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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the best COD game of All

Before we begin with the post, we would like to tell that there is nothing such as a perfect list. Gamers all over the world have different taste, of course, some might like online gaming, other might like first person etc. However, when we talk specifically about the computer games, there are certain games that got really popular among the gamers and we are here to address them only, or to be more specific, one of them, Call of Duty.

You might like the famous Call of Duty: Black Ops game, but on a universal opinion, it is not that much good game. It’s not bad, but it is not that good either when compared to other games released by the same franchise. You might get a shock to see but the 2010 Call of Duty game is at the third position, among all the Call of Duty games that have been released to date. So, it is the third best game out of all 21 games coming from Call of Duty.

At the top of the throne sits the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game which is followed by COD 4: Modern Warfare at the second spot. This was decided by a voting in which more than 20,000 gamers took part. At the bottom sits the Call of Duty: Modern Ghosts which was released in 2013 and the original first Call of Duty game released in 2003 is at the 9th place.

Call of Duty has been loved by people who love to run around in the environment shooting the enemies and other players online mercilessly. However, the problem with COD Black Ops was that does not has much improvement in graphics from its predecessor and was actually very short. When you expected more out of it, you will get disappointed seeing the cast list on your screen. The AI of the game wasn’t impressive as well, there we glitch and it seemed like they do not wish to get you really killed even in the hardest difficulty.

But that is all the bad part of the game. There are many lovers out there that actually liked the game, gameplay and the story. The glitches were not severe in their case and they preferred being the god level killing machine in the game. But the same glitches pushed others into existential crisis with the never-ending irritating loops they caused in the game.

But, it is what it is, most of the gamers think that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the best game they released and we also agree with it. It marks a huge change in their graphics, gameplay and mostly the story building and storytelling capabilities. But, there is nothing to take seriously, since it was just another list which might be true and many won’t even give it look. Whatever, it is, we love the Call of Duty games and their latest COD: WWII is really great. It takes you back to the World War II real events and gives you a chance to live it as closely as you can. Check out more about the Call of Duty: WWII on our site.

Call of Duty:WWII Single Player Review

Call of Duty: WWII was launched last week, and it’s already Christmas for COD fans who have played Call Of Duty since the beginning. And this time, no more running-on-the-wall it’s only boots-on-the-ground. Soldiers show up more individual and human, instead of looking like a few futuristic, cyber-mutant Marine. And since the soldiers' physical ability is limited, that they cannot sprint ​for a long time before tiring or leap longer than just a couple foot, the plan is presently a priority.

Call of Duty: WWII is about strategy, decision-making and weapon skill. But more or less, the new game goes back to World War 2 era.  Fans are pleased about it, and it seems like the COD franchise is finally back on its track of what the developing team was famous for. Although, Call of Duty: World At War includes a much better campaign along with the zombies have been fresh afterward.  While a return to its origins setting is appreciated, the entire thing still is a well-executed formula.

​The Gameplay

The secret, I think, is Sledgehammer’s commitment to going back to Call of Duty’s core. This doesn’t mean that it strives for realism or that it cuts back on preposterous action sequences, as this remains a Hollywood vision of WWII; there are set pieces which Michael Bay might have considered a bit much. Yet COD World War II puts gritty, fast-paced combat at the heart of everything while trying to give you the most definite feeling yet that you’re part of a platoon being tested to its limits. Sure it can be dumb, gung-ho and prone to uncomfortable shifts of tone, but it can also be powerful, emotive and thrilling.

This isn't about the presentation; it's more incredible because of the way the developing team has executed the entire game. This is easily the best-looking and most visceral Call Of Duty  available, and while you've seen a number of those warfare battlefields earlier, you've never seen them quite like this.

​The Graphics

Ravaged buildings, rain-drenched woods and the shores and trenches of all Normandy have never looked so grim and realistic in any other games. For all of the discussion of 'boots on the floor,' it's more accurate to say 'boots in the sand' or 'tramping through the snow.' Not any o​f the previous Call Of Duty has received environments which feel and look so grounded in real-world locations. The environment in COD: WWII is from the real world which feels and look very realistic in the game.

​Characters and Plots

This time COD went back into the fundamental mechanics.  You have a supporting cast of well-trained soldiers in your squad. Moreover, they directly assist you during combat based on your needs and performance. ​

  • Robert Zussman  ​i​​​s your best friend who fittingly takes care of your health pack supplies
  • Drew Stiles ​ is equally helpful, he ensures you have enough grenades for the fighting sequence​
  • ​William Pierson is a war-hardened, mean, rude and dispassionate officer played efficiently by Josh Duhamel ( reliving his Transformers characte), his eagle-eye skill with binoculars allows you to spot outlines of nearby enemies.

But this isn't about photorealism, but about a confident, dramatic approach. There is a sequence after the Battle of the Bulge in which you have to fight and survive in an icy area which looked more the "Band of Brothers" television series. Playing on PC, I was amazed and thrilled by the noise and atmosphere of the entire experience.And that's not the only factor which produces this kind of warfare vibe.

All these contributions and squad factor are tied to your health and cooldown as you kill enemies. This excellent squad communication and method of supply are gamified. But I think it's a creative and thrilling subject to bond with your squad and kill some enemies on the battlefield.




  • ​Strong Campaign
  • ​Impressive Visuals
  • ​Intense and Thrilling Gunplay
  • Strong Squad Communication
  • ​Enemy Bullet Sponges
  • Few really new situations or ideas

The outcome isn't necessarily a stricter Call of Duty game. But it's the first in years at which I have not felt like an action movie fighter. You are right in the World War II era with merely a little bit extra care and caution which the past handful versions of Call of Duty didn’t have. But it’s certain that few maneuvers will surprise you, however, too the scripting and pacing give you a few tight situations and enough tiny scratches to maintain your heartbeat pace. It's fantastic at making the predictable exciting.

Top 10 Best Games like PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

After the Steam early access in March,  the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game has emerged as one of the most popular as well as the most successful game among all the other online multiplayer fighting games. The concept of PlayerUnknown’s  battlegrounds or as many of you might know is the battle Royal Concept which is not new and is the last man standing style online survival shooter game.

After the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there were many similar games released which are not only fun to play but also really entertaining to watch as well. There are a lot of people all around the globe who love to watch these games as well as different players on various online game streaming services like YouTube and Twitch.  However, not all  PUNG games are interesting, but few of them really offer a high amount of drama and skill, that makes watching them and another person playing them fun to watch. But, if you are not watching the correct person, you will find a lot of players hassling their teammates, shouting in frustration, complaining about their luck while they lose the game.

But if you pick the right stream, you will find a lot to learn about how to play and win the game.  There are many good players that can demonstrate you various tricks and skill sets by which you can improve yourself at games similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.  There are so many PUBG games out there that it is very tough to find the best one to stream or play. In order to solve this problem of yours, we have consolidated a list of top 10 games similar to PUBG which are definitely worth playing for all PUBG game lovers.

ARMA 2 Dayz: Battle Royale

ARMA 2 DayZ’s Battle Royale mod was the main game that started everything. It was the first game to offer the online multiplayer shooting to the gamers and raised around 11 million dollars in the first week only. Till now they have sold over 1 million copies of the game maintaining their position as one of the most watched game on Twitch, giving a tough competition to League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a large-scale, online competitive survival multiplayer game in which more than a hundred players are dropped from the airplane on an island. As soon as the player touches the ground, they need to get hold of any weapon they can find from various buildings like military bases, abandoned towns, and factories. Now is the time to battle. One cannot just sit and wait for other players to finish each other as the size of the battlefield reduces at a very high rate. The game reaches to a highly dense Shootout among the leftover players as the game progresses towards the end. When the game finishes, the last player left alive or the last team that survives wins.

