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Asus MG279Q Gaming Monitor Review

The Asus MG279Q is counted among the best gaming monitors that you can have installed on your machine if you are a true gamer. This gaming screen from Taiwan tech giant features 1440p display resolution and a screen size of 27 inches in diagonal. Don’t stop at this, in addition to that you also get AMD FreeSync adapter that makes the game run buttery smooth and different screen modes that take care of different game types that you play on this Asus gaming screen.

The Asus MG279Q will cost you around $550 or which is a huge amount for a gaming monitor. But is it really worth it? Let’s find out in the review below:

Asus MG279Q Design & Specifications

Most of the gaming monitor out there suffer visual tearing and other lags while running heavy games on PC. This is the reason why Asus MG279Q has AMD FreeSync as one of the most important features installed on it. It is manufactured to reduce the stutters and tears when the screen refresh rate of the monitor is not in sync with the refresh rate of the graphics card. The AMD FreeSync does this matching between for the hardware devices so that you get smooth gaming experience no matter what game you are playing on it.

Nvidia has already tried a similar thing with their Nvidia G-Sync, but that is different from FreeSync because it is just an addition to the display port of the monitor, making it a lot more commonplace than Nvidia. However, you need to have an AMD graphics card installed on your machine as well for it to work.

As we told you before, Asus MG279Q has a 27-inch 1440p display panel, the best among the mid ranged gaming monitors and a perfect competitor to the popular BenQ XL2730Z gaming monitor. You also get IPS screen in this monitor, ensuring accurate bright colors as well as excellent viewing angles to the gamers. However, you might see some disturbances in the response time of the monitor, but that does not happen too often. Asus MG279Q features excellent 144Hz refresh rate. In simple words, it has the capability to offer twice the refresh speed. Having a good refresh rate is very important since different games have different graphics refresh rate, and if your monitor is not able to handle them, it might show some tearing of screens, that degrades your gaming experience.

However, the company has included a lot of other features as well that will make your gaming experience less strainful and enjoyable. There is a GamePlus option that actually lays a crosshair on your screen, there is a timer on the top of the screen panel, and also there is a blue low-light mode and flicker free feature that in combination reduce the strain your eyes face when gaming for a long period of time.

Asus has provided height adjustment until 150mm which is pretty great. You can adjust it as per your choice. Not only that, you can use the monitor in the portrait mode as well. All you need to do is, pull up the stand, swivel the screen in portrait mode and that is it. Gamers can tilt is left or right or forward as per their need. The monitor has an HDMI port, mini DisplayPort, and 3 USB ports. The only problem is that they are located in the downward facing panel that makes them hard to reach. Asus has provided a carry handle that players can use to take the monitor anywhere with them.

Asus MG279Q: The Display Performance

The image quality of Asus MG279Q is really very great. The 330 nits brightness level is enough to illuminate any type of game with any kind of scenario. The black level is 0.27 nits making the darker areas darker. This results in 1222:1 contrast ratio, which is excellent.
The average Delta E level of the monitor is 1.65 and the gamma level is 2.1. Anything under 2.0 for Delta-E level is a good score. Many of the gamers might not like the 7767K color temperature of the screen which makes the images look chilly but not too much.

However, the Delta E and color temperature is better in the BenQ XL2730Z, but at the same time, the RGB gamut coverage and the black level and contrast are better in the Asus monitor. Asus has used IPS panels in their new Asus MG279Q monitor which gives it great viewing angles. But you can also see some darkness covering the screed on viewing it at odd angles. You get this in both vertical as well as the horizontal pane. But on comparing it with the rival BenQ model since it possesses this problem for the vertical viewing angles as well. So, in case you have a multi-monitor setup or are planning for a multi-monitor set up, you should definitely go for the Asus gaming monitor.

Asus MG279Q – Different Screen Modes

The Asus MG279Q brings a lot of gaming screen modes that actually help in improving the types of games you play by making fine adjustments to screen settings. For example, if you play an FPS game on the Asus monitor, you will get high brightness as well as a contrast so that you can differentiate the darker and lighter object on the screen efficiently. The brightness gets set to 329 nits and the black point of the monitor goes up to 0.47 nits. The resulting contrast ration turns up to 700:1. The main aim of the monitor is to brighten up the dark areas and that makes the game look deeper. There is a cinema mode that is obviously for when you are watching movies. According to the company, these gaming modes help in bringing out the best environment for better gaming experience. In addition to that, their primary function is to reduce the input lag.

There is a scenery mode that is perfect if you are watching photos on the Asus monitor. In this mode, major change comes in Delta E which gets set to 3.27, while the contrast, as well as the color temperature, remains consistent. The color temperature jumps up to 10,304K, so you might feel a bluish tint on your screen.


The Asus MG279Q features some really great features like AMD FreeSync and refresh rate of 144Hz, because of which it is able to offer high contrast sharp images in almost all kinds of Game types. You can also have a look at the rival BenQ XL2730Z monitor, but if you are looking better viewing angles for multi-monitor setup, Asus MG279Q could be a perfect pick for you.

ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Review

The wait is finally over and Asus has finally announced the most awaited ROG Strix XG27VQ gaming monitor in the market. The monitor was earlier seen on Computex and now it is officially out. This is the new addition to the Asus XG series. The highlights of Asus ROG Strix XG27VQ include refresh rate of 144Hz, Adaptive Sync (FreeSync), curved full HD monitor and Low Motion Blur.

ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Review

The gamers get a full HD display and that too curved at 1800R. The 144hz refresh rate was obvious to add since no gaming monitor is complete without it nowadays. The design of the monitor is inspired by passionate gaming and also features ASUS Aura RGB lighting system. This lighting is customizable and projects a bit of shadow lighting below the monitor surface, offering an enriched gaming environment as well as gaming experience to the players.

