The Famous Adventure – Puzzle, Hob is coming to PS4 and PC on September 26

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Many of us are looking for some interesting Puzzle plus Adventure game to play in our pass time. And one such upcoming game is Hob, which has been developed by Runic Games coming to your PC and PS 4 console next month on September 26.

If we look at the game, it is going to be an adventure game with lots of action elements in between and puzzles too. The players will have to solve those puzzles in order to progress further in the game. You play in a different evil and brutal world filled with chaos. As you go deeper in the game, you will understand that you need to have the responsibility of saving this strange colorful world by exploring it and solving its mysteries.

The gameplay is a bit different than many other platform puzzle games. It is a story without narration, without any kind of dialogue. The only way to explore what the game is about is to explore the surroundings. And this is what makes it even more interesting to play. The players get to see various kinds of living beings; it is really fun to interact with them to extract information that would help you to move forward. You will really have to look keenly to find what actually is going on in this world you are in.

The game will hit the stores coming fall and you can pre-order the game at 10 percent discount for PC and 20 percent discount for PS4. Not only that, if you are a PS Plus subscriber, there is 20 percent discount for you as well. Apart from these offers, people who pre-order the game will get access to an additional feature “World Shift” dynamic theme.



People who loved simulation games will love it too as it involves a lot of interaction, utilization of resources, solving puzzles and special glove arm abilities. In case you wish to know more about the game, you can head over to the game developer’s web site, i.e.


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