The gameplay of Arma 2 Dayz is similar to that of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds where participants are pooled in to fight among each other. If you are not able to find a weapon in the first few minutes of the game, it might be an end for you. There is a deadly force field that keeps on shrinking forcing the players towards the center of the arena so that the players do not stick at a single spot on the map.

One thing we did not like about this game was, it lacks and ultimate goal. This is the reason why sometimes the game can become really very slow as well as boring. They are many flaws in the game but all those are taken care of in the advanced version of this game, popularly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. There are a lot of PUBG items available in the game that will help you to last much longer during a combat and fight against your opponents with more efficiency.

ARMA 2 Dayz: Battle Royale is really good if we consider it as a basic starting online multiplayer Shooter. If you like this game and are looking for a more polished version of it, we would like to recommend you to go for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Fortnite Battle Royale comes from “Epic Games”, and is a spin-off to the popular title, Fortnite. It is a standalone game that is based on the PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds gameplay and it falls in the “ Battle Royale” genre that makes it really popular among the gamers.

When you start playing the game, you will find it more or less similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay. It offers the player the same third person perspective, an almost similar interface of the map as well as the same concept where the playable area keeps on shrinking with time. Based on the Unreal engine, Fortnite Battle Royale features are cartoonist art style graphics which are really unnerving.

The early access version of the game offers only the Battle Royale mode, while the rest of the game modes will be added under “free to play” sometime later in next year. The main motive of the game is to be the last person alive or to be the last thing alive in a bloody match consisting of around hundred players. The battles takes place in a huge sandbox map, with small settlements scattered all over, and different neighborhoods to explore.

The start of the match is marked by a school bus that is equipped with a huge hot air balloon that comes into picture at one end of the map. The players have got a minute in which they need to decide whether they should jump out and begin the match as well as the domination in the dangerous land. If you jump out early, you can get geared up, construct a base, and gather useful resources for a head start before you enter the main battle arena.

Once the match is started, the focus is going to shift on the traffic areas, condensing the entire map in every minute or two. The middle section of the map is where you will find the majority of gunfighters, so now you know where to jump in if you directly want to enter the hotspot and combat atmosphere.

Once you land in the map, you are equipped with an indestructible axe. However, using it for the combat is not a good idea since it has very less damage points and will force you to have close one on one combat. With the pickaxe, the player needs to get the construction materials by cutting down walls, buildings, trees etc. Try to get you some material for you as well as a team and for building a fortress or a Bridge, whatever is beneficial for you in the battle. Since the player has an option to build a lot of different traps, walls etc. around them, the game ads the strategy element to the online Gaming mode very well.

It won’t take long when you will come across across weapons and ammo. You can get from shotguns to pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles, SMGs, assault Rifles, rocket launchers etc. scattered all over the map. There are medikits, potions, and bandages all over the map that will help you to recover your health meter when you are injured. The bandages will only recover a very small portion of your health bar while if you come across and medikit, you will get your full health recovered.

Various weapons as well as ammo is available all over the map, but bandages and health tips or something that you might get only by luck. Constructing buildings over bridges while you are in the middle of the battle is something that could help your squad towards victory. you can make use of different materials in the environment like brick, wood metal etc. to prepare traps and to lure your enemies to their death.

Not only that, the game starts with its full capacity and with the full map, but as the time goes on, the radius of the Battleground keeps on shrinking. if you are found outside this ring, you will start losing your health every second.

All in all, it is one of the best online strategy Shooter game with a lot of exciting and interesting elements in it. The best part is the interactive surrounding and map with so many online players to fight against. The strategies work really well, and teamwork seriously pays off, taking you as well as your team to victory.

H1Z1 Initially was lost as a standalone game. But they Came up with a “ Battle Royale” mode adding a lot more players to the game. The Battle Royale multiplayer mode was such a hit that the developers decided to split the game into two separate games. One H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill. There were some issues in the game that the gamers reported to the developers in the original title. However, these issues have been taken care of in the new King of the Kill.

The visuals and graphics of H1Z1 are not too amazing as well as not too bad. It is not something that will leave you astonished. There is certain portion in the game which is really very detailed while the other look somewhat out of place. You will definitely need a strong computer in order to have visual far distance visibility. If not, you will have to compromise with short vision only. So, players here with good machines definitely have an upper hand. The map is big to and could support more than 100 players easily.

Starting the game is a bit confusing since the players are not giving proper instructions to what to do in the game. You Will learn each and everything slowly and as you gain more and more experience in the game. The main menu is kind of confusing, and if you are playing H1Z1 for the first time you will be running here and there in the endless field for about 10 minutes before you come to a house that contains nothing because it has already been looted of all the supplies and resources. This is why players with a bit of experience will have an upper hand over the newbies. But once you learn all these tricks, the competition and PVP play is really very interesting as well as fun.

There are three game modes that the game features, a Solo play, a 2-team play, and a 5-team play. Also the player needs to be in the top 3 rank in the solo mode if they wish to win the rewards. These rewards are going to help the player get new skins. But this is only for those who cannot spend real money in order to purchase chests and keys.

The best element of the game is the extreme fun and uncountable number of scenarios that you can create while fighting with other online players. You and your friends can form a team and then take out the enemies forming a good strategy. More will be the number of players, funnier the game gets.

ARK Survival Evolved

Most of us wanted to live in the Jurassic Park along with the dinosaurs when we were kids. The game we are talking about, i.e. ARK Survival Evolved takes care of all your Jurassic Park desires as ARK Survival Evolved game is set in the same era.
The first few moments when the player enters the game are really breathtaking and you will find yourself almost nude lying on a beach without any clue. You might also see or come across the extinct Dinosaurs and exotic animals all around you. There are all kind of prehistoric creatures including brontosaurus, pteranodon etc.

There are many things to discuss about the game and clearly, the graphics are not one of them. Yes, we were pretty sure and we knew that the game possesses a lot of glitches in the graphics of the game. the enormous map consists of more than 100 types of animal and dinosaur species and different type of terrains as well. there are Slams jungles beaches volcanoes Lava pit mountains snow mountains deep oceans and a lot more. Obviously, putting everything in one single map is not an easy task, so we can do with some glitches.

You should not fall for the cover of the game where you can see a girl riding a T-Rex holding an assault rifle in her hand. The game is very different than what is shown on the cover image. ARK: Survival Evolved is basically a survival game and it is not at all easy to ride a dinosaur so comfortably around the world in this game. In order to reach that level, there’s a huge learning curve that the players need to cover in order to get comfortable with all the features of the game.

As we told you before, the game starts with you lying on the beach and feeling cold. Nothing else is told, but if you have played any survival games before, you must know that you need to get up and start collecting the resources in order to get warm and feed your stomach. Building a shelter, getting clothes and other resources comes later. You also need to be aware of your surrounding as you may get eaten up by a dinosaur that might appear from nowhere.

There is no general tutorial to help the player to get accustomed to various elements of the game. Engrams are the only helpful thing that you get in the game as it tells you what all things are required for building new items. They are also ordered in such a way that the game tells you what things or items you should be carrying with yourself in the game. Once you start collecting the resources, you can use them for smart gaining levels to increase your stats, you will understand how much time commitment this game requires from you. as you level up your stats are increase debate, but there is no description or tutorial for what these steps are and which one do you need to focus on as you progress in the ARK Survival Evolved.

