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WHO Declares Excessive Gaming as a Disease in ICD

​There is a big question to all the gamers out there, could playing video game lead to any kind of health disorder? Well, soon it is going to be as WHO (World Health Organization) is going to declaring excessive gaming a disorder in 2018.

Yes, too much gaming will soon be made a disease in the Classification of Diseases manual, which is published by none other than WHO. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a professional manual which is referred by health professionals all over the world for defining the standard definitions of different types of health conditions. However, it has been long since the manual was updated with new diseases, to be precise, it was last updated in the year 1990, 27 years from now.

The next, as well as the eleventh edition of the Diagnostic manual, will be released next year in 2018, and along with many disorders and health issues, gaming disorder will also have a mention as a serious health condition that should be monitored.

This is definitely new for most of us as we have never even thought excessive gaming and overnight extended gaming sessions as a dangerous health condition. The exact working of gaming disorder is still not revealed. But if we believe the reports from New Scientists, there is a draft that tells us the symptoms and other criteria to decide whether a person is suffering from gaming disorder or not.

The draft says that gaming can start as a hobby, but too much of it makes it a lot more than that for the players. It becomes really dangerous when people are not able to control themselves to decide how often they start playing and start ignoring other important things like sleep, food and other oral hygiene for it. It also said that sometime for some people gaming and games take over their personal life and gets into the way creating problem or distractions in their day to day activities. It seems that people who are addicted to playing video games can’t hold themselves and nothing can stop them from playing, even if they are fired from their jobs for skipping too many work days.

​The WHO draft says, “The behaviour pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. The pattern of gaming behaviour may be continuous or episodic and recurrent.”

The gamers are always going to defend themselves saying that it's not that serious as it looks. But spending 12-18 hours in front of the TV screen is definitely going to harm your body as well as your mind. You might not believe us but in 2015, a man in Taiwan was dead due to cardiac arrest after playing a video game for three consecutive days, exhaustion being the main reason behind it. But that does not make video games wrong. They are still the best stress busters, great entertainment, and fun.

There is a big question to all the gamers out there, could playing video game lead to any kind of health disorder? Well, soon it is going to be as WHO (World Health Organization) is going to declaring excessive gaming a disorder in 2018.

Yes, too much gaming will soon be made a disease in the Classification of Diseases manual, which is published by none other than WHO. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a professional manual which is referred by health professionals all over the world for defining the standard definitions of different types of health conditions. However, it has been long since the manual was updated with new diseases, to be precise, it was last updated in the year 1990, 27 years from now.

The next, as well as the eleventh edition of the Diagnostic manual, will be released next year in 2018, and along with many disorders and health issues, gaming disorder will also have a mention as a serious health condition that should be monitored.

This is definitely new for most of us as we have never even thought excessive gaming and overnight extended gaming sessions as a dangerous health condition. The exact working of gaming disorder is still not revealed. But if we believe the reports from New Scientists, there is a draft that tells us the symptoms and other criteria to decide whether a person is suffering from gaming disorder or not.

The draft says that gaming can start as a hobby, but too much of it makes it a lot more than that for the players. It becomes really dangerous when people are not able to control themselves to decide how often they start playing and start ignoring other important things like sleep, food and other oral hygiene for it. It also said that sometime for some people gaming and games take over their personal life and gets into the way creating problem or distractions in their day to day activities. It seems that people who are addicted to playing video games can’t hold themselves and nothing can stop them from playing, even if they are fired from their jobs for skipping too many work days.

The WHO draft says, “The behaviour pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. The pattern of gaming behaviour may be continuous or episodic and recurrent.”

The gamers are always going to defend themselves saying that it's not that serious as it looks. But spending 12-18 hours in front of the TV screen is definitely going to harm your body as well as your mind. You might not believe us but in 2015, a man in Taiwan was dead due to cardiac arrest after playing a video game for three consecutive days, exhaustion being the main reason behind it. But that does not make video games wrong. They are still the best stress busters, great entertainment, and fun.

Call of Duty:WWII Single Player Review

Call of Duty: WWII was launched last week, and it’s already Christmas for COD fans who have played Call Of Duty since the beginning. And this time, no more running-on-the-wall it’s only boots-on-the-ground. Soldiers show up more individual and human, instead of looking like a few futuristic, cyber-mutant Marine. And since the soldiers' physical ability is limited, that they cannot sprint ​for a long time before tiring or leap longer than just a couple foot, the plan is presently a priority.

Call of Duty: WWII is about strategy, decision-making and weapon skill. But more or less, the new game goes back to World War 2 era.  Fans are pleased about it, and it seems like the COD franchise is finally back on its track of what the developing team was famous for. Although, Call of Duty: World At War includes a much better campaign along with the zombies have been fresh afterward.  While a return to its origins setting is appreciated, the entire thing still is a well-executed formula.

​The Gameplay

The secret, I think, is Sledgehammer’s commitment to going back to Call of Duty’s core. This doesn’t mean that it strives for realism or that it cuts back on preposterous action sequences, as this remains a Hollywood vision of WWII; there are set pieces which Michael Bay might have considered a bit much. Yet COD World War II puts gritty, fast-paced combat at the heart of everything while trying to give you the most definite feeling yet that you’re part of a platoon being tested to its limits. Sure it can be dumb, gung-ho and prone to uncomfortable shifts of tone, but it can also be powerful, emotive and thrilling.

This isn't about the presentation; it's more incredible because of the way the developing team has executed the entire game. This is easily the best-looking and most visceral Call Of Duty  available, and while you've seen a number of those warfare battlefields earlier, you've never seen them quite like this.

​The Graphics

Ravaged buildings, rain-drenched woods and the shores and trenches of all Normandy have never looked so grim and realistic in any other games. For all of the discussion of 'boots on the floor,' it's more accurate to say 'boots in the sand' or 'tramping through the snow.' Not any o​f the previous Call Of Duty has received environments which feel and look so grounded in real-world locations. The environment in COD: WWII is from the real world which feels and look very realistic in the game.

​Characters and Plots

This time COD went back into the fundamental mechanics.  You have a supporting cast of well-trained soldiers in your squad. Moreover, they directly assist you during combat based on your needs and performance. ​

  • Robert Zussman  ​i​​​s your best friend who fittingly takes care of your health pack supplies
  • Drew Stiles ​ is equally helpful, he ensures you have enough grenades for the fighting sequence​
  • ​William Pierson is a war-hardened, mean, rude and dispassionate officer played efficiently by Josh Duhamel ( reliving his Transformers characte), his eagle-eye skill with binoculars allows you to spot outlines of nearby enemies.

But this isn't about photorealism, but about a confident, dramatic approach. There is a sequence after the Battle of the Bulge in which you have to fight and survive in an icy area which looked more the "Band of Brothers" television series. Playing on PC, I was amazed and thrilled by the noise and atmosphere of the entire experience.And that's not the only factor which produces this kind of warfare vibe.

All these contributions and squad factor are tied to your health and cooldown as you kill enemies. This excellent squad communication and method of supply are gamified. But I think it's a creative and thrilling subject to bond with your squad and kill some enemies on the battlefield.




  • ​Strong Campaign
  • ​Impressive Visuals
  • ​Intense and Thrilling Gunplay
  • Strong Squad Communication
  • ​Enemy Bullet Sponges
  • Few really new situations or ideas

The outcome isn't necessarily a stricter Call of Duty game. But it's the first in years at which I have not felt like an action movie fighter. You are right in the World War II era with merely a little bit extra care and caution which the past handful versions of Call of Duty didn’t have. But it’s certain that few maneuvers will surprise you, however, too the scripting and pacing give you a few tight situations and enough tiny scratches to maintain your heartbeat pace. It's fantastic at making the predictable exciting.

EA Teases Gamers with more Nintendo Switch Games

Gaming publisher giant Electronic Arts are bringing a lot of new games along with FIFA 18 to Nintendo Switch. Worldwide Studios VP Patrick Soderlund said in a new interview that while he is personally excited about Nintendo as well as their product Nintendo Switch, it’s too soon to say whether or not EA will release more of its games or build new ones for the hybrid console.

If we listen to Nintendo Insider (via Nintendo Everything), Soderlund told the Edge Magazine, “I’m a gigantic Nintendo fanboy,” adding that he brings his Switch “everywhere”.

EA is taking a platform-agnostic approach, which is very common nowadays for most of the publishers. If there is a business opportunity, EA will bring its games to any platform it seems, including Switch.

“We will appear on any platform where there are consumers, and players,” he said. “We believe that we want to be a part of the Switch, and help Nintendo grow that installed base; that’s why you’ll see FIFA, which by the way is really good this year. It’s a full-fledged FIFA game, for the first time to be honest, on a portable device.”

In addition to that, Soderlund also mentions that EA has to consider a number of resources it puts into anything as part of running a business because “the numbers become a factor.”

The executive teased that EA might be bringing other games beyond FIFA 18 to Switch, and if these titles are successful, more could come later.

“So for us it’s about supporting the platform, building technology for the platform, testing it out with big things like FIFA–and maybe a couple of others, we’ll see–and if they go well, I see no reason why we shouldn’t have as much of our portfolio on that platform as possible. I hope we get there, that would be my personal ambition.”

