the previous game, you will have to start all over again.

Your Trophies and Achievements

It is pretty obvious that you won’t be able to take forward all your achievements and trophies on to the next game. The new game FIFA 18 comes with a lot of changes in many aspects of the game, including the gameplay. There is no doubt FIFA 18 possesses better gameplay, a different mechanics and more and better challenges for the players, and it is fun to learn them and get all those trophies once again.

Match Records and Leaderboards

If you have an excellent match record and you are ranking high on the leaderboard, be ready to get disappointed again. It better to take a picture if you want to prove it to someone because in FUT 18, you start from fresh and all your match win/lose/draw data wipes away as soon as you switch to the next version. Even if you are playing it, your data will be removed after 2 years because EA does not wish to spend money on servers with very fewer players on it.

So that was all you need to know about the transfers that you can make while switching to FIFA 18 FUT from FUT 17. There is a huge loss, but that should not stop you from getting and playing the new FIFA 18 game. We know its kind of hard to start all over again but isn’t that fun too. Competing with other opponents and facing new challenges in a better version of the game than before. In case you have any questions regarding the FIFA FUT Transfer from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, do write to us in comments below.

FUTmas is Back: SBC’s and Christmas Ultimate Team Offers Unveiled

The Christmas Season is almost here and there is a good news for all the FIFA 18 and FIFA Ultimate Team fans out there. Similar to each year, the new FIFA 18 Christmas Ultimate Team offers have been revealed by EA Sports that the players can avail over the next 10 days of the holiday season. These new offers include some of the squad building challenges as well as different kinds of rewards that will be available for grabs until the 25th of December. Generally, the FUTmas runs every year from 15th of December until 24th December.

If you are a FUT fan too and wish to win these rewards, we have all the information and details that you will require in order to achieve that. Last year when the FUTmas was out on FIFA 17, EA Sports offered a player with the same number as the day on which the Squad Building Challenge was introduced. To be more clear, Michael Carrick, the Manchester United 16, was available as a reward of December 16, 2016.

However, EA Sports have modified the reward system this year and this time, the shirt numbers are starting from 30, and then going down by one with every increasing day.

The Squad Building Challenge has been available for three days and there are already 9 players out as rewards.

We saw Michail Antonio, the number 30 from West Ham, Cesar Azplicueta (the number 29 from Chelsea) and Serge Gnabry, the number 30 playing for Hoffenheim as rewards in the form of FUTmas cards.

On 16th December we saw Thomas Lemar (number 27 from AS Monaco), Kalidou Koulibaly (number 26 from Napoli) and Domenico Berardi (number 25 coming from Sassuolo) as FUTmas cards.

On 17th December we got Daniele Ruhani from Juventus, Julian Draxler from Paris Saint-Germain and the star Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Manchester United.

Given below are the prediction of players that we can see coming as FUTmas card rewards in the coming days:

18th December:

  • Ander Herrera – Manchester United
  • Luis Muriel (ST) – Sevilla FC
  • Sofiane Boufal – Southampton

19th December:

  • Jordi Alba (LB) – FC Barcelona
  • Cédric Bakambu (ST) – Villarreal CF
  • Zlatko Junuzović (CM) – SV Werder Bremen

20th December:

  • Paulinho – FC Barcelona
  • Jordan Henderson – Liverpool
  • Ahmed Musa – Leicester City

21st December:

  • Thomas Meunier – Paris Saint-Germain
  • Yevhen Konoplyanka – FC Schalke 04
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović – Manchester United

22nd December:

  • Jamie Vardy – Leicester City
  • Naby Keïta – RB Leipzig
  • David Villa – New York City Football Club

23rd December:

  • Laurent Koscielny – Arsenal
  • Giacomo Bonaventura – AC Milan
  • Radja Nainggolan – AS Roma

24th December:

  • Filipe Luís – Atlético Madrid
  • Fabinho – AS Monaco Football Club SA
  • Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus

You can grab the number 3, number 2 and 1 number players on 24th of December.

FUTmas Special Offers and Objectives

EA has also said that the players will be able to compete with each other in a “variety of themed weekly objectives to unwrap great rewards” during this entire period of FUTmas. It is understandable that the harder the challenge is, the better is the reward.

For example, you get an elf themed kit for your team in you win three Squad Battles back to back. You get FUTmas Andy Carroll card if you score three goals from the header in an online single match.

If you want to buy any pack, there are special packs available on the sale as well but you need to hurry as they are available for a limited time as well as quantities.