One big problem with this game is that, it takes a lot of time in performing certain task. For example, you mettle is going to take a lot of time to smelt, you will have to wait for a long time if you want to tame a T-rex, and lot of time to gather the resources before you can begin constructing anything.

Playing the game solomo could be really boring, however, things are spiced up when you get your friends to join the team as well. together you can take down use dinosaur groups, the Bosses and can even read the other groups present in the game world.

All in all, ARK Survival Evolved is a great game with so many interesting elements to it. There are many glitches and bugs in the game, but if you have a decent machine, these glitches reduce down to comparatively very less figure.

The Culling

The Culling is a standalone Battle Royale game in which 16 players are dropped in a room filled with the poison gas and then it slowly closes in as the game progresses. As soon as these 16 players enter the arena they need to find different supplies weapons and crafts so that they can kill the opponent before they kill you.

The character creation screen that you see at the starting of the game is very limited. There are certain perks that the player can choose in order to increase his damage using bladed weapons, heal faster from the injuries, and actually what kind of weapons you would like to use in the game. After that, you enter the arena containing few buildings and lots of trees. There’s a 25 minute timer that will start as the game starts marking the beginning of killing as well as scavenging. F.U.N.C. is a currency that you earn by killing other players and by looting them that will help you to buy machine that dispenses health, calling in for supplies, and for unlocking crates.

Crafting is very interesting as well as very easy in a game. you just need to pick up any two resources like stone or wood, and just keep on adding more to it to create new and new weapons. When you hold one resource with another the game is going to tell you what the resulting item is going to be, so that the player can choose whether to go with it or not. In the beginning the player gets only 3 slots for keeping the weapon, but once you get hold of a backpack you can add two more items to your inventory.

There is a voice that comes from the background and announces which player has been killed and inform me each and every player when the air drops are inbound. There is a leaderboard panel on the side of the screen where you can see how each and every player is doing and who all are still alive. this prevents you from opening the menu, again and again, to check up the stats.
The Culling Is a cheap game that is available for just $15 on steam. the gameplay is really very interesting and this is the reason why it is so popular on twitch as well as Steam’s best seller.

Rust: Battle Royale

Just like any other game similar to PUBG, Rust: Battle Royale features almost the same conditions and gameplay at a higher level. The player gets hands on all the weapons that the game can provide and also the play area of the game keeps on decreasing in order to guarantee continuous action to the Gamers.

The first thing that you need to take care of in Rust is the decreasing game area. In case you fall out of the area, you player will get killed because of the radiation. Thus in order to stay alive, you should continuously move towards the center of the map is ready for facing any kind of deadly encounters from the opposition.

There are a lot of PVP areas and buildings including the hyperactive ear drops as well as loot crates providing a different kind of deadly weapons and gas to the players. The game mode will keep you updated with what is going on in the map and statistical overlay can inform you about how each and every player has been performing since the beginning of the match.
However, the Rust Battles consists of only 22 players in the beginning out of which the last one surviving wins the match.

Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned is a very simple and free to play online multiplayer Shooter game that has been developed by a Canadian school student named Nelson Sexton. The game has more than 25 million players as of now and this is because it is a simple gameplay that offers a lot of different features taken from other similar games and presented all in one.

The game is really very brutal, detailed and deep. And why shouldn’t it be, it has been inspired by DayZ and also includes a lot of features from Rust. The unturned game has got a zombie element in it too that you need to avoid if you want to stay safe. In order to survive, you will have to take care of your thirst as well as hunger at the same time saving yourself from other players that might be looking for a chance to kill you. If you are not taking care of yourself, you can fall ill as well.

The player cannot carry everything that he or she finds in his pocket. You might run out of space and will have to choose only the necessary items that you wished to take forward with you. For example, having a fishing rod will take care of your hunger needs, but at the same time you will require a flashlight during the night to stay safe. As a player, you will always have to make a choice with things you want to take along with you and which you will have to leave back.

Coming to the weapons, there is no pinpoint precision system for targeting your enemy making it difficult for the users to hit the target.

The game has a 3D art style graphics that impart a different look to the viewer’s every making a lot more fun to play.
Unturned game might look silly but it is a lot more diverse then it looks. Most of the objects that you will find in your surrounding are destroyable, but the best part of the game is that there are almost no bugs.

The game is available for free on the Steam Store. However, if you pay $4.99 more for the permanent gold upgrade. The Gamers can play this game on their Windows PC, Mac and LINUX platforms via Steam.

ARK: Survival of the Fittest

The initial ARK game was split into two games named ARK: Survival Evolved, the one we talked about earlier in this post, and ARK: survival of the fittest. Now both the games have been merged again to form a single game with the name ARK: survival of the fittest. This was done in order to solve the problem where that developers or modders took the content from the other “ survival evolved” game and then came up with a new content for “ survival of the fittest” using the game development kit. this raised a lot of problems regarding the content licensing.

This game starts in the same way and offers a brutal combat map just similar to other games featuring Battle Royale mode, except for the dinosaurs. The new game now only allows 72 players to land on a huge Island, forcing them to collect the resources forging new weapons and then taming the deadly beasts to kill the opponent and keeping in mind to not to get hunted or getting killed by other players.

The initial Staging area is the place where the players can communicate with their teammates in order to come up with the strategy to take down the opposite team. there is also a” ring of death” that keeps on shrinking so that the players more towards the center and finally face each other in a final showdown. The Last Man Standing is the winner of the match.

Last Man Standing

Last man standing in another Battle Royal shooting game where different players look for gear as well as guns in order to kill other players to become the last person alive when the match ends. I think this much was clear from the name of the game itself. The Battlefield can intake at most 100 players who explore the environment and take out the competition using their strategies as well as skills.

The battle takes place in the wild and each and every player could discover around 30 weapons that include Rifles SMGs and even rocket launchers after you spawn in the map. That can be equipped by a player to enhance your skill set. The players can also add a lot of other items on their guns in order to increase the handling and target etc.

There are some special crates that are dropped periodically and which might contain strong weapons and other items that might be very beneficial for you. However, you need to stay alert while approaching the crate, since many other players might have seen it too, and might be approaching it to get hold of stronger resources. The player can upgrade his level by unlocking the supply creates that might contain one of the total 329 items that might include gun skins, avatar skins etc. There are monthly as well as seasonal tournaments held by the publisher in which the players can take part in order to sharpen up the skills.

Infestation: The New Z

Infestation: the New Z, is a bit different when compared to all other multiplayer online shooters that we have mentioned above. This game is more or less like a zombie survival game where the players need to handle the post-apocalyptic situation, in which the earth is fully infected with The Walking Dead, i.e. Zombies. The plan is to collaborate with other online players to find various items and weapons and killing the zombies in order to survive.

Apart from the main elements, the game also focuses on small requirements of like thirst and hunger, that keeps on increasing with the passage of time. However, in order to quench your thirst and hunger, you can find water as well as food in the supplies. If you’re not paying attention to your hunger or thirst, you will simply die.

The graphics of the game, as well as a game, play a pretty good but there’s one thing that really annoyed us. When the player dies, all the items and weapons that he was carrying are lost. this includes all the items that he had on him including the in-game purchases as well.

There are particular save settlements in the game where are the players can relax as these areas are protected from the Zombie attacks as well as combat. Killing other players on the map will enhance your reputation but that is also affected by the ranking of the dead player and what all he was carrying. There is also some known “Global inventory” which is shared by all the players playing the game and where they can go and shop for more items.
if you want to engage in a player VS player or player versus Zombie fight you need to get out of these safe zones.

