New Augmented Reality Walking Dead Game brings Dead to your Home

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Augmented Reality is the new technology which has gained a lot of popularity and last couple of years and especially after the release of Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality focuses on bringing the fictional characters in the real world, and now many other companies are working on the concept to come up with real-life based video games for the users.

Well, we don’t know about all the companies out there, but it looks like AMC as well Next Games have achieved a milestone in this Augmented reality game development. They have recently announced a brand new location based AR video game with the name “The Walking Dead: Our World”. The company said that the game will be available for most of the smartphones and smart devices very “soon”. However, no date was announced by the officials regarding the release of the game.

The player will have to use their mobile phone cameras to see a dead chasing you, hiding behind avocados and creeping up you family and friends. You get the same characters in the game as present in the TV series. They include Daryl, Michonne as well as Rick that will appear sometimes to help you fulfill your quest. There are various items which you can interact with while you are fulfilling any quest. These items might include new weapons or supplies to dealing with the dead in a better way.


You can watch the trailer of the upcoming “The Walking Dead: Our World” game below. However, the game does not offer a lot of information about the game but it looked really fun. It is the second game after Pokemon Go that features Augmented Reality, and the first game which takes the technology to whole new level. However, the players need to be really careful where they are heading in the real world. If you are not so careful with your surrounding, it is possible that you might harm yourself before you encounter any zombie on your smart device screen.

If you are a Walking Dead show fan, the eighth season of the TV series will return on October 22, 2017, on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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