FUTmas Kits and Cards

There are different Christmas themed cards available with each and every SBC FUTmas related challenges and weekly challenge win.

In the holiday season, there are three specially designed kits that will be available for the fans to grab the whole time. One of them is the elf uniform which is already out there to get now.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: TOTGS Confirmed for PS4, Xbox & PC

Today we got to see the whole new revised as well as rechristened FIFA Ultimate Team of the Tournaments: Group Stage. The FUT 18 TOTGS was all about the special players which will be available in the packs from today 6 PM onwards UK time. The deal will go on until 6 PM Friday.

Most of the fans out there predicted that the Fifth Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo will be there in the squad with the rating of 95. De bruyne also seals his position in the center midfield with 91 rating. He is accompanied by Eden Hazard (92) as well. Neymar plays as the second striker and in the CAM position with boosted 93 rating. Mbappe’s rating has been enhanced as well to 86 but he sits in the reserves.
You can find the updates on all the players below:

FUT 18 TOTGS Players


  • Hugo Lloris – Tottenham Hotspur – 89


  • Blind – Manchester United – 83
  • Samuel Umtiti – Barcelona FC – 85
  • Alves – Paris Saint Germaine – 85
  • John Stones – Manchester City – 82
  • Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich – 87


  • Neymar – Paris Saint Germain – 93
  • Casemiro – Real Madrid CF – 84
  • Eden Hazard – Chelsea – 92
  • De Bruyne – Manchester City – 91


  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid CF – 95
  • Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur – 88


  • Ter Stegen – Barcelona FC – 87
  • Channels – Real Sociedad – 82
  • Mbappe – Paris Saint Germain – 86
  • Ben Yedder – Sevilla FC – 84
  • Diego Llorente – Real Sociedad – 82
  • Roberto Firmino – Liverpool – 85
  • Rigoni – Zenit St. Petersburg – 82


  • Rodriguez – Milan – 86
  • Andre Silva – AC Milan – 82
  • Tosun – Besiktas – 82
  • Freuler – Atalanta – 81
  • Kokorin – Zenit St. Petersburg – 82

FIFA 18 Finesse Shot Tutorial – Easily Score Lots of Goals with Any Player

Scoring goals in one on one situation or even simple scoring is tough in the new FIFA 18. You can take it as a part of gameplay enhancement or overpowered goalkeepers, but getting your ball at the back of the net is not at all easy in the new FIFA game. Simple shooting still works, but it won’t help you every time, and you will definitely have to switch to different types of shots for effective scoring.

There are different shot types that could help you in getting the ball in from different spots and positions. For example, if you are far away from the goal, you should use Power shot (shooting with Pace Control button) to dip your ball while imparting a huge amount of power in it. In case a goalkeeper is charging towards you, use chip shot to play the ball over the goalkeeper’s head and score a goal etc. One such shot type that we loved to play with in FIFA 17 was Finesse shot, however, it has been made a lot more difficult in the latest FIFA 18 version. Not only that, you will definitely have to use this shot type if you really wish to be lethal in the FIFA 18 game.

Finesse Shot FIFA 18 PS4 Xbox

Performing a Finesse shot in the game is easy, however, the placement, timing, and position from where you take the shoot is very important and should be perfect for scoring. In order to perform a Finesse shot, you just need to hold down the R1 button on your PS4 controller or the RB button on your Xbox controller (default settings), and then press the shoot (circle or B) button on your controller with an accurate amount of power to curve the ball and send it to the back side of the net. This technique of scoring is very useful whenever you are heading towards the opponent’s goal at a particular and wish to curl or curve the ball from outside to inside around the keeper for a goal.

However, if you do not know how to hit finesse shots in FIFA 18, you can follow the tutorial below in order to learn, master and score a lot of easy goals in FIFA 18.

How to perform Finesse Shot in FIFA 18

There is no doubt in the fact that Finesse shots are the most overpowered shots in the FIFA 18 game, and they are very lethal as well when performed from the right spot. They are far more easier than FIFA 17, but more tricky as well.

The steps here will help you to score with any player mostly, still, we recommend you to take a shot with a player which has high accuracy as well as finishing. This is definitely going to improve your chances a lot while scoring. A better player with high ratings and attributes can easily play the finesse shot from far away, while for players with less rating need to come a bit closer to the post, sometimes inside the Penalty box for scoring accurately.

The next thing that you need to take care of is the power you need to apply while taking the shot. That is why you will also need a player with decent shot power, and then you will be able to score as many screamers from different positions in the game.

