Now Play Online Against PS4 Users on Your Xbox One: Microsoft Announces Cross Network Support

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There is a good news for all the Xbox Live gamers out there. Well, it officially out and:

“After nearly 14 years of Xbox Live existing, it’s finally been announced by director of ID@Xbox One, Chris Charla.”

In case you have no idea what the above statement means, Xbox is finally bringing cross-platform or cross network play to all the players. So, you will be able to play games with other players on PSN as well as people playing games on Windows 10.

The company has not taken any names in their official announcement and they have been careful to not to comment anything about PS4 and instead use the term “other consoles” in order to address their competitors. However, everyone knows what they mean by “other consoles”.

Rocket League, the famous game by Psyonix developers will be the first game to support the cross-network feature. However, Rocket League is already a cross-platform game where players from Windows and PS4 can play together. Ain addition to that, a lot more games will follow Rocket League in the current year.

Well, the feature comes as an option to the developers who can or cannot include the cross network support in their games. It is more relevant for online MMORPG like Call of Duty, Elder’s Scroll Skyrim Online etc. in which the players are looking for a tough challenge.

So, here is a list of games that we are expecting to hit the market in the upcoming quarters and with the cross-network feature as well.

GTA Online

We don’t think that this game needs any kind of explanation or introduction. Rockstar games is keen and determined to offer the best third person reality experience to the players It already offers a lot of things including a completely open world, and imagine if you can find real people roaming around in the city. GTA already has an online community and what could be better than merging it with Xbox Live in order to get some different and unique experience.

The Division

Ubisoft is mainly popular for the Assassin’s creed game series as well as the very favorite Prince of Persia games. However, they recently came up with an open world third person shooter game by the name “The Division”. However, Ubisoft can come up with a new game with similar gameplay but different title and cross network play feature. The best part about this game is that you can use this new feature to its full potential by competing with real time players irrespective of their platform.

Call of Duty (Upcoming version)

We expect that Activision will soon announce its upcoming Call of Duty game to come with the cross network feature. Also, no one can deny the fact that the Call of Duty community is one of the best communities in the gaming world and this new feature will truly turn out to be bliss for COD lovers. Overall, it would be a more competitive environment for the players when they can pick the platform to play again each other.


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