Asus ROG Strix XG27VQ Features

ROG Strix XG27VQ brings along a lot of features with it for the gamers. It measures 27 inches in diameter with full HD display and the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. The curved screen is for immersive display experience, kind of adding on to the Adaptive Sync. You can connect the monitor to your machine or console via Display Port, DVI or HDMI. We have already told you about the ASUS Aura RGB lighting which projects the shadow to the base for some extra effects. The new Extreme Low Motion Blur technology takes care of motion blurs and screen smearing as well.


Asus has provided a very intelligent design to the monitor. The players can tilt as well as swivel the monitor to get the perfect view. The viewing angle, as well as the viewing experience, is taken care very well by the curvature of the screen. Not only this, it also helps in reducing the eye stress laid by the monitor on the player’s eyes.
The curved screen was designed in order to increase the viewing spectrum of the users and not limiting them to the specific field of view. So, if you are playing a game on this screen, you will be able to make use of the entire peripheral vision a lot better than you do on flat screen monitors. There is a bit of 3D effect as well that the player can experience while changing their viewing angle from one side to another.


We were not able to get our hands on this new monitor, but we did watch its performance while it played different types of heavy games. There was no such thing noticeable like screen tearing and screen flickering, all thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate as well as the Extreme Low Motion Blur technology. The combination is perfect for people who love to play online games, as it can easily handle the continuously changing frame rate. Multiple viewing angle and 1800R curvature require special mention. You do not see any kind of image distortion while you change your viewing angle. It is one of the biggest problems which most of the common monitor with curved display possess. The colors do not go beyond the line and the outlines are sharp at all angles. You can even adjust your vision by tweaking up the base light and setting it to the one which your eyes find suitable the most. The light also offers optimum light on your keyboard, providing you better visibility while playing in the dark.


We gave you a brief about the display connection ports available on the monitor, but talking in detail, there are two Display Port 1.2, USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0 available for connections. You get an extra DVI port, but just one DisplayPort. The company has not yet revealed whether there are inbuilt speakers in the monitor or not. But that is something we will soon find out.


ASUS has also included a DisplayWidget that allows the user to get access to setting tweaking which you can configure the GameVisa; Sync, Blue Light Filter, and other settings. Well, there are many settings that you can even access via the on screen menu and using the buttons and joystick, the ASUS DisplayWidget is just easy to use as well as faster. There are several presets that the user can use while playing various kinds of games like RPG, FPS, Racing, MOBA etc.

Release Date and Price

You will be able to purchase the Asus ROG Strix XG27VQ monitor from 4th of September for about $499 only.


ASUS is undoubtedly one of the best company that manufactures quality as well as budget gaming monitors for passionate gamers. And with their new product, ROG Strix XG27VQ is another example of excellence by the company. Obviously, the monitor focuses wider field of view and sharp graphics without any problem of tear and lag. In case you are planning to buy a new gaming monitor for yourself, you should definitely give this new Asus ROG Strix XG27VQ a thoughtful consideration.

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ASUS MX279H Review: 27-inch Full HD IPS Frameless Monitor with Ergonomic Design

Asus MX279H Main

Whoever said that looks don’t lie must have had the Asus MX279H HD IPS Frameless gaming monitor in mind. At a first flip through, you would imagine that this gaming monitor has been taken out from a Sci-Fi playbook.

The overall appearance is proof that Asus is indeed going the extra mile to include the “futuristic look and appeal” for gaming monitors.

When I decided to buy this gaming monitor, I had its aesthetic look and appeal in mind. But besides its elegance charm, a lot of users would agree with me that it has great features that any gaming lover will fancy for improved gaming experiences. These features have created a hot purchase system with a futuristic design that has taken elegance to whole new higher levels.

Let’s have a complete and thorough Asus MX279H review and understand what this contemporary and seemingly game-centric monitor brings to the gaming industry.

But not that first!

First, let us review Asus—the company behind the Asus MX279H HD IPS Frameless gaming monitor.

About Asus


Asus is a renowned Taiwanese company that has been in existence since 1989. The company has been manufacturing hardware such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, wearable devices and other technological gadgets for more than 20 years. The Asus brand is globally well-known and trusted by the majority of consumers and not just in Taiwan.

This company has been known for its computer and electronic equipment that are laced with cutting-edge features capable of competing on a global scale without the over-the-ceiling costs and overrated distinction. In particular, all the Asus devices have minimalistic designs that have been deprived of the loud and showy accents.

Throughout its existence as a global manufacturer of leading computer and mobile devices, Asus has been known to place its bet on premium-quality gadgets. As a testament to its global outreach, Asus has graced numerous magazine covers and awards, including being nominated as one of the top 10 companies in Asia in IT category.

In fact, it is one of the top 10 leading companies that are known to have marketed more than 7% of the total global market shares for quite some time as a computer and mobile device manufacturer.

An Overview of the Asus MX279H Monitor

Asus MX279H Other2

The Asus MX279H is in a sense a one-half of the Asus’ design series. This is a 27-inch gaming monitor while the other half of the series is 4 inches smaller.

Two important things that you can instantly note in the monitor once you plug it in is its frameless edges that are equipped with an excellent backlight.

One striking feature that I have come to like is its slender and sleek appearance. With a minimal thickness of roughly 1.76 centimeters, it is practically difficult to find another model that can be thinner than that. If you have a penchant for design, then you’ll be impressed with its sleek structure, built and the IPS technology that makes it appear thin and compact.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Asus MX279H is developed to provide you with an edgeless—you can also call it borderless—viewing experience. For design-conscious gamers like me, it is apparent that the sundial-inspired stand is a massive advantage. It is no wonder that this model was recognized in the 2012 Good Design Awards. It reminds me of the aluminum iMacs, even though it is clearly not made from metal.