When Shooting from Far Outside the Box

Step 1: Move in the direction where you wish to hit the ball, top or the bottom corner.

Step 2: Press the RB or R1 button on the controller

Step 3: Now when you are far or outside the box, of around 25-35 yards, press shoot. You will need minimum two and a half bar of power.

Don’t put in too much thinking that you are far. That will carry the ball way over the bar. With the right direction, hold the R1 button (RB on Xbox) and press the shooting button with appropriate power.

When Shooting from Far Top Left of the Box

Step 1: Move towards the bottom right corner of the box.

Step 2: Press the R1 or RB button on your controller.

Step 3: Now, aim the thumbstick down and then tilt it slightly towards the right while pressing the shoot button with 2-3 bar power.

When Shooting from Far Bottom Left of the Box

Step 1: Move towards the top right corner of the box.

Step 2: Press the R1 or RB button on your controller.

Step 3: Now, aim the thumbstick up and then shift it a bit towards the right while pressing the shoot button with 2-3 bar power.

When Shooting from Far Top Right of the Box

Step 1: Move towards the bottom left corner of the box.

Step 2: Press the RB or R1 button on your respective PS and Xbox controllers.

Step 3: Now, aim the thumbstick down and them tilt it slightly towards the left while pressing the shoot button with 2-3 bar power.

When Shooting from Far Bottom Right of the Box

Step 1: Move towards the top left corner of the box.

Step 2: Press the RB or R1 button on your respective PS and Xbox controllers.

Step 3: Now, aim the thumbstick up and them swirl it towards the left while pressing the shoot button with 2-3 bar power.

When Shooting while Moving Away from the Goal

On the other hand, if you are moving away from the near side,

Step 1: First of all leave the Sprint button if you are using it.

Step 2: Aim towards the far corner of the goal depending upon from where you wish to take the shot.

Step 3: Press and hold the RB or R1 button on your controller.

Step 4: Press the shoot button with only 1-2 bar of power. Since you are near the post, applying too much power will take the ball out of the ground over the goal post.

Same you can do if you are moving towards the net in opposite direction, this will make the ball swirl. This time you need a bit less power, two to three bar would be enough to get the ball behind the keeper and score a goal.

There is another important thing to keep in mind. And that is, where you want to put the ball in the entire goal box. Power is very important when you want to score a finesse shot, and based upon you are aiming for a low shot or a powerful curler to the top corner, the power you need to put in is going to vary.

For example, you see the goalkeeper moving towards you and you wish to just finesse slip the ball around the approaching goalkeeper, it will require very little power. But if you wish to slot the ball right at the top corner from the edge or inside the box, overall the defenders, you will have to increase the power a bit to one or one and a half bar.

There are some secondary points that you should keep in the mind as well. We all know that the shots are very much affected by the weather conditions in the game. So, you might have to vary the power while taking the finesse shots in rain or snow. Also, we would recommend to go for the finesse shot with the player’s preferred foot. It is something you will realize when you will see Ronaldo and Messi curling the ball exceptionally from their preferred foot than the other foot. Last but not the least, try, try and try. The more you will try, more perfect and comfortable you become for trying the finesse shot from various positions, even from far long.

Get Best FUT Team Deals for PS, Xbox and PC on FIFA 18 Black Friday 2017

If you are a FIFA 18 fan, you will be able to get a lot of Ultimate Team deals in the upcoming FIFA 18 Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale for FIFA 18, available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

All the offers for FIFA 18 start from today and include Flash SBCs, round pack offers, and different weekly objectives too. The offer for the hourly packs will start at 2 pm GMT on Black Friday 2017. The offer will end on 25 November 2017 at 2 pm GMT. There is an exclusive Black Friday 17 Kit available as well that you can get as a reward for Weekly Objective in FIFA 18.

Here is everything that you can get in the upcoming FIFA 18 Black Friday Sale:

FIFA 18 Black Friday Pack Offers:

Get the party pack for you. The is a huge variety but you will find the best packs in the Ultimate Team which will be offered to the players on an hourly basis on both Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday sale. However, there will be only certain numbers available.

  • Beginning at 2 pm UK time 24th November to 2 pm GMT 25th November, you get Hourly pack offers.
  • There is hourly pack offers from Monday, 27th November 2 pm GMT to November 28, 2017, 8 am GMT too.

Flash Squad Building Challenges

There will be Squad building challenges available but for a very short period of time only. It will go live the same time as other offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday FUT sale. You should not miss this chance to get a lot extra which can get your chance to win some multiple rare packs as well.