Road Redemption PC Game Review

When computers were a bit new and most of us were small,  I remember there was motorcycle racing game that I used to play a lot. If you had played it as well,  you might have got an idea about the game I am talking about. Road Rash,  one of the best racing game of the  90s Was a major part of our childhood. Still didn’t get it, try remembering driving fast through the city road as well as the highway with weapons by your side and beating the hell out of every other racer trying to pass you or whom you are just about to overtake. Well, the game got lost with so many advanced and better games that got released in the following years. Also, other popular PC games like Pac-man and Space Invaders got updated in the future, but Road Rash was lost somewhere in our memory. However, with the latest game named Road Redemption, some of the indie developers have tried to bring back that fun again on your computer screens.

The original Road Rash game was published by none other than EA a long long time ago. We haven’t seen any kind of update from them for over a decade. Road Rash was a very simple motorbike racing game with a bit of twist. This twist was also the best thing about the game, which was: the player could punch and kick and hit other bikers with steel chain and rod, who are racing against you and as the player rode past them. That is all. And the fun in hitting other bikers with different stuff and making them fall off the bike was something that we can’t even explain now.

With Road Redemption, the developers have tried their best to bring the same feel to the gamers and Road Rash lovers with a lot of improvements in the graphics as well as in the gameplay. Road Redemption was in its early access phase since past 18 months after getting kickstarted in the year 2013, but now, it is finally out for everybody.

We took Road Redemption to test and review. The first thing that we noticed was that the fundamentals of the game remain similar as it was in Road Rash. The game has no specific goal and the game should be played only for time pass, fun as well as enjoyment.

You drive through the desert riding the motorcycle on a busy street filled with Cars, other bikes, and your opponents. The other crowd moves normally, but your opponents are going to attack you with knives, iron bars, chains and what not. So, you are actually fighting other motorcyclists trying to kill them at a speed of about 100-120 MPH. You need to act fast before they do if you do not want yourself to be killed by them. There are many riders that get eliminated by getting hit in the face by a swift spade.

The initial Road Rash game had only one mode, however, the Road Redemption has three modes for the players to enjoy. The weapons are powerful than before with amazing crash and murder physics and face action.

One good addition to the game is the smart AI opponents. Road Rash was simple and did not include smart opponents, but the new remake is a lot more violent and features a bit of roguelitey.

There are different missions to complete they vary from stage to stage and are very random. The players get a typical racing mode where you just need to bash as many opponents as you can to rank high in the end. There are other modes too where the player needs to survive for a minimum amount of time or where the player needs to beat a given number of opponents to pass. The difficulty of the game also increases as one crosses the stage.
Also, when you move from one stage to another, you get a chance to spend the cash that you have earned playing different stages to upgrade your health, weapons, bike nitro etc. In the beginning, the player starts the game with simple weapons like clubs etc. However, you will need stronger weapons to take care of opponents in the difficult stages. One can even take off the heads of the opponent using a machete, or use a spiked bat to bash their heads off.

A lot of focus has been given to the fighting mechanics, even more than racing. There are many overpasses as well as shortcuts that could give you a leap ahead, but at the same time, they are really very risky. The players will require a bit of practice to figure out when to use the nitro when to drift so that you do not lose your speed etc. Players can even interact with other vehicles on the road to take down the opponents. For example, putting a detonator or a pipe bomb behind you so that the competitor behind you cant escape it. However, you will need perfect timing as well as a lot of practice to pull out this trick.

Every time you finish a race, you get some experience points which can be used to upgrade the on-road experience of the game.This experience could be used to enhance your abilities in the next playthrough and also to buy new items like weapons, bikes, and characters.

It is overall a good game that will give you the feel of old road rash which we used to play in the 90’s. I definitely recommend this game to all those who have loved the old Bike fighting – racing game. There are certain bugs, of course since the game is still in its initial stages but it is definitely a good upgrade to the original Road Rash game.

Nidhogg 2 for PlyStation 4 Game Review

The best thing about Nidhogg was its simple gameplay and players those who have played the first Nidhogg game would understand what we actually mean. The initial game possessed a minimalistic style as well as only two button gameplay that offered the player a wonderful, focused as well as streamline experience. However, things have been changed in Nidhogg 2, where the Messhof developers have tried to offer a lot more things in the multiplayer mode by adding more maps, a whole new art style and a lot of new weapons in the Nidhogg 2 game. Most of these additions are really good and enhance the overall fun and excitement of this excellent multiplayer party video game.

The second part of the game picks its concept from its predecessor, where being the main character you still need to hack slash and stab your opponent and move past their dead bodies on to the next screen. You will see that within some time, that that enemy will respawn in the new screen fighting again and hindering you from reaching your final goal. By the way, the final boss is nothing but a giant hungry worm in Nidhogg 2. The players can swing the sword in 3 different heights, one towards the head, second towards the torso and third below the torso towards the legs. Now you also have an option to throw the sword towards the enemies killing them instantly for long-range attack. However, you need to be really careful while throwing the sword since you are left vulnerable and any enemy can kill you instantly. The same goes when you attack the enemies at wrong height creating various openings for them to counter-attack and harm you.

The second part of the game picks its concept from its predecessor, where being the main character you still need to hack slash and stab your opponent and move past their dead bodies on to the next screen. You will see that within some time, that that enemy will respawn in the new screen fighting again and hindering you from reaching your final goal. By the way, the final boss is nothing but a giant hungry worm in Nidhogg 2. The players can swing the sword in 3 different heights, one towards the head, second towards the torso and third below the torso towards the legs. Now you also have an option to throw the sword towards the enemies killing them instantly for long-range attack. However, you need to be really careful while throwing the sword since you are left vulnerable and any enemy can kill you instantly. The same goes when you attack the enemies at wrong height creating various openings for them to counter-attack and harm you.

This was the basic gameplay that we saw in Nidhogg. In the new game there are some new elements introducing new possibilities to the puzzle game. There are 3 new weapons that have been introduced in Nidhogg 2. They include arrows which can only be fire at the bottom or at the middle direction. These arrows can also be hit back in the opposite direction. The broadsword is no thicker when compared to the previous game and the player can swing it from top to bottom. You can also throw the sword in the middle direction but that will leave you vulnerable as we told you above. But you can use the arrows for long ranged kills that won’t leave you defenseless unlike killing enemies from long range using the sword. There is also a dagger that you get which is smaller in size when compared to other weapons and also possesses a shorter reach but is perfect for quick stabbing.

The addition of new weapons also adds depth to the game like taking out the Dagger from the shear take some seconds. The Game also does not tell you which weapon you will possess in the next respawn. So it may happen that you are left frustrated trying to swipe of a sword again and again but failing because you actually hold a bow or a dagger instead. However, in the tournament mode, you can customize the sequence of weapons to pick the one you wish to respawn with. However, these weapon customisation options are not available in the quick play online multiplayer or arcade mode.

The balance of the game in also been disrupted by the introduction of different types of weapons. Each and every weapon has its own weakness. When you are using the dagger you will feel somewhat powerless since using it is really very tricky and you must possess the speed to really harm the opponent. Things turn even difficult when your opponent is holding a sword in his hand as well. Bow and arrow are good for long range tickling but the only problem with them is that they take too much time to fire. So, if your opponent is quick he can easily beat you with his quick moves while you are still charging the bow and the arrow. Not only that, sometimes the enemies are able to dodge your attacks very easily frustrating you to the limit if you are not able to take down a particular quick enemy.

