PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Release Date for PlayStation 4

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The PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds has recently been announced for Xbox One, and there are rumors around about its availability on PlayStation 4 console. Players and fans have been claiming that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is strictly an exclusive for Xbox One console and PC only.However, reports from latest sources tell us that the game might come for the PlayStation 4 and possibly for other consoles as well.

If you believe the recent report from Bloomberg, the developers of the game, PUBG Corp. is already in talks with other console manufacturers after Microsoft, for bringing the game on to their platforms. There is also a possibility that the exclusive PUBG Xbox One deal has a time limit on it and once that gets lapsed, they will be free to bring the game to other gaming platforms.

The report said, “Microsoft Corp. will launch the title exclusively on Xbox later this year. Bluehole is in talks with Sony about introducing a version for the PlayStation after that.”

However, the thing to notice here is that the talks with other console manufacturers happened before the Bluehole created a separate division for the PUBG game development, now knows as the PUBG Corp.

Till when Can I expect PUBG on PlayStation 4?

Definitely, there is no specific date for it. It all basically depends upon the Xbox One exclusive deal that the game company has signed with Microsoft. Until the deal gets lapsed, they won’t be able to release their game to any gaming platform other than Xbox One. Looking at the popularity this game has picked up, Microsoft could not have found a better way to force the gaming lovers to pick Xbox One over other competing gaming consoles.

But there have been no detailed made available by the PUBG Corp. that tell us when this deal is going to end. This might be another clause in their agreement too, forbidding PUBG Corp. to announce the release date of the game for other platforms for quite some time. On a general basis, such deals extend up to one year. But the deal between PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds developers and Microsoft might even stretch up to two to three years.

However, we will keep you updated with any news we get on the release dates of PUBG for PlayStation 4 or any other console. But, in case you are an Xbox One owner and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lover, the game is out now for Xbox One consoles. Get more details on PUBG for Xbox One here.


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