It is obvious that Asus has gone a step further when it comes to integrating technological innovation with their products, and this is particularly the case with the Asus MX279H monitor. This monitor has also been equipped with the Asus Sonic Master technology. I know you’re now thinking, “What the hell is this Sonic Master Technology?”

Well, the Asus Sonic Master technology ensures that the monitor generates top-notch immersive sound. In particular, the crisp audio that this technology produce ensures that distinct vocals that are louder come out of the 3.2-centimeter inbuilt speaker in a seamless manner. This technology also ensures that a maximum resonance chamber (up to 100cc resonance), as well as better bass performance, is achieved.

In other words, the sonic master technology provides the clarity of sound is excellent to allow you have an enhanced gaming experience. But this gaming monitor isn’t only for games. If you fancy watching movies and editing videos or even images on your computer, you will find the Asus MX279H appropriate for visual purposes because of its powerful high-contrast ratio.

The different pre-set modes that are offered through its hotkey system makes optical adjustments a lot easier and faster to access on any flat and thin-screen computer. If you want to combine design, quality, and performance in one monitor, then I am sure you’ll bet with the MX279H monitor. As a matter of fact, the MX279H monitor provides a competitive edge without the expensive tag compared to other brands.

Coming from Asus—a brand that most people trust—this gaming monitor leaves a striking impact in the field of standalone computers that can rival other high-end brands at a fraction of a cost. Whether you are a gamer, a graphic designer or even an image enthusiast who wants an appropriate and elegant monitor without going overboard with your expenses, then Asus MX279H will be fit the bill.

Technical Specifications of Asus MX279H

Asus MX279H others3

Here are technical specifications of Asus MX279H monitor:

#1: Panel size

The Asus MX279H monitor is 27” with a wide screen. It is based on AH-IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. The IPS technology provides the best color accuracy and has the best viewing angles. It also offers a strong gray-scale performance when compared to other related technologies such as TN and VA panels.

While the Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are the widespread panels among the majority of gamers because they provide high refresh rates and response times, they have inferior color representations and poor viewing angles. Therefore, when the Asus MX279H monitor is compared to the other monitor, it offers a rich set of colors with increased accuracy and better viewing angles.

On the other hand, the Vertical Alignment (VA) panels can provide high contrast ratios laced with a fair color representation and capabilities. However, these panels can also generate ghosting effects which may impact the gaming experience. It is against this backdrop that Asus decided to use IPS as an approach for improving the gaming experience amongst gamers.

#2: Resolution

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Being 27 with a wide screen means that the Asus MX279H monitor is large enough to accommodate Wide Quad High-Definition (WQHD) resolutions that always work well with the majority of the graphics card to produce an excellent gaming experience. When your PC has a powerful graphics card, then any reasonable FPS will be generated with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 to improve your gaming experience.

You can even downscale your games’ resolution if you feel that FPS is becoming an issue during gaming. Obviously, higher resolutions that are outside games will allow you to browse and work better on your computer because you’ll now have more pixels available to use. On the other hand, lower resolutions can restrict the tasks that you are undertaking on your PC.

Similarly, you may not just want to use a 1080pixels on a 27-inch monitor, as it will make look silly with such a pixel density. If your computer can only accommodate one 27-inch monitor, then you’ll be required to tweak the refresh rates and response time to improve the performance. You can also tweak the viewing angles to increase the gaming performance.

#3: Viewing Angles

It can be viewed from 178 degrees for both horizontal and vertical directions. In my opinion, 178 degrees is enough to view graphics from any angle—something that any gaming monitor should provide. Because the Asus MX279H monitor is utilizing the IPS technology, it means that you can flip your monitor to any angle—so long as it is within the ranges of 178 degrees—to play games.

And because of its 178-degree viewing angle for both the vertical and horizontal orientations, you can always view graphics in top quality format from any direction. The 178-degree viewing angles are vital to point for gamers who want to maximize the ergonomic efficiency of their gaming space.

#4: Pixel Pitch

The monitor has a 0.311-millimeter pixel pitch. With such a pixel pitch, cases of fast moving images appearing blurry will be a thing of the past. Also, the 0.311-millimeter pixel pitch will ensure cases of screen tearing—that can make your gaming experience dull and uninspiring—don’t occur.

#5: Response Time

It has a response time of 5ms (Gray to Gray). With a response time of 5 milliseconds, it means that you can enjoy watching fast-moving pictures, especially on active 3D systems without hitches. Although ghosting and screen tearing are artifacts that normal eyes can’t spot, having a gaming monitor with a high response time such as Asus MX279H can take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

#6: Is it a Full HD 1080P

Yes. The Asus MX279H monitor is a full HD 1080P gaming monitor. One of the key features that majority of gamers often look out for on any monitor is whether it supports full HD or not. By full HD, I mean that the monitor can display most graphics—especially in 3D—without problems of screen tearing, ghosting and efficiently using the PC resources.

The Asus MX279H monitor is a full HD 1080P monitor. Alongside its IPS technology, this full HD ensures that you’ll view the best color accuracy at the best viewing angles. It also provides you with a strong gray-scale performance that takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

#7: Stereo Speakers

It has 3w x 2 Stereo RMS-equipped that are equipped with ASUS Sonic Master technology. This technology ensures a booming and high-quality sound system from your monitor. In fact, the quality of the audio that will come from your monitor will be crisp and audible to ear. This monitor a great system for gamers that fancy listening to music while playing.

#8: Does it support the Tracer Free Technology?

Yes. The Tracer Free Technology boosts both the refresh and responses time making it reactive enough to adjust accordingly and enhance your gaming experience. In fact, the tracer free technology will ensure that you have better motion replays and faster playbacks when watching fast-moving videos on the screen, therefore minimizing ghosting and screen tearing effects.

