Philips Plans to Introduce 32-inch 8K Monitor in 2018

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The 4K display technology is already out there and the new devices that are manufactured today are all made compatible for it. However, the next big thing in the TPV Technology vertical is 8K Ultra HD display. We saw an example of it on the IFA trade show which was held in Germany, this year. The display was showcased by Philips in the form of the 328P8K monitor. They also told that this new monitor will become the part of the regular company’s lineup, but will be made available only in the next year.

This is not the first time we are seeing an 8K Ultra high display, instead, Philips is the second company to come up with such technology. The first 8K UHD monitor we saw came from Dell, and they have also been selling it to the consumers for about half a year now. People going for such high-end monitors are actually looking for superb screen resolution as well as color enrichment. Till now there was only one contender in the market, but it looks like Dell is going to face some serious competition when Philips 328P8K comes out next year.

There were not many details available about the monitor, however, the basic specifications of the monitor said that the screen size of the monitor will be 31.5 inches with a screen resolution of 7860 x 4320 pixels. The HDR 400 feature is going to offer 400 nits of brightness to the player’s eyes with 60Hz refresh rate.

The connectivity options of the monitor are similar to as of the Dell 8k UltraSharp UP3218K monitor. There are two 1.3 DP cables available for connectivity. They have not used DP 1.4 or DP 1.2 because using DP 1.3 eliminates the Display Stream Compression and makes sure that the gamers get excellent as well as accurate images and colors on the screen.

Another best part about this upcoming monitor is that it will be equipped with a webcam. It is something that we have not see in current generation monitors till now. In addition to the webcam, the users will also get a couple of 3 Watt speakers along with a USB Type – A and a USB Type-C. It is good to have a USB Type – C port in the monitor keeping in mind the future devices that might try to connect with it.

The company has not revealed the original manufacturing company of the display panel, however, looking at the similar specifications of both UP3218K and Philips new monitor, it looks like they have been manufactured by a single manufacturer only.

The Philips 328P8K 8K Ultra High definition monitor will hit the market sometime in next year’s Q1 or maybe Q2. The exact release date of the monitor is still not announced by the company. Not only that, there is no info regarding the price of the monitor as well. So, all we can do is wait and watch for new monitor news and see what Philips have planned for the gamers who are already excited about this upcoming Ultra high definition 8K monitor from Philips.


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