After an E3 they featured a brand new Pokemon announcement, Metroid Prime 4 and Super Mario Odyssey gameplay, Nintendo told Switch owners to expect more surprises as the year goes on.

In fact, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé told Waypoint that the Nintendo Switchcontent shown at E3 was just the tip of the iceberg.

“The response to what we’ve showcased, and it really is just a small tip for 2018, has been exceptionally positive,” he said.

“You’ve got fans seeing Metroid Prime 4, hearing that Mr. Tanabe, who’s been involved in all of the Metroid Prime games, is going to be at the helm of that, the fans are tremendously excited.

“To hear that there’s going to be a core Pokémon RPG experience on the Nintendo Switch, the fans are incredibly excited.

“To see a traditional Kirby experience, with him inhaling enemies and copying abilities, fans are excited about that. And then the Yoshi game that we showcased, with that unique, you know, motion to go behind-the-scenes, so to speak, have people really intrigued.

“So just by showcasing those four games, and giving a little bit of a taste, yeah there’s a lot of excitement to what 2018 can hold.”

Xbox Games with Gold for November 2017 – The Complete List!

There is no doubt in the fact that the main benefit of being an Xbox Live Gold Subscriber is that you get access to new as well as old games every month available for Xbox One and Xbox 360. For Xbox 360 users, only a couple of games is compatible. But, if you own an Xbox one, its backward compatibility feature makes sure that you are able to play all the games(even the one made available for Xbox 360) on your console.

Obviously, this is the best way using which all the gamers can try out new and unplayed games without spending a penny. Even if you do not wish to get all the games under Live Gold subscription, we would advise you to claim them at least, if you have the Live Gold subscription. By doing this can access all those game even in the future until and unless you possess an Xbox Live account.

Since Microsoft releases these games every month; here we have consolidated all the games released under Live Gold in the year 2017.

Like every month, Microsoft has released 4 game titles for the month of July 2017. Two of these games are available for Xbox 360 while all four can be played on Xbox One. So, without wasting any more time, here are the games for Xbox Gold for July 2017:

Game Title PlatformInitial ReleaseGold Release
Forza Motorsport 5Xbox One22-11-201716-09-2017
OxenfreeXbox One & Xbox 36015-01-20161-09-2017
Hydro Thunder HurricaneXbox One & Xbox 36028-07-20101-09-2017
Battlefield 3Xbox One25-10-201716-09-2017
Slime RancherXbox One20161-08-2017
Trials FusionXbox One & Xbox 36016-05-201416-08-2017
BayonettaXbox 360 & Xbox 36029-10-200916-08-2017
Red Faction ArmageddonXbox One20111-08-2017
Grow UpXbox OneAugust 20161-07-2017
RunbowXbox One08-201516-07-2017
Kane & Lynch 2Xbox One & Xbox 36020101-07-2017
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video GameXbox One & Xbox 36005-201116-07-2017
SpeedRunnersXbox One19-04-20161-06-2017
Dragon Age: OriginsXbox One & Xbox 36003-11-20091-06-2017
Watch DogsXbox One27-05-201416-06-2017
Assassin's Creed IIIXbox One & Xbox 36030-10-20121-06-2017
Phantom DustXbox One & Xbox 36023-09-200416-06-2017
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s CutXbox One12-12-201401-05-2017
Lara Croft and the Temple of OsirisXbox One09-12-201416-05-2017
LEGO Star Wars:
The Complete Saga
Xbox 36006-11-200716-05-2017
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed IIXbox 36029-10-201001-05-2017
Ryse: Son of RomeXbox One22-11-201301-04-2017
The Walking Dead: Season TwoXbox One21-10-201416-04-2017
Assassin’s Creed: RevelationsXbox 36015-11-201116-04-2017
DarksidersXbox 36005-01-201001-04-2017
Evolve: Ultimate EditionXbox One10-02-201516-03-2017
Borderlands 2Xbox 36018-09-201201-03-2017
Heavy WeaponXBLA24-02-200516-03-2017
Layers of FearXbox One16-02-201601-03-2017
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedXbox 36018-09-201201-03-2017
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s RevengeXbox 36007-07-201001-02-2017
Project Cars Digital EditionXbox One12-05-201516-02-2017
Lovers in Dangerous SpacetimeXbox One09-09-201501-02-2017
Rayman OriginsXbox 36015-11-201116-01-2017
The CaveXbox 36023-01-201301-01-2017
Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra EditionXbox One15-10-201416-01-2017
World of Van Helsing: DeathtrapXbox One01-01-201701-01-2017

Games with Gold for December 2017

Warhammer: End Times

Warhammer: End Times is the first game that you will find free under games with Gold for Xbox consoles this December. It is a first-person shooter action adventure game which has been developed as well as published by Fatshark. It is an interesting game which is based on the Warhammer fantasy world and was released for the Windows platform in October, 2015. However, later on, it was also released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console in October, 2016.

The Warhammer: End Times is a multiplayer game only which has the same game structure as you find in the Left 4 Dead game from Valve. It offers the players an option to team up with each other and then fight the Skaven. Skaven is nothing but the race of rodent type monsters that live in the city of Ubersreik. After you have completed a match, the players get an option to roll a dice based on which you get the weapons and other items as rewards.

You can pair up with three other players and in the beginning, you have the option to pick your character among five different heroes with different abilities including Empire Soldier, Waywatcher, Witch Hunter, Dwarf Ranger or a Bright Wizard. Since different characters have different skill sets, you will have to pick the role you wish to play very wisely. Some of these characters are better in performing the ranged attacks using different kinds of firearms as well as arrows, some are good in close combats and using swords, while other might be proficient in playing the role of a defensive support or casting magical spells on the enemies as well as allies. Each and every character also have a unique personality and different attitude towards the major events that happen in the game.

After you have finished a level, all the players get loot in the form of rewards which includes different weapons and trinkets. Also, when you roll a dice after each level, you get experience points required to unlock new weapons and gadgets that you will receive. The thing to notice here is that, each and every character gets a different kind of loot and if you are playing the game at high difficulty, the amount of loot you get on level end is even more.

As we told you before, the game design is very similar to the game Left 4 Dead and in Warhammer: End Times too, you will have to fight against the horde of enemy soldiers so that you can move forwards from one level to another. Also, the Skaven soldiers that you face are not all same. There are different type of Skavens that will attack you. Some of them might possess a very heavy armor, while some of them are going to attack you with toxic bombs. The player always needs to keep in mind the type of enemy he or she is fighting against and then decide the fighting style and strategy to deal with them.

We really like the AI that has been included in the game that respawns the hostile enemies in a very random fashion. The real-time narrative feature tells you about your game progress as you progress through various levels. If you love playing multiplayer video games, you should definitely try Warhammer: End Times on your Xbox One for free this December.

Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies and many of you must have loved it as well. But here we are going to talk about the game of the movie. Yes, Back to the Future: The Game is an episodic telltale type of game which has been developed as well as published by none other than Telltale Games. They also had a deal with the Universal Pictures and they asked the original actors of the movies series, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, for their likeness and other inputs, so that they could design the main leads of the game with the same likeness and nature. However, the voice of Marty has been given by A.J. Locascio and the voice of Doctor comes from Christopher Lloyd only. But, we also see Fox giving his voice in a couple of cameo roles in the final episode of the game where the role of his forefather William as well as his own future version as Marty McFly.

You play the game from a third person perspective and decide how the story is going to turn out. you take control of the Marty character in order to roam around and explore the environment of the level. If you’re playing on a PC, you can either use your mouse or keyboard to control him. For console users, it is way easier via analog stick.There are a lot of other things that you need to do in order to complete the level. You will have to examine many objects lying around you, talk to other characters, and figure out specific actions that would solve the puzzle and allow you to move on to the next level. however,  the game shows you my whole list of current objectives that you need to accomplish to move forward. This little feature is going to help you a lot in the middle of the game.  in case you are not able to solve any of the puzzles, you can easily go to the hell system that will give out one clue at a time, thus offering you help in solving the puzzle. If you are a Back to the Future fan, you should play this game. It is fun to take the decisions and see how thing turn out for you.

Back to the Future: The Game is available for free under games with gold for Xbox One user from 15th of December until 15th of January 2018.

Child of Eden

Child of Eden is a different kind of game which has been published by Ubisoft and is developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the same person who created Rez and developed by Q Entertainment. You get to know the story of the game during its introduction. the game mainly focuses on Lumi, who is the first human who was born in space in the International Space Station on 11th September 2019.  during her entire life, she has been dreaming about visiting the planet so that she can express her feelings with the people living here in the form of a song that she has written. However, after her death, the scientists preserve her body and record all her memories as well as data and archive. Then we see a jump in time on to a space exploration program as well as the introduction of global internet system known as Eden. In the game, Eden has been portrayed as a system through which all the information and data flows, for those who have never been on Earth. Something similar to a fountain from all knowledge flows for forever space people.

However, towards the end of the 23rd century, scientists try to create an artificial but living persona who can have Edens mind. For this, they use the preserved data from Lumi’s memories to create the persona with Eden inside. The name of this project is Project Lumi. However, when the persona with Eden wakens, she is instantly attacked by a virus.
Your objective in the game is very simple. Save the Child of Eden in order to save the Project Lumi. The project is almost complete and the only problem that remains is the virus. If you are able to do so, Eden will come up with a human personality with AI. Another good thing about this game is that it is compatible with Microsoft Kinect. If if you have a Kinect with your Xbox One, definitely try this game using it for free under Xbox Live Games with Gold from December 1st to December 15th.

