Last Day of June PlayStation 4 Game Review

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We all go through a lot of tragedies in our life. Most of us also wish that what if we had the power to change things what had already happened. What if we had some kind of rewind button so that we can go back in time to change all the wrong things that we have done. However, this is not possible in real life and this is not how the reality works. But the game we are going to review here revolves around the similar concept.  Last day of June is a game that deals with the hope frustration, grief and anger of a lonely and desperate old man. The concept of the game is based on the belief that altering one single event in our past can change the entire course of events that followed and could ultimately save a person from an untimely death.

Carl and June are the main characters of “Last day of June” game that are deeply in love and living happily.  They plan to take out one day from the busy life and go out on an outing to one of their favorite places. After having an amazing day and enjoying each other, while they are returning back to the home their car meets an accident in which June is killed and Carl’s body gets paralyzed below the waist.

Now, years after the event, Carl is still sitting in his chair thinking about the tragedy and trying to relive the time just before June’s death over and over again. He relives this time from the perspective of all the characters that used to stay along with them in their small community.  As a player, you have the power to relive and change the outcome of the story by altering the actions of each and every character.  As you slowly alter the outcomes of each story you also modify the events that happened that day ultimately trying to save June from dying somehow.

Last Day of June has been developed beautifully in an art style manner with superb animation and where grief is palpable. However, there are no words or dialogues in the entire game.  Last Day of June feels so real that you can literally feel the desperation that is inside Carl in yourself. It is possible that some of the players might find the starting of the game and follow up a bit confusing since all the characters just mutter and talk in a slow indecipherable tone and manner.  But once you keep playing it, and in the later part of the game when you are really comfortable with these conversations,  you will be able to easily understand what each and every character tries to convey as well as their emotions.

We would really like to commend the gorgeous art that has been put in this game. the entire game looks like a beautiful color painting,  where unimaginable colors poping out blending with superb pastels and brush strokes.

The concept of the game is pretty interesting however reliving the memories again and again might cause frustration as well as irritation to some of the players.  You just move around and try to complete the quick time events which is not an issue. However doing these things again and again is something that can bug you. You will find yourself pressing the same buttons again and again, moving down the road again and again, completing the entire day again and again just to find out is there any change waiting for you at the end of the day or not. There is a huge possibility that you might see the same things again and again without any change in the outcome.

You enter the game with an emotional mind,  but the repetitiveness reduces the emotional impact of the game.  The first time you will feel a lot about June’s death,  but watching it for the 12th or the 15th time is definitely annoying.  We wish there was an option where one could skip this and find out what happens in the end directly. But the player also needs to find out what he needs to do in order to save June,  and figuring that out is really interesting.

Not only this, the repeating element also affects the course of the event itself because the player needs to go back again and again and redo all the character arcs that he or she might have already completed just sometime back.  We just wish that there was some way to skip these cutscenes and reach the end of the day without re-living every moment of the day back to back.

Another problem that we found in last day of June was the long loading time.  the player needs to wait and stare at the loading screen for around 30 seconds every time they load back into the game and when each day concludes.  This problem is even worse in PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4.

But there are some shining moments too.  the side characters are so vignetted that they provide strong richness as well as flavor to the story.  You not only come to know Carl and June, but also the side characters in detail. We really want to give a heads up to the developers for portraying the gravity, unintentional inputs as well as the importance of each and every role so well that they have a direct effect in June’s demise.

Last day of June is a different type of game that might attract a lot of players looking for a different gameplay.  the ability to alter past events in order to change the present condition is something that almost all of us have fantasized but never experienced.  the game somehow gives you a glimpse of the power to reshape the present by changing the past. Also, there are very little games that perfectly portray the struggle between a man’s determinism and free will Very uniquely. If the repetitive thing is something that doesn’t bother you,  the love story of Carl and June Is definitely worth playing.

You can watch the gameplay trailer of Last Day of June below:


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