Road Redemption PC Game Review

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When computers were a bit new and most of us were small,  I remember there was motorcycle racing game that I used to play a lot. If you had played it as well,  you might have got an idea about the game I am talking about. Road Rash,  one of the best racing game of the  90s Was a major part of our childhood. Still didn’t get it, try remembering driving fast through the city road as well as the highway with weapons by your side and beating the hell out of every other racer trying to pass you or whom you are just about to overtake. Well, the game got lost with so many advanced and better games that got released in the following years. Also, other popular PC games like Pac-man and Space Invaders got updated in the future, but Road Rash was lost somewhere in our memory. However, with the latest game named Road Redemption, some of the indie developers have tried to bring back that fun again on your computer screens.

The original Road Rash game was published by none other than EA a long long time ago. We haven’t seen any kind of update from them for over a decade. Road Rash was a very simple motorbike racing game with a bit of twist. This twist was also the best thing about the game, which was: the player could punch and kick and hit other bikers with steel chain and rod, who are racing against you and as the player rode past them. That is all. And the fun in hitting other bikers with different stuff and making them fall off the bike was something that we can’t even explain now.

With Road Redemption, the developers have tried their best to bring the same feel to the gamers and Road Rash lovers with a lot of improvements in the graphics as well as in the gameplay. Road Redemption was in its early access phase since past 18 months after getting kickstarted in the year 2013, but now, it is finally out for everybody.

We took Road Redemption to test and review. The first thing that we noticed was that the fundamentals of the game remain similar as it was in Road Rash. The game has no specific goal and the game should be played only for time pass, fun as well as enjoyment.

You drive through the desert riding the motorcycle on a busy street filled with Cars, other bikes, and your opponents. The other crowd moves normally, but your opponents are going to attack you with knives, iron bars, chains and what not. So, you are actually fighting other motorcyclists trying to kill them at a speed of about 100-120 MPH. You need to act fast before they do if you do not want yourself to be killed by them. There are many riders that get eliminated by getting hit in the face by a swift spade.

The initial Road Rash game had only one mode, however, the Road Redemption has three modes for the players to enjoy. The weapons are powerful than before with amazing crash and murder physics and face action.

One good addition to the game is the smart AI opponents. Road Rash was simple and did not include smart opponents, but the new remake is a lot more violent and features a bit of roguelitey.

There are different missions to complete they vary from stage to stage and are very random. The players get a typical racing mode where you just need to bash as many opponents as you can to rank high in the end. There are other modes too where the player needs to survive for a minimum amount of time or where the player needs to beat a given number of opponents to pass. The difficulty of the game also increases as one crosses the stage.
Also, when you move from one stage to another, you get a chance to spend the cash that you have earned playing different stages to upgrade your health, weapons, bike nitro etc. In the beginning, the player starts the game with simple weapons like clubs etc. However, you will need stronger weapons to take care of opponents in the difficult stages. One can even take off the heads of the opponent using a machete, or use a spiked bat to bash their heads off.

A lot of focus has been given to the fighting mechanics, even more than racing. There are many overpasses as well as shortcuts that could give you a leap ahead, but at the same time, they are really very risky. The players will require a bit of practice to figure out when to use the nitro when to drift so that you do not lose your speed etc. Players can even interact with other vehicles on the road to take down the opponents. For example, putting a detonator or a pipe bomb behind you so that the competitor behind you cant escape it. However, you will need perfect timing as well as a lot of practice to pull out this trick.

Every time you finish a race, you get some experience points which can be used to upgrade the on-road experience of the game.This experience could be used to enhance your abilities in the next playthrough and also to buy new items like weapons, bikes, and characters.

It is overall a good game that will give you the feel of old road rash which we used to play in the 90’s. I definitely recommend this game to all those who have loved the old Bike fighting – racing game. There are certain bugs, of course since the game is still in its initial stages but it is definitely a good upgrade to the original Road Rash game.


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