FIFA 18 Black Friday Kit

There is an exclusive Black Friday Kit available if you are able to complete the FIFA 18 Weekly Objective. You can get this kit only by completing the Weekly Challenge and nothing else.

It has not been much time since the launch of FIFA 18, but the game is available on Black Friday sale and you can grab it for even half the price.

If you are looking for PS4 or Xbox One FIFA 18 game, GameStop is offering it just for $27. Other retailers like BestBuy, Toys R Us and Target are selling it around $30. FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch is up for grab for $20 at Toys R Us.

PS store, as well as Xbox game store, are offering discounts on FIFA 18 ahead of Black Friday, with standard edition starting from $36, the Ronaldo Edition for $48, and Icon Edition priced at $60. For the non-gold members, they will have to pay $42, $56 and $70 for the Standard Edition, Ronaldo Edition and Icon Edition of FIFA 18 respectively. PC players can get the FIFA 18 game on sale from Origin where the standard edition is available for $36, Ronaldo Edition for $56 and Icon Edition for $75.

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FUT Champions Weekend League and Daily Knockout in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Everything You Need to Know!

FIFA ultimate team Champions League is back in the new FIFA 18 and they are still giving out amazing rewards for the most consistent as well as the best players on the planet. the Reward includes a huge amount of FIFA coins as well as different kinds of low to high-end packs. For those who do not know the Champions League mode, it Allows the player to compete with all other FUT player every week. the best players of the week qualify and move forward for the weekend League and competing against other good players for the weekly Fifa Ultimate Team Champions reward. And those who perform well consistently in the Weekend League are eligible for the monthly league’s prizes that offer even better packs and prizes. However, here we are going to tell you everything about the Weekly Leagues, the rewards and Daily Knockouts and its rewards as well.

FUT Champions Weekend League

In the Fifa Ultimate Team, you are a part of the weekly knockout tournament that goes on through the entire week, where you need to play good in order to get qualified for the Weekend League. And once you qualify for the Weekend League, the game gets a lot more serious and hard. A player can play a maximum of 40 games in the entire week. There are 3 tiers Gold, Silver, and Bronze, which changes depending upon your wins. The more wins you have in the week, the higher you rank on the tier list. If you are really good and rank in between 1 to 100, there are a lot better prizes waiting for you. However, there is a minimum requirement, the player needs to play and complete at least 5 matches in order to get any reward from the League Competition.
The rewards are distributed every Thursday, 6 PM UK time for all the PC, PS4 and Xbox One users, before the next League competition begins. The rewards you get in FUT Champions League are non-expirable and could be traded as well.


Champions Weekend League Bronze

  • Up to 1 win: You get 1000 Coins and 2 Gold Packs.
  • 2 – 4 Wins: You get 3000 FIFA Coins and 2 x Premium Gold Packs
  • 5 – 7 Wins: You get 7500 FIFA Coins and 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack

Champions Weekend League Silver

  • 8 – 10 Wins: You get 10,000 Coins and 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack and 2 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs
  • 11 – 13 Wins: You get 15,000 Coins and 1 x Mega Pack and 1 x Rare Gold Pack
  • 14 – 17 Wins: You get 20,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs and 1 x Mega Pack

Champions Weekend League Gold

  • 18 – 20 Wins: You get 30,000 FIFA Coins and 2 x Mega Packs and 1 x Rare Players Pack and Qualification for the Weekend League
  • 21 – 24 Wins: You get 45,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Rare Gold Pack and 2 x Rare mega Packs and Qualification for the Weekend League
  • 25 – 28 Wins: You get 50,000 FIFA Coins and 2 x Jumbo Premium Gold Player Packs and Qualification for the Weekend League.

Champions Weekend League Elite

  • 29 – 31 Wins: You get 70,000 FIFA Coins and 1 Premium Team of the Week Packs and 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Qualification for the Weekend League.
  • 32 – 33 Wins: You get 100,000 FIFA Coins and 1 Premium Team of the Week Pack and 1 x Jumbo Rare Player Packs and Qualification for the Weekend League.
  • More than 34 Wins: You get 125,000 FIFA Coins and 2 x Premium Team of the Week Packs and 2 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Qualification for the Weekend League.

