Fastest Players in FIFA 18 – Top 10 Players with Most Pace!

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The pace is an important attribute in FIFA 18 that could lead you to glory if used properly and at the right moment. It is something that has always been troubling the defenders and could create an unexpected and sudden opening for a clear one on one with the goalkeeper. Also, since log through is back once again in FIFA 18, the defender with high pace attribute can easily beat the slow defenders and beat their chase for a perfect finish.
We already told you about the top 100 players in FIFA 18 in a post a few weeks back and now we have consolidated a list of top 10 fastest players on the pitch with highest pace attribute in FIFA 18.

Fastest Players in FIFA 18

10. Kekuta Manneh

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 73
Shooting – 66
Defense – 38
Passing – 60
Physical – 54

Kekuta Manneh from the Columbus Crew has his pace rating set at 94 in the previous game. He retains his pace rating in the new edition as well on is the 10th fastest speedster in the game. The winger from Gambia has an overall rating of 70 in the game with an impressive dribbling rating of 73 and 4-star skill moves.

9. David Accam

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 74
Shooting – 69
Defense – 44
Passing – 65
Physical – 62

The ninth spot on our list is occupied by David Accam from Chicago Fire. Playing in the MLS, the African winder has a pace attribute of 94 making is an explosive runner on the pitch. This is the first time we are seeing him on the list as his pace attribute got updated from 93 in FIFA 17 to 94 in FIFA 18.

8. Leroy Sane

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 85
Shooting – 77
Defense – 34
Passing – 72
Physical – 70

On number eight is the Manchester City’s golden boy, Leroy Sane with a pace rating of 94. He has been having a superb season till now and is spectacular to play with, in FIFA 18. With dribbling set to 85, he can easily cut through the defenders and sprint unexpectedly to reach the oppositions end in no time. He is a left-footed player, but with 3-star weak foot ability, you can easily score with a perfect finish wrecking even the strongest of defenses.

7. Gareth Bale

Pace – 94
Dribbling – 86
Shooting – 87
Defense – 57
Passing – 84
Physical – 76

At number 7 is none other than the Real Madrid sprinting machine Gareth Bale. Bale’s overall rating has been dropped by one point in the new FIFA 18, but his pace attribute remains same with 94 rating.

6. Jurgen Damm

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 77
Shooting – 65
Defense – 42
Passing – 67
Physical – 69

Jurgen Damm has seen a major rise in his rating in FIFA 18. In FIFA he had an overall rating of 73, which has been jumped by 3 points to 76 in FIFA 18. Not only that, his card has also been upgraded from a silver to gold. However, his pace rating has not been changed and sticks at whopping 95 making him one of the fastest footballer in the world.

5. Ernest Asante

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 71
Shooting – 61
Defense – 47
Passing – 61
Physical – 57

On number 5 stands the Ghanaian player who became very popular last season because of his speed on the pitch. We are talking about Ernest Asante who plays for Nordsjaelland in the Danish Superliga and possesses the pace rating of 95. His overall rating which used to be 69 previous game has been increased to 71 in FIFA 18 as well.

4. Mathis Bolly

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 67
Shooting – 61
Defense – 24
Passing – 53
Physical – 55

Mathis Bolly the Ivory player is the fourth fastest player in FIFA 18 with the pace rating set to 95. He is the first player on the list who still retains his position in the list even after his pace rating has been decreased from 96 to 95 in FIFA 18.

3. Hector Bellerin

Pace – 95
Dribbling – 78
Shooting – 51
Defense – 75
Passing – 69
Physical – 70

If you are a true football fan, you must have expected this name on our list. The Arsenal defender is third on our list and why not? He is the fastest player in the English Premier League and is an exceptional winger when it comes to running with the ball. It is almost impossible to catch him once he starts sprinting in the game. Not only that, his overall rating has been increased by 2 points, i.e. from 79 to 81, but his pace attributes do not receive any alteration and stay at 95.

2. Jonathan Biabiany

Pace – 96
Dribbling – 77
Shooting – 65
Defense – 28
Passing – 66
Physical – 66

The old Inter Milan and Parma player might be reaching his thirties, but there is no defender who can catch him when it comes to pace. Now playing in Sparta Prague, Biabiany is the second fastest player in FIFA 18 with the pace attribute of 96. This pace rating has actually been upgraded from 95 to 96 when compared to last year’s FIFA 17. However, the opposite is the case with his overall which saw a dip of one point, i.e. from 76 to 75, in the new game.

1. Pierre-Emrick Aubameyang

Pace – 96
Dribbling – 81
Shooting – 84
Defense – 37
Passing – 75
Physical – 71

On the top of the list sits the Dortmund striker, Pierre-Emrick Aubameyang who was also the top pacer in the previous game. His overall has been improved a lot when compared to FIFA 17, with his overall rating increased by two points from 86 to 88. His pace rating remains the same, i.e. 96 making him the fastest player you can play in FIFA 18.

So these were the top 10 pacers you can play with, in FIFA 18. There are many other players too that you can pick to beat the opponents. If you are not sure of what players we are talking about, have a look at the top 100 players in FIFA 18 and find the one the interests you the most.



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