Eco Game Review: Sandbox Gameplay with a Mission

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There are few games that allow the player to create anything they want in an open world. Yes, you know where we are pointing towards. We are talking about Minecraft. It is simple, super imaginative and creative as well as one of the popular games from Sandbox that gives the player whole control of the world and what he or she could create in it. You get all kinds of options from the game itself that helps you build rooms, buildings, furniture, nature and what not. You can move around the world and have unlimited supplies to build things from scratch.

If you love Minecraft as much as we do, there is a good news for you. Strange LoopGames have released a new game called “Eco” that gives you everything you want from a survival and create game and even a bit more than that. Eco is a game which has an end and objective to accomplish. Adding objective to open world creative gameplay is something that we never saw before and which is why Eco is way different when compared to other titles of the Indie genre.

So, here we are with a brief review of the game that will give you a deep insight of what happens in the game and why we liked it.

Story and Gameplay

The game starts with few tutorials which we recommend you to go through. These tutorials will teach you various survival techniques which are essential for progress in the game. Also, the tutorial will help you get some tools using which you can start mining, collecting stones, cutting trees, just like starting a whole new civilization from scratch.

Now after you are done getting used to the environment, the first problem is thrown at you. This new problem is a meteor which is circling the planet and you have just 30 days before it hits your planet and ends everything. So, you now have 30 real days to build your civilization expand it to such a level that they are capable of handling the circling doom.

You also have stats that grow as you build more and more things and progress on. These stats are going to help you to build better things taking you closer to getting rid of the meteor. Once you have a good skill set, you will be able to build a whole city with some dedicated efforts.

Till now, the game looks really exciting, but things become even more fun if you have a group of friends with you as well. Eco allows you and your friends to play together, work together, and work wonders combining your imagination and creativity together. Another great thing about the game is that it allows the player to enforce kind of law in the community, and each and every player in the community gets to vote whether they wish to enforce the law or not. This feature gives the control of the game to every player equally and makes sure they feel their importance, giving Eco a whole new feel.

The list of surprises does not end here. There is another additional touch that is really amazing in the game. Whatever you and your friends do in the game, affects the environment as well as the ecosystem around you. It’s totally upon your whether you wish to destroy the nature to save yourself from the danger or maintain balance with it. This element could be found in very little things. For example, if you are taking too much food from a plant, ultimately it will die. Things become even more unstable once you have installed various factories around that continuously pump out smoke degrading the environment. One thing to notice is that the more you degrade the environment, more it becomes harder to maintain. The challenge is really very tough, which is to maintain a fully flourishing civilization with nature and at the same time, avoiding its extinction as well.

Game Visuals

The game visuals are a bit better than the Minecraft game but they are not as realistic as you see in the latest heavy game titles. Eco has a cartoon type design with perfect polishing imparting natural look to the things around you. The meteor itself is very dreadful and threatening from the first sight. It reminds you if the danger as it closes day by day.

Sound plays an important role in the game. The background music is very soothing and offers you a perfect surrounding to focus on building your civilization. Different actions that you do make sound as well, but is matches and fades into the music running in the background. The perfect blend of visuals and music makes you believe that you are actually building your personal new world.

Online Play

The players have a lot of option to join various servers that are hosted online. Obviously, you can continue building your own world alone but you also have the option to include other online players as well. With so many options, laws, building, you get too many possibilities you can create, and that is something that makes the game replayable over time again and again.

Eco – The Verdict

Well, we really liked the game but there could have been few improvements to that. The start of the game might seem a bit slow for to some of the players as you will have to discover few basic things like wheel barrels so that they can help you out to move things a bit faster. Also, you cant farm from the start and will have to forage food from the surroundings. Well, the developers could have made the beginning a bit easier and pacer for us, but that does not take away the charm of the game.

All in all, Eco is a very interesting game that takes the sandbox gameplay style and adds a lot of creative possibilities in it by adding few concepts and elements in it. We really liked it and played it few more times to discover what all we can do in it, and the list is really huge. Once you are done with the initial setup requirements, things will get pretty easier for you. It is a good competitor to Minecraft while taking its capabilities to a whole new level. This game is made for all the Minecraft and adventure lovers out there and definitely needs a shot.


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