First Impressions with the Asus MX279H Monitor

Asus MX279H Other views

Asus is known for utilizing unique and cutting-edge technological features to their products. The Asus MX279H is no exception. When I first came across this monitor, one of the first finest features that actually fascinated me was the Trace Free Technology.

The Trace Free Technology is Asus approach to providing improved gaming experience by minimizing the impacts of tracing and ghosting during video playback.

And truly enough upon testing the monitor, I found the monitor very useful in eliminating elements tracing and ghosting during video playback. Furthermore, the Tracer Free Technology also boosts its response time. In fact, the technology boosts the response time by controlling its voltage levels so that it remains at 5 ms.

If you’re looking for a gaming monitor with minimal response time, then I am certain you’ll bet for Asus MX279H. If you are a passionate gamer, you can expect a silky-smooth flow of motion pictures and a fluid-flow of video playback while gaming. Suppose you spot a hint of red or even green color the screen, you can immediately opt to turn off the feature, and these spots will instantly disappear.

Not only is the MX279H an excellent option for gamers, but it is also an appropriate component for photographers. It has a feature that is called the QuickFit Virtual Scale. If you’re a passionate photographer, the QuickFit Virtual Scale will let you get an accurate preview of your photos or any on-screen documents before printing them.

This is an excellent tool especially if your job demands graphic designing or brochure designing. There will be no problem working on documents of the A4 length or photos of standard sizes such as the 3 x 5, the 2 x 2, and bigger ones such as 5 x 7 and 4 x 6.

The monitor can only be adjusted to up to a certain level. For instance, it can only be tilted up and down. Moving it around on the left and the right direction isn’t possible unless you want to change the orientation of its round metallic stand completely. Also, the height of the monitor can’t be easily manipulated.

Critics of Asus MX279H monitor have rightly pointed out 1920 x 1080 is not the best resolution because it is a wide-screen size monitor. While I agree with them, you should also realize that this monitor compensates for the low resolution through its crisp and clear graphics that pop out from the screen creating a visual experience that leaves impressions on gamers.

If you love gaming experience that has striking coloring effects, then I am sure you’ll trade off the resolution with the truly mind-blowing coloring features that makes the graphics clear and crisp during gaming. What also makes this unique monitor different is its ability to produce fast video playbacks without the risk of ghosting through its free tracer technology.

Display Quality

Asus MX279H Main

The Asus MX279H allow you to enjoy a 27” Full HD AH-IPS (1920 x 1080) gaming experience. The resources used for this model are more robust, especially the housing. You can clearly spot the touch-sensitive buttons that are placed right at the button where you can configure the settings and operate your screen. Since the bezel has been reduced to less than a centimeter wide, the display appears virtually frameless.

With this 27-inch widescreen, the entire display will appear to be larger making it perfect for the improved gaming experience. The MX279H display is also matte-finished. This eliminates the glares and seamlessly diffuses reflections. Even though you will be working close to a window or under any lighting conditions, the quality of MX279H images will remain the same.

Best of all, it doesn’t add any strain to your eyes. If there is another striking feature of the display, then it is the backlight luminance. The backlight luminance allows the images you see on the screen reach their brightest whites and deepest blacks. This provides you with life-like visuals that make the gaming experience even more exciting. The adjustments have been made possible by another feature that is called the Asus Smart Contrast Ratio of 80000000:1.

This feature also boosts the sharpness and brightness of the screen to provide the best visual and imaging results. As per the color calibrator results, the Asus MX279H monitor has got a respectable score of 97.1% of the sRGB scale when at the default settings. If you are keen on getting a monitor that has an excellent wide-view angle visibility, then Asus MX279H can be an excellent option.

Because it has a 179-degree viewing angle (for both vertical and horizontal directions), you can see that the graphics remain of the top quality from any direction. One of the first tests that I did was to verify whether I can tilt the panel itself. This is a vital point for gamers who want to maximize the ergonomic efficiency of their gaming space.

The good news of this monitor is—yes, you can tilt your panel with much ease. In fact, you can move to up to the 20 degrees. The only downside of tilting the panel is that the monitor doesn’t rotate to a different orientation. It also does not swivel either. For you to tilt to a different orientation, you have to move the entire monitor stand to change its position.

Along with the Tracer Free Technology, gamers can relish quick and fluid responses to the 5-millisecond response making it reactive enough for the improved gaming experience. This means one thing—better motion replays and faster playbacks when watching fast-moving videos on the screen. Ghosting is also eliminated for better gaming experience, especially for newbies.

Its QuickFit Virtual Scale feature also ensures it easy to view various documents without cutting back the image and losing quality in the process. This is a plus for photographers who love to edit pictures and create designs because it provides a quick and actual run-down of the finished product before it can be printed.

One of the drawbacks that come along with the Asus MX279H monitor is its highly strong colors. These colors may seem too striking for some gamer’s tastes. While the Tracer Free Technology can help create an actual representation of the image on the screen, it can sometimes generate too many colors with highly-calibrated hues of RGB colors making your gaming experience rather dull and uninspiring.

If you don’t like strong colors that bleed out a bit, this can be a big letdown along with your computer’s strong whites and blacks. However, if you fancy watching videos and images on full screens, this feature can prove to be a feasible feature that can help you enjoy your immersive gaming experience.

For the 27-inch screen, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 can be a bit low. Some PCs can fair off at a higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 and above. However, if you don’t intend on putting too much gaming activities on your PC for hours to an end, then this feature is somewhat passable. With its ergonomic and the space-saving design, this monitor might have skimped out when it comes to the display.

Sound Quality


The Asus MX279H is equipped with the SonicMaster technology, a cutting-edge technology that has been applied to other notebook computers. This features provides a booming and high-quality surround sound system that comes out from its two speakers and the 3.5-millimeter jack. The quality of sound that comes from the monitor is clear and crisp, with the high-modulation sound quality that generates realistic and booming audio effects that make this monitor a great system for gamers that fancy listening to music while playing.

