Secondary Contain Tips & Tricks in FIFA 18

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FIFA 18 is amazing and no doubt it is way better than what we have seen from the company till date. There has been a lot of enhancement including graphics, gameplay, skills and especially defending. Defending in FIFA 18 is not an easy task. You will have to learn a lot of new things like containing the ball (something not many players used in the previous versions), which is together going to help you to defend against highly skilled attackers and opponents. Secondary contain is another thing that has received enhancements and you will need the tips and tricks given below to master it and for more efficient defending in FIFA 18.

In FIFA 17, players were able to secondary contain the targeted player at a certain angle only. The player who used to cover would place himself in between the player with the ball and the goal. But this year, we see the defenders placing themselves and covering the passing lanes. Not only that, the AI defenders are more intelligent when compared to FIFA 17 defenders.

Given below are some secondary contains tips and tricks to follow:

  • One of the best way to defend in FIFA 18 is to use the contain button along with jockey. You can simply rely on the AI to defend and stop the ball for you. You need special skill for defending as well so it is important to use the right button at the right time.
  • Try not to control the defender which is near to the opponent player with the ball. Try to predict his direction and them move your defender to block his way while tackling. Do this while holding the secondary control button and you will see yourself successfully blocking most of the forming attacks effectively.
  • Do not hold down the secondary contain button for long while your marker is on the defender which is near to the ball. Doing this will only make that defender chase the ball until and unless he gets it. You should let go the near player if you wind it chasing and chasing, and then secondary contain using another defender to press the ball and get the opposing player off it. You can even press him to make the ball pass and then intercept it in between.

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