There have been changes to the art style of the game as well. it looks like that the developers have followed a similar concept of “ bigger is better” while developing the game. The minimalistic element that was really loved in the first Nidhogg game is lost. The lighting and the background are really amazing with great color range allowing a lot more varied locales when compared to the previous game. However, this much variety of colors on the screen makes it really hard for the player too quickly see and grasp what actually is happening on the screen. The developers have also rebuild the maps and added few more to the game. The new maps have all the new locations and they also contain a lot of environmental hindrances like long grass, pits, sliding ice etc. to add up to the level difficulty.

These new additions might not be liked by everyone but they actually are good and offer some competitiveness in the game. The game is successful in creating an environment full of tension and interest for the players.
Every time you swing your sword or the weapon that you are possessing to move forward, it will seem a huge step towards the victory. The controls of the game remain the same as we saw in the first Nidhogg game. With simple controls, players can actually pull off even the toughest plan or strategy with an ease. Also, once you get the strategy that the opponent is using, you can actually respawn again and again before reaching the finishing line in order to win the tournament.

All in all, we actually like the Nidhogg 2 game which offers a lot of new things without adding too many things in the new game. The new weapons can be frustrating at times, but the amazing gameplay covers it up. Nidhogg 2 is really dramatic, amazing, tragic, gross as well as funny with a simple artistic design that you are definitely going to enjoy with your friends.

You can watch the gameplay of Nidhogg 2 in the below video:


Last Day of June PlayStation 4 Game Review

We all go through a lot of tragedies in our life. Most of us also wish that what if we had the power to change things what had already happened. What if we had some kind of rewind button so that we can go back in time to change all the wrong things that we have done. However, this is not possible in real life and this is not how the reality works. But the game we are going to review here revolves around the similar concept.  Last day of June is a game that deals with the hope frustration, grief and anger of a lonely and desperate old man. The concept of the game is based on the belief that altering one single event in our past can change the entire course of events that followed and could ultimately save a person from an untimely death.

Carl and June are the main characters of “Last day of June” game that are deeply in love and living happily.  They plan to take out one day from the busy life and go out on an outing to one of their favorite places. After having an amazing day and enjoying each other, while they are returning back to the home their car meets an accident in which June is killed and Carl’s body gets paralyzed below the waist.

Now, years after the event, Carl is still sitting in his chair thinking about the tragedy and trying to relive the time just before June’s death over and over again. He relives this time from the perspective of all the characters that used to stay along with them in their small community.  As a player, you have the power to relive and change the outcome of the story by altering the actions of each and every character.  As you slowly alter the outcomes of each story you also modify the events that happened that day ultimately trying to save June from dying somehow.

Last Day of June has been developed beautifully in an art style manner with superb animation and where grief is palpable. However, there are no words or dialogues in the entire game.  Last Day of June feels so real that you can literally feel the desperation that is inside Carl in yourself. It is possible that some of the players might find the starting of the game and follow up a bit confusing since all the characters just mutter and talk in a slow indecipherable tone and manner.  But once you keep playing it, and in the later part of the game when you are really comfortable with these conversations,  you will be able to easily understand what each and every character tries to convey as well as their emotions.

We would really like to commend the gorgeous art that has been put in this game. the entire game looks like a beautiful color painting,  where unimaginable colors poping out blending with superb pastels and brush strokes.

The concept of the game is pretty interesting however reliving the memories again and again might cause frustration as well as irritation to some of the players.  You just move around and try to complete the quick time events which is not an issue. However doing these things again and again is something that can bug you. You will find yourself pressing the same buttons again and again, moving down the road again and again, completing the entire day again and again just to find out is there any change waiting for you at the end of the day or not. There is a huge possibility that you might see the same things again and again without any change in the outcome.

You enter the game with an emotional mind,  but the repetitiveness reduces the emotional impact of the game.  The first time you will feel a lot about June’s death,  but watching it for the 12th or the 15th time is definitely annoying.  We wish there was an option where one could skip this and find out what happens in the end directly. But the player also needs to find out what he needs to do in order to save June,  and figuring that out is really interesting.

Not only this, the repeating element also affects the course of the event itself because the player needs to go back again and again and redo all the character arcs that he or she might have already completed just sometime back.  We just wish that there was some way to skip these cutscenes and reach the end of the day without re-living every moment of the day back to back.

Another problem that we found in last day of June was the long loading time.  the player needs to wait and stare at the loading screen for around 30 seconds every time they load back into the game and when each day concludes.  This problem is even worse in PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4.

But there are some shining moments too.  the side characters are so vignetted that they provide strong richness as well as flavor to the story.  You not only come to know Carl and June, but also the side characters in detail. We really want to give a heads up to the developers for portraying the gravity, unintentional inputs as well as the importance of each and every role so well that they have a direct effect in June’s demise.

Last day of June is a different type of game that might attract a lot of players looking for a different gameplay.  the ability to alter past events in order to change the present condition is something that almost all of us have fantasized but never experienced.  the game somehow gives you a glimpse of the power to reshape the present by changing the past. Also, there are very little games that perfectly portray the struggle between a man’s determinism and free will Very uniquely. If the repetitive thing is something that doesn’t bother you,  the love story of Carl and June Is definitely worth playing.

You can watch the gameplay trailer of Last Day of June below:

New Augmented Reality Walking Dead Game brings Dead to your Home

Augmented Reality is the new technology which has gained a lot of popularity and last couple of years and especially after the release of Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality focuses on bringing the fictional characters in the real world, and now many other companies are working on the concept to come up with real-life based video games for the users.

Well, we don’t know about all the companies out there, but it looks like AMC as well Next Games have achieved a milestone in this Augmented reality game development. They have recently announced a brand new location based AR video game with the name “The Walking Dead: Our World”. The company said that the game will be available for most of the smartphones and smart devices very “soon”. However, no date was announced by the officials regarding the release of the game.

The player will have to use their mobile phone cameras to see a dead chasing you, hiding behind avocados and creeping up you family and friends. You get the same characters in the game as present in the TV series. They include Daryl, Michonne as well as Rick that will appear sometimes to help you fulfill your quest. There are various items which you can interact with while you are fulfilling any quest. These items might include new weapons or supplies to dealing with the dead in a better way.


You can watch the trailer of the upcoming “The Walking Dead: Our World” game below. However, the game does not offer a lot of information about the game but it looked really fun. It is the second game after Pokemon Go that features Augmented Reality, and the first game which takes the technology to whole new level. However, the players need to be really careful where they are heading in the real world. If you are not so careful with your surrounding, it is possible that you might harm yourself before you encounter any zombie on your smart device screen.

If you are a Walking Dead show fan, the eighth season of the TV series will return on October 22, 2017, on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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HP Brings New Gaming Laptop Omen X for Gamers: Review

 Earlier this year, HP came up with a whole new range of gaming products with the name, Omen. While we’ve seen HP produce some cheaper gaming laptops and a high-end glowing desktop cube so far, we’ve been waiting for a high-end Omen laptop for enthusiasts. Today at GAMESCOM, HP is going to bring forward the Omen X laptop, what is expected to offer you high definition gaming to the consumers.

HP has opted for a 17-inch 4K display for the top model, or a 120Hz 1080p display for those who want more performance instead of a higher resolution. Both of these models possess the Nvidia Sync technology, making it easer for the consumer’s freedom to pick any one they like. Not only that, the users will also have an option to connect two external display along with it. There is a separate support for people who love overclocking their GPUs and CPUs.