With a 32-millimeter speaker diameter and having a rich resonance that complements the amplifier, the gaming monitor provides an immersive theater-like experience on the computer screen along with a pounding bass. The sonic master technology has been made possible through the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.

Since Bang & Olufsen ICEpower is one of the established brands when it comes to delivering the best audio technology, it means the MX279H monitor has the edge over its competitors when it comes to sound quality. With or without the use of the additional speakers, the MX279H monitor holds up fairly well in the audio category, and for those gamers who like watching movies on the Internet, this monitor’s sound quality complements entertaining movie marathons without compromising the audio performance.

Other Features

Other features that are worth mentioning in Asus MX279G monitor are:

#1: Vivid visuals

Asus MX279H Main

The Asus MX279H monitor is equipped with the latest IPS technology. Because of the IPS technology, Asus MX279H monitor prides itself on having the best color accuracy.

And because it also features the 16:9 aspect ratio LED-backlit screen, the technology it ensures that minimal color shift has been achieved when on the vertical and horizontal planes are viewed from a wide-view angle.

The edge-to-edge borderless panel, as well as the incredibly vivid graphics, also help increase gamers viewing experience. Even though you will be working close to a window or under any type of lighting conditions, the quality of MX279H images will remain the same.

#2: Stylish overall design

Asus MX279H Stylish

As I had mentioned earlier, the Asus MX279H monitor is truly outstanding. In fact, any Asus MX279H review can’t be complete without mentioning its sophisticated design.

Both monitors from the ASUS Designo MX series have extreme-slim profiles that make them stand out from a horde of fierce competitors when it comes to design.

The tiniest point of the display only measures 17. 5 millimeters while the bezel has a minimal breadth of only 0.8 millimeters. For the design-conscious gamers, you will instantly love the design of the sundial-enthused, ergonomic design stand and the sturdiness of the Asus monitor.

The monitor can easily be mounted as a standalone system with no intricate installations required. With its impressive 178-degree wide view angle, you can view images both horizontally and vertically without losing the quality and the visibility of the pictures on display.

#3: Connectivity

ASUS Connectivity

Any excellent gaming monitor should have essential input options. When it comes to connectivity, it is apparent that Asus Company prefers to keep it simple yet very efficient. This Asus Designo MX279H has a D-sub (VGA) and the dual HDMI input. It comes with a single VGA input and the two 1.4 HDMI ports that are found on the back of the display to connect with various consoles. It also has a headphone and microphone for connecting to external speakers.

It also supports Full High Definition resolution (of 1920 x 1080). With the goal of enriching the entertainment experience of its users, the monitor’s ports that are included are guaranteed compatible with different groups of multimedia devices such as game consoles, the digital cameras, and even the Blu-ray disc players.

I tested these ports on X-Box 360 gaming console, and I found that there was no problem connecting to it. Furthermore, the surround sound is certainly a plus when you connect to these devices. The downside which you can get with the connectivity is that you’ll have to invest in an adapter to make the monitor connect with wireless connection enabled gadgets. While the absence of the USB slots can be an issue for some gamers, there’s nothing a good adapter can’t practically fix.

The other downside is that the DVI port is missing at the back of the monitor which is a bit of a disadvantage especially if you wish to use different devices for the connection. A USB slot is also lacking in place, which is another minor flaw to this elegantly-designed futuristic gaming monitor considering the fact that you may want to connect numerous devices.

Is This Gaming Monitor Right for You?

The Asus MX279H can leave any gamer who has a penchant for design enthralled with its sleek structure that has been built in the form that makes it a futuristic gaming monitor. A thin and compact display that is placed on the top of a metallic circular base will surely leave you with a certain air of robotic facade that any gamer can’t afford to miss out.

Apart from its slim and ultra-sleek design that makes it really stand from other IPS displays in the market, its integrated and impressive built-in Bang and Olufsen ICEpower-designed speakers and the 32mm diameter inbuilt speakers provides superb resonance and a smoother sound system. The internal amplifiers is also a big plus.

But that is not all.

Strictly speaking, this monitor isn’t just about the look. To match its highly elegant exterior, it also comes with great power-packed features that provide fast video playbacks, high-contrast graphics, and videos that will enhance gaming experiences. Cutting-edge technologies such as IPS, tracer free and sonic master have all been incorporated in the monitor to ensure that your gaming experience is truly entertaining makes it not just perfect for gaming but ideal for watching videos and general computing purposes.

Overall, the Asus MX279H monitor is a handy device which leaves a passable rate particularly if you want a decent-looking gaming monitor that exceeds expectations on the design and quality. Its features aren’t entirely complete considering that it can only connect to a limited number of devices due to the absence of some USB ports.

However, if you want a gaming monitor that is worth the size of your pocket and is built above the standard range, then the Asus MX279H fits the bill.

My Ultimate Asus VG248QE Review – Best Budget 144hz Monitor for Gaming?

If you are looking for a great quality budget 144Hz gaming monitor then look no further than the ASUS VG248QE. While it does cut a couple of corners (USB ports and little things), it is a remarkably complete sub $300 144 Hz monitor; even to this day. The monitor was originally released in 2013 but has become a mainstay of professional gamers and weekend warriors alike. I have been using it for about a month now and love it. A perfect monitor for those who haven't made the leap to 144Hz yet. It is relatively cheap and provides enough features; you won’t be missing anything that your previous monitor had. Or at least, you won’t miss it too badly. The monitor has plenty of display ports, a headphone jack, and some solid viewing angles. Since it is a TN panel the colours and viewing angles won’t be as good as a IPS but are certainly good enough for most users needs. You won’t be able to take full advantage of the beauty of the Andromeda Galaxy in Mass Effect Andromeda or share a movie with a friend. When looking at this monitor from the side you will notice a drop in colour quality; but if you are using the monitor for gaming, then it is a perfect sub $300 option. You may notice the emphasis on sub $300. If you have a larger budget then there are much better options out there for you, obviously. However, for anyone looking to get a decently cheap 144Hz monitor. This your best option.