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is the last game which is new for this December. It is an action-adventure hack and slash video game which has been developed by ZootFly in cooperation with Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360 as well as Microsoft Windows only. The game was released in the year 2013 on 20th of September.

The Story of the game starts with Marlow Briggs, who is a smokejumper and is spending his vacation on a Mayan archaeological site which is being operated by a person named Heng Long. he is not there alone but with his girlfriend Eva Torres.  Eva works for Long but she is looking to switch her job and tries to resign.  however, long still Requires high skill in services to dig further. in order to enforce Eva’s compliance with the excavation, Long kills Marlow using Kukulkan’s Fangs. But nobody knows that the fangs is ornamented with the Mask of Death. It contains the spirit of a Mayan Monarch named King Tepechalic IX, who has been dead for long, awakes and revives the dead Briggs to make him the “Sacred Warrior”. In the entire game, you will hear the advice from the King, while Briggs uses his power, muscles as well as the Kukulkan’s Fangs, along with the Mask of Death, try to defeat Long, shut down his excavation operation and rescue his girlfriend Eva.

The control of the character is most like you have seen in Devil May Cry or God of War. You use your weapon, the fangs to attack the enemies, throw them everywhere and magical attacks to defeat them. The magical attacks can also be upgraded in the gaming using the experience points.You can either use the swift attack or the slow and strong attack on the enemy. On using both the attacks at the same time results in attack combo which keeps on increasing income for uninterrupted continuous hits. The more is the count on the screen, the more reward points you get from it.

You get the Kulkulkan’s Fangs for default. The fangs are double ended scythe and made of obsidian blades. There are three alternatives forms of it as well. The forms serve as the alternate weapons which will help you in different scenarios and enemies. The first form is the Tacab’s Bloodthirsty claws, they are curved with swift slashes and wielded backhands. The next one is the Forsaken Sting, which is long ranged, but does not have high damage. The third one is the Patan’s Tusk, a hammer which is slow, but very powerful. You have magical abilities too, remember? The first ability is the Spirit Knives which allows Briggs to strike the enemy from a long range. Then comes the Conversion, which brainwashes the enemy and makes him his ally, fighting alongside Briggs. Then comes the Wings of Condor, you can glide in the air using this ability. The Four spells attack uses four different spells to hit all the enemies around him. These spells include the “Strength of Cabrakan”, “Flames of Kinich Ahau”, “Chaac’s Freezing Wrath”, and “Huracan’s Winds”

Tales from the Borderland

Tales from Borderlands continues to be available under Games with Gold in December and will be available until 15th of December 2017.

Game with Gold for November 2017

The Turing Test

We have already see the Turing test game in the previous month. However, you will get this game free under Live with Gold for half a month. You can access this game until 15th of November 2017. So, what are you waiting for, if you have missed playing it in the last month, you have another chance to play the amazing puzzle plot twister game right now.

Trackmania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo is the first game that is available under games with gold and the game is also popular by its short name TMT. TrackMania Turbo is a racing game which has been developed by Nandeo and was published by none other than Ubisoft. The game was initially announced in the year 2009 as the TrackMania for Wii. However, the new version was announced 2 years back in 2015 and it was one of the first few games which feature Virtual Reality to the players. The release date of the game was later postponed due to the finishing touches.

Truly, TrackMania: Turbo is really a fun game to play. The player has an option of more than 200 tracks to choose from. There are four different locations in the game where you can play The Valley Down, the International Stadium, the Rollercoaster Lagoon and the Canyon Grand Drift. The base theme of the game does not change from the previous versions, and if you have played any one of them, you must be knowing what we are talking about. The latest TurboMania also focuses on races which are filled with lots and lots of stunts.

There are different game modes offered which include the campaign as well as a “Double Driver” mode. We all know what campaign is and the Double Driver mode is actually the multiplayer mode which allows two players to control one single car.  There is a split screen feature included by the developers for this multiplayer mode and is able to split the screen into four parts, for 4-player mode.

There is a surprise element for players who are looking for something unique in the game. The players can create their own tracks and then drive, race and also share it with your friends and others online players. For the lazy gamers, there is an option to randomly generate tracks, you can just flick it over and try your luck with the one you find best without much hassle. The game is really fun to play in multiplayer mode with friends and you should definitely give it a shot.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales of the Borderlands is an interesting game which is kind of episodic interactive in nature. The game is filled with different genres like sci-fi, comedy etc. As the name suggests, Tales of the Borderlands is based on the original Borderlands video game series. The Tales from the Borderlands was published by 2K Games and was developed by Telltale Games for Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Mac OS X.

If you have players similar other telltale games like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, you already have half the idea of the game. It consists of five episodes where the player controls a character who needs to move around and interact with the objects and the environment around him. You will interact with other people as well, engaging in conversations and making decisions. However, you need to be a bit careful while taking decisions as they are going to affect the future episodes and things are going to be. There are a lot of characters in the game and you might even forget a couple of them. But that is the beauty of the game which makes it more interesting. But, the main two characters that the players can control are Rhys and Fiona.

The events of the game take place in the Borderlands universe, and to be more specific, on the Pandora planet. There are stories all around about the Vault in Pandora filled with vast treasure. This brings a lot of Vault and treasure hunters to the planet of Pandora. The nearby orbiting base with the name Helios also wishes to take control of the entire planet as well as the vault with their military and army. However, this game’s story starts after the events of the Borderlands 2 game. To make it even more interesting, you come to know there are similar other vaults full of treasure scattered throughout the galaxy, keys for which you can find anywhere. If you like telltale series kind of games, you can get it for free under Games with Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Nights Into Dreams

For those who have not heard of this game before, Night into the Dreams is an action adventure game that has been developed by Sonic Team and was published by Sega in the year 1996. The main story of the game is about two young children in teenage named Eliot and Claris who enter Nightopia, a dream world where actually all the dreams happen. In the new mystical world, they are set on a journey to face and stop the main evil villain named Wizeman who is trying to destroy Nightopia and after that, the real world. However, after the evil Wizeman is defeated and peace is restored in Nightopia, the very next day we see Elliot walking through the parade in the Twin Seeds city. He is walking when suddenly he sees the Night looking at him from a billboard. He then remembers that Claris is giving a performance in the hall. He runs towards the hall through the dense crows to find Clairis singing in front of a huge audience. But as soon as they both look towards each other, they are again sucked and transitioned into the spring valley of the Nightopia world. This superb ending leaves the player in a dilemma  that whatever, that they actually did in the game was reality or just a dream.

The gameplay of Nights into Dreams is pretty simple as well as straightforward. There are different levels in the game and each and every level features a boss fight in the end. This boss fight takes place in the Nightmare. As we told you before, you take control of two characters Elliot and Claris who possess Ideyas. Ideyas are nothing but spherical objects that contain emotions like, intelligence, hope, wisdom etc., but that is stolen by the evil wizard Wizeman. The only thing both of them are left with is the Ideya of courage. Your main aim is to get back all your Ideyas and in order to do this, you will have to collect 20 blue colored chips which then you have to present at the cage where you Ideyas are held captive. You do not have all the time to roam around the landscape. If you are at a level for too long, soon you will be followed by a sentinel alarm clock that will wake you up from the dream bringing you level to an end. However, you will be flying in most of the game sequences and why not, after all its dream only. But there is a time limit that starts as soon as the flying sequence begins.

Night into Dreams is really an interesting adventure game which you can get for free under Games with Gold for November 2017.

Deadfall Adventures

The fourth and the last game that is released under Games with Gold is the Deadfall Adventures. It is an action and adventure based video game which has been developed by the Farm 51 developers and was published by Nordic Games. The game was initially released in the year 2013 for Xbox 360 as well as Windows platform. Later on, it also came for PS3 consoles.
The game story is based on the year 1938, where you take up the role of a character called James Lee Quartermain. James is the grandson of the very famous adventurer Allan Quartermain. You are with some U.S. agents in Egypt looking for “The Heart of Atlantis” and your main job is to escort and protect those agents throughout the journey. While you are on your way, different Nazi, as well as Russians, are going to attack you for getting an important device from you for their own benefit. You need to protect it. There are some supernatural elements in the game as well as “mummies” which will attack you on your quest to the Heart of Atlantis.

Deadfall adventure is a first-person action adventure where you actually are the treasure hunter. Another good thing that we liked about the game was that it is set in the World War II era. This will bring a lot of Mazi soldiers as well as captains against you hindering your missions. There is a touch of various environments found in Egypt as well, like the Maya ruins as well as the Arctics. You have a compass with you that tell you where you can find the treasure but that is optional and could be taken as a side quest. However, you might like to find hidden treasure as it provides you health and stamina boost. The game is not just shooting and a lot more than that. You will have to solve various puzzles as well as overcome different types of traps in order to progress to the next mission. Thank god, our characters carries a notebook with him that helps you to figure out the solution to these riddles. You also carry a flashlight along with you so that you can scare off the mummies we were talking about before. In addition to all these equipment, you also have various weapons to deal with them like shotguns and revolvers etc.
It is obviously not as superb as latest action adventure titles still, you can play the Deadfall Adventures for free this month under Games with Gold on your Xbox console.

