Different FIFA 18 Game Modes: Explained

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FIFA 18 comes with a lot of new features and especially the different games and all of them are even more exciting than the last one. We played each one of them for hours and here we are with the detailed review of these modes along with the new features that you get in them in this new game. We are here to give you some insights over each and every one of them.

FIFA 18 Career Mode

Career mode is very streamlined where the players can take the team or players to their full potential. You will see more transfers happening in very less time.

The negotiations are not so simple and are intuitive that adds a good reality factor to the game. The players can even start the negotiations outside the transfer windows, however, these transfers should be pre-decided. However, it is also the best thing that has been added to the Career gameplay. FIFA developers have added a completely new menu where you can see all the players who are transfer listed and the player whom you have targeted as well. In addition to that, you will see a lot of cut scenes where you will see different players meeting the managers of different teams in person, just like in real life.

While the player is under negotiation, you can see a new decision wheel at the bottom of the screen which will be your inputs in the talks about the transfer. Based upon your transfer free, contract clauses and other points of your agreement, the opposite team’s manager is going to reply. The replies are dynamic mostly and varies from player to player and try to bring the players to terms.

There are some more cut scenes after the transfer is completed including the first press conference of the newly signed player in the new club, the unveiling to the fans. More of them follow whenever you, your team or any player wins some big award or trophy.

While training in career mode, you will find 15 new skill pieces of training to assign to the players. The players also have an option to preset various drills to a specific group of players.

The Journey Mode

The Journey Mode has been hyped by FIFA a lot this year. This is the second season of the Journey story mode with some few features that were missing in the previous version and are a real delight to have.

In the new Journey mode, you will be playing in a different league, that means some new players and locations than England.
The main character of the story, Alex Hunter’s character can be customized by the players in FIFA 18. Unlike last year’s growth system, the earned skill points are not simply put into the stats, but you go through a complete skill tree now.

There are special roles of some of the best football players in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Dele Alli, Griezmann etc.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

There is not much difference in the new Ultimate Team mode except the FUT icons. These FUT cards have replaced the old Legend cards but one good thing about them is that they are no longer exclusive to the Xbox consoles. FIFA has created three version of each card Bronze, Silver, and Gold. With more card on the server, you have now more chance of getting an Icon player card now. The best card that you can get is Gold Brazilian Ronaldo card with an overall rating of 96 and pace attribute set at 97, he is unstoppable.

Fifa 18 Pro Clubs

There has been a lot of changes in the Pro Club menus, all in all, which is an improvement only. The company says that they have made the match lobby a lot more streamlined as well as user-friendly for the users. The players can now set the set-piece takers just before the match begins. The team playing style options are available as well.

FIFA 18 gives an option to the user to customize the play style of every single player. For one single position, there are three different playing styles and three different playing positions, giving a lot of options to the player to choose from. Various attributes of the player like defending, passing, shooting, pace, physical strength and goalkeeping is also upgradable in the Pro Club skill tree.

The kits have been updated as well. The players can create their very own personal kits using 12 new colors which have been added in FIFA 18.


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