My Ultimate ASUS VG248QE Review: Is it the Best Budget 144hz Monitor for Gaming?

What’s Inside the Box?

Asus VG248QE 144hz Budget Gaming Monitor

First opening the box of a monitor still makes my heart skip a beat. I don’t know what it is, but I have it with any computer component, especially monitors. This one was no different. The glossy black monitor isn’t the best-looking monitor that I have ever seen; but it isn’t ugly either. Opening the box I right away noticed that there wasn’t as many cables as there should have been. You are getting only a DVI cable with this monitor. If you want to use any of the other video inputs, such as HDMI, then you are on your own. The monitor has HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI-D connectors but only provides the cables for the latter of those 3. While this isn’t a deal breaker, it is not something that would happen if you buy a more expensive monitor.

Moving on to the feel of the monitor.

Asus VG248QE Gaming Monitor 144hz

It feels surprisingly sturdy, for a sub $300 monitor. Most monitors come in a suitcase style box but this one came in a traditional box that is very large; giving plenty of room for lots of bubble wrap and packing peanuts. I had no problems with the monitor when I took it out of the box. No DOA pixels or any other issues. This was surprising considering the different style of box, I was anticipating issues but didn’t have any. Luckily.

Installing the monitor consists of screwing the base onto the rest of the monitor with the provided wingnut. In the box you also get a user’s manual, some drivers, an 1/8” audio plug, and an IEC power cable. Standard stuff. You don’t get a cable for every input that you have.

Once the monitor was on my desk I began to think about how I was going to manage my cables, and which output to use. I ended up using DisplayPort from a cable that I had laying around. There is a little red cable organizer on the back of the stand, it adds a little flare to an otherwise industrial looking monitor. Not that industrial is bad.

The monitor comes with speakers that won’t be bringing you great bass but are fine for watching some Romantic Comedies. You are much better off with headphones or a standalone sound system.

Since I wasn’t using the monitors speakers I could avoid using the audio cable so the cable organizer only had to deal with 2 cables. The power and DisplayPort. While it wasn’t a big deal to have those 2 cables hanging off of the back, it is nice that the monitor was able to hide them from my view. It makes any pictures for /r/battlestations sleeker. With the monitor set up and installed I took a look at how it felt to use. Not how it performed, but how it felt.

It felt good.

Asus have made a monitor that has every degree of adjustment that anyone would need. It goes up and down, right and left, forward and backward, and it even flips to portrait mode. The monitor flips more directions than a gymnast.

You can plug and play this monitor, but you might want to take some time to set it up properly on your desk.

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Asus VG248QE Features and Specifications

The big selling point of this monitor is the fact that it has a 144 Hz refresh rate. For the uninitiated, a higher refresh rate means the monitors image updates 144 times per second as opposed to the standard 60 Hz, or 60 times per second. This gives you a faster reaction time, the difference between virtual life and death.

Asus VG248QE 144Hz Gaming Monitor Specifications

Asus VG248QE 24-inch 27-inch 144hz
  • 1 DisplayPort
  • 1 DVI Cable
  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 ms GTG response time
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 24-inch / 27-inch
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • 2 2W speakers
  • 24" screen
  • TN Panel

Asus VG248QE Review and Detailed Information

Going through these features, there isn’t anything special. It is a 1080p monitor that has the most basic of functionalities. It isn’t the flashiest monitor and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but for a solid price you can still get a 144Hz monitor. That is the most important part of this monitor. To know more about other high end gaming monitors, you should check out our ultimate guide to choose the best gaming monitor.

Video Inputs

The video inputs are what you need to display 144 Hz. Not every input can handle the amount of data needed to update the screen every 144 seconds. To make use of the 144 Hz you need to use the provided DVI-D cable, or a DisplayPort cable. However, you need to buy that DisplayPort cable yourself as it is not provided with the monitor. It isn’t a big deal which input method you use, DisplayPort and DVI-D both work fine for 144 Hz but HDMI won’t be able to transfer the data fast enough. The inputs are fine and nothing about them is special.


A 1080 resolution is pretty standard, especially for 144 Hz. There are few monitors that are getting 1440 resolution with 144 Hz. And those monitors are all much more expensive. This resolution is good enough for the requirement of most people. There is no way that you will find a 144 Hz monitor with a 1440p resolution for anywhere near this price. Those monitors are much more costly. Personally, there isn’t a reason to upgrade to a 1440p monitor yet. It just isn’t worth the money; it looks great but then I would need to upgrade all my components for a little bit more clarity. But not a whole lot.

For anyone who doesn’t know; resolution is how many unique pixels you can fit into the screen. It is usually written with 2 numbers, in this case it would be 1920x1080. We just write 1080 because it is a shorter, easier version. 1440 is also known as 2560x1440.


The ASUS VG248QE is built for speed as evidenced by the 144 Hz refresh rate AND the 1 ms Gray to Gray response time. The GTG response time is how quickly the individual pixels can change their colour values and go back again. The lower the number the faster the change. A faster GTG value means you will have less ghosting from the monitor and smoother images when they have to change colours (all the time). If you are playing FPS’s or other similarly fast paced games, you want to have a low GTG response time. Otherwise you might experience ghosting.

Ghosting is when the image moves so fast that the monitor cannot change the pixels fast enough so it looks there is a version of the image still on the screen. Or a ghost. It can be annoying, but shouldn’t affect your gameplay. However, it is certainly not something you want your monitor to do. It is a serious quality of life issue.

Luckily, this monitor is so fast that it shouldn’t be an issue.