There are special prizes for the Rank holders:

  • From Rank 76 – 100: Players get 125,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Ultimate Team of the Week Packs and 2 x Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • From Rank 51 – 75: Players get 125,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Ultimate Team of the Week Packs and 3 x Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • From Rank 26 – 50: Players get 150,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Ultimate Team of the Week Packs and 3 x Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • From Rank 11 – 25: Players get 150,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Ultimate Team of the Week Packs and 4 x Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • From Rank 2 – 10: Players get 200,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Ultimate Team of the Week Packs and 4 x Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • Rank 1: Player gets 250,000 FIFA Coins and 1 x Ultimate Team of the Week Packs and 4 x Jumbo Rare Players Packs

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Monthly Rewards

If you play seriously good and are a frequent participant of the FUT Weekend League, you will find yourself ranking in the Monthly ranking list. The monthly FIFA 18 FUT Champions rewards are superb and simply amazing. The three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold are available here as well and your tier is based on your wins. There are total 160 games to play in the 4-weekend leagues. The more wins you get, the better ranking you will get and similarly better prizes. The prizes in the Monthly league are distributed once a month and to the best performing players only. However, the rewards you get are cannot be traded with other player or over the transfer market.

Weekend League rewards

Given below are the rewards that you will get in this league:

FUT Champions Monthly Rewards Bronze Tier

  • Up to 5 Wins: The player gets 1 x Bronze Champions Pack ( with 1 Bronze TOTW inform player)
  • Up to 6 – 14 Wins: The player gets 1 x Bronze Champions Pack ( with 2 Bronze TOTW inform players)
  • Up to 15 – 23 Wins: The player gets 1 x Bronze Champions Pack ( with 3 Bronze TOTW inform players)

FUT Champions Monthly Rewards Silver Tier

  • Up to 24 – 32 Wins: The player gets 1 x Silver Champions Pack ( with 2 Silver TOTW inform players)
  • Up to 33 – 41 Wins: The player gets 1 x Silver Champions Pack ( with 3 Silver TOTW inform players)
  • Up to 42 – 66 Wins: The player gets 1 x Silver Champions Pack ( with 1 Gold and 2 Silver TOTW inform players)

FUT Champions Monthly Rewards Gold Tier

  • Up to 67 – 72 Wins: The player gets Gold Champions Kit and 1 Gold Champions Pack ( with 3 Gold TOTW inform players)
  • Up to 73 – 84 Wins: The player gets Gold Champions Kit and 1 Gold Champions Pack ( with 4 Gold TOTW inform players)
  • Up to 85 – 96 Wins: The player gets Gold Champions Kit and 1 Gold Champions Pack ( with 5 Gold TOTW inform players)

FUT Champions Monthly Rewards Elite Tier

  • Up to 97 – 105 Wins: The player gets an Elite Champions Kit and a Gold Champions Kit and 1 Premium Champions Pack (with 12 Gold TOTW inform players)
  • Up to 106 – 111 Wins: The player gets an Elite Champions Kit and a Gold Champions Kit and 1 Premium Champions Pack (with 15 Gold TOTW inform players)
  • More than 112 Wins: The player gets an Elite Champions Kit and a Gold Champions Kit and 1 Premium Champions Pack (with 20 Gold TOTW inform players)
  • For players Ranking 1 – 100: The players get a Champions Kit and an Elite Champions Kit and a Gold Champions Kit along with an Ultimate Champions Pack (with 44 Gold TOTW inform players)

FUT Champions Weekend League – FAQs

Q. How to qualify for the FUT Champions Weekend League?

A. There are different ways by which one can qualify for the Champions weekend league:

  • Winning the two daily knockouts that are available to you.
  • Getting yourself promoted to division 1 from division 2 on the FIFA ultimate team seasons.
  • if you have FIFA ultimate team season division 1.
  • by winning the FIFA ultimate team season division 1.
  • If you reach the gold tier or higher rankings in the last weekend League.

Q. Can I qualify for the Weekend League when it is already running?

A. No, you cannot do that. In case you qualify for the League, you will be able to play only in the next weekend league. Once the League has already started, no one can join it in between.

Q. Is there any limit to the Daily Knockouts?

A. Yes, a player can play only up to 8 knockouts in a day. There are two tournaments in the FIFA 18 and both of them go on for 48 hours, so in total, you have around 16 chances to qualify and win rewards in the weekend league.

Q. Is Weekend League direct Qualification more tough for PC gamers than console gamers?

A. Before 2017, if you were a PC gamer, you will need to get to the Elite tier 3 or higher in order to qualify for the upcoming Weekend League. However, console players just need to reach Gold tier 3 to qualify. It is because the number of players on PC was more in the Elite levels. But now, the requirements for both PC and Console gamers are same.

