First FIFA 18 Patch Released – All New Updates

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It has not been a month since the launch of FIFA 18 and there is no doubt that it is way better than any of the FIFA games that we have seen before. However, even after the official game is out, the EA Sports developers are never at rest. If you are a developer, you will know the fact that the main bugs are actually found by the users and not the testers. Same happened with the new FIFA 18 and with the help of user feedbacks, FIFA 18 developers are not working out to get the minor leftover and reported bugs out of the game as soon as they can. As a result, we have got the first patch of the new EA Sports football game this week, which eradicated few bugs and adds few improvements to the already existing gameplay.

Looking on the other side, we see mixed reactions from the fans. On one hand, we see people pretty happy with the removal of bugs, while on the other the hardcore players are not at all happy with the new additions.

One thing that we really disliked about the FIFA 18 graphics was the underwhelming goal-net animation. It has been changed and people also complained that the game automatically crashed while launching different game modes. It might be happening because of low PC specs of the gamers, but the developers have made tweaks in that too. But these were just the small changes, given below are the main problems that have been addressed in this new FIFA 18 patch. Also, these are the official changes that EA has listed, are implemented to the game with this first patch:

  • The difficulty level of both Armature, as well as Semi-Pro difficulties, have been tuned down a bit.
  • The goalkeeper reactions have been tuned in specific situations.
  • The shot accuracy has been reduced and the goalkeeper reaction timing has been enhanced for few in-game situations.

However, people who have already installed the new patch are reporting something else as well. The players are claiming that EA Sports have also made changes to the AI defending too, making it easier. Also, the difference in the various skill level of different players is not less visible, thus resulting in better and random results.

Goalkeepers are now even harder to pass on one-on-one situations. It is hard to score from the position from where you might have scored a lot before. This could be due to the reduced accuracy or improved goalkeeper reaction time.

Overall we can say that the FIFA 18 AI defends the goals and attacks by itself, weakening the challenging defense that we used to have in the previous versions. This is the main concern that is bugging a lot of players all over the world. This update also takes care of the one-sided unrealistic high scoring games that got circulated recently, all thanks to the goalscoring difficulty enhancement in the patch.


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