Dragon Ball FighterZ PlayStation 4 Review

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We recently unveiled a list of the most anticipated and awaited games of 2018. One of the games on the list was Dragon Ball FighterZ, which has been recently launched in the market. There have been very few games related to Dragon Ball Z anime series before, but not all of them were so impressive as Dragon Ball FighterZ. One of the biggest problems has always been related to the Dragon Ball game visuals. It is very hard to imitate and get the exact features, styles, moves as in cartoon as in the game. But things are a lot different in the new Dragon Ball fighting game which has been developed by none other than Arc System. In case you don’t know about them, Arc Systems is really very popular for developing stylish and detailed fighting game titles, and their involvement in the development of the new DBZ fighting game made us even more eager to try it out.

So, let us not wait any more time and begin the review of this exciting fighting game. For those who have been waiting for the game since long, we would like to tell you that it is really worth it. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game that should have a lot of action, and it does not fail to impress you in that. It was very important for the developers to bring out the action as well as the intensity of the fights of Dragon Ball Z, and Arc System Works has done an incredible for here. For the fans of the original series, the characters and cartoons look like they have directly pulled out of the comics and TV screen and put in the game. Almost every move you make in the game fills the entire screen with spectacular destructive graphics, no matter it is a single button attack or the Ult to end the battle dramatically and in style.

The visuals you see on the screen are not repetitive or similar and have some high as well as low points, but that is an important part of the game’s gameplay to make sure that it is equally hard for both beginners as well as pros.


I personally loved the 3 vs 3 mode in the game which reminded me of the original street fighter video game that we used to play as a child. However, this time this was handled in a much better way than before. But the concept remains the same, both the trios need to fight against each other until and unless one of them is completely defeated. When the player is defeated, you see an animation before the new player is replaced with the defeated player, giving the players time to adjust for the new fight. Obviously, we know how intense a battle could get when players are really pumped up, the small break in between helps in player calm down mentally to get ready for the next battle.

There is a unique feature in the game for all the newcomer that will help them to get aboard and get accustomed to the moves. This feature is a “Shared command list”. Shared command list makes sure that every fighter you play with has the same move set as the previous one. So, you won’t have to learn the unique mechanics of the game before you can actually progress in it. Just learn the movement and actions of one single character and all those skills set as well as skills are copied to the rest of the cast as well.

This gives the benefit of not memorizing every move in the game for different characters. You don’t need to learn any new command for every new character that you play with. All the players need to do it, explore a little about the moves of the player, assign them to the pre-defined move set and you are good to go. For an instance, you can use the Ki attack from Goku by pressing a button. The same button could be used for Vegeta to use his fire ball or Captain Ginyu to summon allies in the fight. So, all you need to memorize is which attack to use at what point, making the gameplay a lot simpler and competitive for newbies and experts. This was a big problem in all the other fighting games where the player had to pause and look at the command list to know what all powers he or she can use. And it was of no use a well, as we only used the move that are easy to perform and remember. That extra effort is no longer required in Dragon Ball FighterZ. In addition to that, you won’t have to remember all the new moves while switching the players during a battle. All you need to know is what powers the new player possesses.

Since the Dragon Ball FighterZ game is a 3 vs 3 game, the players have to pick 3 characters in order to form a team and fight the battle against the other team, which too contains three members. You can easily switch between different characters in between the fight, and even if you do not use it, you control will automatically switch to the next character once you exiting fighter is defeated by the opponent.

Story Mode

There is a story mode in the game as well which helps you to explore various characters in the game as well as the game mechanics in a whole different environment. The entire story mode is divided into three different parts in which you get the chance to play as various characters of the Dragon Ball world. But we found a huge non-linear storyline which was full of action and adventure, but not very impressive. In the starting of the Story mode, we see Goku as well as his friends being knocked out at once. You are a character somehow related to Goku as well. After that, you need to travel the entire universe reviving all your knocked out friends and then assisting them to fight the evil. As a surprise, you have evil clones of yourselves in the game too. In the story mode, the players get chance to get into the shoes of different characters and explore their limits.

You will also find a map in the Story mode with different routes on it. Each and every route is going to take you to a different fight which is somehow related to the story. The player also has the ability to choose the number of fights he or she wished to fight. But not all of them are optional, you will have to fight some important fights forcibly which are important to take the plot of the story forward.

You get experience points as well as power-ups as rewards from the story mode. These power-ups could be used in a single player battle outside Story mode too. You can even converse with various characters that are around you while you are traveling in time. This makes the game more fun and interesting to see what you can find out from various beings. This also prevents the game from being just a fighting game in which the Story mode also asks you to fight, something like Injustice – Gods Among Us.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s arcade mode is really impressive. There are three difficulty levels that you need to choose from and in each one of them, you face some of the game’s rosters. The initial phase of Arcade mode is easy but it becomes really challenging and devastating in the latter half. The difficulty increases as you perform. The better you perform, more difficult it will get, simple as that. But, it is a great place where you can practice your moves and skill against the computer who can give you a really good fight.

Online Play

You also have the option to take your special moves online and show it to other players from all over the world. However, unlike all the other games, Dragon Ball FighterZ uses a non-traditional menu system in the game. Once you start online, you start in a lobby along with 63 other players coming from a specific geographical area. But you might face some issues while connecting to the servers some of the time.

One big problem with the game is its slow start-up. By default, the game looks for internet access for online play when you start it. And when it does not receive a response back, it turns really slow. It seems it tries again and again for many times before offering the player option to play the game offline. You also cant pick to boot the game in offline mode by default.

However, once you enter the lobby, you control a small copy of your favorite Dragon Ball character that you are playing the game. Also, you get all the access to various parts of the game as well. There are different modes in the online mode too which help you to get the perfect opponent to fight to. The Casual Play and the Ranked play are the most common and simple way to fight other online players. Other modes also help you to get online opponents in which you need to pick your team which you want to use in the fight while the matchmaking system looks for a competitor.

The Verdict

All in all, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a whole new world of fighting in itself. It will make you feel powerful, pumped and unstoppable, especially if you are a Dragon Ball anime fan. The game is fully about the face to face epic battles and the moves you pull out to defeat even the toughest of opponents. Obviously, it is one of the best online fighting multiplayer game of 2018, but we can see some more of them coming in in a couple of months too. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Dragon Ball FighterZ game and other game updates too.


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