What is FIFA 18 Chemistry and How to Increase it

There are a lot of things that have been enhanced in the new FIFA 18. One thing that was ignored in the earlier games was the chemistry. We are talking about Team chemistry, player chemistry as well as the different chemistry styles. A good chemistry between your players can help in the development of the players attribute by 60 to 80 points. A good FIFA 18 chemistry can change your silver card into a good one, and a bad chemistry could take the new players attribute and change the card from gold to Silver.
You might not know of the many benefits that it can have on your team and the players. Many of you might not even know what it actually means, how you can build it, how you can include individual chemistry with team chemistry etc.

FIFA 18 Chemistry – How it Works

Completely understanding the FIFA 18 Chemistry in FUT is a bit complex. There is actually an algorithm that executes different equations behind it. Basically, there are three different types of Chemistry in the game. The Player Chemistry rated out of 10. The Team CHemistry which is rated out of 100 and then comes the overall chemistry which is a combination of the Team Chemistry and Individual Player Chemistry.

There are different Chemistry Styles which are basically modifiers that come into effect when the stats have been increased. Every time you play a match against opponents, a good team and player chemistry helps in increasing their attributes by a huge amount.
The Player Chemistry and the Team Chemistry do not affect the player attributes in an even manner. Instead, EA finally revealed the logic behind it. The Player Chemistry accounts for 75% while only 25% is reserved for Team Chemistry. So, it is better to have a card with 10 rated Player Chemistry than having a team with overall Team Chemistry of 100. The later is not fully ruled out, but effects very little.

How they affect the attributes? This is calculated by calculating the Overall Chemistry of the player. The Overall Chemistry is marked out of hundred. If the Overall Chemistry of the player is more than 50, you will see an increment in the player attributes. If the Overall Chemistry is less than 50, the attributes will fall. And if it is exactly 50, the attributes won’t rise or fall. The amount of increase depends upon how much over or under the Overall Chemistry rating is from 50.

But how to calculate Overall Chemistry? You won’t have to apply much math to it.

  • First, take up the Individual Player Chemistry rating and multiply it with 7.5
  • Now take your Team Chemistry and multiply it by 0.25
  • Now add both the results to get the Overall Chemistry.

For example, if you have a player with Individual Player Chemistry of 9 and a chemistry of the team be 90, the overall chemistry of the player will be 9 x 7.5 + 90 x 0.25 = 90. Since 90 is way far from 50, the attributes of the player will increase really fast.
On the other hand, which attribute will increase depends upon the chemistry styles. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Chemistry is calculated before the match is started. The chemistry rating does not change with any kind of change in team formation or substitution that you make after the match starts.

There are three possible scenarios that could happen with FIFA 18 Chemistry:

  • If the player has 100 team chemistry rating and 10 individual chemistry rating, you will see the maximum increase in the attribute points.  You get 90 attribute points which are distributed as per you chemistry style pack.
  • On the other hand, if you have 0 team chemistry as well as 0 Player chemistry, you will see a maximum decrease of 25 points in every attribute.
  • If a player has individual chemistry ranging from 3 to 5,  the attribute increment is nonuniform.

How to Increase FIFA 18 Chemistry in FUT

There are certain factors that you should keep in your mind if you want to have a better player as well as team chemistry.  Some important of them are:

Player Positioning: The position at which a player plays is written right under the card. When they are played in any other position you will see the position color changing to green, orange or red.  Red simply means that the player is out of position disturbing the entire team chemistry as well. Orange means that the player is likely out of position and green means that he is perfectly in position.  Place the players in their natural spots for better Team chemistry.

Player Linking: This is an important part. When you place a player in any position, you will see a lot of lines connecting their card with the cards of other players around him.  These lines are different in color again, i.e.  red, green and orange. There are a lot of things that determine the color of these lines for example, whether the players are of the same league, club or nationality.  The final chemistry is determined by the number of green lines x 2 + the number of orange lines – the number of red Lines.

Manager: The Team Chemistry also depends upon the league as well as the nationality of the manager. But not all the players are affected. If the player in your team is from the same league or nation, he will get a Chemistry boost in the form of a green tie icon.

There is a loyalty bonus of one point in Team Chemistry for all player who has played 10 or more matches in your Club.

And for the substitutes, EA recently announced that each and every sub that comes on the pitch after the match starts comes with a flat Player Chemistry rating of 5, no more no less. That makes an overall rating of 60-65, which is not bad too.