Sony Might Soon Allow You to Change your PSN ID

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There is a good news for all the PSN subscriber out there. It is possible that Sony might allow you to change your PSN names once. This is one thing that most of the PSN users have been thinking since its launch. Many of us just random names while subscribing without realizing that there won’t be any option to change it later. Thanks to that most of us are stuck with really stupid names. But, the latest reports tell us that Sony might finally allow the players to change their PSN account names.

The news comes from a website called PushSquare that got it hands on a survey which was conducted by none other than Sony. The content of the survey suggested that Sony might be collecting opinions for adding a new feature in PSN which allows the users to change their PSN IDs. Not only that, it also suggested that the feature may allow the users to change their IDs not only once but multiple times and that too for free.

But it does not mean that you will be able to change it whenever you want. Instead, we can expect this option to get enabled every 6 months. Also, in case the user does like the new ID and wish to get it reverted, they will have to contact the Sony’s customer support.

There was no official disclosure from PushSquare whether this change will be free or the player will have to pay some amount to get it done. If we look at the competitor, Xbox One, the company allows the players to change their ID for free just once after which the players need to pay some amount for the change.

However, Sony has still not commented on the information by PushSquare and we should still be not so sure about it. This is because the Survey also said that, “We can’t be sure whether this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard. “

We can expect Sony to add this feature soon because Xbox already has it. However, we can expect them to charge a fee for that. Many players have already been requesting the company for that and when asked to Shawn Layden, a PS executive, last year, he said that won’t be able to answer any question the PSN name change topic.

What do you think about the PSN name change? Should it be allowed and if it comes, should Soncy charge the player for that? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.


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