How to Defend against Dribbling in FIFA 18

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Defending has been enhanced to a whole new level in new FIFA 18. It is not easy to dribble past defenders, at the same time, it is also very hard to defend against Dribbling in the new EA Sports football game. Gone are the days when players used to void skill moves, today, almost all the players make use of the right stick and are learning the skill moves creating a lot of problem for players who do not know how to defend against these high-level dribbling and skill set.

Defending in the new FIFA 18 game is pretty hard. In case you are facing difficulty, you can check out our FIFA 18 defending tutorial in order to get a better idea to how to defend against paced players as well as tackles in the new game.

Have a look below to get an idea of the basic tips and tricks that will help you to defend against dribbling in FIFA 18.

Do not simply Dive

We can understand the urge to stop a sprinting opponent attacker by sliding directly into him. The sliding tackles were easy to perform in FIFA 17, however, the case is different in FIFA 18. Do not even think of diving from behind as it will definitely result in a red or yellow card. But if you are sure of the position and direction in which the opponent is moving, you can just directly dive in from the front to disrupt or crunch the skills. If you are not careful, you can end up conceding a foul or a card.

Use Jockey, Contain or Pace Control

The use of pace control or contain was given a lot of importance in FIFA 17. Still, if you do not use contain while playing the match, we would like to recommend you to start using it. When you use pace control while receiving or even while you are moving forward with the ball, your player will have more control over it, turning it in any direction within no time. Containing the ball also gives you some time to see which of your players are free or is taking a run. Not only that, if you use Jockey, all your defenders will place themselves in such position which is perfect for getting the ball back from the attackers. Now the players can even sprint while they are in the jockey position.

Force the Opponent to Pass

If you know that the person playing against to you is good in skilling and dribbling, you do not want him to hold the ball for long. The get ball off the star player, you will have to push him so that he passes the ball to some other teammate, giving you chance to intercept. The might be really good at dribbling, but passing is something that could take them out.

So, these were the basic tips that you can use to defend against skill moves and dribbling in FIFA 18. In case you have other tips and tricks in mind, you can share them with us in the comments below.


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