Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus PlayStation 4 Review

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If you have played the first Wolfenstein: The New Order game and loved it, then you are definitely going to love the next installment of the franchise. Everything that made the first game great is also there in the new Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

This new game has an excellent cast of heroes and the even better cast of villains making the story of the game as well as the gameplay a lot more interesting.

The Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus starts with the father B.J. Blazkowicz, the hero of the game and the story begins when he was a child. He discovers the hatred of his father for other races while he is caught playing with his young female friend who is black. We see that B.J. Blazkowicz father has a different viewpoint who thinks that this would is of the straight white men and they are superior to all the other races on the earth. Not only that, he also believes that they are superior to other races in terms of religion as well as sexual orientation. He tells the young Blazkowicz that,” It’s on us to straighten out the queer,”

The elder Blazkowicz also wants to make the hero strong. He will have to learn it because according to him, being strong is something that is not taught by his Jewish mother. In a scene, B.J. finds himself tied to a beam, and he is directly looking at his dog. Soon he is handed a shotgun and is instructed to kill the dog. He has to learn to be strong somehow. However, we are not going to reveal the suspense here and we recommend you to resolve the scene as well as the game by playing it. But to resolve it, you will have to pull the trigger.

Well, this was just the starting scene and was enough to get us aware of the amount of cruelty that we are going to see in the game. The elder Blazkowicz is really cruel. Not only he is a racist, but also an anti-Semite who married B.J’s mother, a Jewish woman only for her money and her family business. We also see him kicking a dog and then asking B.J. to kill him. But he is not the only cruel evil character in the game. Soon we were introduced to another character who takes the lives of resistance fighters in anger and cold blood. That is not all, after killing the rebel, he has the habit of playing with their heads. This is a game you definitely won’t want your kids to get hands on.

The new game starts after the events of the New Order, and we see the main character in very bad condition. During the battle with the Deathshead, Blazkowicz suffers from bad injuries after an explosion on the battlefield. His insides are failing and the Kreisau Circle is trying very hard to make him survive. B.J. Blazkowicz is some kind of super soldier as well as a legendary fighter who wakes up in the previous game 14 years after Axis powers won the World War II and setting off a nuclear weapon. Almost all of us thought that he would die, but that is not what that happens and we see the story continuing in the second and latest installment.

Blazkowicz is mentally as well as physically devastated in the starting of the game, as we told you above, but the condition does not remain the same for long. Soon into the game, we see him picking up the gun again and fighting against the Nazis. Not only that, the nurse whom he fell in love with in the previous game is now pregnant with twin babies. So, it is a lot more than he needs to fight for in this game. But that only enhances the dive as well as the pressure which is required in a conflict where we see the United States falling in front of the Nazis.

There is a scene in the game where we see the pregnant Anya naked, her belly swollen with a child, and she is covered in blood with a pleasurable feeling and smile on her face. This depicts that there is nothing that could stop her from fighting, not even pregnancy. She is there to do everything she can to help her friends and kill Nazis, and if that requires her to go topless, then be it.

You will find the new Wolfenstein 2 offering you joy, cruelty as well as despair. The game perfectly displays the scenario where the U.S. people have developed a huge amount of hatred towards Nazis under their rule and how they fight back to get rid of them. People in the game are mostly fighting back so that they can enjoy their lives without any oppression. The campaign mode is really intense and hard, but there are many side missions that you can pick up. There are many Blazkowicz allies as well who fight with the hero but also have a different life outside the battle. Many of these people have hobbies like immersing themselves in various psychedelics or playing clarinet etc. We feel that these non-violent scenes were necessary for the game so that the players can get some break from the never-ending cruelty and gun battles.

Unlike the previous Wolfenstein game, the Wolfenstein 2 offers large levels to the players which also contain various different paths to progress forward in the game, solve side missions and achieve rewards on exploring new things and areas. We really found it interesting to roam around the level area and then finding out different ways to surprise the enemy and attacking them in stealth.

There are different kinds of guns that are available to the main hero in the game. One thing that we really liked about it was, Blazkowicz carries the entire arsenal available to him all the time. So, the player has a whole list of weapon options to choose from at any point in time in the game. You can also pick two different guns to hold in two different hands, thus laying havoc on the opponents in the dual-wield mode.

You will find the ammo as well as other weapons and their upgrades scattered around the home base. These items vary at every level and allow the player to use silencers, scopes, extra-large magazines to make your weapons even more deadly. As you will progress in the game, you will be able to enhance the Blazkowicz’sabilities, that in return are going to help you a lot in defeating the stronger and better opponents. Nobody is going to say anything if you burst in firing every last bullet on the enemy with both guns in your hand, or just kill them in quick shady stealth mode without alarming anyone. You have different paths to play all the levels and could even upgrade one set of abilities to take things differently as well.

If you want to be the part of the story as well, there is much narrative decision you will have to make as well in the early game. You can take different decisions that are in reality going to change certain aspects of your campaign story. This will allow the player to enjoy the game more than one time with some differences from the first time play.

We would especially like to mention about the narrative of the game which is so deep and really like that it will make you get into it. Wolfenstein 2 is not easy to play and don’t even try to start in the hard mode. You are going to die a lot of times. Truly saying, we started from hard and then we came down to Normal difficulty level after few missions in the Campaign mode. However, this problem is a bit solved by various options that you will find in the game, one of which is to save the game. The players have checkpoints where the game auto-saves itself. But you also have the option to save the game at any point you want and then resume it from the same spot. This feature is really going to help you in tough battles and also when you would like to play the same mission using a different style. One time you can play a mission in stealth mode and the next time, start from the same spot in death machine mode.

One thing that bugged us in the entire game was the graphics you see when you are hurt or when you are hit by a bullet or any kind of damage. Even when there was small damage to my body, the graphics made it seem like the bullet went through my heart. The intensified graphics even with low damage looked severe. It took time to get accustomed to the pattern and differentiate when you are actually hurt and when its just normal wound.

The Verdict

There is no doubt in the fact that Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a very violent game that doesn’t care about anything to show how actually wars are and how they are fought. It gives you plenty of action as well as plenty of options, and weapons to satisfy the bloodthirsty monster inside you. The game will give you a real feel and you will actually feel good while you are sneaking behind one to cut off his head. And that is what makes Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus even a better game. It brings a perfect balance of hurt and emotion. It balances your hurting emotions, anger and suffering from humanity and anxiety.

All in all, if you are first person game lover who loves to kill a lot and lot of people and unlike other games, want to feel good every time you kill the enemy, Wolfenstein 2 is a must play.


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