There is another unique feature that HP offers to the buyers along with the laptop. Many of the gamers wish to upgrade their laptop with one or the other internal part, HP Omen allows, you to upgrade quite a few of them. HP is providing single panel access to the HDDs, SSDs, and RAM, making it easy to upgrade all three with just a Philips screwdriver. Otherwise, it’s a relatively standard high-end laptop.

HP is using Intel’s 7th generation Core i7 CPUs inside, not the newly announced 8th generation. The base model of HP Omen will ship along with a GTX 1070 with a 1080p display, 16GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD / 1TB HDD for $1,999. You will have to spend around $369 for the better model which comes along with GTX 1080 and 4K display, 32GB of RAM, and 2 x 1TB of SSD storage / 1TB HDD. The top model also includes an overclockable Core i7-7820HK processor instead of the Core i7-7700HQ found on the entry and mid-level models. There is a mid ranged model as well which offers a 4K display with a GTX 1080 and 32GB of RAM, priced at $2,349.

On the laptop itself, HP has used mechanical switches for its keyboard, producing 2.5mm of key travel. You have an option to optimize each and every key with RGB LED lighting, and there’s an oversized space bar you can reach for during frantic gaming sessions. Connectivity includes three regular USB ports, two USB-C Thunderbolt ports, a HDMI port with HDR support, mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, and a card reader slot.

HP is planning to make the Omen X laptop available in November, starting at $1,999.

Reasons Why OMEN By HP Might Be The Perfect Gaming Laptop

We’ve said before that nothing beats gaming on a PC. Computers are easier to upgrade, offer superior controls and the best part is, they can double as powerful productivity tools. The problem is that people need their devices to be mobile.

Stationary gaming desktop PCs are great, but what if we found you something that offered that kind of user experience in a portable package?

Well, we think we have. It’s the OMEN by HP Gaming Laptop. There are plenty of laptops that are capable of gaming, but the way HP has packaged this particular machine definitely has its advantages. Let’s run you through them now.

1.Tonnes of Options Available

Before touching on any other aspect, the first thing to note is that this laptop can be customised to suit your budget and needs. Want an affordable all-in-one solution? The base model still comes with a quad-core i7 Processor and an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. Got some extra cash to spend? Opt for a better screen, more RAM or a larger battery.

2.It’s an absolute Audio as well as Visual Treat

If you’re familiar with PC building, you’ll know just how expensive the peripherals can get. A decent set of speakers and a good monitor can end up costing as much as the computer itself. On the OMEN by HP, you get HP Audio Boost, Bang & Olufsen speakers as well as a DTS Headphone:X jack. What’s more, you can have the Omen by HP laptop in two sizes: 15.6” or 17.3”.
It doesn’t stop there. The 1080p IPS display has a super high refresh rate of 120Hz, but if you want some extra pop to your visuals, there’s an FHD display available for a small fee. Rest assured, the laptop can handle that kind of video output.

3. There is Effective Heat dispersion

For one, the components that get warm – the CPU and GPU – are placed on the top right corner. This means that you don’t feel much heat emanating near the W, S, A, D keys. When gaming, a warm keyboard can lead to sweaty fingers and an overall unpleasant experience.

As these are pretty powerful chips, the OMEN by HP has two large fans to cool them off. The smaller 15” model has three heat pipes while the 17” has four to ensure maximum heat transfer and dissipation.

4. HP Omen possesses the best hardware

The OMEN by HP is one powerful laptop. Even its base configuration, it comes with the latest Intel Core i7 processor. This is a true quad core i7, unlike some other laptop-grade i7 chips. Not only that, but you can upgrade the graphics card up to a GTX 1070 with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM for video and up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM for the entire system. Way more than what’s necessary to play all the latest game at high settings.
What’s more, you even get an SD card reader. This will allow you to use one laptop for work and play.

5. A quality approach to construction

You also get a really tough hinge mechanism which feels like it’ll last the lifetime of the product. Another smart decision by HP is the use of materials. The palm rests below the keyboard are finished in high-grade plastic which will age well without discoloration. Meanwhile, there’s a soft touch exterior that gives it a premium look and feel.

6. Plenty of Storage options

HP does not want to give any chance to the consumers to complain regarding the storage space. That’s because the laptop has room for both M.2 as well as traditional SATA drive. M.2 SSDs are 17 times faster than your regular laptop hard drives, but they are also extremely expensive. This laptop will let you have a smaller SSD for Windows and a couple of games, as well as a 1 Terabyte hard disk for your videos, music, and pictures.

7. It possesses spectacular looks

If any one of us is investing so much in a gaming laptop, it is important to make sure it looks good as well. Well, the OMEN by HP has some powerful looks. The red-on-black theme is really quite aggressive looking and they’ve gone the extra mile to make sure even the USB ports are color-matched.
15” and 17” aren’t exactly ultraportable, but HP has done well to cut down the unnecessary bulk. The power adapter, for instance, is rather slim for the kind of workload it can take.

8. HP Omen Laptop is user-upgradeable

In 2017, we saw a lot of smartphones with sealed batteries. We also saw more laptops with sealed in components. Thankfully, this is not the case with the OMEN by HP. Even if you get the base model when it arrives, you can easily upgrade the RAM, add an SSD or get a bigger hard drive when you have the money. Of course, you ought to only do this after the warranty period is over.

This is one of the new OMEN by HP’s strongest selling points. The FHD display, processor, and graphics card are going to be relevant for years, so it’s great that you can push other aspects of the hardware as time goes by.

21 Best Games like Skyrim You Should Play Today

If you love RPG games, you must have heard about the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Many of you would have been playing it till now since its a never-ending game with so many missions and side missions that eat up hundreds of your hours. The game has a vast community, and RPG fans have been craving games like Skyrim ever since. This huge RPG was something that all of us were waiting for with amazing storyline, action, magic, character building, and Dragons.

Nevertheless, there are tons of games similar to Skyrim out there. Not all these games are as good as Elder Scrolls, but if you want something else than that? here are some games that you can consider spending time on apart from Elder’s scroll.

Hence, especially for you readers, we have enlisted some of the best games like Skyrim that will console your heart. Now let’s get into the games list and their details.

21 Best Games like Skyrim

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The game comes after the popular MMORPG Star War Galaxies that was launched back in 2011, Sar Wars: The Old Republic is a really a delightful RPG game. But it has since, like so many games of this kind, adopted the free-to-play model. Anf if you have been looking for a Sith kicks, what better way than this to get them free of cost.
However, subscriptions are still available, giving you more in-game potential. All the story missions are available without a sub they just might take you that bit longer.
Star Wars fan should definitely get it and experience the amazing Satr Wars Universe including the live of a bounty hunter and an Imerial Agesnt. If you want to go with the dull option and just have a generic Jedi Knight, though, that’s fine too.

Platform: Windows, Xbox 360

2. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

If you want more of a graphics in your RPG gaming, Dragin’s Dogma  by Capcom could be the best alternative to Skyrim. The critically acclaimed title features one among the best combat systems ever and hence qualifies to be listed as one among the best games similar to Skyrim.

You will find a lot of similarities if you have played Dark Sould. Similar to the other game, you can climb the bosses and kill the them. We really miss this hack and stash compat in most of the RPGs.

The game primarily features a similar concept like ‘Dragonborn’ in Skyrim. The chosen one here is however named as ‘Arisen’. In the entire game, you try to save the world by killing and defeating the beasts as well as dragons following the footsteps of Arisen..

