God of War III: Remastered PlayStation 4 Review

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If you are really a gamer as well as an RPG game lover, you must have played the God of War game earlier. There have been six games released under the God of War franchise, each one of which is really great to play with superb storylines. However, if you have just started playing the third part, the God of War III starts with the Kratos which has been wronged again and again by the gods and are on a cusp of defeating Zeus, who is the king of gods residing on the Mount Olympus. The whole story has been developed from the depth of Greek Mythology. The Kratos is taking the help of behemoths so that they could help them to ascend the huge Mount Olympus and to the Zeus stronghold. In his journey, he comes face to face with many other gods and creatures which should be defeated before you can face Zeus himself.

On playing the God of War III: Remastered on PlayStation 4, it did not look like the game is 5 years old. However, the textures and graphics of the game are not as great as you see in the modern titles. Still, the PlayStation 4 power makes it to juice out some extra textures making it better as you might have played on the PlayStation 3. Various moments in the game are really great in these textures too, like the Titan siege on the top of the Mount Olympus and the Cronos battle, we were really astonished to play that on PlayStation 4. You will also find it addictive and entertaining to kill the enemies with a lot of animations and finishing moves. The variation and complexity of the weapons and magic are not very complex, but the simple ones possessed by Kratos are enough to tear, hack and slash the enemies cutting them into pieces.

In the first look at the game, we see the resurrections of Kratos and that too seeing kind of unnecessary. In addition to that, the level to which you can enjoy the God of War III depends upon whether you have played the previous versions of the game as well as your relationships with the current RPGs.

In case you are playing the game for the first time, GOW III offers you the best experience, features and it’s best elements that have been there in the entire series. If you really wish to try it out because of curiosity and gameplay, without comparing it to modern titles, it is a superb RPG. However, if you have already played previous God of War games, the GOW III will surprise you with the same exciting gameplay and experience. But people who have not played it before and have played most of the recent RPG games, you could find the different elements of the game a bit outdated. The fixed camera angle and the prompts being the most annoying of them all. There will be times when the player feels and wants to look around to understand the environment, but are not allowed at all. The camera angle of every sequence is fixed and changes based on your position on the stage.

We personally liked the story. Being a curious fan of the Greek mythology, I loved the way the story has been built where you progress by killing each and every god himself and that too in a very brutal manner. The mechanics of the game might look a bit aged as well. But swinging and whipping the blades carelessly around to kill the enemies feels great and really entertaining. It truly pumps you up and brings out the destroyer inside you with too much power. You can kill thousands of enemies in other games as well, but getting the feel and enthusiasm out on your face, is what this game is good at.

The whole plot of the game revolves around the Kratos’ vengeance. For vengeance, you travel from the pits of Hades to the world of scratched plains of Tartarus and so on. We especially liked the different environments that were offered at each level, completely different from the previous one as well as very dense. You will never feel any kind of repetition or relation of the new environment with the one you’ve already crossed.

The combat mechanics are good too. You will find yourself tapping the different buttons repeatedly again and again to kill the enemies. The combos are unique as well as better when compared to DMC or Bayonetta. One big problem with such games is that the combat starts feeling repetitive after a point of time. However, God of War III keeps you fresh by keeping you on your toes all the time. There are different kinds of enemies that you will face and which requires different techniques to be used to defeat them. So mixing all of them up helps in generating various different unique scenarios during combat.

There might be times where you will lose the sight of the item which you need to interact next, all because of the fixed camera angles that could leave you frustrating at times when you are not able to find what to do next. But these moments are very few in the game and also very far from each other. So, they do not occur every now and then hindering your fun.

All in all, God of War III Remastered is an epic end of the Kratos’ Vengeance story. The mechanics of the game and gameplay is great considering it was initially released 5 years ago. But bringing it to PS4 does improve the textures, frame rate and other graphical aspects of the game. If you are a God of War fan and haven’t played this game, we recommend you to buy it for the PS4 console but in case you just plan to try out a good RPG game, God of War III Remastered is old but definitely not a bad choice.


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