Games with Gold for October 2017

The month of October is here and we can see a lot of games planned for release this fall. It is very exciting to see all new games, but obviously getting all of them will require a huge investment of money. However, it is not possible for every gamer to get all of them and there are many which do not wish to spend a huge pile of money. Instead, many Xbox users are waiting for the new free games from Microsoft that will be released as a part of Xbox Gold in the month of October. Gamers who are having Xbox Live can get the free games from 1st of October. The games for Gold brings you “Gone home” on the Xbox One console. This game will be free the whole month. Later they are going to release “The Turing Test” title for Xbox One. Not to forget, the Oxenfree game which was released under the Games with Gold on September 16, 2017, will extend until 15th of October. So, if you have not tried it out till now, there is nothing to worry as you can access it in the coming month as well. For Xbox 360, Rayman 3 HD will be coming on Xbox 360 from 1st of October and will be available until 15th. It will be followed by Medal of Honor: Airborne that will be released on 16th of October and will be available until the end of the month.

Have a brief look at the Xbox games with Gold games that you will get this October below.

Gone Home

Gone Home comes from The Fullbright Company and is a first-person adventure video game which is set in the year 1995. The game was released for the OS X, Windows, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2016.

In the game, the player plays the role of Katie. You see from her first person view and can interact with various objects in the game. There is no perfect goal and you get rewarded on exploring new areas of the house. You just need to find different objects using which you can get access to different areas of the house.

The story of the game is quite interesting. You, as Katie, return to your home on June 7, 1995. She is a 21-year old girl returning to her family living in Oregon (her father). Her mother is a wildlife conservationist and she has a small 18-year old sister. However, when she returns, she finds her old home deserted and there is a note on the door written from Sam and asking her not to investigate what happened.

But she tries to search the entire house to find out what actually happened. She discovers that her sister found it hard to adjust to her new school. However, she found a friend named “Lonnie” with whom she bonds over punk rock, grunge etc. Both of them get involved romantically. But later, their parents found out about them and asked her sister not to close her room when Lonnie comes home. But soon Lonnie left and Sam was left alone.

However, two days after the farewell, and on the same day which Kaitlin has homecoming, Lonnie leaves for the station. But she calls Sam and tells her that she got off in Salem and she wants both of them to live together. The final entry from Sam’s journal let us about Katie’s situation and how she packed all her things and looked at a car with Lonnie driving to take them to a new place where they can start a new life with each other.

It is really an interesting puzzle solving the game with an emotional and romantic touch which makes it even better. You can get this game free on Xbox with gold.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test is a very simple game which you will find sticking to a familiar line but take fun to a whole new level in the second half with the introduction of some genuine ideas. The Turing Test is a first-person puzzle game in which you are stuck in a desolate research facility and all you got to do is navigate through different rooms. You have to solve different challenges in different rooms in order to proceed in the game, and all you have got is an AI narrator that helps you and guides you in solving these puzzles.

You will find some environmental storytelling in the game while you parse through different personal items that you find and which are left behind by the scientists and researchers who used to live in the Europa Space Station at one point of time.

If you have played Portal game, you might find the environment of The Turing Test a bit familiar. Each and every room that you enter in the facility looks like hospital rooms but with some colored splashes of light that take your eyes to the important thing in the room and which you need to focus on.

The environment and gameplay might look slow for those who play puzzle mystery games very often. But it is definitely a treat for those who are trying modern first-person puzzler game for the first time. Mostly, you will be collecting batteries so that you can power up a door to open and them move on to the next room. For that, you will have to push and move the power cubes physically from one place to another and then use your energy gun to transfer the current from one spot to another.

The game offers different arrangements of an object that will make you scratch your head to bring in position. But unlike the big puzzle game titles like the Portal and the Witness, the puzzle ideas are not taken to their limits. It would make you use your mind, but the puzzled is not very hard to keep you stuck for hours. It is kind of disappointing as they could have used the environment as well as the elements around to bring new fresh puzzles which could have been far better than the present.

Most of the lover looking for some kind of “aha” moment while playing these types of games where the solution just suddenly strikes your mind. However, this is not the case with The Turing Test as you will figure out the solution to most of the problems by using your mind and figuring out the methods. However, there is nothing to get disappointed as the latter half of the game brings some smart twists which flips the whole game head upside down. At that point, the challenges and the mechanics of the game turn really very interesting.

The game is available for free for Xbox One users under games with gold October 2017. If you loved playing games like The Portal and the Witness, you should definitely try out the Turing Test. You might have to scratch your headless in this game, but the environment, the originality as well as the twist, in the end, are really incredible.


Oxenfree is a gorgeous game in which you play the role of a teenager known as Alex. Alex is traveling to a nearby local island with his best friend named Ren as well as his stepbrother named Jonas. Ren is very talkative in the game and also his acting, as well as voice, does not match the character at all. However, most of the game is very much focused on the dialogues. However, you should be very careful in picking your dialogues, as they are going to change the story a lot and the effect of few of them might stick with you till the end.

Some of the conversations might seem awkward to the players but the beautiful dialogue branching makes it connectable.The players have a good option to choose the character that you want to keep with you for most of the portion of the game. It feels fun to listen to thoughts on various topics, and also when they reveal their personal details in one or the other way. There are many points in the game where you will hurt one or the other of your companion even you want to or not.

We personally like the background score of the game where a radio tune makes the environment of the game ever creepier, in which you have to discover the darkest side of the surrounding as well as yourself.

Now talking about the main interesting thing about the game, the time travel feature. Yes, in Oxenfree, you will be talking a walk on the island, when suddenly you will be torn back to some point back in time and suddenly you will start noticing a ball, then you face trouble in kicking, and a campfire, which was not there before etc.

Sometimes, the time loop might make the urgency and mystery of the conversation you have with other characters, but this urgency only results in the better development of the relationships between them.

I personally felt that the walking part has been taken too seriously and is really long. The conversations are sometimes stretched for too long and which also makes the story a bit sluggish. Alex is going to talk a lot about the beautiful landscapes that he has of his island the caves, forest and what not. The music is creepy sometimes and has a tinge of sadness to it as per the game’s story, but it will help in deepening your connection with the game story.

All in all, Oxenfree is a simple and elegant game which uses branching dialogue system to build up the story of the coming age. There is some pacing issue but that should not stop you from trying it for free on your Xbox under Xbox Games with gold.

Rayman 3 HD

Hoodlum Havoc is a direct upgrade to the old and popular classic Rayman game that was released back in the year 2003. However, most of the content and environment of the game remains the same but this time you play it in a whole new 3D platform. However, there might be some camera problems, which the developers failed to rectify in the new game, still, you get good HD textures and experience while playing this 3D adventure platformer.

The story of the game takes place in the land of Rabbids with the game flow similar to as the early 3D platform games like Super Mario 64. The funny shouting of the Rayman and Globox, with different types of enjoyable bosses and self-reflexive humor, make it a really fun game that will make you chuckle till the end.

In the game you play the role of Rayman who changes his colorful costumes, grabbing something looking like a tin can and with different accessories like chain arm gloves, propeller blade helmets, tornado slinging fists and a lot more. There are nine different worlds in Rayman 3 and the costume timer keeps on increasing the difficulty level of the game as well as the puzzles. But you may find solving the puzzles a bit easy if you have played Rayman 2, since Rayman 3 is pretty easy when compared to the previous game.

Technically, we liked the improved and smooth frame rate of the Rayman 3 HD. It was a problem that we didn’t like in the previous game. The natural jump, attack and hover movements of the main character are really clean and smooth in Rayman 3 HD.

However, one big problem that we faced with the Rayman 3HD was the controls and the camera orientation. You will find the camera changing its position swooping towards the back of Rayman thus obscuring the main view field and hiding different corners and another path he can walk around. You can find yourself struggling with the fights while fighting the main boss monster. In addition to these problems, there are many level based glitches as well that you might come across in Rayman 3 HD

Another thing that could have been improved was the sound issues. The sound level in the game is really very inconsistent and you will feel the need of subtitles in order to understand and listen to the conversation that the characters have in between them.

But leaving all that aside, the main charm of the game is to attain the highest score in each level. We would like to tell you that scoring 100 percent at any level is really very difficult and not at all an easy task. At least, you won’t be able to hit the 100% mark on the first attempt at any level. You also will have to accumulate points via high scores for unlocking few mini-games which act as the diversion from the main missions.

So, should you play the Rayman 3 HD? Well, if you have already played the old Rayman classic game, you can definitely try out the new polished version with better graphics as well as better gameplay. Rayman 3 Hoodloom havoc is not at all a bad game, but it would be wrong to expect all the madness from the previous game from Rayman 3: HD. You can get the game for Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles for free under Games with gold for October 2017.

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne could be considered as one of the best game from the franchise. However, they have failed to come up with few impressive games in past few years after the success of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Still, the new MOH: the Airborne features fast-paced story with a lot of fun as well as above average entertainment value. There are few drawbacks like the campaign is not that long and finishes soon, and the multiplayer mode of the game is also not very deep, still, Medal of Honor: Airborne is a decent game which you can play as an FPS lover.

