Composure in FIFA 18 / FUT – What Does it Mean?

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There are thousands of player in FIFA 18 and the only thing that makes each and every one of them different from each other is their attributes. Yes, each and every player has a different set of attribute that imparts them special movement, passing, shooting and other abilities. More is the rating of the attribute, the better the player is in passing or shooting. These attributes play an important role while you are buying a player from the transfer market. If you want your player to sprint, buy a player with high Pace attribute rating. If you want a pass master, get a player with high Passing attribute and so on.

One such important attribute from all of them is Composure. No doubt most of the players most look at the main six attributes which are Shooting, Passing, Pace, Physical, Defending, and Dribbling. However, that is not all and there are many attributes that you usually can’t see easily. There are more than 30 attributes associated with a player and Composure is one important one of them.

The complete list of attributes are:


  • Finishing
  • Penalties
  • Long Shots
  • Shot Power
  • Volleys
  • Positioning


  • Sprint Speed
  • Acceleration


  • Reaction
  • Composure
  • Agility
  • Ball Control
  • Balance
  • Dribbling


  • Curve
  • Crossing
  • Long Passing
  • Vision
  • Free Kick
  • Short Passing


  • Standing Tackle
  • Heading
  • Marking
  • Sliding Tackle
  • Interceptions


  • Strength
  • Aggression
  • Stamina
  • Jumping


  • Kicking
  • Handling
  • Diving
  • Speed
  • Reflexes
  • Positioning


Composure is a typical attribute. To put it in a simple manner, it is the attribute that determines that at what distance the player with the ball is going to start feeling the pressure from the opponent player. If the composure is not strong, the opponent player can throw you off balance while you are shooting, making you miss the target. Not only that, you passing, through passes and crosses are also affected by it as well. More is the composure rating of the player, the better he performs, passes and shoots under direct pressure from an opponent. It is not something new that we are seeing in FIFA 18 and it has been there in previous editions of the game as well. It was removed games before FIFA 17 but re-introduced from last year’s game.

So, next time you are buying a new attacker or a midfielder, make sure you check his composure so that he can withstand even the toughest of oppression.


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