The ASUS VG248QE has 2 speakers built in, but if you want to actually hear your sound then you should get a separate speaker system. You do not want these speakers to be your only sound system. They are great for if you are building a PC and haven’t had time to pick up a system yet. But they sound quite tiny.

They aren’t actually bad, for monitor speakers. But even a $20 investment at your local Radio Shack will give you better sounding speakers, exponentially better sound.


This monitor is one of the best monitors you can get, for its price. In fact it is better than some monitors that cost $200 more. While it lacks in features such as USB ports and charging stations. And it doesn’t have a fancy looking bezel. But it is the embodiment of the idea that it is what is under the hood that matters. That something doesn’t have to look fancy to be good.

While reviewing the monitor, I was presented with a rare opportunity. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had to work from home. So I decided to make the best of both worlds. I took my entire gaming setup outside to my balcony. I fully expected this not to work due to glare. However, it did. Asus has given this monitor some great brightness and contrast numbers making it perfect for gamers who game in different environments e.g. LAN parties or your balcony.

Asus has also seen fit to give the monitor a 3 year warranty so that if you get any broken parts you can get a new monitor. But, people have reported issues with Asus’ customer service. Since I did not get any dead pixels or otherwise defect parts of the monitor, I cannot personally attest to these reports.

TN panels are notorious for having horrible viewing angles. On some monitors you get horrible colour distortion when looking at the monitor anywhere except head on. The ASUS VG248QE has superb viewing angles from the side but the vertical angles are atrocious. Which is to be expected from a TN panel. The horizontal viewing angles are perfect for anyone looking to create a multi monitor surround set up. But, the vertical viewing angles make it awful to use as a monitor above you.

The atrocious viewing angles are acceptable considering the fact that the monitor is designed for the gamers whose reaction times are faster than what current monitors can handle.

So, What Are My Final Views on the Asus VG248QE?

Asus VG248QE 24-inch Gaming Monitor 144hz

Frankly, this is one of the best monitors on the market now. It isn’t high end, beyond the 144 Hz, but the core of the monitor is so good that it makes up for any flaws the monitor may have. ASUS didn’t skimp on any part of the monitor, giving us a barebones performing machine. It gives uncompromising performance that is sure to make even the pickiest gamer happy. This monitor came out in 2013 and it blew peoples minds when it first came out. Forums such as Toms Hardware were abuzz when the reviews of this monitor came out. As soon as people realized what this monitor had accomplished it became a hot item. And it still is. For good reason. This monitor, 4 years later, is still one of the best monitors that you can buy. There are few bargains like this one. Few monitors offer such uncompromising performance for such a low price.

My only gripe with the features are the speakers. It would be better if Asus would get rid of them and lower the cost or add some USB ports. That would make my cable management much easier.

Currently this is one of the most barebones monitor on the market and it has been a complete and utter joy to use. There are few things in the world that make me as happy as a monitor that is this well engineered.

There is one negative to this monitor.

It doesn’t have any ‘sync technology in it. There are 3 kinds of ‘sync tech, V-Sync, Freesync, and G-Sync. This monitor has none. However, at this price point it is expected that the monitor wouldn’t have them. The lack of syncing technology means that there is occasional screen tearing. But in all the hours that I logged on this monitor I didn’t experience a single instance of screen tearing.

60 Hz vs 144Hz Refresh Rate on Gaming Monitors

The most recent gaming fad is 144 Hz monitors. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you make the upgrade to a 144 Hz monitor. Most notably it would be the fact that you have to be running games at that FPS. If you run all your games at 60 FPS then there is no point in upgrading to a higher Hz monitor since you won’t be able to take advantage of the higher refresh rate.

​144Hz is how often the screen redraws itself per second. Historically it has been locked at 60 FPS but recently manufacturers have managed to get those numbers up to 144 Hz. And now in 2017 there are companies that reportedly have gotten even higher numbers. You can only notice this difference if your Graphics card is sending more than 60 FPS to the monitor. Otherwise you will still be bottlenecked by your graphics card.

Asus VG248QE vs. Other Similar Monitors (Comparisons)

When you looking at buying a monitor the first thing you should do is figure out what you want. Then find all the monitors that suits your needs and compare them. Here I would like to do the comparisons for you. We take a look at monitors that are similar to this one, in price and in features. May the best monitor win.

#1: Asus VG278HV

ASUS VG278HV 27-inch 144hz Gaming Monitor
  • 27”
  • 144 Hz
  • 1080p
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x dual-link DVI
  • 1x D-sub
  • VESA mount compatible
  • 1 ms GTG response time
  • Built in 3W speakers
  • 1x Audio output

This is the big brother variant of the Asus VG248QE. It is a 27” 144 Hz monitor that gives you a larger screen with the same speed as the smaller variant. But this larger screen comes with a larger price tag. Obviously. The extra 3 inches cost you about a $100 extra. Some would say it is worth it and other wouldn’t. This depends on your budget and what you feel comfortable spending; but if you want a larger screen with the same speed then the Asus VG278HV is the one to get.

#2: Acer GN246HL Bbid

Acer GN276HL bid Full HD Gaming Monitor
  • 24”
  • 144 Hz
  • 1080p
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x DVI
  • 1x VGA
  • VESA mount compatible
  • 1 ms GTG response time
  • 1x Audio output

This is another low budget 144Hz monitor. The difference between this monitor and our Asus VG248QE is about $50 and a lot of quality. The Asus model has better brightness, better contrast, better quality, and just as fast specifications.

If you are looking at the online specifications of the 2 monitors, they seem identical. However, Asus put more effort into making sure the base product was good. The little things, such as contrast, backlight leakage, brightness, and color gamuts are much better on the Asus. The Acer also suffers from horrible viewing angles. Both vertically and horizontally. This would make it a tough monitor to use in a multi monitor setup.

