FIFA 18 Complete FUT Carryover Guide

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The all-new FIFA 18 is out and we all are already a fan of it. However, the new version of FIFA brings a problem along with it, how to transfer all your data to the newer version without losing all your FIFA profile data. Yes, there are many players out there who do not care about their old game data and get the new copy as soon as it gets out there. But there are many who just do not want to lose their entire year’s hard work and start all over again. If you are the second time, you might be a bit disappointed with what we are going to share here. But there are many tricks by which you can get some of your existing data and progress back in the new FIFA 18 FUT. But here we are going to give you all we can which will help you to get your Ultimate Team saved trophies, coins and cards back.

Since most of the players already know about how to carry FIFA 17 FUT to FIFA 18, but there are many who are actually unaware of this fact. Also, there are many gamers who do a lot of mistakes while carrying over their profile data and thus are not able to take everything they have achieved in the new FIFA game.

Given below are the things that the players can carry to the next FIFA 18 game from FIFA 17.

You Club Establishment Date

The first thing that you are going to bring along with your profile in the new FIFA 18 is the established date of your club. Yes, it is obvious, the date when you started playing the FIFA Ultimate Team will remain the same. However, there were few complaints about the established dates shown wrong in FIFA 17. But the dates you had in FIFA 17 will remain same as in FIFA 18 too. It is one of those things that are never going to change.

Your XP

Your XP also remains the same. The XP system keeps on measuring how much experienced you are in the FIFA universe. Every time you play the game doesn’t matter you win or lose, you will gain some XP and it increases all the time until the bar is filled and you reach the next level. Your XP is not dependent upon the platform, mode or something, but only your profile. You will retain all your XP all the time and you can see it in the top right corner just below your ID. Obviously, retaining you XP in the new game is going to help you a lot by giving access to few of the EASFC Catalogues items that won’t be available to the fresh players.

FUT Club Name

You will also have your Club Name. When you first started playing FIFA Ultimate Team you will be asked to name your Club, that name remains there and the players also get an option to change the name or to keep it same when you start FUT in FIFA 18. In case you wish to change the name of your club at later point in time, you will have to complete various Manager tasks or get EASFC Catalogue item to edit it. In case you chose to change your Club’s name, your old name will be then available for other to pick while your team with get the new name.
FIFA FC Credits

FIFA FC Credits are nothing but FIFA Coins. Similar to the XP, the FIFA Coins are directly linked to your Origin account and remain the same when you change your gaming platform and even when you upgrade to the newer version of FIFA. In case you are moving to FIFA 18 from FIFA 17, we would recommend you to save few coins so that you can purchase few EASFC Catalogue Items and boost items to get a head start in FUT 18.

FIFA Points

In case you do not have many FIFA coins, FIFA points can act as an alternative using which you can buy various FUT items and packs from the store. If you already having points in FIFA 17 game, do not spend them on any FUT 17 items, instead, save them and use them in FUT 18. While transferring all this data, you need to be very careful to ear as much as you can in FIFA 17 and carry over to FIFA 18, because you will just have a single shot at it.

The only problem with transferring the coins to the new game is that you cannot transfer them if you changing the console. So, if you are earning the points in Xbox console and you are planning the play the new FIFA 18 game on PS4, then you are not going to get all your points and data back. Also, if you’re playing the previous game on PS3 and getting new PS4 for FIFA 18, the points are not going to transfer in this case as well. So, you need to be on the same console in case you wish to transfer your FIFA points from old game to new.

The Non-Transferable Items

So, above were the things that the gamers can transfer from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, but there are many other things as well that we cannot transfer into the new game.

FIFA Coins

The first thing every player wishes to carry forward to the new game is FIFA Coins. But the disappointing thing about it that you can not transfer them in the new FUT game. We have checked all we can and there is nothing anyone could do about it. You might think of converting them to cards and then carry forward, but we would like to tell you that it is not possible as well. Since you will have to start freshly in FIFA 18, you can transfer your old coins to your family and friends.

FUT Cards

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your hard earned cards. You might have some of the legendary players like Ronaldo or Messi, but you will have to leave them and move on as you can not transfer your cards from FIFA FUT17 to FIFA FUT 18. Not only that, the players also cannot transfer the staff, the club items or the consumables to FIFA 18.

The Current Division

The Divisions are reset once you start playing FIFA 18. Yes, it does not matter whether you were the best player sitting in Division 2 or the best who struggled a lot to reach Division 1. As you start playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, all the players start from the basic, i.e. Division 10. No matter what position you held in the previous game, you will have to start all over again.

Your Trophies and Achievements

It is pretty obvious that you won’t be able to take forward all your achievements and trophies on to the next game. The new game FIFA 18 comes with a lot of changes in many aspects of the game, including the gameplay. There is no doubt FIFA 18 possesses better gameplay, a different mechanics and more and better challenges for the players, and it is fun to learn them and get all those trophies once again.

Match Records and Leaderboards

If you have an excellent match record and you are ranking high on the leaderboard, be ready to get disappointed again. It better to take a picture if you want to prove it to someone because in FUT 18, you start from fresh and all your match win/lose/draw data wipes away as soon as you switch to the next version. Even if you are playing it, your data will be removed after 2 years because EA does not wish to spend money on servers with very fewer players on it.

So that was all you need to know about the transfers that you can make while switching to FIFA 18 FUT from FUT 17. There is a huge loss, but that should not stop you from getting and playing the new FIFA 18 game. We know its kind of hard to start all over again but isn’t that fun too. Competing with other opponents and facing new challenges in a better version of the game than before. In case you have any questions regarding the FIFA FUT Transfer from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, do write to us in comments below.


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