Everything you need to Know About the PUBG for Xbox One

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If you have played player unknown Battleground game before then there is a good news for you. the game is now available for the Xbox One console from December 12, 2017.  The game she was launched in the month of March 2017 for PC.  till date they are sold more than 24 million game copies on steam and other sources, giving the forever classic game, i.e Dota 2, huge competition as the most played game on the steam platform. In case you have not played this game, there is nothing to worry as we are going to detail each and everything that you should know about Playerunknown’s Battleground for Xbox One in this article. however, letters start with the basics first.

What are PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds?

PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds, which is also famous with the nickname PUBG,  is a survival Shooter multiplayer video game that has dominated the entire gaming market in 2017.  In PUBG,  more than hundred players released with a parachute on their shoulders on an island without any item or equipment except clothes. After you land in the game the players need to search for weapons, craft armors, vehicles and other items before the opponent does. The person who wins gets the “chicken dinner” as a reward along with the in-game currency which he or she could use in order to purchase other cosmetic items as well as upgrades.

Isn’t it interesting and simple. But that is the trick for which most of the players fall. The game is not simple but tricky and as you spend more and more time into the arena the area of the map you are playing in, start shrinking. Players who fail to remain inside the ring and cross to the outside, get their health damaged over time at a very fast rate. This simply means that you cannot just hide in kill each and every person on the map and will have to and face other heavily armed and loaded players to be the last man standing and winning the game. This is special feature makes the game even more fast as well as brutal with each round going for about 30 minutes. If you reach the top 10 players you are also awarded the Adrenaline Rush that makes you more powerful.

When can we Get PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox Console?

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Xbox Console now starting from 12th December, 2017. You can purchase it just for $29.99. There are different servers available on which you can play the PUBG game. Canada, as well as the United States server, are online from the 9 pm PT from December 11, 2017. You can similarly find the global release of the servers which are scheduled for the overseas players from here.

Who Developed the PUBG game for Xbox?

The PC version, as well as the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, have been developed by the same developers, i.e. the PUBG Corporation. However, while developing the game for the Microsoft Xbox One consoles, they received an additional support from the Microsoft developers as well.

The players can also take the PUBG for Xbox One as the second party Microsoft game title, coming from the PUBG Corp. This explains the reason for the support they have been receiving since it is a high profile as well as a very popular game. To be more specific, they have been helped by the Coalition team, the same team which developed the Gears of War 4 title. This is because the Coalition team already excels in various aspects of the game development like movement, aiming and supporting the controller.

Is Final Version PUBG out for Xbox One?

No, the final version of the game is still not out on the steam for the Xbox One consoles. However, we would like to put it in this way that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds s actually all the time work in progress. There are some or the other development going on which the developers keep on adding in the game from time to time.

If we look at the other side, the PC version of the game has been in the early access stage on Steam since March 2017 and PUBG Corp has been adding new features and content in the game regularly since then. There was an announcement in July, that the full final PUBG 1.0 version of the game will officially release for PC’s on December 20th, 2017.

Talking about the console version now, the PUBG is going to stay under the Xbox Game Preview program for some time now. For those who don’t know, Xbox Games Preview program is similar to Steam early access. This means that the console version might contain changes that will be unavailable in the PC version of the game. Statement coming from the Microsoft officials say that the players can expect six-month gap between the PC and the Xbox version of the game.

How does PlayerUnknown’s Battle Underground run on Xbox One?
The developers plan to make the game similar to the PC version, however, obviously along with few modifications. The PUBG runs at 30 frames per second on the Xbox One console and is also compatible with the all-new Xbox One X as well as 4K Ultra HD resolution support and HDR.

However, there is one bad news. The player playing PUBG on Xbox One console won’t be able to play with the players playing from their PC. However, the PUBG Corp has shown the interest in the past in bringing the cross-platform online multiplayer feature in the future, but there is no update on that as of now.

Most of us are really very excited to know all the game played on the Xbox One console. On PC it was very easy to control the players as well as email using a keyboard and a mouse. But that is not available and incompatible with XBox. There has been a controller support in the PC version of the game since the month of August, but most of the players prefer to play it using keyboard and mouse.

However what we feel is, the developers are going to face a very hard time in recreating the inventory system as it was present in the PC version PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds,  since the Xbox players only going to use the controller for accessing it. If you have a very little idea of a game, the player depends upon the complex weapon attachments the scopes the grapes and other important items, that one can found on the ground and attach it as fast as you can to again become the part of the game.  however there’s a complete controller set available for guiding the players, still, it will take quite a few time to get used to it if you are moving from PC to Xbox version of this game.

Is there a New Map in PUBG?

Yes, there is a new map in the PC version of the game but it is still in testing mode. The company is planning to release it with the official 1.0 PUBG version of the game on December 20th. However, this new map will not be available for the Xbox One version of the game as of now but can hit the game somewhere in the mid of next year. The players can also not climb or vault since these features will be made available along with the December 20th release of the PlayerUnknow’s Battleground. The single player first person mode is also not coming for Xbox One consoles in the launch and the fans need to wait for more time on that.

That is all we have over the PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds for Xbox One console. More details will be releasing next Wednesday day and we will be keeping you updated with all the new news over the game over the coming few weeks.


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