#3: BenQ ZOWIE XL2411

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 1080P 24-inch LED Gaming Monitor
  • 24”
  • 144 Hz
  • 1080p
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x Dual-link DVI
  • VESA mount compatible
  • 1 ms GTG response time
  • 1x audio output
  • 1x audio input

This monitor is the only one on this list that I would say is truly comparable to the Asus VG248QE. It is of similar price and from a solid company. The build quality is nearly as good and it as the same specifications but has a couple more features.

The price is slightly higher but only by approximately $30. And for that extra money you get some USB ports. For the rest, the 2 monitors are equal in speed and resolution. The sizes are the same and they are both made by great companies. Deciding between the 2 is a tough choice. It comes down to brands, and personally I would go for the BenQ. But that is only because they support eSports more than Asus.

Acer XF240H bmjdpr

Acer XF240H bmjdpr Full HD FreeSync 144hz Gaming Monitor
  • 24”
  • 144 Hz
  • 1080p
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x Dual-Link DVI
  • 1x DisplayPort
  • VESA mount compatible
  • 1 ms GTG response time
  • AMD Freesync

This monitor is slightly cheaper than the Asus VG248QE and offers the same speeds, but, like the other Acer monitor, doesn’t offer as good build quality. What Acer sometimes seems to forget is that a monitor has to be good at the things you can’t market before you can add marketable features.

Asus managed to build a monitor that had great color gamut, great contrast, nearly no back light leakage, stunning brightness, and solid viewing angles. In a TN panel. It isn’t sexy to put those facts into a marketing campaign, but they are what separate good monitors from great monitors.

Acer doesn’t seem interested in those facts. They seem to not care about the little things. The backbone of the monitor. They want flashy buzzwords such as 144 Hz, or AMD Freesync. And while AMD Freesync is an awesome feature. You need to the base to be good. And this one isn’t as good as the Asus.

But if having Freesync, or G-sync, on a 144 Hz is a must for you then this is the monitor to get. The basics aren’t too bad, just not as good as the Asus, and it is a fast monitor. Its price does clock in at cheaper than the Asus, which is saying something considering that this monitor comes with AMD’s Freesync.

Conclusion - ASUS VG248QE Gets the Gaming Buff Seal of Approval

The Asus VG248QE is a great monitor for its price that will offer you insane speeds and some of the best specifications of any monitor released that year. In fact, any monitor released so far. Not only that, but the monitor is a complete joy to use. Playing CS:GO at 144 Hz per second makes the game easier for some reason. As the entry gunner I used to get maybe 50 Hp damage before dying. Now I would be able to get headshots and subsequently kills. My reaction time was faster, or at least, felt faster.

The resolution is adequate. Sure it isn’t 1440p or 4K but it is a solid enough resolution for a 24” screen. If you are itching for more screen realty you can buy a couple more of these and mount them side by side. The monitor is VESA compatible meaning you can mount on any VESA mount.

Overall, it's the BEST gaming monitor right now under $300. The features and specifications it offers at that price point is so good to be true. Furthermore, it's one of the most popular monitors in the gaming community. With over 1700 5-star reviews on Amazon, most of its buyers and users only have good to speak about the monitor. The ASUS VG248QE certainly deserves the Gaming Buff seal of approval. In fact, we have decided to give it a 5-star rating ourselves. If you have decided to get this awesome monitor for yourself, you can get the best deal on it using the link provided below!

ASUS Unveils Two New Gaming Monitors, PG27VQ and XG27VQ

GPUs are constantly evolving and manufacturers are churning out more and more powerful GPUs every year. The more powerful and demanding these GPUs become, the more powerful monitors are required by gamers to display all the latest titles at the highest resolutions at the highest settings. Lately, monitor manufacturers have upped their game and started manufacturing high-end monitors that actually do justice to the latest GPUs and highly demanding games in terms of graphics and resolutions.

ASUS has been recently releasing a decent stream of gaming monitors for the masses. However, the company has taken a step further and announced two new gaming monitors aimed at the hardcore gaming market. These new monitors are the ROG Swift PG27VQ and ROG Strix XG27VQ which will be hitting the shelves soon. Both these gaming monitors bring new features to the gaming market that can help enhance the gameplay experience of hardcore gamers.

ASUS still hasn’t revealed complete details regarding the pair of monitors. However, the company has given out enough details to figure out that these monitors are definitely going to revolutionize the gaming display market.

First up is ROG Swift PG27VQ – a curved monitor that offer a high refresh rate of 165 Hz for maximum gaming performance and offers high brightness while also adding support for HDR. The PG27VQ offers a QHD+ display panel that supports 2K (2560 x 1440) resolutions. It also adds support for Nvidia’s G-Sync to ensure buttery-smooth gameplay experience.

Next up is the ROG Strix XG27VQ – another curved monitor with a slightly less refresh rate (144Hz) than the PG27VQ monitor. XG27VQ supports Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and also supports Nvidia’s G-Sync for mitigating any in-game tearing and stuttering. The monitor offers a bold aesthetically attractive build that retains the spirit of ASUS’ ROG series in terms of style.

Finally, ASUS did shed some light on the ROG Swift PG27UQ that was announced at CES 2017. This high-end monitor boasts a 4K UHD (3840 x 1920) resolution panel while also supporting HDR. It offers life-like colors and superior contrast for super-fine detail during gameplay. The incorporated quantum dot technology ensures realistic images and stutter-free smooth gameplay experience.

Asus New Gaming Monitors 2017

ASUS is still tight-lipped regarding the pricing and availability of these high-end gaming monitors. There are no solid details about the pricing model of these monitors, however, ASUS keeps stating that these will be on the more affordable side of the budget for gamers. Looks like ASUS is keen on delivering the best gaming products including best gaming monitors and enhancing the overall experience of gamers. Let’s wait and see what other gaming products the company is going to release in the near future.