Sony Finally Releases the PS4 Final Update 5.0 for Everyone

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Last to last month Sony launched the private beta version of the update that was expected any time before the end of the year. Well, the wait has finally come to an end, since the PS4 5.0 update is now available for PS4 consoled all over the world. This new update is a mixture of many small as well as some big features. Its size is just 375 MBs and the company has made it mandatory for all the console owners. Well, you do not have to worry about updating it manually. Whenever you will turn on your PS4, and if the internet connectivity is available, the update will download itself automatically and install.

Talking about the new enhancements, first of all, Sony has updated the Friend List and included a lot of new tools increasing the management capabilities of the user. For example, now you can make your own separate private list of friends that are specific to a particular game like FIFA 18. By doing this, the player will also have an option to send a combined invite to all the player on your private list at one go. This new feature has replaced the “Favorite Groups” tab that is available in the previous version.

There are new additions to enhance the game streaming via PS4. Now the PS4 Pro users will be able to stream their game in full HD 1080p resolution and at 60 frames per second. Not to mention, you will need a really strong internet connection for that. In case you are a PlayStation VR users, you can now see the new incoming messages as well as the comments on it in the form of a broadcast in front of your eyes. There is another good news for PSVR users too, you now get 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel virtual surround sound support with PS4 5.0 update.

One big problem that most of the users complained about in the previous PS4 4.0 was that the main menu was very slow and consumed a lot of time. The company recognized this problem by updating the quick menu. When compared to the quick menu in the older version, the newer one has a lot more options like the progress of downloads, new invites etc.
Another problem that the previous version had was the notifications which used to pop up in between while you are watching your favorite movie or show. Well, in the latest update, there is an option to disable the notification popups while you are enjoying your favorite media on PS4.

There has been a major change in the Parental Controls and they have been enhanced to a whole new “Family of PSN” level, Sony says. This new system is going to replace the old Master account and Subaccount system. Instead, there will e a Family Manager, who will be responsible for creating the other accounts. The new accounts could be given the role of Parent / Guardian, Child or Adult. Parents, as well as Guardians, will have the control over the restrictions and permissions of the Child’s account. Sony says that the parent can control “use of online features and communication with other players, set restrictions for games, restrict the use of the internet browser, and set spending limits for PlayStation Store.

In the Beta version which was released by Sony in the month of August, stated that in case the user is setting up is PS account for the first time, he will have to pay $0.50 as the one-time fee in order to verify that you are an adult. The release notes that came along with the update do not mention anything of such kind.

Given below are the PS4 5.0 final Update’s Patch Notes:

  • Main Features:
  • You can now add users of your PS4 as family members. This makes it easy to manage your child’s account information and to restrict PS4 features. To add family members, select (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management].
  • As the family manager, you can set up your family.
  • Up to seven family members (including you) can be in your family and use online features.
  • Multiple adults can be in your family. The family manager can make other adults in the family parents or guardians. The family manager and family members who are parents or guardians can adjust parental controls for the children in your family.
  • You can configure parental control settings for each child. Using parental controls, you can restrict use of online features and communication with other players, set restrictions for games, restrict use of the Internet browser, and set spending limits for PlayStation Store.
  • You can configure parental controls anytime from your PC or smartphone.
  • You can now follow anyone, not just verified accounts. Select (Follow) on a person’s profile screen, and their activities and broadcasts will appear in [What’s New]. You automatically follow your Friends, but you have the option to unfollow them.
  • Recommendations for who to follow are now offered based on the games you play. Select (Friends) > (Follow).
  • You can now choose who can follow you and who can see your follow list. Select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Privacy Settings], and then configure each setting.
  • (Custom Lists) has been added to (Friends). Create custom lists to easily organise your Friends and choose players to send messages or game invitations to.
  • For certain broadcasts, (Communities) now appears on the (Live from PlayStation) viewing screen. To access the broadcaster’s community, select (Communities).
  • You can now view (Notifications) on the quick menu.
  • The following languages have been added as system languages: Czech, Indonesian, Hungarian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Greek, Thai.
  • When broadcasting PlayStation VR gameplay, you can now see spectator comments on your VR headset screen.

Other Features:

  • For (Messages), screen layout has been improved, and the following features have been added.
  • You can now receive music that has been shared with you as a message. • Select the message to play the music.
  • Messages containing a URL now display a preview.
  • The following features have been added to the quick menu.
  • You can now select [Leave This Party] to leave the party.
  • You can now see albums and playlists for songs playing in Spotify.

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