The game starts in a different manner when compared to other FPS games. Instead of providing the player with a linear part, the player has the option to choose which mission to start and also from where he or she wishes to start. You are thrown out of a plane and while you are in the air, you need to steer the parachute in the region from where you wish to begin the mission. You can also drop into a new location if you are facing difficulty in finishing the other one.

However, each and every level in the game is designed pretty well and you will also observe that few of these levels are open while few of them are close. So, each and every level will offer you different feel while playing, and you will have to use smart tactics and new moves in order to progress through the game.

The weapons used in the game are really good. However, you will miss the deafening sound of every shot like we get while shooting a real gun, still, they have tried their best to replicate that in the game. However, the combination of the shot sound along with the recoil makes a great combination and makes the gun feel a lot more powerful as well as real. In order to make your gun more powerful, you will need experience, which you earn every time you damage the enemy with your weapon.

The AI enemy in the game is good as it covers itself intelligently in most of the situation and sometimes runs mindlessly towards you and their death as well. However, the main problem came from the friendly AI which stepped in front of us in most parts of the game. While you are shooting and if you hit the AI, they are going to curse you a bit, and that is all. However, if you are using a grenade and the AI steps in front of you, chances are that the grenade may bounce back off his body or head and might end up in an undesirable spot and many time right back on you.

The single person first-person shooter must have a good campaign mode for sure. But here, the campaign mode is short. It will take just 5-8 hours to complete the campaign mode. If you are a regular FPS player, we would like to recommend you to turn up the difficulty level high so that you can enjoy the game even more.

Most of the FPS games are focused on single player mode, however, there is a multiplayer mode as well included in Medal of Honor: Airborne that is entertaining and ultimate fun, but not very deep. There are fun weapons, exciting levels, and too much action in the multiplayer mode supporting up to 12 online player and weapon upgrades as well.

Obviously, Medal of Honor: Airborne is not a perfect first-person shooter game, but it is one of the best game that has been released in the franchise for quite a while. It is a good game to enjoy fast and finish soon if you are a FPS fan. Different levels offer you different environment challenges against the Nazi Germans. But there is not a lot to discover and experience when compared to the latest shooting games available in the market.

Games with Gold for September 2017

The summer is almost coming to an end, but that hardly affects the fun we get from new titles being released for Xbox consoles and that too for free under Gold membership. The new games released under gold for Xbox will offer you a whole new sports experience with Forza Motorsport 5 followed by the famous adventure game Oxenfree.
For Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles with backward compatibility, the games that will be made available are “Hydro Thunder Hurricane” and the very popular “Battlefield 3”.
All the games will be made available for a limited amount of time. So, you need to be fast if you wish to get any one of them, act fast.

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport is the first game that will be made available from September 1st to September 30th for Xbox One. The game is also the game of the year edition. So, what are you waiting for, get it right now and find yourself behind the steering wheel to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush on as well as off road. The old Forza games have been excellent as well, however, the latest version, Forza 5 possesses the latest and new graphics engine offering around 17 different tracks and more than 10 customizable car to car race to the players. One can also play the game solo or online along with 15 other players. The graphics of this game are really spectacular and give real competition to the NFS series.


For those who have no idea about this game, Oxenfree is an award winning thriller video game. The game starts with the player opening up a ghostly portal allowing a lot of supernatural creatures to enter the real world. As you move around in the game, a speech bubble system takes the flow of the story. But you will need to work along with your partners in the group to figure out what these forces are and how you can stop them.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

If you like speedboats by any chance, Hydro Thunder Hurricane revolves all around them. This boat racer game is a sequel to a similarly popular prequel with a lot of new and tough scenarios and dynamic water flow. As a player, you have an option to play in single player mode or multiplayer mode. Both the modes offer you a huge number of tracks or courses or boats. If you wind all these water sports interesting, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is waiting for you will a lot of fun packed under Xbox Games under Gold.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is a very popular first person shooter video game that gives you the real experience of war right on your screen. The game makes use of the Frostbite 2 engine offering the high-quality graphics of destruction that occurs during a war in a battlefield, while you progress through your mission eliminating all the enemies coming in your way. The amazing audio of the game along with life like animation will make you feel the thrill that soldiers feel on the combat field. There is a single player story mode as well as an option to play the game online along with other players. You can choose the location where you wish to play the online game, North America, Europe or the Middle East.

Xbox Games with Gold for August 2017

August is here and along with it comes the refreshed list of Xbox games with Gold. There are four new games that are going to replace the old gold games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The first games that are made available for the first half of the month include Runbow and Bayonetta. These two games will be replaced by Slime Rancher and Trails Fusion for the remaining half of the month.

Let’s talk more about the upcoming games with gold for August 2017 below:

Slime Rancher

Slime ranches is one of the games that people with Gold membership will get free in the month of August. The game is basically a tale of a young, plucky rancher with the name Beatrix LeBeau. The rancher lives thousands of light years away from our home, the Earth, making her living by ranching slimes. Slimes are small sticky pink colored sticky living ball kind of thing that possess different character as well as traits. There are various equipments available that help Beatrix to collect and harvest more and more slimes. There are a lot of slimes in the surrounding areas and the main aim of the player is to avoid the peril that is caused by their jiggling and rolling.

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is the second game that the players are getting as part of the game with gold for Xbox and Xbox one. You might have heard about the game or many of you would have even played it on your smartphones. The game has been built on the same concept as the previous Trials franchise titles. In the game, the players take hold of a mountain bike to face the challenges in old classical as well as new ways. The concept of the game might be basic and old, but the new interesting graphics and gameplay and multiplayer options make it really popular among the new gamers.


Many of you might have already played this game before. The famous and popular hack and slash game in now available for free with Xbox Gold. The game has been developed by PlatinumGames in which the player plays as Bayonetta, who is a witch that could make use of various mystic firearms and magical shapeshifting to fight and get rid of her enemies. The game is really fast, and the hack and slash factor adds up the style as well as the fun taking them to a whole new level.

Red Faction Armageddon

Red Faction: Armageddon is the fourth game of the Red Faction series. The game was initially released in the year 2011 and like the previous games, the story of the game is set on the planet of Mars. However, the timeline of the game lies way ahead in the year 2170, which is around 50 years after the event of Red Faction: Guerrilla. After the events of the previous game, the surface of the planet becomes inhabitable after the Terraformer was destroyed. Terraformer transformed the atmosphere of Mars to make it inhabitable, by supplying air and weather just similar to Earth on Mars. Now as the lead, you need to fight the new enemies of the planet to save the underground civilization from extinction. The players with gold can get this game for free for Xbox consoles.

Games with Golf for July 2017

Grow Up

Grow Up is a new game which was released for Windows, PS 4 as well as Xbox One last year in August 2016. It is an interesting adventure open world platform game developed by none other than Ubisoft Reflections and published by Ubisoft.

This game is the sequel to the Grow Home title that came out in 2015 and builds on the same story as well. Similar to the predecessor, the player has the control over the robot named “B.U.D.” who can climb landscapes and can even convert the stalks of various Star plants into different kind of energy sources in order to grow them. However, there is a change in the final goal that the players need to achieve, and in this new version, the player controlling B.U.D. needs to find various parts of the robot’s ship, known as M.O.M. The parts of the main ship, i.e. M.O.M. is scattered all over the planet after it crashed into the moon.

There are various new features added in the game, especially B.U.D’s powers. B.U.D. can now scan various plants called Floraforms and can even harness them to gain additional powers. After the plant is scanned, the player can plant that seed anytime to grow it anywhere in the game. This plant can help you jump higher than normal and can even toss the robot high up in the air. One can also gain access to these powers with the help of ability capsules. Apart from that, the player can gain other abilities like gliding, rolling and jetpack by collecting power crystals which remain hidden in the game world. On can even upgrade these powers using these power crystals.

One can progress in the game by reaching multiple checkpoints in the pre-defined time limit. There are various B.U.D. suits to unlock which give different abilities to the main character. For example, the aviator suit allows B.U.D. to glide more than normal, while the bee suit attracts a lot of bugs from the game environment. Grow Up is available under Live Gold from July 1 to July 30 and you can easily claim it for free if you are an Xbox Live Gold Member.


Runbow is the second game released for Xbox One under the Live Gold Membership for the month of July. It is a platform racing video game developed by a team of Canadian indies called “13 AM Games” and was released in August 2015. Initially, Runbow was developed only for Wii U and PC, but now it has been revealed under Games for Gold title for Xbox July 2017.

Runbow is a simple, addictive and multiplayer platform game with a very simple rule, beat your opponents to reach the trophy at the end of the level before anyone else does. However, the best part of this game is that each and every level in the game supports 9-player multiplayer mode which can be competitive or cooperative depending upon the players. All the players have an ability to perform the double jump and attack other players in the game in order to get ahead of them and to get some extra reach while jumping.

You get a lot of obstacles in between the game as well which makes it even more interesting. The background of the game keeps on changing in cycles and you can get obstacles of the same background color which make them harder to detect. There are many modes the players can play like “Time Trial” mode and “Master the Bowhemoth” mode etc. Even if you do not wish to race, you can pick other non-racing modes to enjoy the game with your friends. The players also have an option to customize their players and make them personalized. Runbow will be available to claim under Xbox Live Gold membership from July 16 to August 15.

