Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch Game Review

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The gaming season is on and the gamers are soon going to get a lot of new, most awaited titles in the market. Many such games were on show as well as available to play n the recently held EGX. However, we are not here to talk about all of them, but specifically about one, Fifa 18.

Fifa 18 will be available in the market this week and the fans can’t wait to experience the new frostbite engine as well as the amazing Journey mode featuring Alex Hunter. However, we still need to wait for some time to experience all of it on the consoles, but we were able to get our hands on the Nintendo Switch version of the game in the event.

EA has not been very attentive to Nintendo gaming consoled in the past. Most of their games lack the focus and features, that most of the soccer fans were craving for. Also, the updates were merely minor improvements over the already sloppy gameplay. Most of the experts believed that less audience is the main reason behind less sale of their game. But the truth is that there has always been an audience for it, there was good EA game available that could attract the hand console gamers.

However, things are pretty different with the Nintendo Switch version of upcoming Fifa 18 game. We tried only one game on the Nintendo Switch. We were pretty surprised but, I personally love playing games on it. For regular gamers, it is good that you can enjoy Fifa anywhere anytime, but for hardcore gamers who use the right analog stick, finesse or pace control, the control might be a bit of hindrance.

But that will be a problem just with few games. Soon, you will adapt to the simple yet interesting and exciting gameplay. The single stick will simplify a lot of things for you. You won’t have to worry about sweet turns, instead, you can easily make your game by quick passing. The button controls include shoot, sprint, tackle, pass, through ball and the long ball. You might also struggle with the controls as it would take some time to get them set in your head.

The gameplay and graphics of Fifa 18 on Nintendo Switch are pretty awesome and since you can enjoy it anywhere with your friends, the feature makes it even more impressive. If you are playing with both the Joy-cons, you can have the full control of the game to perform better, but that is not possible while you are playing it with someone else since you will have to share one of it. But it is a completely different experience and a relief to enjoy the game in a simple way as we used to in the decade-old version of the game, but obviously with way better graphics.

One of the most interesting things to wait for in this Nintendo Switch version of the game is the Online multiplayer mode. Since we have enjoyed it online on heavy gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, but the gameplay in Nintendo Switch is different as well as new for every Fifa fan out there. It will be interesting to see how people adapt to this simple gameplay and how the experience will be online.

Talking about the game, it is way better than other small console versions of Fifa we have seen till now. EA Sports have tried to utilize the full potential of this handheld console to bring even the minute details on the screen in a beautiful way. We are pretty impressed with the feel of the game in small screen. Let’s now wait and see what EA Sports have to offer in the full version of the game coming out this week. Also, you can know more about the new features and top 100 players of upcoming Fifa 18 here.


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