Tips & Tricks to Earn FIFA Coins Easily and Quickly

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Getting new players and consumables in FIFA 18 is a really tough job. You will need a lot of FIFA coins in order to buy them from the market. Not only that, they have a special position in the entire Ultimate Team mode since you will need it all the time whether you have to open another pack, or enter tournaments, buying players; consumables like contracts, fitness & injury cards etc.

Obviously, there is an option to buy the coins using real money. You just need to buy some FIFA Points using the real world amount. And these FIFA points will be used in an exchange of FIFA Coins. It is that simple. But you can’t buy players directly with FIFA points. You can only buy different card packs, meaning, you will have no control what comes out of each of those packs.

Apart from that, earning coins is a really slow process when you are just playing games or completing daily objectives; when in reality, players like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are currently going for a minimum of 157,000 and 105,000 coins respectively. It’s gonna take you ages to even afford one of such star players.

Of course, there are ways to buy FIFA coins from external sources / third parties, but it’s not ethical in EA’s eyes and nonetheless, it’s gonna cost you real fiat money.

So, if you don’t want to spend money to buy FIFA coins, read on. I have some really good tips and tricks that you can use to earn FIFA coins easily and fast in FIFA Ultimate Team 18 (FUT18). Let’s get started:

How to Earn FIFA Coins Fast in FUT18

Here you will get to know how to earn FIFA coins easily and quickly in the game. But before we move on to that, let us have a look at some of the main methods people use to earn the FIFA coins:

  • Playing Matches: One of the most simple and obvious way to earn FIFA coins in FIFA 18 is simply by playing matches. If you are playing against any other online player you can get around 400 coins if you win. If you are really good winning matches you can earn a lot by this. Taking part in different online leagues and winning them will give you additional coins.
  • Weekly Challenges and Tournaments: You can find a lot of weekly challenges as well as tournaments in FIFA Ultimate Team. Completing these challenges will give you a decent amount of coins. All these tournament and challenges are refreshed every week. A player can earn up to 500 coins for winning a tournament or completing a challenge.

Fastest Way to Earn FIFA 18 Coins

Both the methods mentioned above will offer you coins but might seem really slow. However, there are certain ways by which you can just spend few hours in the transfer market and earn coins with double speed. In order to do that, just follow the steps that have been mentioned below:

Earn 4000-6000 Coins per Hour

  • The first thing that we want to recommend to you is that you should apply coin boost if you have. You can get the coin boosts Using EA Football Club.
  • Now, go to the online leagues and there you can earn minimum 600 coins for every win. This happens only when the coin boost is activated. At the same time as you progress through the division, new rewards and challenges will be available to you giving you more coins.
  • FIFA ultimate team Draft mode is another good way to earn good amount of FIFA coins based on the gameplay. However, this requires the player to play really well to make a significant number of coins. But, you need to be really sure about it since it requires 15000 FIFA coins to enter.

Earn 10000+ coins per hour via Transfer Market

This is the method for those who do not want to spend time actually playing the match. You can do mass bidding on the transfer market to earn FIFA coins at a decent speed. Given below is the step by step instructions to earn a lot of FIFA coins using transfer market.

  • First of all, you need to find a player that is really popular and in demand. At the same time make sure that the player is not very costly and lies in your budget. You can search for many La Liga players or Premier League players and which play in most crucial positions like as a striker or defender. Basically, you want a player whose demand is a lot more than supply.
  • Now you need to find an average buy-it-now price of that player. In order to calculate the price, pick the current price of that player and then deduct 5% EA tax from it. So, all you need is to multiply the current price of the player by 0.95. Now you just need to buy the same player a couple of hundred coins less so that you can sell it at a profitable price.
  • Now you just have to bid below the average buy-it-now price keeping a difference of 100 to 200 coins. Everything is about the profit margin, the lower you can get the player at, more profit you will get while selling it. Make sure you make at least more than a hundred coins every time you buy an resell a player. Going to the 3rd or 4th page of the transfer market, you can find players on which you can be the first bidder and which are cheap. This also means that you will have to place a lot of bids and that too strategically.
  • Now, if you are lucky you would have got few really cheap players that you would want to sell out instantly. You can put this cards on the transfer market with the listing set for 1 hour and set the buy it now price very very close to the average price. Now wait for few hours for your cards to sell and we’re pretty sure you would have made thousands of free FIFA coins by that time.

It is just the matter of bidding, the more you bid the more are your chances of getting cheap cards and more FIFA coins.

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