Kane & Lynch 2

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is the sequel to the old Kane & Lunch that was released in the year 2007. The Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days was released in the year 2010 and is a third-person open world shooter video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. The game was initially released for Xbox 360, Windows and PlayStation 3. Kane & Lunch 2: Dog Days allow the user to play in the campaign mode to be Lynch, the main character, who is always backed up by none other than his partner, i.e. Kane. You can play the game in single-player mode as well as in online multiplayer mode. The other person plays the role of Kane in the multiplayer mode. There is an Arcade mode as well in which the player has to accumulate all the money he can while surviving the enemy forces round by round. The game still allows the player to exchange and carry at max two weapons in the game. However, unlike the previous version, you cannot exchange the weapons with your allies but it is possible with enemies.

The game offers a lot of action and adventure elements to the players. One can take cover and hide, regenerate his or her health when knocked down etc. The players can control the allies and give them commands in multiplayer mode. But this scenario is not present in the single player so that you do not have to look out for them every now and then. One bad thing we felt about the game is that it does not offer Split screen co-op mode in the PC version.

The best part about Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is its plot. The the first game you might have seen both the characters parting their ways and Lynch starting his new life in Shanghai. This game starts when Kane reached Shanghai and is asked by Lynch to help him threaten Li Lung (an informant). However, in between, they kill Lung’s wife and the thing goes bad after that. In between, they are forced to perform a lot of other tasks to get rid of the matter and sneak outside the country. Kane & Lynch 2 is available for all Xbox 360 and Xbox One Live Gold subscribers and you can claim it from July 1 to July 15.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Lego games are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game isn’t anything different. As the name says, this game is a Lego themed action adventure game which has been developed by Traveller’s Tales and was released under Disney Interactive Studios publication. It is also the first Lego game based on a Disney movie, which makes it even special. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was released in the month of May 2011, for all the major platforms like Windows, OS X, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii etc.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is based on the story of first four “Pirates of the Caribbean” film but the gameplay stays the same when we compare it to some of the previous popular Lego video games. You will find the same old drop-in/drop-out technique with co-op mechanics in this game. As a player, you start from “The Port” and need to move out in order to unlock the new characters as well as features as you advance in the game. Later in the game, you will find the Port expanding as well as revealing a lot of new area for unlocking these new items. In addition to that, all the character possesses a set of common abilities like swimming under water etc. (but Davy Jones and his crew members have a special ability to walk and breathe underwater as well.) Jack Sparrow is capable of using his compass, Will Turner is capable of throwing axes and Elizabeth Swann has the special ability to jump higher than other characters in the game.

If you are also a Lego lover like us and also have the Xbox Live Gold membership, you can download the game directly for your Xbox One and Xbox 360’s from July 16 till July 31.

XBox Games with Gold for June 2017

The June is here and Microsoft has already released the list of games that the gamers will be receiving for free under the Xbox Live Gold membership. Following the tradition, there are 4 games with gold that Microsoft has made available for June. Two of these games will be made available for the Xbox One and the other two will be available for Xbox 360 as well. However, the games for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One as well and that too for free.

The four games made available for Xbox Live Gold Members for June:

  • Phantom Dust
  • Watch Dogs
  • SpeedRunners
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Assassin’s Creed III


Who doesn’t love playing racing games? I don’t know about you but, it was such a thrill to complete the race as fast as possible, breaking through the surroundings, facing enemies. Well, SpeedRunner is a similar racing game which the Gold members are receiving for free under the Gold membership.

The main goal of the game is to race with your friends and stay ahead of them until you eliminate them from the screen itself. In order to do that, it is very important to understand every level so that you can decide when to slide, when to jump and when to use hooks and bounce against the walls etc. Not only that, the players also get many boosts that give you a speed blast to get ahead of each other.

The game offers three modes, Story, Practice, and the Multiplayer. And the best among them is the Multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends and even with other players on the internet via quick race and custom race. In case you have been waiting for a multiplayer game to get together with your friends, you should definitely give it a shot.

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassins’s Creed is not a new game and was released in the year 2012. For those who love to play action – adventure game might have come across this famous title. The game has been developed and published by Ubisoft and was made available for various platforms like Xbox 360, Windows as well as PS 3. Assassin’s Creed III, unlike the name tells, was the fifth installment in the Assassin’s Creed series based on the same concept of reliving the historical moments.

The game features historical but real world events centuries old in which the Assassin’s fight against the Knight Templar forces. On one hand, the Assassin’s try to bring peace as well as the freedom to the masses, the Templars on the other hand fight to gain control and power over the entire region.

However, the game starts in the 21st century where a person named Desmond Miles is able to connect to a machine called Animus that allows him to go back and relive the memories of his ancestors which are available in his genes. Desmond needs to go back and find out a way in order to prevent the 2012 apocalypse that has been predicted by the Mayan people.

The game is an open world game where the player roams around in a third-person perspective and has the ability to interact with other elements lying around in the environment. You get to explore various cities like New York and Boston, that too in the 18th century. Also, the users need to make use of various combat techniques to kill the enemies and progress through the game. There are a lot of side mission offered in the game that makes it even more interesting. There is also a multiplayer mode that allows the players to compete with each other online either solo or in a team. The multiplayer games have objectives that all the players need to accomplish while evading pursuers as well as assassinating different targets.

The Anvil Next game engine brings this game to life. It receives the overwhelming response from the players and positive reviews from the critics for the excellent gameplay, combat mechanics, and the graphics. If you are not familiar with Assassin’s Creed series, the Xbox Gold members now have an option to get it for free under Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is another old game that the players are getting this month under Gold membership. The game was released in the year 2009 and has been developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. The game was initially launched for Xbox 360, OS X, PS 3 and Windows.

The game starts in a fictional land of Ferelden. The player has an option to be a rogue, a mage, human, dwarf, elf or a warrior. The main motto in the game is to fight against dark demonic forces known as “Darkspawn”. Being a part of Grey Wardens you have the task of killing the Archdemon and prevent them from invading the entire land. This third person game takes you on a completely new ride with a lot of obstacles to overcome that makes it even more interesting.

The game was received well by the players all around the world and gives you the complete feel of the action adventure mythological world. The game is also available for free under gold this June.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a very popular open world third-person action adventure shooter game which could be taken as an advanced version of GTA. The game has been developed and published by none other than Ubisoft and was released in May 2014 for Xbox 360,  Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and Windows. Similar to GTA, Watch Dogs also fictionalizes an entire city for the gameplay. In this game, the city is none other than Chicago, Illinois.

The game is the story of a hacker who uses his special abilities and knowledge to take revenge on her recently killed niece. The game is pretty big allowing the players to roam through the urban as well as the sub-urban areas and the countryside too.

This third-person action adventure game is for those who love to play open world games in which the player could interact with uncountable things around him. If you are one of those, you should definitely give it a try. You can get this game for free under Gold membership as well.

Phantom Dust

Phantom Dust is not a new game and was released in the year 2004. This strategy game has been developed as well as published by Microsoft Game Studios only for the Xbox consoles.

Phantom Dust is actually an action and strategy game which takes place after the apocalypse. The main unnamed character needs to interact with few of the leftover outposts in order to find out what actually happened to the earth. As the story progresses, you get a lot of pieces that help you figure out what happened. There is a multiplayer mode as well which allows the player to combat with another online player using their weapons. This game also comes as a bonus with Gold this month.

The four games made available for Xbox Live Gold Members for May are:

  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
  • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut is a fast paced game offering a lot of tricky levels in which the player can transform the entire world. In the game, Giana is capable of morphing between the worlds whenever she feels like escaping. As a player, you need to use your skills to defeat various obstacles that wait for you in her nightmares.

The game has very smooth gameplay, intuitive controls as well as good graphics allowing you to control the character with grace and with simple soft touch. When you morph her, you get the punk side which can crush every obstacle coming in her way. In addition to that, you will notice that as the world change around the character, the interactions with it change as well. With so many various obstacles, diverse dangers and uncountable tools to interact and utilize, this game is especially for those who like to discover secret areas, solve real-time puzzles and love mystery element in the game.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the sequel to the very popular “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light”. The previous game came out on December 9, 2014, and now its sequel is available for free for all Xbox One Games Gold members.

In the Temple of Osiris, Tomb Raider or Lara Croft along with her colleague Carter Bell, who is an archaeologist, and together they are in the mysterious Temple of Osiris. The story is their race find and get the Staff of Osiris, however, in between, Lara warns her not to take it from its place. But Carter does not listen and later regrets why she didn’t listen to Lara.

The game is mainly multiplayer with two characters playing and shooting side by side. One can play in online co-op mode or local co-op mode. If you go solo campaign mode, you take the role of Lara, who possesses Egyptian abilities that assist Carter to solve various puzzles coming on the way.

There are a lot of new artifacts and weapons that both the characters use to fight the enemies. In addition to that, there are various levels of challenges that the players need to solve with each other’s help in order to move forward. The game is really great if you like adventure mystery games which involve sole shooting and action as well.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The month of May bring the Star Wars celebrations for Star War fans as well. The first half of the month will bring “The Force Unleashed” game, while the second half of the month, “The Complete Saga”: The Star Wars Lego game is going to entertain you. As we have mentioned before, both of these games will be available for free in Xbox Live Games with the Gold program and since these games are backward compatible as well, you can get and play these games on Xbox One consoles too.