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is rather a polished version of the game, and features some additional content. Looking at the huge dynamic world, the engaging storyline and good combat system, it is one of the best game if you are bored of Skyrim and Witcher 3.

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

3. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade is not an RPG but rather an action-adventure-hack-and-slash game centralized on the story of Senua, a Celtic female warrior.

Toexplore the game completely, the player needs to roam around the open world, and this is what makes it comparable to big titles like The Witcher III and Skyrim.

Hence, this psychological thriller could drool your eyes when you shall be experiencing traumatic visions in the game. The game has been developed as well as published by Ninja Theory, and they have included an outstanding plotline.

We pass this judgment because the company emphasizes a lot on building strong characters and connecting them to the story, in most of its titles.

Platforms: PS4, PC

4. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is an amazing open world game based on the popular Lord of the Ring series and books. This game is a treat for those who love LOTR as well as RPG gaming. This action adventure title combines the parkour-filled stealth of the former with an RPG-lite experience system and the most iconic setting in Western fantasy.

The real fun lies in the game’s nemesis system. Remember that one bandit who really kicked your ass early on in Skyrim? Everyone had at least one. Well, now you can watch that Bandit rise through the ranks of the enemy as you kill off his superiors one by one until finally when he’s sitting high and mighty at the top of the food chain, you swoop in and cut him down like the dog he is.

The most magical moment. Sometimes that nemesis is named Dush and you giggle like a child as you get your revenge.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

5. Fallout 4

You can’t have a list of Skyrim alternatives without mentioning Bethesda’s other big open world extravaganza, Fallout4.

You can build settlements, join factions and generally cause chaos as you roam the wasteland steadfastly ignoring Bethesda’s main plot about your dumb ugly kid.

It’s also been confirmed that Fallout 4 will be coming to VR in the near future, possibly as part of the mysterious Project Scorpio. So if you’re thinking of investing in VR, it might be a good time to do so. The most magical moment is Having a robot companion who’s also a 1930s private eye for some reason.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

From the ghastly lands of Velen to the beautiful isles of Skellige, venture into an epic adventure of mystery and hidden conspiracies with Geralt of Rivia, the Master Witcher, known by the name, Whitewolf.

The game has won many awards coming from big publications. We understand that Skyrim could be a little slow at some points. And its the thing that is bugging you as well, the Witcher is something that you are going to love. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best RPG game ever made with a great storyline, graphics, action, adventure and. what not.

The player don’t need to stick to the main mission compulsorily. There are many side missions available that are really very engaging as well as helps in building your character. You can visit places, into pubs and cities and interact with people if you are bored of fighting and combat. Since, Geralt is a mage, there are a lot of things to discover about him as well.

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One

7. Shadow Of War

Shadow of War game is way better than its predecessor and the main characters, Talion and Celebrimbor, are once again back to the battle world. Do not be confused. It’s not an RPG but rather an open-world story-driven action adventure game based on the universe of Tolkien’s epic fantasy series, Lord Of The Rings.

The previous game of the same franchise has been popular for the fluid combat mechanics, script, gameplay, and the storyline, and this new game is better than that.

Nemesis System enables the NPCs especially the enemies to adapt to the surroundings and dynamically attack the player based on past experiences. When you kill any captain, some other creature of lower order is going to take its place. The best option would be to brand enemies, to forge your own army, while you prepare for the ultimate battle.

So, how’s the sequel, Shadow Of War gonna be different? Be wary Ranger, as your own allies might betray you.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

8. Far Cry 4

If you loved the open world gameplay of Skyrim, but got a bit burned out on all that magic and dragons nonsense, it might be time to give Far Cry 4 a try. Far cry offers the players a huge open map full of enemies and animals and vehicles. There’s also an experience system that lets you unlock new abilities and skills.

The world of Far Cry 4 is filled with local wildlife, both benign and bloodthirsty. Some will ignore you, some will try to eat you and you can also ride some of them.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

9. Nioh

The gameis widely known as “Jeraltu: The Samurai Witcher”. It has been developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Temco in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Niohis a medieval action RPG.

The game starts in the early 1600s in Japan where the time was of the battle between various clans.The game is set in Japan during the early 1600s, a period of conflict between the warring clans. You will play from the perspective of William Adams, an English navigator who eventually gets converted to a “Western Samurai”.

Indubitably, the universally acclaimed title is one among the best games like Skyrim.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

10. Lords Of The Fallen

But Lords Of The Fallen is a game for PC and consoles! Is it possible that they released one especially for Android? Yes, my dear friends, you are very right. However, this version has quite some variations compared to its PC & console counterpart.

The hack and slash mechanic remains the same with a few RPG-like elements. It’s somewhat story driven. You can craft weapons and armor, gain experience points and level up to fight smoothly against gigantic bosses.

Platforms: Android

11. Wildstar

Without seeing more than a few screenshots, you might think Wildstar is a new IP from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games. The game graphics are cartoony and very colorful just like Spyro. But do not confuse it with the regular free to play MMORPG game.

If you like Blizzard games, such as World of Warcraft, Wildstar will undoubtedly quench your thirst since many of its developers at Carbine Studios came from the beloved Activision Blizzard subsidiary.

Despite not landing as “the next evolution of the modern MMORPG,” according to its IGN review, Wildstar holds its own as a traditional MMO that, before going free-to-play, and it featured a unique subscription that was based on the player development in the game.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

12. Eve Online

In 2003, Icelandic developer CCP Games unleashed unto the world Eve Online, an immersive and in-depth “sci-fi experience” that would eventually garner the attention of well over 500,000 players. Unlike most of the other games on the list, Eve Online offers a huge number of activities in the huge open world.

Unfortunately, the Eve Online player base has been on the decline since 2013. It should come as no shock that as time goes on, fewer and fewer gamers are interested in paying a subscription fee for a glorified space sim with a steep learning curve. As of the Ascension update, which released in November 2016, Eve Online has gone free-to-play – at least to an extent.

The new ‘alpha clones’ system featured in Eve Online is similar to the “unlimited free trial” featured in World of Warcraft. You can still engage with other players in mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploring and combat, but certain skills will be off-limits. As long as you don’t mind finite access to some of the game’s most lumbering ships, Eve Online won’t cost a cent.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

13. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The game will release sometime in 2017.Voila! You have yet another RPG that doesn’t feature any magic or spells. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord serves as the prequel to its predecessor, Warband, and is set 200 years before the events of the game. If you are on the lookout for RPGs like Skyrim, then this is a title worth to look at.

This sequel to Warband features eight different factions with each exhibiting their own respective lore, classes, and characteristics.

You will get to see sprawling cities with diversified landscapes. NPCs will reportedly play a huge role in determining your fate. The AI has been heavily tweaked, and you won’t be given any hint about your quests at all. You are on your own as you play this game.

Developed and published by TaleWorlds Entertainment, Mount & Blade II very well deserves to be in this list of games like Skyrim.

Platforms: Windows

14. Conan Exiles

This indie title is next on our list of best games like Eder Scrolls: Skyrim. Conan Exiles developed and published by Funcom Games, is an open world survival game, that demands your instincts and analytical abilities, in a huge barren wasteland.

As a player, you will live the life of an exiled man who needs to work and figure things out for his survival like gathering food and fighting wild animals. Harvest crops, build settlements, craft weapons and build your tribe to forge an empire in the wasteland.

