Sony Releases PS 4 Update 5.5 and Here are the New Features

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Sony recently released an update for the PlayStation 4 consoles out there and in this update, they are also asking people to register for a beta test for some kind of “major” update that the console might be getting soon. There were few rumors about some big update in past few days which have been officially confirmed by the PS4 update 5.5. However, the update is not rolled out to everyone but only to selected users of the console.

One thing that you need to know about the PS4 update 5.5 is that it brings a lot of changes to different areas of the PS4 UI. The whole Library looks like redesigned and has been divided into two separate sections. The first section allows the user to see all the items that he or she has purchased from the PS Store using that account. The second section of the Library basically display the games, apps and other things installed on your PS4. Not only that, in case you have a PS Plus subscription, you can also see all the games you own via PlayStation Plus. These games are locked when your subscription ends and you will have to re-subscribe to PS Plus to play them again. Since the purchase list display all the Demos, Beta versions and trials, there is an option that allows you to hide them from the screen and Library.

There was some progress visible to the custom wallpaper in the previous update but with the new PS4 Update 5.5, the users can import any image from a USB Flash Drive and then set it as the PS4 background. You will find a new section named “USB” added in the Themes section under Settings. There are some handy tools for cropping and zooming the images and for making the picture fit perfect in the background.

One new addition to the feature list is “Play Time Management”. This new feature is developed focusing the time your kids spend on PS4. The parents can now set a daily time limit for their children and prevent them from sticking to their TV screens for hours. You can also track the time played using any profile from your PC or even from your Smartphone. In case you wish to warn someone about the approaching limit cutoff, you can send them a notification using your phone or PC and could even decide whether to shut them off right away or not.

The other feature includes a Supersampling feature that might be of some interest to you in case you are not using a 4K display monitor for playing games on your PS4. The Supersampling feature is going to enhance the existing supersampling capabilities and will allow it to be utilized for some more games as well. For those who do not know what SUpersampling is, it is a process in which the game is rendered at a very high resolution but then scaled down to the resolution that your monitor supports, thus offering better and clearer images.

There are few improvements made to the Quick Menu, you get some shortcut buttons that could be used to Play and Pause the music. The users can delete the notifications manually now and there is a new Customization option added to the Tournament team pages.

However, at the starting of the post, we talked about some kind of Registration for the beta PS4 update. Well, in case you have got a choice to register for it and if you do, keep yourself updated with your email inbox regularly as you may get some info on how to access it. There is no official word about the release date of the beta future update, but it might bring a lot of new and cool features to our existing PS4 and PS4 consoles.


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