These were the games that have been released this month. However, Microsoft has been releasing games for Gold since long back. It is a big list but given below are Xbox games with Gold that the company has released this year for Xbox consoles.

Xbox Games with Gold for April 2017 

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is an excellent action-adventure third-person hack and slash game developed by Crytek. The game was released at the end of the year 2013 and is set in the old Rome following the life of a Roman centurion by the name of Marius Titus. The player plays the role of Marius who strikes all the enemies using his sword and other weapons as the Roman Legion leader. Starting as a fresh more solid coming from the camp, he needs to serve his duties. However, due to Barbarian incursion, he loses his family and is transferred to different Legion to save Rome.

The action sequences and fight executions are superb but become kind of repetitive over time. One can also play the game in the cooperative multiplayer mode in which both the player needs to take on the wave of enemies back to back in different map areas.

The Walking Dead: Season Two

Recently, a new genre with the name “Episodic Interactive Drama” have turned really popular among the gamers. The Walking Dead: Season Two is a game based on the same genre with narrative gameplay and the special choice element. In every game, the person is offered with a lot of choices, and the decisions you make in the game or in one episode impact the current story as well as the future episode elements as well. As the name says, Season Two is the sequel to “The Walking Dead” and in this installment, the players play as Clementine, who was just you companion in the first game. The game is available with gold for members.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is a bit old now, but it came with Gold for Xbox gold members for free this April. The game is developed by Ubisoft and is the 4th game in the Assassin’s Creed series.

However, the plot of the game is completely fictional and revolves around real historical events which involved fights between Assassins and kings and other rulers who seek for control. In this game, Desmond Miles, with the help of an advanced machine called Animus, lives his ancestor’s memories in order to find a way to avert the apocalypse that will occur in the year 2012.

Assassin Creed: Revelations is a very good game because it offers an open world environment in third person’s perspective. One can explore various areas and even can interact with a lot of objects lying around in between the missions to complete them as well.


Darksiders is another hack and slash game which Microsoft released in this April with Gold. The game has been developed by Vigil Games and is based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse portion of the Bible. In the game, the player takes up the role of one of the horsemen War. You and other horsemen are to be summoned to Earth whenever the battle of Armageddon starts. But War does not pick sides between Heaven or Hell. Instead, he needs to bring the balance between both the forces as ordered by the rule of Charred Council.

However, it was the old version which Microsoft released for the Gold members as the better and enhanced Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, came out last year in the month of November.

Xbox Games with Gold for March 2017

Evolve: Ultimate Edition

Microsoft released the popular Evolve, the FPS game with gold in the month of March this year. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the game came back in 2014 for Xbox One, Windows, and PS4.

The game is more of an asymmetrical multiplayer in which five people play out of which four play the role of hunters and one person is the monster. All the players battle against each other on a planet named Shear. The interesting fact about this game is it contains two types of gameplays. One is first person mode, that every hunter possesses. However, if you play as the monster, you will have to control it in a third person perspective. As a hunter, you have to kill the monster. On the other hand, being a monster, you need to consume the wildlife around you to turn stronger and evolve. One can play this game alone or along with 4 other friends as well.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 comes from Gearbox software and published by 2K Games is an action-RPG FPS game, the sequel to the original Borderlands released in the year 2009. You have to play in a campaign which offers a lot of side quests as well. However, most of the elements like online multiplayer, random loots, character building elements etc. are still there to entertain you in Borderlands 2.

The story starts after five years of the Borderlands event. And now the planet of Pandora is flourished by Iridium and this resource is controlled by Handsome Jack, the president of Hyperion Corporation. He tries to use the resource to bring peace to the planet. But, the rumor of a new hidden vault in Pandora brings a lot of new Vault Hunters to the planet of Pandora.

The game was initially released for Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as OS X. Later, a lot of downloadable content was also made available by the game developers which included a lot of new storylines as well as characters. The game is must play for FPS lover and RPG lovers and the for Gold members, it is now free.

Heavy Weapon

Heavy Weapon is not a very big high definition game, still, it is a very addictive and popular game among the Xbox lovers. It is a side scrolling shooting game that was developed by the PopCap Games around more than a decade back in 2005.

The game is pretty simple. In Heavy Weapon, you need to control a tank and take it through a lot of stages facing enemy forces. However, you can only take the tank left or right with turret gun as your main weapon and some nukes. The storyline of the game is pretty simple too in which the Red Star or the Soviet Union tries to invade, and you take the charge of the Atomic tank in order to prevent them from entering the main headquarters of Red Star. It may look dull and easy, but trust us, it is really addictive game.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is the fourth game that was released by Microsoft with Gold in the month of March 2017. Layers of Fear is a very interesting psychological horror game by Bloober Team.  The game was released for Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Windows on 16 February 2016.

The storyline of the game is quite disturbing in which you take the role of a disturbed painter who is seeking to complete his magnum opus. In order to do that he wanders around an old Victorian mansion hiding a lot of dark secrets.

The game is in first person perspective and you will have to solve various mysteries and puzzles to progress through the game.

However, a sequel was released not much later on 2nd August, which was its direct follow-up. If you have not played any of these games and are fond of psychological thriller games, you can get the first game for free if you are a gold member, and then move on to the second, Layers of Fear: Inheritance installment.

Xbox Games with Gold for February 2017

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Almost everyone loves Star Wars. And in the month of February, Microsoft surprised us by releasing Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Gold for Xbox consoles. The Force Awakens is a part of The Force Unleashed project and is full of action as well as adventure. In the game, you will find a new protagonist with the name “Starkiller”. Being Darth Vader’s apprentice, his task is to take down Jedi. At the same time he hides his existence from the Emperor, but later turns to the light side of the Force.

The game has a really compelling story and was initially developed for Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and iOS and was released on September 16, 2008. If you are a true Star War fan, then this game is a must play for you.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Special Edition is a very old game which was developed in the year 1991 by LucasArts. It was the sixth game which used the SCUMM engine and the 2nd installment of the Monkey Island series with first being The Secret of Monkey Island.

Monkey Island 2 is about a wannabe pirate named Guybrush Threepwood. In the prequel, The Secret of Monkey island, little got famous for knowing what happened between Elaine Marley and Guybrush, and now in the sequel, he tries to get the secret treasure hidden on the island.

Project Cars Digital Edition

Project Cars is a very popular racing simulator game which was released in May 2015. The game offers you around 74 cars and more than 30 unique locations to play. These locations feature 110 various race tracks out of which 23 are real while others are fictional.

In addition to that, Project Cars: Digital Edition makes use of the advanced Madness engine which also served the base for famous racing titles like Need for Speed: Shift.

Microsoft has already released the Digital Edition of Project Cars with Gold back in February, and you can easily download this amazing car racing game for free if you have the Gold membership.

Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime gets its title from the famous Bruce Cockburn song with the same title. In the game, you pilot a spaceship which contains a lot of stations inside it. These various stations are responsible for controlling various parts of the ship like engine, weapons, shield, map and cannon.

The game is pretty simple and can be played by maximum four players. Each player holds the station and constantly move from one station to another station to balance the ship, keep it moving, and protecting it from the enemy attacks at the same time. You will also find a lot of gift boxes in between offering you gems, which can be used with a station to give them some enhanced powers.

There are four campaigns available to play named: Cetus, King Cepheus, Orion and Ursa Major. All these modes consist of 4 levels and a final boss in the end.

Xbox Games with Gold for January 2017

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins is a very popular game among gamers even now. The game was developed back in 2011 with its initial part coming in the year 2003. It was developed by Ubisoft and was made available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. However, Rayman Origins is the fourth installment in the Rayman series and offers similar but better graphics, design, humor as well as level design.

Like the older versions, Rayman Origins is also a side scroller adventure game allowing utmost 4 players to play at a time. One player takes the role of Rayman, one becomes the Globox while the other two players play as Teensies. Player need to get through each level fighting against enemies to rescue Electoons. One also gets many abilities to use against the enemies as well as to save yourself like shrinking your own size, gliding in midair etc., as the game progresses.

Rayman Origins is an addictive game which also received the “Best Platformer of 2011” award by GameSpot as well. Now since the game is available for free for Gold members, you should download it right away for your Xbox console.

The Cave

The Cave is another adventure puzzle platform video game that Microsoft made available with gold earlier in the month of January this year. It was developed by Double Fine Productions and was distributed by Sega in starting 2013. Ron Gilbert, the creator of this game had a different idea while building it. The game is a cave that lures and attracts people to explore the dark traits hidden inside them. The talking cave gets it voice from Stephen Stanton and contains a whole set of labyrinth tunnels. Seven different characters are then bought from across space and time, and who also possess some dark secret to learn something about their own personality and what they might become in future. There is blood and violence in the game and that is why it is “teen” rated.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition

Killer instinct is an old series of fighting games that was developed by Microsoft Studios, Iron Galaxy Studios, and Double Helix games as a free to play game for Xbox One. Also, the Season Two Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct made available with gold contains the classic Killer Instinct as well. The classic version contains all the elements from the original arcade game released in 1996.

The storyline is, a certain set of players are thrown back in time by  Utlratech. Now the combatants that have survived from the first tournament, along with other new combatants bought from across the time, should fight amongst each other to fight the final enemy Gargos and ultimately decide the fate of the entire world. One can play in single player mode or multiplayer over Xbox Live server.

