PUBG Update 2 Patch is out for Xbox One, find the Full Notes

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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best game that we saw in the starting of the year. And it still retains its position because of the addictive and absolutely random gameplay and concept. Not only that, the game was initially released for PCs but recently, they officially announced the game for Xbox One consoles as well. If you didn’t know about that, you can get the PUBG for your Xbox One on the game store online.

Not much time has passed since the game was made available for the Xbox One users, it has received the second update patch today. We saw a big update hitting the game earlier this week, and this new one patch is available for the players all over the globe.

However, on comparing the new and modified features in this new update, it is not as big as the first one. It basically refines the console version of the game to make it better by majorly quality-of-life enhancements. There were some crashing issues reported by the players which have been rectified in the new update. One major problem that most of the players faced was with the recoil while firing the weapons, it has been reduced a bit thus offering you better aiming and precision with your shots. There are some other enhancements in the gameplay and you can find the complete details in the list below.

PUBG Xbox One Update Patch 2

In-game enhancements

  • The weapon recoil has been reduced but that change is for Xbox One only and not for PC
  • There are few localization upgrades.
  • There is an expansion in the tuning range that you get in the general sensitivity option.
  • There were some problem and delay in the Team voice chat status, which has now been fixed.

Optimization Enhancements

  • General performance enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the game when the game crashed while playing.
  • Sometimes the casting bar remained in its place even when the target is dead while they are using some of the items in the inventory.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was in the early access phase last week on Xbox One, and with the copies, they have sole till now, we can not doubt its popularity growing exponentially in the Console as well. In the first two days only, more than 1 million players from all over the world played the game. It is so popular among the gamers that Xbox is selling it in a bundle with Xbox One X for a limited amount of time. However, the previous update made a lot of improvements to the performance as well as visuals and other bug fixes.

Also, we saw the official release of the game on 20th of December. The game was in the early access phase since 9 months. The 1.0 release of the game introduced a lot of new mechanics like the players are now able to climb the vault, and according to the creator, Brenden Greene, these changes are going to change the gameplay of the game severely. A new desert map was also introduced with the name “Miramar’. However, this map is only available for PCs now, but we can expect it soon on the console version of the game as well in the coming updates.


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