Final Fantasy XV PC Edition will take 170 GB Space on your Hard Disk

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Yesterday was really big for all the PC gamers as well as Final Fantasy lovers as the latest installment of the game, i.e. Final Fantasy XV was finally announced for PC. Yes, it did surprise us all but earlier this year, the director of the game, Hajime Tabata did say that he wanted to see the game running on PC at some point of time.

In addition to the release period, the company also unveiled some additional information about the game. One point that took us aback was the storage size that the game would require on your hard disk. Final Fantasy XV will occupy 170 GB hard disk space. The original trailer video uploaded on YouTube by Square Enix mentioned few more points regarding system requirement.

Final Fantasy XV System Requirements

  • You monitor should support 4K HRD. According to the video, the game can support up to 8K HRD output.
  • The optimum GUP for the game is Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti. (No Surprise, it is among the most powerful processors in the market)
  • Optimum CPU requirement for the game is Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz or Ryzen 7 1700.
  • You will need minimum 16 GB RAM for running the game smoothly.
  • You can enjoy the game’s sound in 5.1 as well as 7.1 surround sound headphones.

However, we do not know why, but the video was taken down from YouTube later. But some smart people did capture the screenshot of the specifications before it was made non-available.

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Raio Mitsuno, the Global Brand Manager told PC Gamer that “We can say now that FF15 on PC supports native 4K and also up to 8K, as well as HDR 10. But we haven’t really revealed anything like minimum specs yet because we’re developing at such a high end which means we can’t really define it with current standards now. At some point, we will publish the recommended and minimum specs, but we can’t say exactly what they are at the moment.”

The Global Brand Director, Akio Ofuji, added to the Brand Manager’s statement:

“Obviously when developing for PC we have to keep in mind the demographic and players that play on PC and what they’re looking for. From from a technological standpoint, we’re trying to meet their standards and obviously, when we think about PC gamers we put in a first-person camera mode in the PC version.

We’re doing stuff to cater to the PC audience and we hope that by appealing to what they’re used to, that’ll bring them into the franchise and make them into fans of Final Fantasy.“

We still do not have a clear picture of the game that we will be seeing on your desktops. Square Enix said that the Final Fantasy XV PC Edition will come out in the early months of 2018.


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