The game not only offers a story mode, but the players can also play online and compete with other players as well. Maybe not exactly an RPG but because of its well-designed eye-candy gameplay mechanics, Conan Exiles is one among the best games similar to Skyrim out there.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

15. Marvel Heroes Omega

After DC Universe Online was released back in 2011, Marvel had no choice but to compete with its own MMORPG. It took developers more than two years, to come up with a hero studded action RPG game featuring over 21 playable characters. Six years later, the game has been rebooted twice and subsequently ported to consoles, jam-packed with content to make up for its previously limited gameplay.

The players need to update the level of their characters while playing the story mode. There are unlockables but you need not waste any real money to unlock.

Platforms: PC

16. Paladins

It’s not hard to see why Paladins catches a lot of flack for its resemblance to Overwatch. Abilities are upgraded based on a collectible card system, which can completely change the way each character plays.

What’s more, unlike Overwatch, Paladins is completely free-to-play. The players can also buy the cosmetic items using the real money. However, other links can easily be unlocked by playing the game. For instance, you’ll start Paladins with a single deck of basic cards, and from there, more dramatically impactful decks can be unlocked.

No matter how you decide to play Paladians, you will gain the XP only when you play. As long as you’re completing the daily quests and achievements featured in the game, you’ll be rewarded with Radiant Chests and Gold. You can use it to get a lot more weapons, cards and costumes.

Platforms: PC

17. Bloodborne

“The blood makes us human….makes us more than human…makes us human no more!”

There are very fewer RPG games that offer a horror element in their gameplay, but this game offers you that a lot. It comes from the same developers that developed the Dark Souls and takes you on a journey into a ghost city of Yarhnam that has been hit by a plague.

You play from the third-person perspective of a Hunter with the motive to search for the ‘Paleblood’ with reasons unknown. The protagonist unravels various mysteries and facts as he/she progresses in the game.

Platforms: PS4

18. Fallout: New Vegas

A.k.a the best modern Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas is a spinoff sequel to Bethesda’s Fallout 3, set in and around Sin City. You take the role of the Courier, a hapless messenger who got shot in the head for the platinum poker chip they were carrying. Thanks to a kindly old doctor and your own gumption, you get patched up and set off on a quest for revenge. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you just feel like wandering around for a while, or slaughtering every single member of Caesar’s Legion in the Vegas area, or chilling out with your drunk cowboy friend Cass. It’s pretty much up to you.

You get a lot of choices to make in Fallout to make. It’s up to you who you side with, or whether you choose to side with anyone at all. The good or bad.

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows

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19. Paragon

For years now, developers have tried and failed to adapt multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games for the TV. Now, however, if you’re one of many with a computer tucked under your living room entertainment setup, Paragon may be the MOBA you’ve been searching for.

Also available on the PlayStation 4, Paragon takes what League of Legends and Dota players have enjoyed for years and optimizes it for consoles and entertainment rigs by rotating the camera behind your character. By inciting the illusion of a traditional third-person competitive shooter, Paragon aims to broaden the appeal of not only MOBAs but eSports as a whole.

The asymmetrical maps, team-based base destruction and “hero” system are all intact. Paragon is an MOBA for newcomers.

Platforms: PC

20. ELEX

ELEX is an upcoming medieval sci-fi RPG, published by Piranha Bytes and developed by Nordic Games. It could be one of the best Skyrim like games, who knows?

The events of the game are based on a planet named Megalan. As a matter of fact, the planet gets affected by a giant meteorite strike right at its center. Later, it’s discovered to have brought a mysterious yet powerful and rare element with it. People hence, name it as ELEX.

Subsequently, it turns out to be of great use to power machines, reanimate the dead and procure artifacts. Hence, this develops a thirst amongst the mankind for possessing the very rare element ELEX.

Soon, it leads to an all-out war, as mankind gets divided into various factions. Each and every faction have its very own personalized motives and the player can choose it as per his or her will. Hence, in the end, it’s entirely up to you to decide the fate of mankind. Amp yourselves up to play one among the best Skyrim like games that’s yet to be released.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

21. WILD

Where other games feature specific stories, WiLD offer you a different survival adventure experience. It will take you back to the neolithic era (6000-500 BC). Most noteworthy, you shall be playing as a Shaman, in a third-person perspective.

It mainly borrows the concept of Far Cry Primal. The game is really interesting and lives up to your expectation. There are beasts that you can tame and could even play from their POV once you possess them. Each and every animal has its own set of ability.

The player can customize and could even upgrade his or her abilities to get rid of enemy camps and combat situations. Developed by Wild Sheep Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, WiLD is definitely a game to look out for if you are much into the pre-historic era.

Platforms: PS4

Final Fantasy XV for PC Announced: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

There is a good news for all the Final Fantasy Lovers out there, the next edition, i.e. Final Fantasy XV is definitely coming to PC. The news has been confirmed by Square Enix itself and they have said that the game will arrive at PC platform next year in 2018. However, we have seen late development for the PC platform from the developers in the past, but it is finally a relief to see a schedule for release. Not only that, you would also be glad to know that the developers have updated several elements in the game transforming the entire game into an online multiplayer platform.

There is a huge list of additional content that the PC gamers will be receiving apart from online playing. If you wish to know more about it, here we have consolidated everything that we know about Final Fantasy XV PC edition.

Final Fantasy XV: First Person

Till now, all the Final Fantasy games have been mostly third person role playing games. However, this is going to change in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Players will be able to play the game in first-person mode. It is definitely an exciting addition to the game and we would love to see the rapid combat system working in this new mode. The game’s Steam page said that “Players can also explore the world of Eos through Noctis’s eyes in an all-new first-person mode”.

Final Fantasy XV: Graphics

You might have played the Final Fantasy games in consoles, and might think what new could be introduced in terms of visual improvements in the PC version. But you are wrong.In reality, the PC version of the game looks a lot more pretty when compared to consoles. The game could be run in both 4K as well as 8K along with HDR10. Well, it would be wrong to ask more than that since we don’t believe our consoles can handle that much of stress. However, in the PC version, the new Nvidia technologies brings the best out of the game.

Nvidia’s tech has played a major role in the development of game’s graphics. The Nvidia flow dynamics added life to the natural elements like water, fire, and smoke. The ShadowWorks helps in deciding and casting shadows etc.
With all these technologies already coming in from Nvidia, we are not surprised to see seamless integration of the game with Nvidia GeForce Experience. The GeForce Experience is a software that allows the players offering some cool options like capturing your heroic moments.

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Final Fantasy XV: DLC

Well, if you are planning to buy this game for PC, you also will be receiving plenty of extra bonus content along with it that it will include the updates for console versions, as well as paid- Season Pass of DLC.
So, as a PC gamer, you get all the episodes of Final Fantasy XV. So the player can play three different short stories which focus on three different members of your party. These three members are Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

There is another extension pack with the name of “Comrades” that brings the online co-op multiplayer features to the game. So, you as well as your friend, both can form a single party and head into the world of Eos together. The developers have tried to experiment a lot of new features in this version, which also makes it the most experimental Final Fantasy game as well,

Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Final Fantasy XV is set to release in early months of 2018. That is more than a year after the console version of the game came out. However, the company already informed the gamers that porting the game to PC will be a tough job and could take some time.

Earlier in 2017, Square-Enix refused to confirm that whether the game will head on PC or not. But now we have their confirmation.

Final Fantasy XV: System Requirements

The company has not come up with a system requirement yet. But you will definitely need a high-end gaming PC to run this game smoothly. But from the description, we saw on the launch, but later that was taken out of YouTube as well. So, we have no strong evidence to claim what all your PC will need to run this game with all its potential.

Well, that is all we know about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV PC version. However, we are constantly going to have an eye on the upcoming news on this game and will update you with more info in near future.