Fifa 18 Defending Tutorial

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Fifa 18 is here and we all are really excited about the new features it brings along with it. The developers have made a lot of changes to the game graphics as well as the gameplay, because of which almost every player around the world will have to adapt to this new game engine equally. This year’s FIFA is not so easy to play especially from defensive point of view. Yes, defending in Fifa 18 is way tougher than it was in Fifa 17.

We know what you might be thinking. It will take longer to discover these changes and find a working solution to these changes. And that is why we are here to help you to adapt to these new changes. But first of all, we will begin with defending controls on both PS as well as on Xbox.

Fifa 18 Defending Controls

First of all, you would be knowing that there are two types of defense system available in EA Sports Fifa, i.e. Legacy Defending and Tactical Defending. The players have an option to pick between the both whichever they find more comfortable. In case you have not altered the default settings, you will be playing in Tactical defending mode. There are many players who prefer Legacy defending over Tactical defending because it is comparatively easy to time the tackle in Legacy Defending. But the only problem is that you cant play with Legacy defending while playing online with other players.

‘X’ or ‘A’: Pressing A on Xbox or X in PSY will make the pointed player towards the opponent with the ball, automatically. This setting has been there for long now and could be activated by switching to Legacy Defending.

‘Y’ or Triangle: Y button on Xbox or Triangle button on PlayStation are directed towards your goalkeeper. Pressing it will force the goalkeeper to leave his position and then run towards the ball, wherever it is on the field, and then tackle it. However it could be dangerous sometime is the opponent gets pass him by tricks. Most of the player use it when the opponent striker is clear and goalkeeper is now the only one between him and the goal.

‘O’ or ‘B’: Pressing ‘O’ on PS4or ‘B’ in Xbox will make the player try to get the ball from the opponent using his physical strength, body or by pulling him to get him off the ball.

‘X’ or Square: Square on PS4 or X on Xbox refers to simple slide tackle. The slide tackle is perfect for intercepting short passes or meeting the opponent head-on, so that you touch the ball first. However, you need to be very careful with the sliding tackles as they can easily get you a yellow or a red card, especially when tacked from behind.

L2 or LT: The players can use LT on PS or L2 on Xbox for the “jockey” movement. The button is perfect for taking the possession from the opposition by quick interception. If you find a defender in between or near the passing line of the opponent, the jockey will make him move in the interception position quickly to get the ball.
R1 or RB: R1 or RB button is used to bring another defender into the picture. Pressing these buttons will force a computer controlled defender to put pressure on the opponent with the ball and to dispossess him. However, you need to be careful since it moves that defender out of his position, leaving a blank space in the field, which could be a good opportunity for the opponent.

How Defending is Hard on Fifa 18?

As we all know and we have already mentioned before, Fifa 18 is equipped with Frostbite game engine. So the screen refresh is based on the frame and not on the step that the player takes. This technology makes dribbling quite easy and effective while defending becomes even tougher.

The players need to put more focus on the tactics of the team as well along with their own gameplay style. The type of style you select to play, AI tries to follow the same orders in a much efficient way. If you want your team to stand back, you players will stay back even when you are under high pressure.

In addition to that, you also should have the knowledge of the defenders that you have included in the squad. Players with poor attribute score might not play well with tactics like marking other players or offside traps.

Formation as well has a crucial role on how your team defends itself against the opponent team. You will have to pick your favorite team and try out the different possible formation to find the one which fits perfect and goes with your playing style. We recommend having a couple of defensive midfielders on your team to prevent sudden or easily penetration by the opposition.

Another big mistake that most of the Fifa players did was, they used to rush the defender towards the opponent player with the ball too early, leaving other attackers totally free to receive the pass and score a goal.

Tips and Tricks to Defend in Fifa 18

There are different things which you will have to work on in order to improve your overall defending in Fifa 18.

