EA Considers Bringing Their Titles to Nintendo Switch

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Recently, the giant game publisher EA invited investors for a financial call. During this financial call, EA did talk about an up and coming Need for Speed game along with an unknown BioWare game as well. However, the company did talk about the new Nintendo Switch console as well.


EA Owns Major Titles

If you don’t already know then we will remind you that EA is one of the major game publishers out there and games like Titanfall, Battlefield, StarWars: Battlefront, and Fifa are all owned by and published by EA.

EA’s sports division, also known as EA Sports which releases games like Fifa, NFL Madden, etc has already revealed its plans to release upcoming Fifa 18 on the Nintendo Switch console later this year.

Big EA Games Coming to Nintendo Switch?

During the financial call, the company talked about its upcoming releases and also had a few positive words to say about the Nintendo Switch. Company’s CEO assured its investors that the company has quite tremendous relations with Nintendo and looking forward to utilizing the Nintendo Switch platform for its games.

It’s also worth noting that EA did stand up on stage during the Nintendo Switch release and publically claimed that they were backing Nintendo’s new console.

Fifa 18 is already confirmed for the console. However, we are not sure how different the “Custom” build of this game for the Nintendo Switch would be from the regular Xbox One, PS4, and PC release.

Could the all-new Madden 18 game make its way to the Switch? It’s possible, but EA Sports would have to put in some work to change the game according to the requirements of the Switch.

On the other hand, Mass Effect: Andromeda could also get a Switch variant that will probably help with the mediocre reception of the title on its release. Mike Gamble, Producer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, did reveal that BioWare was not planning to release the game on Nintendo Switch, however, if people really wanted a Nintendo Switch version of the game then the developers will definitely think about it.

No Titanfall 2 for the Switch, sadly.

However, one EA published game can be safely crossed off the Nintendo Switch list and that’s none other than the hyped up Titanfall 2. Game’s Senior Designer Mohammad Alavi clearly stated that it’s impossible to bring Titanfall 2 onto the Switch because the console won’t be able to support the game at all. This is sad news because Titanfall 2 is definitely one of the best shooters out there in the market right now and Nintendo Switch definitely needs some solid shooters.

These are some plausible games that could make their way to the Switch, but EA could also go back to their popular backlog of games and port some of their top-sellers onto the Switch. These games include but not limited to Unravel, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and a few more titles.Even Sim’s could get the latest Switch port before EA decides to bring their AAA titles onto the platform.

If EA decides to take the Nintendo Switch seriously and bring their major titles over to the platform then many other developers would also look at the Switch console in a different way and probably consider releasing their games on the platform as well.

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