World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap

World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap is an action RPG tower defense game that was initially released just for Windows and OS X by NeocoreGames. In the game, you play the role of a lone protagonist who is sent to some other world in a different dimension in order to protect some strongholds from the monsters that are coming from the deep dark depth of the dimension trying to break through and enter the physical world.

In the game, initially, the player needs to pick a character ( a warrior, a marksman or a sorceress), which then lays the levels and aspect in which the game will progress.Also, there are already some reset routes present from which enemies are going to strike you in waves. You need to successfully kill all the enemies to cross any level.

Some must Have Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Well, these were the games that were released under gold this year for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. As we told you earlier, Microsoft has been releasing 4 games every month, and there are much more must have games that you should have on your Xbox consoles. There is no need to go through the entire list as well, as here we have mentioned few bonus Xbox games with gold that you should get and play right away.

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise came with gold last year in December. Developed by Criterion Games, it is the fifth part of the Burnout series released in 2008 for Xbox 360 and PS 3 consoles. In the game, the player can drive around and through the roads of a fictional city called “Paradise City”. In the city, you can also take part in various races and can also compete with other players online. Paid content is also available for download in case you wish to upgrade the cars and the location. There are a lot of new features like “Crash mode” added to this new installment, which make is way better than the previous parts and one of the most addictive open world racing game.

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WWE 2K16

Who doesn’t love WWE? WWE 2K16 is the seventeenth professional wrestling part of the WWE series. The WWE 2K16 have a lot of changes when compared to its predecessor. Now the player has a limited amount of reversals in a match so that one can not spam reversals in the entire match. The new improved pin fall system gives fairer breakouts and pins as well. The gameplay mostly remains the same as in WWE 2k15 but all of that have been presented along with a lot of animations in WWE 2K16. The number of moves that every fighter possesses is also increased as well as improvise. In addition to that, a lot of fans complained about no tornado tag and handicap mode in WWE 2K15, well, ll these modes are back in WWE 2K16.

Looking at the graphics, you get a better cloth physics as well as crowd variety. The hair physics, facial expressions, sweating etc., everything is way better than 2K15.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a very popular turn-based tactical game which has been developed by Firaxis Games. Well, you can think of this game as a combination of the very old X-XOM: UFO Defense as well as X-Com series that came out in 1990’s.

The game is set in the future times during an Alien invasion. Also, the player is the controller of the military organization known as XCOM and is burned with one and only task, saving the earth from the aliens. You need to command all the troops under you in turns to win various missions. As you progress in the game, you will find a lot of new technologies to fight against the aliens, capture prisoners, manage operations and expand your XCOM base.

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Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is one of the most played open road racing video game that was released just for Xbox 360 consoles. Developed by Playground Games along with Turn 10 Studios, Forza Horizon is the fifth game of the Forza series. The storyline of the game is unchanged and is about the Horizon Racing Festival which is set in Colorado. This game offers you more than 300 cars with superb, realistic and breathtaking graphics as well as physics. You can find 65 terrains in the game and some of which offer you off-road driving experience as well. However, rest other tracks are guided by guide rails and do not allow you to leave the track while the race is on. There is traffic on the road as well, which in return makes the game even more interesting.

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Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is one of the best FPS game that you can every play on Xbox.  Developed by Crytek and EA, the game starts in 2047, in the New York City. The whole city is enclosed in a Nanodome which has been manufactured by CELL Corporation. The whole city has turned into the forest and filled with a strange type of alien creatures. The story of the game revolves around Alcatraz. Alcatraz is actually Prophet’s successor and the holder of Nanosuit, that he uses to take revenge from the main enemy Alpha Ceph. The main element of the game is Nanosuit, which gives a lot of super abilities to the person wearing it.  Crysis 3 is a superb first-person shooter that everyone should play with Gold membership since you can get it for free.

Mafia II

Mafia II is one of the best gangster game tat you will find for your Xbox console. This open world action adventure was released in August 2010 for Windows, PlayStation, OS X and Xbox 360.Mafia II is the second installment in the series and is based on the city of New York, LA, Detroit, Boston, and Chicago.

The game is set in the era of 1940 and 50’s during the era of Empire Bay. You get a lot of vehicles to drive around and weapon to create mayhem as well. You get almost all the popular World War II weapons as well including the Beretta Model 38 and MG 42. The game story is in the flashback where Vito Scaletta (Rick Pasqualone, the main character) looks at an album and looks back in his life and the deeds he did. Is the pretty interesting to go through and live the life of an old-time Mafia, and this game doesn’t fail to give you the same feel.

Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio: The “Most Powerful” 4K and VR Ready Gaming Console

Microsoft is getting ready to take the console market with a storm by releasing the most powerful so far, Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio is a powerhouse of a console and offers features akin to high-end PCs. The folks over at Digital Foundry were given an exclusive look at all the tech used in the upcoming Xbox iteration. So far it seems like Project Scorpio is going to dominate the console market with its unmatched specs and sheer horsepower.

First of all, let’s talk about the specifications because that’s what most hardcore gamers care about nowadays. The Scorpio boasts an SoC with 8 custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz. The customized Radeon GPU sports 40 GCN compute units running at 1172 MHz for extra graphical prowess. The entire System on a chip (SoC) shares a whopping 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. The primary storage on the Scorpio consists of a 1 Terabyte hard drive at just 2.5” thickness, similar to the Xbox One S.

Microsoft states, “a lot of really specific custom work” has been put into the Scorpio’s SoC. Most of the work has been going into the peculiar x86-64 CPU cores the Scorpio uses. Similar to the Xbox One, these cores are also derived from the low-powered AMD Jaguar design, however, they have been extensively modified and customized to minimize the latency and overall improve the CPU to GPU coherency. According to Digital Foundry, the upgraded new cores are going to be around 31% faster than the ones in the Xbox One SoC which is definitely a huge improvement in terms of performance.

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Microsoft has finally achieved the six-teraflop target set for Project Scorpio at E3 last year. All of it was possible thanks to the custom GPU that has been customized and designed from scratch for flawless performance on today’s heavily demanding game engines. It runs at a unparalleled clock speed for just a console.

Xbox One’s GPU is similar to the Radeon R7 260 GPU in terms of potency and core configuration, however, the system’s use of somewhat slow DDR3 memory often hampered the GPU in terms of performance. The GPU in Scorpio is most similar to the Polaris 10 chip found inside the Radeon RX 480, but it’s even bigger. It boasts 40 GCN CUs (compute units) compared to the 36 CUs found in the Polaris 10. These changes will help Microsoft in providing gamers with a machine that can run games at smooth 60FPS with native 4K resolution.

Digital Foundry also got to try out the latest tech demo on the Project Scorpio. This tech demo was based on Microsoft’s very own Forza Motorsport series. According to DF, the demo ran at 60FPS and 4K resolution with an impressive performance for a tech demo. Microsoft is ready to bring the Project Scorpio out in the market as soon as possible and provide gamers with a console matching the performance of high-end PCs. Looks like this year’s E3 will be the one to remember.
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Now Play Online Against PS4 Users on Your Xbox One: Microsoft Announces Cross Network Support

There is a good news for all the Xbox Live gamers out there. Well, it officially out and:

“After nearly 14 years of Xbox Live existing, it’s finally been announced by director of ID@Xbox One, Chris Charla.”

In case you have no idea what the above statement means, Xbox is finally bringing cross-platform or cross network play to all the players. So, you will be able to play games with other players on PSN as well as people playing games on Windows 10.

The company has not taken any names in their official announcement and they have been careful to not to comment anything about PS4 and instead use the term “other consoles” in order to address their competitors. However, everyone knows what they mean by “other consoles”.

Rocket League, the famous game by Psyonix developers will be the first game to support the cross-network feature. However, Rocket League is already a cross-platform game where players from Windows and PS4 can play together. Ain addition to that, a lot more games will follow Rocket League in the current year.

Well, the feature comes as an option to the developers who can or cannot include the cross network support in their games. It is more relevant for online MMORPG like Call of Duty, Elder’s Scroll Skyrim Online etc. in which the players are looking for a tough challenge.

So, here is a list of games that we are expecting to hit the market in the upcoming quarters and with the cross-network feature as well.

GTA Online

We don’t think that this game needs any kind of explanation or introduction. Rockstar games is keen and determined to offer the best third person reality experience to the players It already offers a lot of things including a completely open world, and imagine if you can find real people roaming around in the city. GTA already has an online community and what could be better than merging it with Xbox Live in order to get some different and unique experience.

The Division

Ubisoft is mainly popular for the Assassin’s creed game series as well as the very favorite Prince of Persia games. However, they recently came up with an open world third person shooter game by the name “The Division”. However, Ubisoft can come up with a new game with similar gameplay but different title and cross network play feature. The best part about this game is that you can use this new feature to its full potential by competing with real time players irrespective of their platform.

Call of Duty (Upcoming version)

We expect that Activision will soon announce its upcoming Call of Duty game to come with the cross network feature. Also, no one can deny the fact that the Call of Duty community is one of the best communities in the gaming world and this new feature will truly turn out to be bliss for COD lovers. Overall, it would be a more competitive environment for the players when they can pick the platform to play again each other.