Get your Tackle Timing Right

One of the biggest mistakes we, you and all other gamers do knowingly or unknowingly in Fifa is spamming the tackle button. You might think that pressing it again and again won’t have any effect on the gameplay, but that is wrong. Using the sliding tackle to get the ball should be the last thing you should try when you are not able to get the ball off any player by other defending techniques. Sliding tackles and can easily escalate to red cards. Try using standing tackle instead which will either get you the ball, or his attempt will fail, but no cards will be pulled out by the ref.

Contain the Ball and keep the Pressure

Pressing the A button on Xbox and ‘X’ on PS automatically brings you player closer and to move towards the ball to tackle. However, you should not use it all the way till you have the ball. This used to work in previous versions of the game, but this technique has very little rate of success in Fifa 18. Instead, you should use the ‘A’ or ‘X’ button to bring the player or defender closer to the opponent or in his path and when you think you are close enough to make a good tackle, use L2 on PS or LT in Xbox to switch to check mode. Pressing this button will also make the defender keep the opponent in check while giving back the control to you to when to cut out the pass or move in to get the ball. You should not rush since if you are too impatient, the attacker will easily spin past you and move forward.

In addition to that, try to keep a bit of pressure on the Ai or the opposition team. A good amount of pressure all through the game will make the other team make silly passes which could be easily intercepted by you. Will less and reduced option, there are high chances of misplaced passing in Fifa 18. All you will require is good pressure.

Anticipate the Ball movement

Instead of following the player with the ball, try to anticipate the ball movement as well as the positions of the surrounding players. A failed tackle could result in a foul or card, but once you get to read the ball trajectory and direction, you can easily prepare for its interception for even before the pass is made.

Defensive Formation is very Important

We do not need to repeat this thing with every Fifa version that comes up every year. For good defense, you will definitely require a good defensive formation. It is really important to check that your defender is not out of their natural positions when you are tweaking with the default formation settings. Charging a defender and getting the ball is a good technique, but don’t make it a habit. As getting all the defenders to charge will create huge gaps in your defense will all fall apart.

Do not use Sprint, until needed

It is something that is really hard to control. Almost all the players who start playing this game, automatically generate the habit of keeping the sprint button presses all the time, which turns out to be a problem while collecting the ball, passing it and maintain your touch on it. You should understand that Sprint should only be pressed only when you find a huge space in front of you to move past the defender. Pressing it unnecessarily will not only create chaos but will also drain the energy of the players. If all your players are constantly sprinting throughout the game, they will get tired towards the end of the match and which could also be a good opportunity for the opponent to take advantage of.

Use Right Stick to Switch Players

It might sound odd, but using the right stick to switch between the player gives you a whole lot of options to control the ball once you get hold of it. In case your opponent is using the option to switch between the player, there is no doubt that you will have to step up in order to contain that. By this, you will easily be able to pick the player who can easily receive or cover a long through ball instead of just passing it to the nearest player. This option also goes well with the right stick skill moves, so the player can add a bit of class to their finishing as well. The second player press works amazingly with right stick switching whose effect you can see once you start playing it well.

Undergo Training

Well, you should not underestimate the training mode in Fifa 18. There are some new skill sets and you should definitely try them out. The difficulty level of each training might vary, but it will definitely help you to get accustomed to the new defensive changes quickly. Also, you can try out all the new techniques coming in your mind before performing them on the pitch.
I am sure that many of you will find some of the training irritating and boring, but one good way that I personally like to undergo intense training is to start a be a pro or career mode. You can play as a single player or as a team, but in the single-player mode, you will have to undergo all these training if you wish to be the best player in the world. By this, you can practice your general defensive techniques as well as play the story mode of the game for a change. Not only that, you will find your set tactics improving a lot while following the directions in the training mode.

So, these were some of the tricks and tips that you can try in order to better understand the new defensive system. Do try them and out let us know whether you find them helpful or not. Also, if you have any suggestion of your own, you can share it with us in the comments section below.


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